Leg Day Hacks (You Have to Try These!)
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  • MegaErnieMAN

    Best home gym PERIOD

  • John Peterson
    John Peterson

    Such a massive pump one simply cannot walk

  • David Macchiaverna
    David Macchiaverna

    I hope that was a darksouls Soul at 8:45

  • Win Schutten
    Win Schutten

    I thought I'd just be getting choked up at John Meadows's videos in my feed. Now I'm getting choked up here as well.. We lost a real one..

  • Para Montana
    Para Montana

    beasts at work!

  • Zombiehunter360

    Absolutely loving the content lately!

  • Jay

    Should have named the vein Blane.

  • Jared Jones Fitness
    Jared Jones Fitness

    I aspire to have jujis personality 😂

  • Blidza

    Idk if it's realted to this vid, but everytime i push myself when i do calves, i have the urge to fucking pee, horrible.

  • V G
    V G

    Juiciest room in the northern hemisphere

  • co1urzz

    "if you build it they will come"

  • hoofhearted4

    haha i love Sam's little comments. 5, 4, 3 Sam: "Blast off" haha. she cant help herself and im here for it.

  • Ryan Mosey
    Ryan Mosey

    I have a much more meager setup, I do leg extensions with a cable machine and it is actually much better.

  • Lovre

    Ranson kinda looks like Seth Feroce in this video 😂

  • knockout

    You should make a video of the day after leg day. Go out and run errands, shop, etc. after a workout like this. I think that would be hilarious

  • Boying Machete
    Boying Machete


  • LateKnight

    Juji is right. I am a big advocate for the groin veins

  • K S
    K S

    Anyone know who Keith Lemon is?

  • nicolas cryer
    nicolas cryer

    That's the weirdest shit ever, just before he said "Frank the Vein" I thought to myself "Frankie". Then he said it and I realized there was a glitch in the matrix

  • OldManArmStrength

    220 looking 300

  • Side Kickz
    Side Kickz

    My gym doesn't have a hamstring machine. It kinda pisses me off a little

  • The Sweaty Sock
    The Sweaty Sock

    Juji the skin on your face is very slack , what is going on mate ,

  • Kha0sV4ktor

    all i have is no money and even lesser equipment...i guess gravity it is right

  • Kirk Tuss
    Kirk Tuss

    I need a squat bar and some tren. It's fucking easy and cheap but what do I know, I don't even shave my legs or use grindr

  • Liam Engram
    Liam Engram

    I have a hack squat and a leg press machine. Now Juji has added a pendulum squat to my list of "Toys I Need in My Garage".

  • zachary ratcliffe
    zachary ratcliffe

    Try keeping your legs completely together on the leg extension through full range of motion one it's my favorite exercises cheers keep it up you look great.

  • Fred Floyd
    Fred Floyd

    I hate the guy in green face

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    Hey Juji. Alex Bromley is a fave strongman with lots of good content. He just released a super good video on deadlift leverages. Maybe you could have him on someday? His whiteboard talks are pure gold.

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    The proudest moment of my life is me and Ranson's vein share a name.

  • Kieth Ju
    Kieth Ju

    Jujimufu vs jake paul

  • Marc Büchel
    Marc Büchel

    Is it just me or ... You watch a Juji video and you're happy instantly 🥳💪

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      A very normal thing to occur

  • vilgot djerf
    vilgot djerf

    super good vid need more of u three friends in vidoe agien sometime :D

  • Al Probert
    Al Probert

    Never thought of doing hams first.

  • tinktank

    bro I need ur diet plan

  • Rob Fricke
    Rob Fricke

    How come we never see Sam in any of Jujis videos? Is there a reason or just personal preference not to be.

  • killxswitch

    I love you Juji but you’re terrible at taking time off

  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    It's official - everyone must jump after an intense leg day to completely seal off the session ☠

  • Mechanized F1nnF1ntr33!!
    Mechanized F1nnF1ntr33!!

    Look at those groin veins

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    I can tell it's hard for Juji to talk about Meadows...but would love to hear some heartwarming stories of their adventures together

  • Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown

    This is the kind of suffering and masochism I’ve been waiting see since Juji’s new gym opened! Inspiring intensity, man. Looks like having the right training partners makes one’s effort go up at least a couple levels.

  • Ralph Anastasio
    Ralph Anastasio

    Love the energy. The meat head collaborations are awesome. Ur two guests where great. Go train w Dr sunny Andrews w ur crew . 💯

  • Adam Drain
    Adam Drain

    I always find that my leg day gets slowed down by hamstring tightness even when I feel really well warmed up, any tips on how to avoid this? Could it be just as simple as more hamstrings or does the order of my exercises mater more?

    • John Bouchard
      John Bouchard

      Dude honestly me too. I just have been super setting stretching and it’s helped a little and the DOMS isn’t as bad

  • Central Park Joe
    Central Park Joe

    Entertaining and educational as always!🤙💪🔥

  • dustin monzo
    dustin monzo

    What is the name of the girl talking in this video?

  • Joseph Coerper
    Joseph Coerper

    I wonder if you can get just as much good leg definition without any machines probably not because of lack of isolation

  • Zoidberg

    The "Meathead slippers" remind me of the 80s fad of not tying the shoes, silly but it works.. Fun video as always, Juji just roasting his legs these past few months.

  • jones lavit
    jones lavit

    Jujimufu should train with Jay Cutler since he has been working with FIshowsrs these days but I understand he has a few weeks before comp.

  • The Fit Test
    The Fit Test

    If that groin vein was any bigger you would have to blur it out

  • Martin Rioux
    Martin Rioux

    I watch these videos and I miss going to the gym. Fucking covid... I don't life weights anymore, I do cardio instead but I miss pushing my muscles to their limit.

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno

    6:25 Juji Death Note fan confirmed?

  • Gage Judge
    Gage Judge

    Your arms are looking crazy when you were on the leg extension!

  • Justin Teal
    Justin Teal

    Still waiting for grip genie to restock 🤨

  • devin reed
    devin reed

    Wow looking jacked my dude.

  • ZuFFuLuZ

    You three should take a Yoga class. Just for entertainment purposes. I'm sure Sam would approve.

  • SubparPT

    I need to stop watching these, I'm only three weeks into a power program but now I want to start bodybuilding

  • Stevie Bacall
    Stevie Bacall

    Intensification? couldnt you of just you know.....said intensify?

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    If you want that outer quad sweep, you have to keep your feet close in the leg press. One reason to use the machine this way is, squatting that way would be an invitation for disaster.

  • JP

    When Ranson tried to jump at the end! 🙌🏾🤣

  • Benjamin Ericksen
    Benjamin Ericksen

    Juji, your hamstrings are starting to look better bro! I'm rooting for you man!!! Keep at it 💪😎

  • Compound V_ince
    Compound V_ince

    You should install particle board to your walls as a tribute to Gym Fort.

  • S Z
    S Z

    Jordan is like a buff Binging with Babish.

  • Dawg

    these edits are great

  • Noel Duran
    Noel Duran

    Ranson looks like Seth Feroce lol

  • Soul

    you 4 had great energy! loving the videos!

  • Think

    You got to love this man

  • Hippie Hercules
    Hippie Hercules

    dude, you and ranson are friend goals

  • lucas lage Guida
    lucas lage Guida

    Jujis legs are growingg!!!! This hamstrings are definally bigger

  • UB

    Keeping Meadows alive! I've been listening some podcast lately where he was the guest while training

  • TryingBrian

    Legs grew 12 inches watching this, bless these gains.

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    Machines that let you self spot are amazing. My gym recently got machines that let me self spot on leg extensions and curls. The forced reps that can be achieved are great. On my last set, I will self spot every rep to get max effort at every point in the rom, on every set, and I love it. Another thing I found recently. Pull your self into a hamstring stretch, once you reach failure, and you can crank out more reps. A little harder to get the weight moving but the increased hip flexion lets you shift your ‘length strength curve’ so you gain strength farther into the rep and can some great squeeze. Flexing/lifting from that stretched position is also the best/one of the best ways to increase flexibility Ah geez, the lunges. Mid quarantine, my buddy and I did walking lunges around our whole block. We both thought we had went too light at first... we were wrong

  • Utti Hietala
    Utti Hietala

    On the Panatta Power Squat you can loop a single band under the frame and around the weight horns directly. With that setup the bands don't come in the way, like they are now being hooked around the handles.

  • Joshua Donaldson
    Joshua Donaldson

    Ahh Juji, always so wholesome and positive 😊

  • uriahedwardsmusic

    Sam understands that she will eventually have to show her face on camera regularly right? 😆😆

  • Joe MacLeod-Iredale
    Joe MacLeod-Iredale

    Watching with a back injury really missing the gym!

  • Naratis

    imagine having legs that big

    • Jujimufu

      It means you can eat more and not get fat. Lol

  • Geno Bonfiglio
    Geno Bonfiglio

    Where’s the video with Antoine ? I saw you were hanging out with him!

    • Geno Bonfiglio
      Geno Bonfiglio

      @Jujimufu let’s gooooooo

    • Jujimufu

      Next week, these videos take a long time to edit.

  • Brandon Gostomski
    Brandon Gostomski

    Ranson looks like Seth Feroce's mini me

  • Analyzer

    You guys gotta learn to stretch

    • Jujimufu

      Ok yes

  • Sebastian Persson
    Sebastian Persson

    Love him or hate him. Thats a nice gym. Gyms near me don't know what leg mashines are.

  • Jay Blackburn
    Jay Blackburn

    10:13 I saw juji’s depth and my jaw literally dropped😂 man is crazy

    • Soul

      those full rom squats feel really good

  • are2dude

    That Soul of The Nameless King and sound effect at 8:45 was a nice touch

    • TryingBrian

      Now that's a sharp eye and ear.

  • kban

    Any idea why my joints are achy (almost to the point of painful but not quite) when I'm a bit carb depleted, or basically if I haven't eaten enough for a day or two, maybe combined with hydration. Is it in my head or is there something to this... ?

    • Jujimufu

      Hydration and carbs have a relationship. So yes.

  • Jon Weaver
    Jon Weaver

    Juji looks great in hats

    • Jon Weaver
      Jon Weaver

      @Jujimufu nooo, I spelt your name wrong I’m so sorry😂😂😂

    • Jujimufu

      Lmao. Hide my ugly scratchy patchy hairline. Appreciate it. No sarcasm. Much love!

  • Jayden Joestar
    Jayden Joestar

    Jujimufu's legs are getting swole by the day!!! Meadow would be proud man

    • Jujimufu

      They grown 1.5 inches in past year. Just need more time. I never tried growing them before then.

  • snizzz

    LEGS 🦵

  • Carlos Guerra
    Carlos Guerra

    WWE fan here and found this channel because of Rick Boogs. This was amazing and can’t wait to try this workout tomorrow!

    • Harris

      @Jujimufu yes please. More of boogs.

    • Jujimufu

      Boooogssss love the guy. He is super busy with WWE but we are friends. One day. More vids.

  • zeon57

    I’m glad he still post some things when he’s talking a break

    • Jujimufu

      Lmao. Dude the pipeline is thick. 6 videos already filmed coming!

  • The King
    The King

    That's why you don't run in a car, makes no sense if it was closed.

  • Francois Theron
    Francois Theron

    Good to see you getting those legs bigger

    • Jujimufu

      Trying and it's working but they need more years. Not months, years lol. I'm ready.

  • Motion152

    juji do nordic curl

    • Jujimufu

      Lmao. I cant.

  • Anant Lamba
    Anant Lamba

    Man I wish my gym had 24 leg machines. I would just do one heavy set on each for leg day and get absolute trunkly thighs

    • Jujimufu

      I like you. I like your style.

  • Plexify Tiger
    Plexify Tiger

    Love how your vids make me wanna go back to the gym after I've done been lol.

    • Jujimufu

      Hahaha! Yessss!!! Next leg day try thr leg press eccentric thing!

  • Scotty Lee Perceives
    Scotty Lee Perceives

    Just got done with my leg workout and caught this video on my post workout meal. 😶 Will have to try these next leg day.

  • Leyland Foizey
    Leyland Foizey

    It's not about how much you can lift with your legs. It's about overcoming the situation you're in MINDSET

    • Leyland Foizey
      Leyland Foizey

      @Jujimufu Love the love, Juji! Go get that giant pro card

    • Jujimufu

      Yes. I promise you the leg press is the best machine to day that on.

  • William Vinson
    William Vinson

    Jujimufu looking Tony Little 2.0 af.

    • Jujimufu

      Yes. I like this. I own it.

  • Manguy dude
    Manguy dude

    Sam is a great commentator

    • Jujimufu

      Her traps are getting bigger from filming.

  • London Kiltman Review
    London Kiltman Review

    After all said and done I think Sam was the right choice for the video person now she can push Jon and the others to the Nextep not because she wants the likes and everything on FIshows but because she loves him!

  • Glenn Abucay
    Glenn Abucay

    collab with Cbum and Iain Juji

    • Jujimufu

      I like them. 👍 I like a lot of people.

  • Will D
    Will D

    thought Jordan was Antoine at first glance :/

    • Will D
      Will D

      @Jujimufu i like his dadbod tank, going to buy one

    • Jujimufu

      No. He's Branch Warren.

  • C L
    C L

    Love the Meadows references. Love the energy, always. Keep up the great work!