Dave Tate of @ELITEFTS puts us through the LONGEST and LOUDEST Leg Workout of our lives! Full video comes out tomorrow! Subscribe!

  • WuDDuP 1111
    WuDDuP 1111

    Lmao I see the pain on there faces 🤣

  • Kindered Hunter
    Kindered Hunter

    Tom Platz vibes

  • joacim blom
    joacim blom

    I have always wondered what it would sound like if a man gave birth..

  • Rory Shields
    Rory Shields

    I’ve heard sounds like these in a maternity ward.


    I watched this video without i dong understand what is happening

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G

    Holy shit dude 😧😳

  • patrick trudelle
    patrick trudelle

    I zoned out watching this and realized I'm just watching dudes scream lol

  • David St. Pierre
    David St. Pierre

    Fuck Yeah

  • kkjjjggff

    gotta push until your heart explodes, right babe!

  • Damian Chagula
    Damian Chagula

    The sounds grown men make when giving birth...🤣😂🤣😂😅

  • Sumeet B
    Sumeet B

    Labor pain

  • Fernando Lorca Sulantay
    Fernando Lorca Sulantay

    Tom Platz

  • danehb89

    Sounds like every one of Shi Zhiyong's lifts!

  • OmniviumVelocity

    Me on the toilet:

  • Filip Žila
    Filip Žila

    This is music to my ears

  • Manolo Sánchez
    Manolo Sánchez

    Día de pierna o trabajo de parto ?

  • GetawayFilms

    Clickbait... Not one leg made an audible sound during this video

  • Dinger Head
    Dinger Head

    Looks like fun

  • Herry Jerald
    Herry Jerald

    Kyriakos Grizzly would be proud of you guys

  • Junk Jams
    Junk Jams

    I never wanna discredit anything you've ever done Juji. You're the one who got me into the fitness community on FIshows and sports and bodybuilding as a whole. But I must say, I miss the format of 2 friends meeting so many interesting people and helping me to learn with them about all the facets of different strength related sports. Love ya

  • Jurek Weis
    Jurek Weis

    Oh damn would it be great if you could make this noises in every damn gym you go into. 😍

  • Eli

    Reminds me of last night

  • Cody Robinson
    Cody Robinson

    Leg day video ON leg day? LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

  • Bill Dotree
    Bill Dotree

    Yep its a leg day kinda day

  • Yagyu

    i'd call it "men giving birth"

  • Sione Tatola
    Sione Tatola

    Just take it nice and easy does the job

  • Joel Virolainen
    Joel Virolainen

    Chest freezer ice baths! Just saying

  • Kevz - Brawl Stars
    Kevz - Brawl Stars

    I thought that tom plats is here

  • Mishka

    If men could get pregnant....

  • Naratis

    I'm curious, what bathroom scales or whatever do you or other viewers recommend getting? I want to get more serious about lifting and getting bigger and so I want to track my progress

    • Noah Blevins
      Noah Blevins

      As your body composition changes from having fat stores to being muscular, the way you look and feel means more than your weight. If you are already lean, just get a digital scale with good reviews, and make sure it is placed on a level surface. Pretty much any retailer with have multiple good options.

    • Rick Sanchez
      Rick Sanchez

      forget a scale, it takes longer than you think to put on muscle (unless youre on PEDs) start posing if you arent already, take pictures before and after workouts, and measure your muscles before and after workouts, keep all of these things written down

  • Josh von Avni
    Josh von Avni

    Juji and Joey fuckin killin it!! Reminds me of the old collabs in the garage gym with Larry and BTC (RIP) Powerrr or the ones with Hafthor!

  • Stephanie Briden
    Stephanie Briden

    Juji. I am a Canadian woman, who grew up weightlifting/body building. I have had 8 babies, the last 5 being surrogate babies for my friends. I have EDS, am waiting for a knee replacement (I blew out my knee at 18 and they keep telling me I am too young for a knee replacement.) I have no cartilage essentially on the entire right side of my body. after my surro twins were born in 2011 I started getting back into shape and body building. I have let Covid get to me and gained a little weight now. But I am building my home gym and getting back in shape. I would LOVE to met up with you and try out your new home gym! I Crave challenging you and your guys to leg presses. Before I blew out my knee my best was leg pressing 1000lbs. Before my last baby 2 years ago I was back up to 600lbs. I can't afford a leg press machine for home right now, but it is my dream! Right now we have Bowflex dumbells and the rest I am doing with resisitance bands, rings, and creativity! I hope one day to work out with you! I Know it's a ridiculous dream! Signed, this 43 year old Canadian Mama.

  • Syukri Salleh
    Syukri Salleh

    Setting it as my ringtone & notifications alarm. Hahaha. Imagine people surrounding you listening it.

  • kore

    I forgot I was on full volume O_O

  • King Roxas1997
    King Roxas1997

    This is clearly inspired by a regular kyriaokos grizzly leg day work out

  • . Bane
    . Bane

    And they officially went super saiyan .

  • Марко Обрадовић
    Марко Обрадовић


  • vato4133

    Amazing 🤩

  • Aaron M. Solomon
    Aaron M. Solomon


  • Andrew Gilbertson
    Andrew Gilbertson

    Nice one

  • Hunter P
    Hunter P

    Is this what it's like to be on drugs?

  • Dessert Storm
    Dessert Storm

    I wish I had a place to train like this

  • Joseph Coerper
    Joseph Coerper

    Um if I dident see this I would have thought something much difrent was going on

  • BalefulUsurper

    After watching infinite elgintensity and oe fitness, I was expecting baby reps

  • Joden

    Up up up up up!

  • Almost CoolGuys
    Almost CoolGuys

    Just so much brutality it had to be diluted so reality doesn't rip apart.

  • Trollslayer

    Playing this on repeat in the gym.

  • Salvador Montgomery
    Salvador Montgomery

    Damnit, why did I think this was 37minutes instead of 37 seconds. Had this tab open to watch it after my workout XD. Side note: Going to listen to this on repeat every time i workout now

  • Beardslap Radio
    Beardslap Radio

    Need Juji vs Platz

  • Horrible_Sharts

    Just one more push! You‘re almost there!

  • John Loms
    John Loms

    Watch with your eyes closed, seems like they bout to give birth to a baby. Push, Push. Aaaahhhhhhhhh. lol

  • Jared Dallman
    Jared Dallman

    “KILL ME!!!!!” - Tom Platz

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Grunting should be mormalised in gyms AND people must know the difference between the genuine grunt coming from the stomach and a scream for attention.

  • MadMadBomber


  • RealityWizard

    This is what FIshows shorts is meant for.

  • lrnk2011

    “And that’s why I don’t like gym” “Don’t worry we’re not a gym we’re planet fitness”

  • Purple

    I could handle these shorts

  • HetzaUnit


  • Music madness
    Music madness

    As Arnold says “I am like, uh, getting the feeling of coming in a gym, I'm getting the feeling of coming at home, I'm getting the feeling of coming backstage when I pump up, when I pose in front of 5,000 people, I get the same feeling, so I am coming day and night. I mean, it's terrific.”

    • Music madness
      Music madness

      I am aware that coming is not spelled right but I would rather not get reported

  • Squilly

    Nothing but pure testosterone in this video 💪

  • David Brambila
    David Brambila

    They all just gave birth. They did a good job pushing

  • Audrius G
    Audrius G

    Turn on this while doing some heavy ass sets!

  • D zu dem Low
    D zu dem Low

    How planet fitness employees see you when you're just doing lateral raises, minding ur own business

  • Mark S
    Mark S

    Pure testosterone in a video

  • thomas green
    thomas green

    Dam I cant for these videos to drop.... COME ON ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!

  • Ninja Strongman
    Ninja Strongman

    this reminds me of that compilation of all or Arnolds grunts/growls from his movies, but I think that one is like 8 minutes long. haha

  • Longshot K1
    Longshot K1

    There’s a few hemorrhoids rolling around the floor in that clip look 👀 real closely!

  • Bret Cryer
    Bret Cryer

    Hell yeah!!!!!!

  • HNT_AutumnLeaf

    We are not a gym, we are planet fitness

  • Husam c
    Husam c

    Why would you train legs with the psycho again, last time you trained with him you could barely walk afterwards

  • Jayden Joestar
    Jayden Joestar

    Eric bugenhagen would be happy on what has happened here today

  • k0uk


  • gregiep

    Guess it’s time to go workout. Damn!

  • An Aussie
    An Aussie

    Blood and guts style.

  • Gen X Flex
    Gen X Flex

    The Grizzly would be proud 😁

  • Astro

    My wife was asking what was I watching .. I didn’t know what to say .

  • Skyler Davidson
    Skyler Davidson

    Honestly, this sounds like a normal leg day.

    • Greg S. Moreira
      Greg S. Moreira

      Watch the full video of this workout It’s far from a normal leg day.

  • Shoduck - The Mad Engineer
    Shoduck - The Mad Engineer

    My wife asked if I was watching porn and honestly, that would be easier to explain

  • THEunappointedCHIEF



    And not a single steroid was taken.

  • Aejfoshd

    So how heavy is the baby??

  • saber tomason
    saber tomason

    Not only your quad would be sore but your throat also

  • andy e
    andy e

    this is what live footage from the ultimate warrior's brain in 1988 would look like

  • timothy abbott
    timothy abbott

    Still got nothing on Kyriakos Grizzly.

  • birimbaue

    Me trying to walk with two shopping bags

  • Missouri Man
    Missouri Man

    Do you hear guys on leg day or having sex ?

  • Badr

    "Yes! That's a work set"

  • Okan Korad
    Okan Korad

    This is the peak of youtube shorts

  • Crisis Jack
    Crisis Jack

    Good luck sitting on a toilet lol

  • Dylan Mann
    Dylan Mann

    Juji and szat: invoke Cthulhu Dave: now THATS a work set

  • Taqiy A.B
    Taqiy A.B

    the longest 37 seconds of my life

  • Vicia

    Shorts? Im dissappointed in you mr tiktok jufu

  • kindaFat kindaSad
    kindaFat kindaSad

    My mom walked in my room. I just switched to porn its easier to explain

  • Lucas Elliott
    Lucas Elliott

    The poor editor for this video. Haha

  • Morning Star
    Morning Star

    What planet fitness owners see when they have sleep paralysis.

    • Umar Syed
      Umar Syed


    • Noah Blevins
      Noah Blevins

      Ok....this comment deserves a LOT more likes than it has.

  • TryingBrian

    1 set down, 14 to go ;/

  • Michael Clark
    Michael Clark


  • Billy Boy
    Billy Boy


  • Breno Paiva
    Breno Paiva


  • Szatstrength

    We definitely had more in the tank 😅

    • timothy abbott
      timothy abbott

      @VVoOꟻF hell yeah!

    • Brock Meade
      Brock Meade

      RPE 8

    • VVoOꟻF

      @timothy abbott Guess he really hit arms to failure then eh? ;)

    • timothy abbott
      timothy abbott

      Until I see quads popping off, you're leaving work on the table.