Moving out of my new gym
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  • Tim Salter
    Tim Salter

    When I saw you saying you were getting some flooring for “bodybuilding” and there was actually tricking happening it got me excited. Please tell me you will do some of that again. I honestly stopped watching because you doing flips was an amazing part of what you did.

  • Samantha Pateman
    Samantha Pateman

    Love the pride on your face for Sam’s multitasking skills.

  • shady 88
    shady 88

    What happened to the guy that was with him all the time

  • ShadyNasty

    By the time this gym is ready youre gonna be retired Juji

  • Gazmus

    You don't need to cut a hole in a greenhouse roof to let the light in :) It's sort of the entire point of them...

  • Andres Sandoval
    Andres Sandoval

    You ass I felt bad for you at first haha.

  • YouTube Sucks
    YouTube Sucks


  • abetroll01

    Ohhh that Chrono Trigger intro music got me in the feels.

  • j sims
    j sims

    I know I'll get slammed for saying this, but I stay real fit with a few heavy barbells and a jog for cardio. What is the need for all this stuff?

  • Sir Spoony
    Sir Spoony

    Please all donate to Juju to save his animal farm of furry animals...! think of the kids...

  • kmidst_fn

    12:30 Which one of you is the Chrono Cross fan? :) Wait I think I just guessed it, it's the editing dude. High five, editing dude.

  • oxibei

    Sam’s voice is really nice for this, enjoying that change of pace

  • Andrew Niznik
    Andrew Niznik

    What are the dimensions of the building?

  • Víctor

    I didn't mind to say it but your girlfriend sounds like an actual Karen

  • Matticus C
    Matticus C

    Thought you would have included a spring floor area for tricking! :o

  • chozen0018

    I love how people oriented you are. Interviewing the moving guys. So awesome... :)

  • chozen0018

    Neighbors driving by what the hell they doing now lol ..... Love you two lol

  • Sperk

    Sam has really taken to the camera well, havent been watching much lately but it's great to see how smooth it's going

  • Party Quest
    Party Quest

    youtube revenue is low?! you getting thousands of views! and net worth is around 2mil!!!!! my net worth is 2k! really now??

  • Chris Bagelnagel
    Chris Bagelnagel

    Oh! What are we growing in there juji???

  • kwahi greinke
    kwahi greinke

    The soreness I'd gonna be serious.

  • Filanto

    Whoa, Chrono Cross OST out of nowhere

  • ChicagoPaul2010

    12:30 Chrono cross?

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdf

    the intro actually got me. i was so upset D;

  • CatnipNapkin

    Shoutout to Forktruck Theme Song

  • noobkaka567


  • Gary Dixon
    Gary Dixon

    I was thinking more a greenhouse for all the sprouts 😂😂

  • Kahui

    my OCD kicked in when jons collar was tucked inwards...

  • Rowan Clements
    Rowan Clements

    i like how much more humble this has gotten

  • oplix

    Okay you actually got me.

  • cesposito295

    I genuinely enjoy Sam being camerawoman 🙌🔥

  • Justin Ulrich
    Justin Ulrich

    Very functional layout should be called The Timesaver Layout

  • strongsick286

    I can guide you in the ways of throwing items down a set of stairs

  • Mothafucka Jones
    Mothafucka Jones

    I can tell how pretty Sam is by the way everyone smiles at her when she speaks to them, she gawjuss!!

  • Austin Martin
    Austin Martin

    "We have electricity". The best line lol! Great to see the channel and your plans grow, keep it up!

  • Kile Wahl
    Kile Wahl

    Hey I forgot that there is a jujimufu discord server.

  • Kile Wahl
    Kile Wahl

    Porcupines make great petting zoo animals!

  • Jerome Bloom_#Gripcraft
    Jerome Bloom_#Gripcraft

    Brilliant! 🤣

  • David Bayley
    David Bayley

    You guys dissapeared from my reccomendations for a long long time, thanks for coming back. Also juji pants are the best!

  • Jean Folarin Asuni
    Jean Folarin Asuni

    I was seriously, seriously worried! You got me good and proper! 🤣 I'm very happy for you Bro.

  • Jack McBride
    Jack McBride

    Makes me sad that Tom douched his way out of all this.

  • J H
    J H

    No clue why FIshows doesn't show your videos on my homepage anymore but keep up the good work!

  • Josiah Baxter
    Josiah Baxter

    You you got me!!

  • Miguel Silvestri
    Miguel Silvestri


  • Lichen Mosswillow
    Lichen Mosswillow

    Those two guys could do youtube

  • Lichen Mosswillow
    Lichen Mosswillow

    Is that Sam?! Awesome

  • jared matthews
    jared matthews

    Sucks with our beautiful NC pollen

  • Fred Richardson
    Fred Richardson

    That sputnik light is awesome! Standing under it is probably bad luck... Oh yeah, and awesome gym too LOL! Great video overall!

    • Fred Richardson
      Fred Richardson

      P.S. camera person / life partner / video editor / production manager / artistic genius is doing an amazing job!

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson

    Good Chrono Cross sad/depressing music at the beginning.

    • Man In A Tree Productions
      Man In A Tree Productions

      Yeah it's "Star Stealing Girl" and I recognized it instantly lol

  • RoamingBiologist

    Also side note, should slap covered boulder routes on the side of the gym and have Magnus help set it up.

  • RoamingBiologist

    Just saying, but a petting zoo next to this gym should be a perk to membership.

  • Jake Winegrad
    Jake Winegrad

    You tricked me. How dare you, Juji.

  • Caleb Higgins
    Caleb Higgins

    jokes about add revenue....gets adds every 2-3 minutes of the video....

  • Cole

    juji you giving me a heart attack

  • Thomas Mitchell
    Thomas Mitchell


  • Curvan Williams
    Curvan Williams

    I’m trying to get a lift in

  • walker22949

    Juji must be an excellent tipper for these guys to be hanging around helping so much!

  • Tom Dylan
    Tom Dylan

    Had me in the beginning until he said he was turning the gym into a crossfit gym.

  • S Thorley
    S Thorley

    The short of beard decision that only an American can make

  • Alejandro Interiano
    Alejandro Interiano

    I was wondering why i unsubscribed, but it must have been because of Tom, Tom's transformation, Tom's trampoline, Tom Tom Tom...I came got Juji and now I'm back because its Juji!

  • BigBlueJake

    How did you end up with getting the equipment first, then having to work on the floor? People asking why all powerlifting meets don't use Monolifts need to see this, though the movers made moving it look easy.

  • Kale

    I miss Tom. Bye Juji.

  • Matt Foard
    Matt Foard

    Chrono Cross in the intro?! Love it 👍

  • Travis Clem
    Travis Clem

    Of course all the content has been absolutely killer over the past couple months. But, I seriously give mad props to Sam not only for her camera skills growing but her genuine questions. The question at the end to the movers is so relatable to many people in any labor intensive job. Thanks for asking for us common folk Sam!

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Juji, when your qym equipment arrived well before your gym building was completed it would have been best to just rent some shipping containers and kept everything in them until the building was fully finished. That would have saved you from having to move everything so much & also speed up the completion of your building since your gym equipment wouldn't have been in your contractor's way all the time. As someone who has building as well as remodeled many houses it was totally unacceptable for your building to be delayed so many months & you should have used another company but it is finally almost over now.

  • Ethan Maloney
    Ethan Maloney

    isnt it a month late for april fools jokes?

  • gretchman

    Maypril Fools!

  • 04X

    That ChronoCross track brought me back... Ah the good ole days.

  • Jake Turner
    Jake Turner

    It’s always wholesome here, makes my day every time I watch a video

  • RoyRage9

    I can see the sadness in Jujis eyes missing someone special:(

  • Cody May
    Cody May

    Man those guys from New and Used Gym Equipment honestly seem like some of the coolest people ever

  • Jeff Sherwood
    Jeff Sherwood

    Hahaha you f****** a****** you had me worried there!!! I thought you were telling the truth!!! Yeah I thought things had been pretty bad if you were starting a zoo hahaha glad to hear you're going back into your new gym looking forward to new videos

  • Thrash Media
    Thrash Media

    I love the mover dudes

  • Robert

    Gets me excited to upgrade my gym later this year. From small a corner of a bedroom to a proper basement gym.

  • Generic Default
    Generic Default

    just came to this recent video to ask for a Eric bugenhagens, szat and juji collab. Amen

  • tripNine1

    lol, damnit dude

  • big daddy
    big daddy

    Juji, dude so cool. Very happy for you man!!! Very happy.

  • H H
    H H


  • walker evans
    walker evans

    Did Sam call it a “porter john”?

  • Andrey Zarev
    Andrey Zarev

    Happy for you bro lift hard

  • Ryan Brophy
    Ryan Brophy

    AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERD!!! Thomas is adorable. I have a red Merle Australian Shepherd 😊

  • Elliot Poplawski
    Elliot Poplawski

    I feel like Juji gets a new gym every two weeks

  • Ellison Fitness Innovations
    Ellison Fitness Innovations

    That is where we got our mats from great deals.

  • WinsWaldo

    She's better behind the camera than Tom... I feel like this is actually about Juji - which was what I initially tuned in for in the first place.

  • Taco Dave
    Taco Dave

    Chrono Cross music is the strongest flex

  • Crognjo Harding
    Crognjo Harding

    Grow weed in their 😂

  • Z G
    Z G

    I genuinely cannot even venture to guess what the total cost of this gym is going to be. Its pretty damn amazing, good for Juji!

  • Garrison Glaittli
    Garrison Glaittli

    Really like how these last few videos have been. Having Juji and Sam doing these videos have been so fun. Sam really does an amazing job. #Juji&Sam

  • Jake Clifford
    Jake Clifford

    FIshows hasnt been adding up as he get 250k views on the video

  • ScoobyDont10

    New idea, llama gauntlet, try to dodge llama spit while flipping.

  • RockedIZGOD

    You actually had me worried for a minute there in the beginning my guy 😳

  • Joseph Gallo
    Joseph Gallo

    Where is the Boulder wall going for Magnus?

  • Robby

    What kind of phone is that?

  • The Ripper The Tearror
    The Ripper The Tearror

    You giant, buff, veiny, @$$hole! I missed alot of ur vids, got a pop-up with ur youtube name, and the vid title, and I was like, "Da Fuk, bro?!?!!?" I check it out, then i hear you say ur selling everything, & and a liitle joy came to me thinking that "Hey, I can finally get a tredmill and bench press set!" checking the date, and then ur dicking with us, Glad ur not backrupt, good vibes to ya, bruh.

  • TrueBlindFitness

    I knew the intro was fake as soon as he said the word "crossfit"

  • C S
    C S

    Id like an otter petting zoo :(

  • Fabio Pereira
    Fabio Pereira

    Tell me u have money without telling me u have money Juji: say less 😂😂😂😂 are u gonna have membership available 👀

  • Iván Miranda
    Iván Miranda

    Donde esta Tom?

  • Mike Denton
    Mike Denton

    Juji and Sam are a great combo. I like seeing them on cam!

  • Fernando Gomez
    Fernando Gomez

    it's impossible to not love this guy! Gym looking good ! congrats jujimufu and team!

6 milj.
6 milj.