Training Legs The Day After a Bicep Tear (Bad Idea?)
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  • Jujimufu

    Check out Joey's channel for more videos with the Bugez as well as the first 90 minutes of this workout (we did quads before this video)! Wish him a great recovery and productive comeback!

    • Jim Hicks
      Jim Hicks

      I wish the Bugez raised me in Life:>) your the King of the Internet, We the Internet demand 1 million Subs for the Bugez by 2022:>) spread the word can you dig it, Sucka's Can you diggggggggggggggggggg Itttttttt. More Jujiji colabs please LMAO good stuff, C mon Eric C mon.

    • R H
      R H


    • Rory O'Neill
      Rory O'Neill

      Loki just sabotaged the sacred timeline and the TVA is mapping alternate realities on Joey's vastus medialis. 😱

    • Vagabond Wastrel
      Vagabond Wastrel

      You could actually create a weightlifting based D&D campaign.

    • Zoidberg

      I bet Joey's legs are still jelly after all this. Wishing him a swift recovery. Get him some maple syrup stat!

  • Marcos Alvarez
    Marcos Alvarez

    I love the energy an vibe of the videos. Jus an amazing content to workout to

  • Nick Grant
    Nick Grant

    What really fun I do 2 to 3 times a month is super set calf press skipping and box jumps

  • Anmol Monga
    Anmol Monga

    Jon looks like a cute fall guys character.

  • C4V3M4N28

    Is it just me, or does Sam low-key kinda have a crush on Joey? I mean...I do

  • Sky Rider
    Sky Rider

    Man, I watch these videos and I want to train with you guys so bad. I dont have any gym buddies. 😕

  • Blue waffle cone
    Blue waffle cone

    I finally have this figured out. This is like porn for people who work out. This is why Juji is so popular

  • PunchNugget

    at 4:51 is the road maps to life!! 😍

  • T River
    T River

    Every donut shop I can think of has a dojo in the same shopping center

  • LErnToplay

    Idk what a bicep tear feels like. Although I have a constant discomfort in mine that I feel through my armpit for some reason. But Joey looks to be taking it like a champ

  • rian bezuidenhout
    rian bezuidenhout

    Get Eddie and larry to tandem leggpress 2 tons

  • K Reagan
    K Reagan

    fall asleep on mat wake up in an ice bath with no hammies. when you dudes workout together theres some kinda magic. keep shreddin dude! you are a beastly inspiration

  • Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks

    I wish the Bugez raised me in Life:>) your the King of the Internet, We the Internet demand 1 million Subs for the Bugez by 2022:>) spread the word can you dig it, Sucka's Can you diggggggggggggggggggg Itttttttt. More Jujiji colabs please LMAO good stuff, C mon Eric C mon.

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner

    A wise man once told me that if you hurt your arm, just squat more. Seems legit.

  • Shawn Kay
    Shawn Kay

    I thought it was Hans Molenkamp for a sec holy shit

  • Ruby Long
    Ruby Long

    Damn, Joey’s hamstrings are🤯🥩🔥 LOVE his shorts too!

  • Wild Arabian Horse Vlogs فلوقات خيل
    Wild Arabian Horse Vlogs فلوقات خيل

    Jujimufu is the embodiment of HORSE 🐎 totem.

  • Colton Nash
    Colton Nash

    So I want a full diaper. Next time, my diaper will be so full.

  • Alpackz

    Sam's occasional little comments are easily one of the best additions to this channel

  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    Marvel studios need to reach out to Joey soon. His latest posts/stories show that arm looking extra recovered/normal as if no tear has occurred 😯😯 Wolverine fast healing powers right there. And seated calf PRESS is a whole different flavor for the gastrocnemius ⚡

  • senateboy0909

    Juji should take his triceps too.

  • The Daytrader
    The Daytrader

    Yo Juji lets see some drinking content. Be fun to see you guys drinking beers and lifting weights.

  • SmallDickNinja

    This is like one of the rituals in the olden days ( depending on your country of origin ), the new place of worship demands some sort of sacrifice, Joey tearing his biceps ( also how he did not really care and just played with it ) seems "appropriate" also, he deserves a framed picture of this somewhere in there (;

  • Majestic Sausage
    Majestic Sausage

    14:05 The breadstick goblin can't hurt you

  • sillysal Vent
    sillysal Vent

    Saw this after a leg day session now I gotta go back and destroy my hamstrings

  • your mother
    your mother

    Lmao I love the jazz music in the editing

  • Barış Çelik
    Barış Çelik

    I really dig these d&d/tabletop rpg references

  • DCJayhawk57

    Horrible case of mindset overdose. Sorry, Joey. Hope you recover quickly.

  • gabriel glad
    gabriel glad

    juji could do a 8 hour long video where he does 1rm on every machine and rich piana soundtrack plays on the background :)

  • Pain and Obtain
    Pain and Obtain

    Nice video guys

  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson

    Is it just me, or is Joey more aesthetic than 99% of body builders?

  • srt8up4shot

    Juji could you show us how to recover from this or does your injury book cover biceps ?

  • Dj Martin
    Dj Martin


  • Santiago Adonis
    Santiago Adonis

    Name the gym Ju-GYM-ufu

  • Porkchopz Meat
    Porkchopz Meat

    Bro I haven’t watched FIshows in a minute and then I saw this thumb of you and almost didn’t recognize you.... bro you gain so much mass! Bro you are truly an insiration of how to body build

  • JR Hengehold
    JR Hengehold

    Juji, the level of humility you have in light of your success and abilities is awesome! God Bless!

  • Tyler C C
    Tyler C C

    Why does everyone keep tearing their biceps?

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Imagine your job is to wake up and work out in a gym this amazing

  • Jean Jean
    Jean Jean

    Juji really love your gym and your video but have you ever consider to personalise it a little bit ? I think it look like an industrial factory, a little impersonal if you know what i mean ! Have You ever consider to put some tag painting or something like that on the wall somethinh artistic that can bring a little color in the gym ? Greetings from france !

  • Randy Gentry
    Randy Gentry

    Stay moving doctors are taught to tell you to immoblize injuries for their liable benifit....blood flow and movement is the best thing for injuries...positive mindset Joey

  • DavidKlausen


  • Anubislovesdubstep

    If you can't feel your hams on RDLs your obviously not doing it right

  • Mr.D

    The hams are kinda close. I dont understand how Jon doesn't have better hamstrings. Probably has the healthiest hams tho tbh.

  • Ian Fleming
    Ian Fleming

    It's like being in Jumanji? not Jujimanji?

  • Hazzor

    man these recent videos have been so great, I really love the energy you guys have at the moment in that gym

  • JasperJ101

    When you aren't sure how many reps to do: Juji: Do it 'til it gets kinda annoying.

  • Ericinator 97
    Ericinator 97

    eyy, Randy's cool asf growin like a champ.

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    Go eat Jon.

  • William Bristow
    William Bristow

    Appreciate the content guys

  • Big Nae
    Big Nae

    Injuries are part of the gym life this is the mindset you should have after injuries not feeling sad for yourself and being depressed think of it as breakl go out and enjoy life abit haha

  • Joshua Sturtevant
    Joshua Sturtevant

    Hype men yelling on either side of a man on a calf machine. That's the vibe of gym home and it's perfect!


    You are the captain of legz

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas


  • Whiteshoes

    Maybe his leg's bicep tear too

  • keith smith
    keith smith

    13:53, said macho man randy savage.

  • Jack St.
    Jack St.

    Joeys hamstrings are a lot bigger not gonna lie. I can’t believe how positive Joey is after the bicep tear. I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  • Stephen Baretich
    Stephen Baretich

    This was a damn hilarious video, big love to Joey and a quick recovery!

  • scv909

    @jujimufu is there any reason why you haven't posted in support of BTC?

    • frankcaliendosucks

      If you're begging for fitness FIshowsrs to shill for your shitcoin, you must know that it has no hope of ever becoming fiat

  • Donald Savage
    Donald Savage

    Love your new gym set-up... we always enjoy it FIshows videos keep up the good work.!

  • Rudy Colt45zigzag
    Rudy Colt45zigzag

    Some art work on the walls like your book covers would be great

  • Zachary

    It crazy to hear juji say he got hamstrings as weak points but they look hella good, but I also understand if he wants to bring his best package to his competition he needs to see what could be better but like I said already very impressive physique all around

  • Dylan Todd
    Dylan Todd

    They don't have the apple pie pizza anymore 😭😭

  • Cody Robinson
    Cody Robinson

    hate to say it but it's time to get the knife cause joey's definitely got at least an inch more than you on those hams

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano

    Oh shit I thought it was The Bugz

  • Destiny LeeZ
    Destiny LeeZ

    IceLantic Hyp. That was great. Don’t Stop Randy

  • Steffano Fumo
    Steffano Fumo

    There is a reason no one does preacher curls for max weight, and especially Joey who doesn’t curl, I just hate seeing such good guys get injured 🥱🥱🥱

    • Strength Hacks Coaching
      Strength Hacks Coaching

      Definitely, even preachers with lighter weights can be dangerous, it's just a bad position for the biceps. Spider curls are superior because you get more out of less weight, and the risk of injury is way lower

  • k.allen

    I miss Cici's sooooo much. But I hated the dessert pizza.

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Biceps for your legs 🦵💪🤪

  • Fryzeec

    Bread stickz :)

  • Luke Hellsing
    Luke Hellsing

    I don’t care what anyone says, giant calves look like surgically inserted testicles

  • Tony Leary
    Tony Leary

    What’s get me is juji being more shocked that joeys heart rate would be 178 than he is thinking it’s phone calls

  • John Peacock
    John Peacock

    Sam sounds way more comfortable behind the camera now, really impressed all around. Also, I feel like Joey and Bugez should be permanent, just chain them up in the other gym at night.

  • Wayne Bake
    Wayne Bake

    I really appreciate the more fun and creative music choices of this video rather than the hardcore rock music/metal/guy who sounds like the cookie monster stuff.

  • Robert Arballo
    Robert Arballo

    Hahaha. "it's barely been 24 hours and making bicep comments on a hamstring machine

  • Brian

    When is Juji gonna get with the renaissance periodization guys? 👀

  • Alex_2o9 NSS ::
    Alex_2o9 NSS ::

  • todaywilson

    Joey's hamstrings almost look like the leanest muscled bicep but on the back of the leg...Juji I'm sorry

  • Joseph1NJ

    Juji's bottle got a diaper on it!

  • Kemuel Mora
    Kemuel Mora

    Juji sabotaged Joey to promote his Overcome Injuries book (fantastic book btw, totally recommended) genius move 😎

  • BriPHan

    Do you remember that scene in the restaurant at the end of the universe - I think it's in "So Long and Thanks for All the Fish"? The beef comes out to their table to show off, and talk about the cuts of meat they can get. This video reminded me of that, in the hamstring and calf section. :-D

  • Anders Risager
    Anders Risager

    Joey seems like such a nice person...

    • Randy Gentry
      Randy Gentry

      He is

  • Jonathan Jacobs
    Jonathan Jacobs

    "Icelandic yes men" 😂

  • CTFreeman

    When Joey heals up you gotta get him and Bugez back for some deadlifts!

  • Depth Klocke
    Depth Klocke

    your hamstrings looked wider from the angle.

  • Mika Sargent
    Mika Sargent

    man Sam has the best laugh, gets me chuckling along every time

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge

    I've done leg press before upper body recovery, and got serious soreness in the chest and arms, just from clutching the handles

  • Trollslayer

    Hamstring on your right hamstring driving me crazy.

  • Allen M
    Allen M

    I like these videos you do on bodybuilding with guests. They have been my favorite videos

  • Travelbatics

    Bro you are a monster! love the videos.

  • Chipclip501

    jujis gallon of water has a jacket

  • DW808

    That gym is fucking amazing! I've seen all your videos, but it still blows my mind.

  • Juliussmoothie

    We need that Larry Wheels Collab in the new gym!!

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Randy's delts are capped💪

  • diddle9616

    where can i get those lionsden shirts?

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    I go Monday to get my license hahahaha I’m going to drive to the moon first thing. I’ve always wanted to see how strong I can get with moon gravity. I believe I could get stronger then I can get with earths gravity. Earth gravity is damaging

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    Juju has a great dad, Fazoli’s!

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    Yeah having juju train you is dream come true. And you can just never stop 🚂ing like be the life of the training machine. Chew chew!

  • Good Bill Hunting
    Good Bill Hunting

    I love seeing all the dnd references in the recent videos the real question is does juji still play…

  • Tony Baggett
    Tony Baggett

    You gotta get Mike Israetel in that gym.

    • Strength Hacks Coaching
      Strength Hacks Coaching

      That would be epic

  • Alex

    Haha there are chairs everywhere