Pro Bodybuilder Reacts To Me Doing His Calf Workout | ft. Antoine Vaillant
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  • Jujimufu

    Antoine's CALF TO COW Program is here ► SHOUTOUT to Antoine's mom. She is a wonderful lady despite saying I have small calves.

    • Alexander Chapman
      Alexander Chapman

      @Brian_Hub damn bro. Who hurt you? 😂😂😂

    • Tommy Bertrand
      Tommy Bertrand

      @Jujimufu Have you watched Andrey Smaev kettlebell pullups ? Insane training

    • Antoine Vaillant
      Antoine Vaillant


    • Brian_Hub

      You know what my problem is. Cause I don't care what people do to themselves. It's that people sell a lie, by omission. People get into fitness. With an unrealistic dream. Based on what people show, and don't tell. And that unrealistic dream, cements in their head. Cause they don't know anything about the reality. So people are forced into a position, where they have to have their dreams crushed. And taken from them. Or get into this insane, and highly unregulated world. So the attempt to silence the basic conversation. Or some stupid jokes about that the truth, and reality of it. Bugs me. I mean, you might of had the same thing happen to you. Or Antoine to him. So you should be able to understand what I'm saying. And get why the people who aren''t willing to cross that line. Might feel let down, or pissed off about it. I wouldn't even brother with saying any of this. If my comment wasn't deleted. I don't know it was you, but... I appreciate the huge amount of information and resources, but. The It's not lying, if I just say nothing. And or, it's not doing any damage. Is BS. Because people wouldn't get as far into it, if they knew everything from the start. So your omission, leads people in, who wouldn't ever get that far, if they had all the information from the start. So people who have adverse side effects, that you start out, they are on you. Because you will start people out with an unrealistic goal. They'll hit a wall. Very possibly get a bad or low quality product. And could have life altering side effects. Because they weren't given the opportunity. To temper their exceptions, with of the reality of their limits. Of doing the thing naturally verse not. And the pros and cons from the outset. Because people want to gatekeep the information. By censoring anyone who tells the truth about what the hell 's going on. I mean if the truth, means no one wants to watch or buy your or Antonie's stuff. People shouldn't. Should they? You should know that's not the case. With like 80% plus of people. I really don't like it. Which is increased more, by the fact I don't understand why people do it, in the first place. I mean you're in a position to see the escalation and backlash that can happen. If you push important issues to the side. What happens when you omit important information to people. And what can happen when you try and push down, or hide information. And the reactions to that. As much as every leader or influencer wants to act like, everything comes from no where. A lot of times it's them brushing off, ignoring, lying about, or pissing off someone. About something that is important to them. Even if the reaction is totally unreasonable. And unwarranted. I mean just not saying, doing this, equals this. Doesn't mean that you aren't implying that. By omitting information of how it happens. If I sell you a cook book, and leave out a key ingredient, to every recipe. You'd probably be pissed off, when all your food inevitably turned out worse. Than what was being shown. If you care about the legal technicalities of the wording. More than the health of the people who you're selling these dreams to, by omission. And the potential problems they might have, from not having proper information. Then, damn. I don't know. I probably really wouldn't want to watch you then. I mean this isn't a me thing. I don't care what I look like. I'm just trying to be healthy. It just really seems like your repeating a cycle. Which the industry first did to you. And now you're doing to other people. And I just don't get that. You know.

    • stillwater440

      Hamstrings with knees over toes guy

  • Logan Prog
    Logan Prog

    Antoine's mom is a savage lmfao

  • Apex of Exertion
    Apex of Exertion

    Reminds me of nuclear summer IV, good times

  • sieprgmr

    Insects are animals...

  • Charles Turcott
    Charles Turcott

    My calves were nothing special, then I did bike sprints while focusing on calves doing as much of the work as possible with my toes on the pedals, and now they are my best body part, huge, gnarly, vascular, deep cuts, the works. Speed walking is also good. I never got results from lifting exercises for calves aside from difficulty walking later, for me it was worthless.

  • thamuswitwill

    That transition to the ad was slick.

  • Qawi

    You know he is a bodybuilder worth his money when he eats while reacting.

  • John M
    John M

    Keep using Richo Piano’s Natty theme song in your workouts Juji

  • Bomber Beast
    Bomber Beast

    Can i get a link or somthing to his motivation tv videos?

  • Rodiculous

    Juji is not blocky he is FRIDGEBUILT

  • MatthiasAI

    Zooom**... Im back. Hahaha~

  • Nick McGarvey
    Nick McGarvey

    Pretty sure Poliquin's calf routine was just the advanced version of this.

  • Thanos oftitan
    Thanos oftitan

    Omar Isuf has left the chat.


    calf workouts scare me

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    15 minutes straight of blood flow restriction seems unsafe as fuck. Your legs were actually purple

  • monique M
    monique M

    I really love this channel. Juji continues to show us the true reality of working out. Sometimes it is hard, sometimes it is easy. But you are always pushing through regardless of the workout. I see too many "influencers" showing us a workout, barely sweating, minimal effort and promoting products. Whereas with with this channel, watching Juji's effort in each workout is motivating and makes me want to go to the gym, and destroy my workout. Its way more realistic, motivating and encouraging. Just my opinion.

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Why is he eating and talking?

  • Coop 55
    Coop 55

    That transition into the sponsorship video was top tier

  • Bronson

    Work those tib more, reciprocal inhibition

  • Greg Hambrook
    Greg Hambrook

    Love the reactions from Antoine 'haha... yeah...'

  • John


  • Deep Freeze Fitness
    Deep Freeze Fitness

    Juji sacrificed his calves for our sins.

  • Adam Petherick
    Adam Petherick

    Antoine a guest

  • Skilluminati XD
    Skilluminati XD

    Do a 30 minute rope skipping session. You'll feel the same way

  • bbs540

    Man that overdramatic yelling is so fucking obnoxious.. Ruins the video

  • James Rader
    James Rader

    Here's a challenge... do that calf workout again, then do the stairmaster for 20 minutes focusing on guess what... more calves

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    The pain cave

  • Leon-Josip Dzojic
    Leon-Josip Dzojic

    I was lucky genetics-wise in regard to my calves. So I'd really like to give this workout a go :D

  • Joshua Palacios
    Joshua Palacios

    That ad read was SO CLEVER, it was so smooth and i’m upset that i couldn’t see it coming.

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    Uhh do a Vince Gironda chest workout with Ivana Ivusic?

  • englishjake

    Hey man pretty new to the channel, have you gotten any calisthenics guys on your channel? That be interesting to see.

  • Alex

    have you ever implied the "German volume training" 10x10. i used to do reverse pyramid to the 5th set then pyramid the last 5 sets. with minute break between . 4 - 5 different workout/machine

  • Alex

    do the bunny hop... antoine that'd be a great superset haha

  • Isaiah Drilling
    Isaiah Drilling

    new camera person >

  • Brady Lisowski
    Brady Lisowski

    Those shin raises are technically Tibialis raises!

  • TheEskrion

    Juji's exhausted wobbling around somehow reminded me of ppl starting to learn capoeira. Juji, did you ever try it? I think it would go well with your flexibility training.

  • sean abrahams
    sean abrahams

    How’s about a strict arm curl workout with Nick strength n power?

  • Claudia Gaines
    Claudia Gaines

    Collab/workout ideas: Marcus Filly (functional bodybuilding workout) or Knees Over Toes Guy (cool mobility workout)

  • Zachary Stuck
    Zachary Stuck

    I’m pretty sure the real reason rock climbers shake their arms to to prevent lactic acid buildup in their arms.

  • dreaded360

    the pro seems like a douche .. chew with your mouth shut

  • Ronald Turner
    Ronald Turner

    Great video mate

  • Ryan

    Do the Michael P Murphy workout, medal of honor recipient. Sure you have heard of him. All proceeds go to wounded worries network.

  • Ryan

    Add while juji stalls for rest time lol jk

  • O-Soba Masuku
    O-Soba Masuku

    This really inspires me to workout more. Just like how Jon Andersen Channel inspires me to be a beast in bodybuilding.

  • Anurag and Anuj climbing
    Anurag and Anuj climbing

    Rooting for Magnus !!!

  • Lucian Dugger
    Lucian Dugger

    Btw Reebok still makes them shoes got me a pair last month lol

  • Samurai Bat
    Samurai Bat

    When will Omar Isuf do this workout?!

  • Robert Geroux
    Robert Geroux

    hey Juji it might be cool to pay respects in an upcoming video to Black Tom Cruise, who recently passed. thanks. #RIP

  • kukunaokala begay
    kukunaokala begay

    Do the other workouts in Antoine's training

  • pv4240a

    fun format

  • senateboy0909

    What I learned today, moths are insects, not animals.

  • Casey Rondeau
    Casey Rondeau

    Best commentary ever! Priceless vid.

  • Brandon M
    Brandon M

    any video with boogs is a good video

  • Koben Penny
    Koben Penny

    I am gonna try this consistently and i’ll see if i get any results. Starting at 15 inch calves unflexed.

  • PlasmaFuzer

    @Jujimufu By no means am I an expert, but I think short rest periods when training calves are necessary because of how conditioned they are in active people. Think about how many steps you take in a day. Your calves have the ability to recover much more quickly than other muscles groups because they are forced to do it all the time. So you might as well take advantage of that fact to cram in a solid amount of volume in this body part in a short period of time. Also, I have read/heard before that the soleus to a large extent, but also the gastroc and vastus, are primarily/majority slow twitch which would make them more resilient against fatigue. This would explain why many find it necessary to cut the rest periods down significantly in order to cause a significant enough amount of disruption to stimulate growth. However I don't think this is as generalizable as the first point. While muscle fiber type composition does vary muscle to muscle, the inter-individual variability due to genetics is substantial. If your genetics favor having a higher proportion of fast twitch fibers, then you are likely going to respond very well to any calf training and will probably have great calves. This would be due to fast twitch fibers having a higher potential for growth. By the way, I have never trained calves that intensely (as many sets), but I have done 30s rest high rep sets (which do suck). That being said, I think the pain you were in had more to do with the BFR than the high rep/short rest sets or the volume.

  • adam hynes
    adam hynes

    "moths is not even an animal its an insect" ummmmmmmm wut?

  • lalo carrasco
    lalo carrasco

    John medows 400 reps arm workout 200 reps biceps 200 reps triceps

  • Randy Phillips
    Randy Phillips

    You’re a pro juji

  • LegendaryStory

    Dude that transition holy shit 110% Ace I love it. Nord VPN

  • Zach Stroup
    Zach Stroup

    I’ve bought this ebook from Antoine. Juju really isn’t exaggerating it hurts so bad. It’s probably the hardest workout I’ve ever done. The occlusion is the worst part

  • Gonz216

    My only burning questions is what shoes are those?! I want a pair!

  • James Donlon
    James Donlon

    Is that a server rack, or the NVR or whatever for your security cameras? I love how it's mounted in the wall like that, pretty dope.

  • Evolve

    Rich Piana would have highly approved!!!

  • TheRev

    I do calves first, actually, and with similar intensity and frequency in fact (albeit no bfr, more rest, more pizza). Probably why it's my only okayish looking muscle. 😐

  • Cactus Caticus
    Cactus Caticus

    Good try man! I'm a PTA in the Army and worked with BFR and rehab. For calves you can try to adjust the cuff just above the knee located on mid thigh next time. It's 3 exercises Each exercise is 30/15/15 with 30sec between sets and 60sec between each exercise. Yeah you have to use less weight. 70% occlusion safe enough, recommended is 80% for lower extremity though.

  • Hurricane Joe
    Hurricane Joe

    The mind of a killer "Actually that could be a good superset" No, stop. He's already dead.

  • Darmo foreelz
    Darmo foreelz

    "So Antoine did you actually do this?" "Antoine: ....... ye." Sheesh calm down Antoine your talking to much, we dont need your whole life story 😂

  • Daniel Maxwell
    Daniel Maxwell

    yates idea, done buy Cutler

  • Jacob Billman
    Jacob Billman

    As a non expert i have questions related to his comment that he can't do 15 reps. Is it possiblebto lesson the level of resistance per rep to help him get 15 reps?

  • Dale Huu
    Dale Huu

    Gotta confuse them calves by playing rich banana 8 hr arm workout

  • Leo_M_H10

    Dude! I remember seeing Juji and Antoine in some old school in 2008 Thats how i learn to backflip and do other stuff .. with TrickTuts how long have you 2 being friends !!!!????

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells

    Every “Bodybuilder reacts” video is actually a “Bodybuilder reacts while eating” video.

  • Cole McPherson
    Cole McPherson

    Antoine and juji are the best combo! Juji was making me laugh screaming "15reps what the hell!" Then cut to Antoine just scarfing down pasta, laughing and giving one word responses. Fucking comedy gold! Love this video!

  • stealthop


  • Adrien Lema-Peters
    Adrien Lema-Peters

    Dnd 5e strength test: Run 60 feet in 6 seconds (dash action) Climbing, swimming, crawling 30 feet in 6 seconds (half speed) 10 foot run up jump 20 feet standing jump 10 feet (half that distance) When you make a high jump, you leap into the air a staggering 23 feet if you move at least 10 feet on foot immediately before the jump. When you make a standing high jump, you can jump only half that distance. Carrying capacity: Push, drag, and lift 600lbs any way you want Carry 300lbs 30 feet in 6 seconds

  • Anderson Abraham
    Anderson Abraham

    Rest in peace BTC

  • Carson Tucker
    Carson Tucker

    this is about how much i obsess over my calves. minus the blood restriction part.

  • Abaria Xx
    Abaria Xx

    dont do bloodflow restriction on your calves, it can cause varicose veins

  • A Schweez
    A Schweez

    11:45 such aggressive stabbing while deep in thought about moths

  • BurstingVeins1

    Jeez I see you and you look massive, then you measure and I measure just to see where I'm at compared to you since I'm basically the same build type but a lot less bodybuilder and more strongman. Then I get super surprised when I see my calves at 18 inches cold to your 17 and it makes me wonder if I measured correctly.😂

  • Cae Rule
    Cae Rule

    without even clicking i shoulda known antoine would be eating lol

  • Yoshill Juae
    Yoshill Juae

    My favorite part is when juji waddled like an orangutan.

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Tom Platz leg day with Ricky Denhaagen the Stick

  • Andrew Elliott
    Andrew Elliott

    I would like to see juji try this squat workout that my colleges football team use to use to weed people out of the program. It was 10 X 10 at 70 percent of their max

  • M Roberts
    M Roberts

    10:15 jujimufu is channeling Tom’s energy

  • Shaun Reed
    Shaun Reed

    I think that plug was longer than 30 seconds lol

  • demarco767

    Do the Cindy workout

  • Dan Morrison
    Dan Morrison

    i watched yesterday and i was like, i should calf's ,,, today, i can't walk, Thanks juji, always an inspiration lol

  • luke

    False vpn advertising

  • # BuiltByBob
    # BuiltByBob

    Bring Stefi Cohen to The Gym Home for a workout!

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Maybe if she takes a break from boxing first. .

  • Jamie Nyeste
    Jamie Nyeste

    tom platz workout is gonna be sick!

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck

    @5:15 Haha so funny that you have Antoine cut in like that! Super nice with the lady's comment and filming. The videos has never been better!!

    • Lucas Littmarck
      Lucas Littmarck

      @5:33 This isn't a rodeo hahaha

  • Joseph LeBlanc
    Joseph LeBlanc

    When he gets mad about how many reps he can do 😂

  • Ian DiPuccio
    Ian DiPuccio

    I use cheap wrist wraps as occlusion bands

  • 2an

    great idea having Anton's reactions "live" throughout

  • Joshua Drewes
    Joshua Drewes

    Do the “1000 Rep” arm workout from Rich Piana

  • Colton Nash
    Colton Nash

    Juji liked my comment the other day, day made. ❤️

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    ASMR mukbang warning ⚠️ Anton goes all in and talks while he eats too. Lucky us

  • Randall Ruiz
    Randall Ruiz

    I have to agree with Juji, 15 reps are a challenge , IF, you don't do calves often. I did a routine, several years ago , that required, sets of 75 reps. Hardly passed the 30 reps, everytime.

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Ever notice how construction workers have huge calves walking around wheelbarrows full of bricks for 5 days a week? Try walking a wheelbarrow with a bunch of plates around for 5 days a week or drastically increase the weekly frequency of calf training. Big calves aren't genetic, they're lifestyle.