70 Year Old Tries Unconventional Lifts
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  • Vaquero

    This is the wholesome content I want to see more on FIshows

  • ConfusedOilPainter

    I dunno if i can handle this much wholesome, juji sam and mufudad together is just too awesome.

  • W3DGE

    Juji telling his dad that his has potential was too good

  • WolfPack Strongman
    WolfPack Strongman

    Where is JT sowards in this thread

  • THB The Human Being
    THB The Human Being


  • Colton Cowan
    Colton Cowan

    Holy shit i was terrified with the Preacher curls you got me so good

  • FtsuWtf

    Funny how he eats with his elbows still under the bar. Nice Video

  • Antoine Vaillant
    Antoine Vaillant

    hahahahhaha Im enjoying this video

  • Ti Ei
    Ti Ei

    Looks like you have a fun good day. Was surely fun to watch

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    This one is classic Juji Mufu. Funny stuff.

  • Steeveeeoo

    Spoiler alert……Waldo is on the cable machine ….😁

  • King Cabbage
    King Cabbage

    I love how JoJo has made itself a common occurrence in weight lifting culture.

  • Daniel Andrews
    Daniel Andrews

    This has to be by far my favorite video on this channel and perhaps FIshows itself. Your dad's energy is infectious, and I had a smile on the whole time! 😂😂 You go MUFUDad!!

  • Topher Taylor
    Topher Taylor

    Mufudad smashing PRs

  • light em up
    light em up


  • Blueshift

    14:32 quality AHHHHHH

  • Tyler Franke
    Tyler Franke

    I fucking love mufudad 😂

  • dadimadh


  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    Mufudad will outlive us ALL! I'm thoroughly impressed at his hacksquat DL hold & how he gets jiggy with the SSB. I'd love to have seen Jon's HR monitor during these moments ^.^

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    Juji doesn't have a trap bar, this is what I learned today.

  • Knight journey
    Knight journey

    First exercise was originally called barbell hack squat Traditionally you would have your heels on a platform to target your quads

  • Matthew Requejo
    Matthew Requejo

    Definition of grown man strength. He looks so frail, but damn he sturdy.

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    No excuses now...

  • Enzo Buchalla
    Enzo Buchalla

    lindo vídeo !

  • Boots Customs
    Boots Customs

    Lmao the plate kick was great hahahahahah

  • Coelacanth251

    Love your dad Juji. He is funny

  • PMcGuffin

    We must protect Mufudad at all costs!

  • sandeboe

    I love everytime they mention Grizzly's weight, it just says "Full"

  • hoofhearted4

    Found Waldo on the first pass!

  • george

    7:07 not needed. That stuff was obvious, and if not, that core stuff cemented it, many young people can t hold that half as much, and it takes years and years to get a core that strong. The downside of that powerful core only working with daddy mufu's weight as benchmark, and emphasis on endurance, is he could hold that weight that was more than his body weight in a crouched position pretty easily and safe but couldn t lift it.

  • Shadow Guardian
    Shadow Guardian

    Juji is wearing a table cloth

  • Missouri Man
    Missouri Man

    Hey your right 🤣

  • Eric Blaze
    Eric Blaze

    Now I gotta call my dad

  • Eric Blaze
    Eric Blaze

    This explains a lot as to why juju is Juji

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    The part where he's nonchalantly walking around, moments from a spinal injury, reminds me of the first time someone gave my grandmother a handgun. Oh boy did she wave it around a lot...

  • yenisey hernandez infante
    yenisey hernandez infante

    Best papi ever… he made my day

  • liam svahn
    liam svahn

    Juji pleas get a translator and do a wrk out with grizzly!!!

  • Andrew Schaeffer
    Andrew Schaeffer

    This is the best video you have ever done! I was laughing the whole time. You guys are wonderful together.

    • Mufudad

      Andrew, you are awesome, your comment absolutely made my day…thank you.

  • the one above all
    the one above all

    I wish I had a daddy like that

  • Marc C.
    Marc C.

    I played it at half speed, but I found him!

  • Penumbrium

    juji looking straight out of jojo part 5

  • UB

    Mufudad, the Boogz and the Grizzly?? The mindset is strong in this one

  • John D
    John D

    That's clearly a legpress machine for The Hulk

  • John D
    John D

    Your dad is most hilarious

  • John D
    John D

    Please collab with @MattDoesFitness and HIS dad.

  • harrison hamilton
    harrison hamilton

    Juji help Dev beat Thor!

  • DustyDonovan

    Love when Mufudad comes to collab ❤️🔥

  • Joe Turner
    Joe Turner

    How much did his dad embarrass middleschool age Juji for fun?

  • votremain

    The fact that you didnt call him daddymufu was very dissapointing

  • Ethan .Lastoria
    Ethan .Lastoria

    4:03 Someone should tell MufuDad there's 100 year old ladies that powerlift. So, realistically speaking, he really does have potential.

  • Alex Wenger
    Alex Wenger

    Kyriakos Grizzly is the greatest thing that happened to the weightlifting community.

  • beezle1976

    Your Dad is awesome. So positive and charismatic. Is he willing to adopt a 45 year old Australian metal head? Lost my Dad when I was 26 and my stepdad 4 years ago so there's a vacant position.

  • Justin Teal
    Justin Teal


    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Coming soon. .

  • Judge Justified
    Judge Justified

    It's pretty clear from whom John got his orangutan 🦧 arms.

  • Jacob Bruner
    Jacob Bruner

    found him

  • gregguidry1

    Juji is getting really good at commercials

  • David Amaral
    David Amaral

    17:55 That is all

  • Júlio Salotti
    Júlio Salotti

    Mufudad screaming like grizzly was pretty cool

  • Noah Blevins
    Noah Blevins

    I love the videos with Mufudad. That man has more energy at 70 than I do at 38. You can tell he is loving life, and seems like a very happy man. Inspiration right there.

    • Mufudad

      Noah, keep following son and you will have more energy at 70 than you do now 👍

  • Ronnie C
    Ronnie C

    We need a Bugez and mufudad collab

  • Steven Sanders
    Steven Sanders

    26:40 cable stack pulley. Waldo.

  • Lost and Found Phil
    Lost and Found Phil

    what was mufudad's preworkout? i want that energy at that age

  • john medeiros
    john medeiros

    6:50 oh man that was perfect 😂

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit

    You should put something on the ground, to stop the plates from DESTROYING that mirror... I'm so glad you caught it, my mouth was wide open when it went

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan

    The smoothly placed infomercials are flawless

  • kolin nitruc
    kolin nitruc

    17:38 Cool, a One Piece reference

  • Richard Bexton
    Richard Bexton

    stood on cable machine

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    Your dad was lifting with his back and not his legs, for a second there I thought he was going to snap in half and die in front of you. Gotta make sure he's not lifting with his back bent over!

  • Mobin Best In The World
    Mobin Best In The World

    Your dad is awesome

  • The Sustainable Doula Abby
    The Sustainable Doula Abby

    So many Jo Jo references


    Eric is my hero, saved my life with the mindset and finally inspired me to hit a 405 zercher from the floor yesterday

  • Chris O
    Chris O

    @26:40 on the cable pully

  • Allen Troutt
    Allen Troutt

    I lost my Dad to cancer last year. Seeing you get to enjoy doing the things you love with your Dad always makes me remember mine fondly. Cherish what you have Juji!

    • mike weaver
      mike weaver

      Rest in peace

    • Daniel Komar
      Daniel Komar

      I'm sorry for you loss.

    • Rosetta Drone
      Rosetta Drone


  • Edmunds

    I want to be like Mufudad when I'm 70, he's in better shape than most people half his age. You go Mufudad~!

    • Mufudad

      Thank you 👍

  • Travis Seay
    Travis Seay

    Mufudad Rockin' it! Mountain Dog would be damn proud!

  • alexgonzo0000

    I love mufu dad and love seeing you guys together. When he kept saying ‘put more weight on it” I was like ah yes that’s where juji gets it from 😂

    • Mufudad

      Alex, the tree doesn’t grow far from the fallen apple 👍 Jon and I are alike in many ways, we both like to push ourselves more than the average

  • MannHesse!

    Brother from another Mother, but did we found his Father? He seems pretty comftorble with this lifts :D

  • Kevin Herrington
    Kevin Herrington

    We need more dad content

  • Berzerk Skwid
    Berzerk Skwid

    alright, alright, I'm trying a bundle of the cereal. your ad reads are too good.

  • Z0M31E

    I found him! : )

  • jackpotvmc

    Best Video your dad is awesome 👏

  • Astorath the Grim
    Astorath the Grim

    Mufudad sigma male grindset.

  • Allan Costa
    Allan Costa

    Jojo reference, listening to Guilty Gear OST in the other video...Juji, Brian and Sam finally understood that fitness person are made of 90% of weebs

  • Shane-O

    How was your pops feeling the next day???

  • Necros1s

    I came here för eric :’(

  • Diego and Food
    Diego and Food

    This is gold 🤣

  • Douglas

    The dad needs to meat Eric.

  • ChomageRider

    Has Dave Tate met the mindset? If not, PLEASE introduce them!

  • Mario Carr
    Mario Carr

    Wow i have the same shoes as mufu dad

  • AriasRequiem

    Gods above and below, I'm loving these new videos!!! The energy of wifey behind the cam and Mufudad hopping into videos *chefs kiss*

  • Relearning Movement
    Relearning Movement

    I hope to become as strong as MufuDad. Not when I'm his age, right now in my 20s.

  • Jared Spotts
    Jared Spotts

    Need a better camera to find waldo bro

  • Mr.D

    Thats my favorite singlet. Like color, pattern, everything. 💙

  • weedfreer

    hey Juji, you're not selling me that Grizzly impression enough....once again, with gusto!

  • weedfreer

    He's looks like a boy band? Maybe like a South Korean boy band or something maybe? OO OOO...this totally needs to be followed up by a Juji K-Pop dance video!!!

  • Not so Supple Athlete
    Not so Supple Athlete

    This was so wholesome

  • Kenneth Burns
    Kenneth Burns

    Juji:"I have matched this lift to you for your safety" Mufudad: "Hey this is cool" *bouncing on plyo floor with safety bar*

  • Rek Dem
    Rek Dem

    The only man I accept rompers on is Juji

  • JM1400K

    his dad a stiff leg doing DLs

  • Magik Milk
    Magik Milk

    Do you enjoy your magic cereal with magic milk?