Getting real close to that 700 lb deadlift guys!

  • Niko Red
    Niko Red

    Bro this is like if Chris Farely was ripped

  • 6- 9
    6- 9

    Lmao those swings are probably my pr

  • Austin Bosin
    Austin Bosin

    Dang I've been doing it wrong this whole time

  • Stephanie Mendez
    Stephanie Mendez

    Oh my god i cant stop laughing 😆

  • Raptor Dynamics
    Raptor Dynamics

    I didnt know you were a crossfiter

  • Shrek Dank
    Shrek Dank

    Can i come to your gym

  • Cade Countryman
    Cade Countryman

    This is a amazing workout, thanks.

  • Josh Rios
    Josh Rios

    I literally just laugh out loud in the gym hahaha

  • Bill bartman
    Bill bartman

    Lol. Thx for that video

  • Gym junkie
    Gym junkie

    Hahahahahaha BOOM 💥

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  • bubba g
    bubba g

    Might be on to something with the 225 jumps

  • Ganesh Gan
    Ganesh Gan

    Pagal ho geya

  • Thomas Cogger
    Thomas Cogger

    Nice Weighted jumping-jacks.

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  • Angry Twitch
    Angry Twitch

    I go to Planet Fitness so I think I can get away with this

  • Alex Black
    Alex Black

    CrossFit training be like:

  • Yahdig.Solid LeonHard
    Yahdig.Solid LeonHard

    Euro-training !

  • dr dick head
    dr dick head

    This should just be titled crossfit in a nushell

  • xXpussyslayerXx69mchn_milfeater

    This is the smart way to deadlift, by shaking the plates off the bar becomes easier to lift

  • Dawsonson

    So like is this a Crossfit workout?

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    Luis Partida

    I’m dead!! 🤣🤣💀

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    Mokxa Fitness

    This is my brain during exams.. this is it

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    Max gains 👍🏻👍🏻

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    Ky Heel

    How is he not constantly hurt

  • S O N J A
    S O N J A


  • George Plymale
    George Plymale

    Do a flip

  • Dirk V Egan
    Dirk V Egan

    "This is my deadlift workout after two weeks on mindset."

  • DarkSatan

    0:06 reminds me of a variant of PURI PURI ANGEL DEADLIFTU

  • Chas Lewis
    Chas Lewis

    Ah, I see you train in the ancient CrossFit techniques.

  • Antonio Larrubia
    Antonio Larrubia

    When Juji is doing jumping jacks with your max.

  • Kampos

    I'd love to see you have Noel Deyzel come workout with you sometime.

  • Catapults & Bodybuilding Since 2000
    Catapults & Bodybuilding Since 2000

    You Rock.. Hahaha

  • Russell Marsh
    Russell Marsh

    I like how it ends in a thong lol

  • Matt

    man jumped on that tic toc idiocy quick

  • Jesse Jamison
    Jesse Jamison

    Juji could you film yourself reading Seth Rogen quotes? Make sure to laugh his laugh too...

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    Collin Callstrom


  • WARforge Games
    WARforge Games

    Man you are a beast. I love watching your content and seeing the funny crap you do

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  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis

    Only thing missing was a bosu ball

  • Muhammad

    Ahem can i ask for the view spike 👀

  • Stellarlight

    The ending had me laughing lmao

  • Travis Clem
    Travis Clem

    Juji, you owe me $10. I watched this video then attempted it at my local planet fitness. They didn’t appreciate it like I did.

  • electricsurfuniverse

    I need a speedo

  • mike weaver
    mike weaver

    This part of an elaborate summoning ritual to summon rick bugez who will rise through the floor and take an offering of 1000 garlic bulbs as a sacrifice.

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    This is just reckless

  • Tanya Tashjian
    Tanya Tashjian

    i just watched the collab with you and smosh pit

  • StonerLIKEShaggy

    I didn't need to see you in a speedo this early in the morning

  • Matt C
    Matt C

    Alphadestiny mentioned you in his latest video you guys need to collab

  • Tommy Trance
    Tommy Trance

    wooly woofta.

  • jocko john
    jocko john

    Expanding the deadlift format to get more muscle tension in the same movement.........not yet rated for all athletes

  • caleb schneider
    caleb schneider

    rude lol

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    5th shot: When the weigt you're deadlifting is too light and you just wanna get the reps done:

  • Diogo Prudente
    Diogo Prudente

    I get the point 🙏😂

  • Subtlespeak

    Meanwhile my knee hurts for no reason today on a 135lbs squat warmup after two rest days.

  • Cinndre Vorster
    Cinndre Vorster

    Miss this Juji 😢

  • Oscar Shedwick
    Oscar Shedwick

    Damn work out programs are getting sureal these days

  • Khitai 82
    Khitai 82

    Quick someone call Doc Hightower he’s hurt himself again

  • Simon de Haas
    Simon de Haas

    Dat boi peeled out his mind

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    Asa Yagami

    Nice speedo

  • Er Oktar Tonga
    Er Oktar Tonga

    Ha ha ! XD Sums up the internet videos, precisely.

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  • kidsbee怪盗ねずこ ヒカキンとはじめしゃちょー大好き小学生姉妹の日常生活
    kidsbee怪盗ねずこ ヒカキンとはじめしゃちょー大好き小学生姉妹の日常生活


  • Blu e
    Blu e

    Qualify for the crossfit games for fun.

  • Peter Engert
    Peter Engert

    I see you've adopted a never before seen approach to achieving that deadlift goal... I believe. lol

  • Matt's Music and Fitness
    Matt's Music and Fitness

    I'm addicted to pressing the replay button to see this glorious content

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  • Carlos Mayoral
    Carlos Mayoral

    I'm adding the barbell jumping jack to my program

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    Manuel Troche

    La macarena. 😀😀

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  • The Magic Man
    The Magic Man

    4 Fused Disks.... No Regrats

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    Aravind Babu

    my back hurts

  • Singingdancingmuscleman

    Me: Juji needs to make more shorts. Juji: Me: Smh... Wtf... :)

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    Nick Blevins


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    Corbin Pyles

    I saw this on Instagram.

  • J J
    J J

    why are you so fuckin ripped

  • T 2017
    T 2017

    Everytime I see him I still cannot believe he is only 5ft exactly

  • TypicallyUnique

    This is the quality content I'm subscribed for.

  • Goku SSJ3
    Goku SSJ3

    Its just a joke. He is.not lifting any DEAD. Title should be Weight Plate lifting.

  • Kampos

    When your PWO has 1000 MG caffeine in it.

  • RavioliBandit

    Juji and momma Juji. I'd love to start deadlifting. I remember a couple years ago when I first discovered this legendary channel I seen you started out with deadlifting I believe in weight training. How do you suggest a beginner starts out a home deadlift workout!? For cheap 😉

  • Ninja Knight
    Ninja Knight

    Now what the fuck did I just watch

  • B Lt
    B Lt

    Lmao great video!!!😂😂😂😂

  • H Lifts
    H Lifts

    Anabolic Turkish stay downs- you can really feel the gains on this one 0:10

  • Jason Bender
    Jason Bender

    Great song for a great workout 😂😂😂😂

  • keengKai

    this is very juji

  • CG

    I think I pulled all the muscles watching that.

  • Task Master96
    Task Master96

    Her: I bet he’s out with some bitch Juji: Alright here we have the best deadlift workout known to man 😭

  • Rheynez

    just bought my home gym equipment, this is goals

  • Mel Plishka
    Mel Plishka

    Fukin love juji lmfao.

  • me tube
    me tube

    I have actually seen people doing the violent touch and go variation

  • Ben Ochoa
    Ben Ochoa

    Hell yeah. I just wanna say love your videos. You get me motivated to hit the gym im trying to become a bodybuilder. I'm in the army right now in Korea for 9 months trying to come back big.

  • john jones
    john jones

    Gonna suck when you accidentally slip a disc

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    Next level CrossFit here

  • D- Money
    D- Money

    I’ll be sure to try these as someone new to weightlifting 🙂👍

  • cfuse

    I love how *weird* fitness is getting.

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan

    the jump deadlift, the best inner chest exercise

  • Jerrys Berrys
    Jerrys Berrys

    Well that was .......stupid

  • Neil Marvin
    Neil Marvin

    how many sets and will these work my toes? haha