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  • Bassology 101
    Bassology 101

    I enjoy having Travis and Sam in the videos better than Tom. He was good but I don't feel he fit the dynamic or energy established by Juji.

  • Sn00dles

    Sam is so much better than mama... always looking for better angles, making helpful comments... mama gotta watch out

  • Aristyo Ryanza
    Aristyo Ryanza

    Why did u have 2 different decline press machine?😂 or was the other one incline? Pretty sure it was double smith machine on or something

  • joey hatfield
    joey hatfield

    You should add a rock climbing wall in the gym

  • Sheng Long
    Sheng Long

    i like sam and gym cat ! cant believe she hasnt been in more videos since i subscribed a year or so ago

  • Wicke 2D
    Wicke 2D

    Outro music?

  • Visca

    For the layout, here's an idea: I like to do some little stretch between sets, while resting. If you have some machines for stretching or a dedicated area, maybe make it central. Nothing serious, just to move the lactic acid out from the muscles, I've never found any device necessary for shacking my legs or rotating my arms. But you seem to have a machine for everything... I'm sorry for your problems with Tom, I hope you didn't need that money critically for anything essential.

  • Adrian G
    Adrian G

    Clarence needs to come back to break in the gym. Great videos

  • hoofhearted4

    15:36 correction. Sam found it.

  • hoofhearted4

    Sam's question about grip (orientation) with the rear Delt machine was actually legit. Too bad Juji didn't get it. Don't chastise Sam Juji. She actually asks a lot of good questions.

  • Tee Emm
    Tee Emm

    With the new videos I'm finding myself more and more entertained by stupid small little clips Sam and Randy(?) (idk who the new editor is for certain, steer me right) sneaks some film time into, like Juji's mad dash from one end of the gym to the other where he's moving so lightning quick Sam barely catches a glimpse of him on camera.

  • Hay den
    Hay den

    Very happy with more and just juji. Honestly the video about the channel name change to jujimufu to jujiand... was very cringe and somewhat childish. The videos now feel more mature and not like hot topic brand content. This is great.

  • DeVikingProduce

    I think I'd personally try and meld everything together? personally if Powerlifting and Bodybuilding share and workout, strongman and powerlifting and the other combinations set in a fully wrapped around the gym like a color wheel but it'll be like a fitness wheel.

  • White1nsane

    Check CoachEugene, he has a great gym layout which I think you will love it :)

  • Cradiak Drumz
    Cradiak Drumz

    Check out Michael Todd's latest video with Todd Hutchins, they talk about Plateaus and how to avoid them, might help you with your dead lift stall.

  • Brennan Hopkins
    Brennan Hopkins

    Love the your content and the newer videos showcasing your new gym. Cat super highway for sure XD

  • LordDraikful

    This gym is just missing the Buge's stupid monster garage gym chest machine sat right in the middle, scaring everybody

  • a bui
    a bui

    I'd do a push, pull, legs sections for the gym layout lol

  • Jimbones4

    go juji go juji go!!!!

  • Nils E
    Nils E

    Randy wearing that Stahlwerk31 shirt, what a small world.

  • Eliot Ÿves
    Eliot Ÿves

    Cat superhighway is a must

  • Mendy Weissman
    Mendy Weissman

    Regarding the gym layout. I think it really depends on your workout split schedule. If your split is upper/lower then I would split the equipment as follows - all upper equipment together and all lower equipment together. If your workout split is individual muscle groups per workout then I would split all the equipment according to the different muscle groups. Hope that was helpful:)

  • Ellison Fitness Innovations
    Ellison Fitness Innovations

    I hate putting my back against the tricep extension pad.

  • Bryce Baird
    Bryce Baird

    You really should put a climbing wall on your property and magnus can set some bouldering routes!

  • Phil B
    Phil B


  • Preparing For Ragnarok
    Preparing For Ragnarok

    Juji getting called out on being a member of "Team No Calves" by Sam. Priceless

  • dschoettle2010

    Set it up based on body part. Chest, arms, legs, etc. Also, the videos are coming together nicely. Especially liked the intro before working out commenced!

  • Richard Aubergine
    Richard Aubergine

    Sam's personality is lovely, glad she is behind the camera

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Jujjmufu needs to dress up like tarzan and Sam needs to dress up like jane of the jungle!! Do a Ninja warrior jungle course challenge!!! That would rock and get a bunch of views!!!💪💪💪😎

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Jujjmufu needs to do a workout with eric bugenhagen!!!!💪💪💪🤔😆👍👍😎💪💪

  • Guyin Apocket
    Guyin Apocket

    4:14 lol, that exactly is the argument against machines :D

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Now jujjmufu just needs to get it setup so he can live in the gym and workout everyday and become super jujjmufu!!💪💪💪💪

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    You should put a retro juke box in the corner the only has 1980s movie soundtracks rocky ,top gun, kickboxer, the running man!!

  • mark bush
    mark bush

    The bent michael curiosly pinch because school operationally interrupt off a pale head. glamorous, colossal paperback

  • Andrew Sias
    Andrew Sias

    So juju, what I think you should do is add up each kind of machine in each work out, and average it into however many machines you have per type of work out and then put that percentage in each quadrant of the gym, that way everything is laid out in an orientation where everything can be convenient and close no matter what kind of workout you're doing.

  • SuccessMenu

    Juji's Gym is gonna be f#$&ing EPIC!!

  • Sammyb Harris
    Sammyb Harris

    Juji; these videos, you, Sam and the gang are all very appreciated. Mmoooreee vvvviideosss.

  • Aaron G
    Aaron G

    Hell yeah dude, more Juji videos to keep us going :) ❤️

  • Chuck Wood
    Chuck Wood

    Randy Travis... come on

  • TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions
    TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions

    Sam needs to film for Eric Bugenhagen She's really good at zooming 🤣

  • RamblinAround

    These latest videos have been great! It's gonna be cool to see the gym come together.

  • Chrisdonian

    Much love God bless. We broke Gods holy law, the ten commandments(this includes lying even once for God's holy standard is perfect) leaving us all guilty of hell but Jesus paid that fine we never could of on the cross giving us the option to turn to God through Jesus Christ and be saved and justified not by works(which are no better then a guilty man pleading to a judge to let him go free of charge when he has done multiple unjust and unholy actions) but by Gods grace to us sinners, made into new creations with Gods word on our hearts for those who turn to Jesus(God in human form). saved for the amazing will of God to abound through our lives as believers

  • Home Gym Reviews
    Home Gym Reviews

    Sweet setup bro, can’t wait to see it finished!

  • Timothy Anaya
    Timothy Anaya

    I know lighting, Juji.

  • Doa

    Alphabetical order

  • Thogren

    CAT SUPERHIGHWAY GYM! Gym Cat would love it! Maybe a model train that goes all around the top of the Gym lol?

  • Robert Howells
    Robert Howells

    The best bodybuilding light set up isn’t really the way you should think of it. I’d go for a studio set up with the ability to dim and reposition lights. Left and right rim lights, strong over head spot for high contrast and maybe 4 front fill lights with one more Versatel reposition able on a trolly. Two reflectors and different backdrops. You should totally do a one light photo shoot with chalk flying though the air for dramatic effect.

  • Kyle Gibson
    Kyle Gibson

    bro you gotta ask Craig about the lighting he's a god

  • Cody Rogers
    Cody Rogers

    Does randy shave his eyebrows?

  • Robert Reyes
    Robert Reyes

    I wish I could embezzle some of those gains 😭

  • Kevin Lyon
    Kevin Lyon

    And in there somewhere Randy sleeps

  • Aaron Southern
    Aaron Southern

    Juju nothing beats natural lighting, like honestly would put the deadlift platforms infront of a open garage, and since you always do other stuff not traditional would go off common sense.

  • Brock Seal
    Brock Seal

    I would die peacefully if I worked out with Juji just once

  • Snapcase

    Make sure you leave enough room for when Clarence throws his weights..

  • Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
    Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021

    9:38 eric bugez

  • Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
    Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021

    juji - per george leeman and other finnish deadifters Add in low bar deadlift stance box squats. ! a few giant set sof 15 reps with rpe 6-7 and later n the week a few sets of 5. DEADLIFT STANCE BOX SQUATS.

  • Tim Price
    Tim Price

    Fucking miss Tom man this ain’t the same still luv ya juji

  • scott zimmerman
    scott zimmerman

    Maybe the lack of calves is why the deadlift is sticking. Lol

  • SteffenFPV

    what is with tom?

  • KebapRocker

    I would sort it by bodypart with one seperated powerlifting area

  • Meat Hook
    Meat Hook

    You need a turntable so you can just spin it to dial up the next machine. Maybe play workout roulette... I haven't heard you yell, "eight" or "8" in a long time.

  • Absolut Audhi
    Absolut Audhi

    Wait Juji's a dark souls fan!?

  • DM Esche
    DM Esche

    Thank god Tom is gone. Dude was fucking weird.

  • Lemon

    Just put all of your favorite super set exercises next to each other! super sets for super gym layout

  • Kael Ryder
    Kael Ryder

    Praise the sun!

  • Daniel Park
    Daniel Park

    Supraphysiological anabolic bodybuilding lighting has never hurt anyone

  • LeftR tardation
    LeftR tardation

    As a casual viewer of this channel. I am reading the comments and can’t help but think how Tom feels when he reads them. Because we know he does... What a sad and unfortunate situation...

  • Nick Petrov
    Nick Petrov

    Any programs on steroids cycle 😂😂😂

  • El Jake
    El Jake

    On that press machine at the end try to keep the wrist and elbow lined up to keep the weight on the chest and off the triceps. Might have to move the seat up or down probably to line it up. Loving the content and excited to see your finished gym!

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    Whatever you choose I would keep things on pallets for a few weeks until you settle where they are staying. Also don't uncover stuff until THE PAINTERS ARE DONE! Traditional layout works because it works. Free weights together, machines together by body part. It's logical and practical.

  • RetroChaos

    Someone like Brett Seeley photography would be someone to reach out to for lighting. He specializes in fitness photography. Also just a really cool guy.

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    Can Tom come back so the workers can get the gym done instead of doing triceps lol jk love you juji

  • Dark Sky
    Dark Sky

    Another question do you think you could invite Eric Bugenhagen back as soon as you get your gem done

  • Dan Trebune
    Dan Trebune

    All of your recent videos have been really well made nice job juji

  • jbicz4724

    Love how humble the whole crew is! Everyone of these guys.......and girls......and cats would be awesome training partners

  • l0k1tv

    Is it still a home gym if the gym is bigger than most houses?

  • Simba ADC
    Simba ADC

    I think you should just fully build it for aesthetics with the powerlifting area in a cinematic kinda space. I dont think it is ever really annoying to walk to another machine, in fact I think having a change of scenery is nice throughout a workout rather than staying in the same spot in the gym. You'll learn really fast where everything is by memory anyway!

  • Apezilla

    the super loud laughing into the mic is super annoying

  • Ron Burghandy
    Ron Burghandy

    Bless Sam, appreciate her juji

  • winvek

    Keep everything on pallets and let your guests rearrange the gym the way they like

  • EhBit_TV

    5:50 I felt personally attacked since I do do bicep calves super set.. 😂

  • James V
    James V

    I think the gym should be organized according to Feng Shui. . .

  • Darian Pizzolato
    Darian Pizzolato

    The speakers are better off around the gym or mounted higher

  • middleman

    For recommendations.... Machine positioning wise, I'd say that's surely personal preference, but for some of the other stuff, I'd install speakers throughout the gym not just in one area. Much better to get balanced sound coverage. Also, consider audio treatment including absorption (bass traps if you're installing some serious sub bass speakers to prevent bass frequency buildup and drop outs, and soft materials for reducing reverberation) and reflection materials (for balanced mid and high end frequencies) to improve overall sound quality. Stuff like curtains make a dramatic improvement to large spaces. Just because it's a big space, doesn't mean it needs to sound like one. If you're looking for the high impact lighting, probably a great opportunity to install a mirror wall and spot lighting under the first floor platform in that lower ceiling area. Maybe a good spot for the dumbell rack and the benches. High contrast lighting is easier to achieve at smaller distances. Those are things I'd probably do.


    Tom will be missed

  • Mark Smith
    Mark Smith

    Anybody know what tricep rope they are using for the push downs?

  • Patrick R
    Patrick R

    Freedom 500 tonight!!!!

  • Lucas Meredith
    Lucas Meredith

    Was that a dark souls reference that I saw?? Praise the sun.

  • J Gibbs
    J Gibbs

    Just my opinion, look into using smart lights for bodybuilding posing so you can change the colour and brightness of the lights with your phone, always able to dial in just the right light

  • Louis-Philippe Bourret
    Louis-Philippe Bourret

    The gym equipment looks fantastic (!) thank you Juji for the constant and consistent motivation you provide, inspiring even for the half-built newbs like me :)

  • Plumbed Out
    Plumbed Out

    Keep your speakers off the floor.

  • iDeal

    Thats not a home gym its a WHOLE ASS GYM

  • Gavin Henriod
    Gavin Henriod

    I am now the thousandth comment!

  • Zachary Bishop
    Zachary Bishop

    Been looking forward to this video all week

  • Eo4EFB

    someone tell juji that he needs to cosplay as allmight ill keep commenting this until he sees it

  • Adam

    Put your leg machines as far away from eachother as possible

  • Justin Woods
    Justin Woods

    For the lighting, from personal experience lights from the top that aren't "white", so a darker like amber color. Having the lights be adjustable on a knob would be the best though. In terms of layout, I would put power lifting stuff all in one area, but machine-wise I would put similar body parts exercised together. IE, spider curl next to the curl machine next to lat pull down and so on

  • Brandon Nitro
    Brandon Nitro

    When I set my gym up I did it the traditional way and had each body part in its own group. That way your not running around the gym just to do a different machine each time that would get old after a while.

  • KountChochocula

    Cat superhighway should take priority. Orient machines for ease of loading and enter/exit. Then I'd say have your main center pieces and open floor space areas in the dead middle or middle.of the back wall then organize machines by body part worked so your not hunting around all the time.

  • winter_mind

    Cat Super Highway! Yes! Fun for cat, great for content.