Old Powerlifter Teaches Me DEADLIFT SECRETS
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I took a trip to get deadlift help from an old, elite powerlifter, Marc Bartley. Marc broke down my deadlift, gave me help with speed deadlift training, deadlift setup, and deadlift accessory exercises, and more!

  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke


    • Dathaniel

      @Jr Kim no. Tom is a thief. Bringing him back is never going to happen, and it’s a terrible idea.

    • dareto challenge
      dareto challenge

      @Jr Kim tom robbed him

    • Tigerjuhhh

      @Jr Kim Stop. We dont need this. We need good vibes hard work and no thieves. Go somewhere else if you cant respest this.

    • Half Fruit
      Half Fruit

      @Jr Kim You still have to ask permission from your business partners to take money. Which he did not. Tom will never be in another Juji video deal with it.

    • Zebskie

      @Jr Kim he was affiliated with it not %100 his

  • Richard Hassenplug
    Richard Hassenplug

    Would love to get deadlift advice from Spud on my lift.

  • Zupoyo

    Great video as always!

  • Aladdin

    juju is an old head damn

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z

    over the years, i've found that any squeeze at the top of a lift is poor form and changes your bone alignment too much. leads to joint injury. i found a new way. if you focus on your feet all the way through your closed chain lower body lifts and continuously "reach" out the bottom of your foot while pressing, you never get clicks or knee wobble. the joints never fall into poor alignment (like when you see a guy's knees bow in when he tries a squat pr). never ever squeeze at the height of a motion, it ruins alignment and damages joints. i'm telling you, foot focus fixes almost every form problem and makes even heavy movements buttery smooth. i realize nobody will take this advice, but i know for a fact the instruction he's giving you here about squeezing your butt will decrease range of motion in your hip and put more sheer force in your knees on the way down. i've been studying for decades on this stuff, i know it sounds crazy, but i'm doubling my leg strength with this technique, and never having knee clicks or joint soreness. pressing power from the back/top of the hips, control point is the foot palm reach. i will never work legs any other way, it's so good. basicaly what i've learned over the years is all of those old lifter techniques that had you over solidifying to maintain form all force your form off perfectly strict, which nets you lower strength gains on top of the increased risk of injury. i realize what i'm saying goes against convention, but try it. it'll change your entire life.

  • le Gend
    le Gend


  • Blue Corn
    Blue Corn


  • Battle Pope
    Battle Pope

    Super interesting thanks for showing us, and the questions and clarifications from the cam operator were very helpful

  • Gstrnerd

    I really like the new editing style.

  • Gahet

    What an incredible video! I feel like I learned a ton, and still only absorbed a fraction of the information and wisdom Spud imparted in that video.

  • Daybis Tencio
    Daybis Tencio

    Putting the plates the wrong way. Do you even lift bro? Just kidding Juji you’re the best. Hope your gym will be almost done by today.

  • Luke Oldfield
    Luke Oldfield

    This guy, Spud, looks and sounds just like Merle from The Walking Dead?

  • Nacho Libre
    Nacho Libre

    Not gonna lie I hated Tom lmao he was the worst part of every video always thought why is this couch again here? Love the chemistry you and your wife has plus you seem way more comfortable

  • Sascha Schmitz
    Sascha Schmitz

    Sam is doing a great job!

  • stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in
    stubbyonethumb you should just pop two tea bags in

    If theres one thing we have learned about juji, its that he is terrible at taking instructions haha

  • Faithful Tribe
    Faithful Tribe

    Great filming on this one, Sam.

  • Russell Gilder
    Russell Gilder

    I love to see how cool these "old head" powerlifters are that run the companies we support. Always nice to see how excited they are to teach and pass along their love for lifting.

  • Mitchell Wilson
    Mitchell Wilson

    Like how nobody’s saying anything abt him benching more than his deadlift

  • Bishop Banner
    Bishop Banner

    Someone make Juji the next Hank McCoy in the MCU.

  • Matt Johnson
    Matt Johnson

    Sam is a diamond behind that camera - great addition to these videos

  • A DS
    A DS

    How do I get really strong without destroying my body through large amounts of drugs and spine crushing lifts?

  • A Frog
    A Frog

    "you squat like that? Because that`s terrible" oof xD

  • SuperBlackman39

    Juji over here looking like an Ark survival character. #goals

  • Matthew Requejo
    Matthew Requejo

    I thought that he had a picture of a young brother on the cover of his book. It was him though! He could get in trouble nowadays for blackface for that one!

  • Kyle N
    Kyle N

    I’m no deadlift master, but with a max out with 2-3 backoffs every dl workout...I’d suggest this: less max outs, more volume.

  • Shaine MacDonald
    Shaine MacDonald

    Damn I thought Juji was in his early to mid forties.

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    Eddie Hall has a great vid about deadlifting too.

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    Good advise. A strong man said that they don't do their max every session, and not before a comp.

  • Nick Tokar
    Nick Tokar

    idk who the person filming is but they need to hush... other than that this was a great video juji!

  • Idid Y. O'motha
    Idid Y. O'motha


  • the brainchylde
    the brainchylde

    Did you get to try the other monolift he has there? Not the Dyna-Body. The other one. Spud Inc is a great gym. Went to their Holiday Bash last year and decided it's an annual must.

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu

    The camera woman seems nice.

  • Stephen Dodds
    Stephen Dodds

    Get juji some bandaids for those dragging knuckles

  • Steve Irwin
    Steve Irwin

    What a great teacher, this dude really knows his shit. I've definitely found better breathing to help me with being able to access my glutes better and reduce tightness, as weird as it sounds. Really trying to engage my diaphragm and breathe through the whole back.

  • AChristianYoutube

    I like to treat my deads like squats. I use the same stance, get my butt down, and explode off the ground with the legs.

  • Andy Jamieson
    Andy Jamieson

    Great to have a face to the name, heard load about spud on the forums for a long time

  • se se
    se se

    Who's the camerawoman?

  • Chris Carbajal
    Chris Carbajal

    Hey Juji, good cue that worked for not to not shrug is to really cue elbows out the whole lift. But that only works with double overhand

  • Damien Witek
    Damien Witek

    We are not gonna talk about how jacked jujis forearms are

  • Jon Plato
    Jon Plato

    hanging out in columbia for a bit eh? Great stuff!

  • Luc Duval
    Luc Duval

    Sam is doing a very good job. I think a lot of people are happy to see how involved she is in your journey!!!!

  • The Man with No Name
    The Man with No Name

    It is a great thing to have a Master teach you in a discipline that you have chosen. It's amazing to see the progress one can achieve with a master teacher coupled with a humble student mindset. I was lucky enough to be a student of Larry Vickers. Changed my mindset and ability Drastically.

  • Nicholas obst
    Nicholas obst

    Is That Sam behind the Camera now she has Great energy keep it up guys

  • Muck006

    Easy ... USE A LONG LEVER to lift heavy stuff!

  • Dathaniel

    Lmao I love the Santana reference at 6:38. “OK.”

  • Grapo

    Awesome video! This dude is so hardcore and knowledgeable! I love this kinda shit.

  • J C
    J C

    Juji's forearms are massive!

  • Alexander Viera
    Alexander Viera

    Maybe it's just me but I don't like when someone is behind me while I am deadlifting. This video made me uncomfortable lol

  • Weaboo Heaven
    Weaboo Heaven


  • ExpeladeitoR

    just catching up with the last vids and i'm loving sam as juji's teammate

  • Jeremy Beckman
    Jeremy Beckman

    Narco naps.... Me too bud. I didn't know the plate numbers were supposed to face inwards.

  • Blastbeat Apologist
    Blastbeat Apologist

    Tom did nothing wrong!!!!

  • Walrus386

    Let’s learn deadlifts from someone who’s worst lift is a deadlift!!! *heavy sarcasm, many respect*

  • Daan

    I'm just wondering how they ripped their quad off, that seems insane to me!

  • Josh the Flat Earth Jedi
    Josh the Flat Earth Jedi

    Tom just called me and asked me to tell you he wants his gym back

  • Gervindial

    I didn't know there was any other way to put plates on the bar than to have the numbers facing in towards the lifter.

  • Depressive Pumpkin
    Depressive Pumpkin

    Tom's voice is so soft and different

  • forrest cormier
    forrest cormier

    I learned from this, that guy is very smart

  • Giggskadabra

    i definately think you should get eddie hall down your gym juji his deadlift technique massively helped mine and thats just from watching his video on it. !!

  • Michael Jackson
    Michael Jackson

    Definitely dissected Juji’s technique and provided pertinent corrections.

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    He knows his stuff, guess that happens when you are 53 and have likely 35 years of training.

  • Scuffed Seth Rogen
    Scuffed Seth Rogen

    That place has a good built in nutrition store

  • Scuffed Seth Rogen
    Scuffed Seth Rogen

    You in cola bro I missed you

  • Travel Review
    Travel Review

    These videos must be really difficult to do for Juji. Its hard and also frustrating to try and master someone else's techniques without a camera around. The idea of the video is that he learns a lot from this guy, improving his lift, giving the audience a satisfying ending. That goal is extremely difficult to reach though because things like this take more than one days time. People will hate me for this but...I do miss Tom.

  • valdezapg

    what kind of microphone are you using, barely can hear juji or spud and then when sam speaks its very loud

  • SilentMott

    Absolutely floored that guy's deadlift is actually LESS than both his squat AND BENCH!!!!

  • JZ Davis
    JZ Davis

    videos are better without Tom

  • FreakinRican32

    Gota say, Sam has been a great fresh component behind the camera. Love her commentary and personality

  • chris mahoney
    chris mahoney

    is there a difference between wearing gear and using gear?

  • Mark Graham Jr.
    Mark Graham Jr.

    i feel these type of videos help with learning how to do compound lifts right, i also struggle with deadlifts so this helps might try some of this on my next leg day

  • Slave Liberator
    Slave Liberator

    Your girl riffing at you was the best part!

  • Sam

    Spud is the guy that taught Toddzilla how to train.

  • Bjorn Rasmussen
    Bjorn Rasmussen

    Btw Juji you had a weightlifting belt back in the day. If I recall correctly you wouldnt tell us where it came from, because the brand didnt want to sponsor it. It looks a whole lot like Spuds belts. Is that a coincidence? :P

  • Bjorn Rasmussen
    Bjorn Rasmussen

    Sams quality commentary makes me wonder where she has been all these years :)

  • Angelo Ramirez
    Angelo Ramirez

    Nice to see you working out, DOVYDAS.

  • Mark Anthony
    Mark Anthony

    Juji --> Are you no longer arm wrestling?

  • gordon harwell
    gordon harwell

    learned something

  • ferna2294


  • Randy Gentry
    Randy Gentry

    Hamstrings tight?.....haha no.....probably never heard of JUJi to ask that


    Awesome video guys. I’m definitely not squeezing my glutes on the way up. Gonna try this Sunday. Thanks.

  • Tumbledor & Trickster
    Tumbledor & Trickster

    Ayy twice the coffee half the water, ristretto shots are where it is at

  • C J
    C J

    We need Brian Shaw

  • Duncan

    He seems like a very nice man

  • Gus.


  • Island Mike
    Island Mike

    Looks old..im 51 and people guess im 35..Nice video though 💪

  • Ryan

    Juijmufu you have a unique ability as a popular lifter to encourage good form and not ego lifting. Doing vids like this are great! Please keep showing other improvements you make in form and keep showing progress we (the fans) LOVE IT!

  • dethvx

    Big fan of spud inc. products. Happy to see the guy behind it all is so amazing.

  • Lee Arnesen
    Lee Arnesen

    I'm convinced he wants everybody to have nice booties for other reasons 30:27 ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛)

  • Tim Marshall
    Tim Marshall

    are we just gonna ignore that his bench pr is higher than his squat

  • It's Colton
    It's Colton

    The vibe around the videos without... he who shall not be named, feels more genuine and, pure? Not trying to stir up unwanted news. But, I was worried the dynamic would feel funny without him, and it feels like, a whole new product. Not worse, not necessarily better, but I'm happy Juji is able to find success regardless.

  • Fred Richardson
    Fred Richardson

    Really like this kind of video - technical feedback and other input from a third party really makes the content a lot more interesting in my (okay maybe no humble enough) opinion! I realize that takes some work and a lot of coordinating to make this happen, but it is great when you do it! 😃👍💪 My deadlift needs a lot of work and I'm pulling low weight so maybe that's why I'm fixated on this!

  • michael herrera
    michael herrera

    This is awesome.

  • Travis Tubbs
    Travis Tubbs

    man, relaxing your shoulders made a BIG difference in how your form looks!

  • Fairweather Music
    Fairweather Music

    I used to teach music (guitar mainly) 7 days a week, up at 5 trying to fit in workouts... I definitely used those narco naps on the studio floor in between lessons. Never went 2x grinds and 1/2 the water though. That's a new one to me!

  • Pogla The Grate
    Pogla The Grate

    Have a coffee or tea or caffeinated soft drink. Nap from between 10 to 20 minutes. I like 12, but experiment without the caffeine. Caffeine will attach to the melatonin receptors in your brain, but will not replace the melatonin that is already there. i.e. caffeine will help you stay awake, but if you're tired caffeine won't wake you up further. A nap of between 10 to 20 minutes (roughly) will clear out melatonin from your brain more effectively than a short nap, or a long snooze. This is why you often wake up groggy after a snooze. If you think that you can never fall asleep that fast, set a timer for twelve minutes and say that I'm wrong.

  • G Gold
    G Gold

    this was great. I've been re-focused on my deadlifts recently and I learned some great tips from this vid. Marc is a great guy with some incredible knowledge. I miss the reverse hyper from the old gym I was at. I've been focused on building my home gym and really need one. I always used to use it for recovery after deads and squats and it felt great. You two need to colab more in the future!

  • Galegzor

    Deficit deads always helped me off the floor. With your long arms they're ideal.

  • Zeke Delsken
    Zeke Delsken

    this guys smart. Nice.

  • Rogue Male
    Rogue Male

    The father / son content we didn't know we needed.

  • Prime Matt
    Prime Matt

    Of course the numbers go on the inside 🤷🏼‍♂️