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  • Bridgett

    Hey that’s my dad 😎

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    Lulu, "Can I hep?"

  • Tom Bullish
    Tom Bullish

    Didn't know anything about the man except for his achievements. Such a humble and knowledgeable guy. Could be Brain Shaw's brother.

  • Joshua Minkin
    Joshua Minkin

    I’m beginning to really like juji and his channel. It’s a lot of positive healthy interactions between like minded people. It’s motivating me in a dark time

  • Jdobworth ?
    Jdobworth ?

    That circular db rack is so sick

  • Marrs

    11:30 bruh. 😂😂😂

  • Sam Bowyer
    Sam Bowyer

    Loving this content, but feel the camera is a little close and its a bit jarring.

  • Marquis de Saniette
    Marquis de Saniette

    Camera work is way too jerky, and the operator does not need to interject throughout. Why? The viewer doesn't get to see who's talking (off camera). Relax, be smooth, and let the lead show us what he wants us to see, hear. 😉💯😉

  • Marley Marz
    Marley Marz

    Chiropractor session + Big man tempering session + Thai massage = Ultimate relief

  • LouFranklinTheDom Jon
    LouFranklinTheDom Jon

    Can someone please tell me the name of that blue compression tape thing he used on on juji my younger brother has horrible ankle pain from weak ankles and he’s only 13 I think this could help out a ton long term Edit @ - 3:27

  • MrRosalez23

    Great video. i was doing similar thing with dumbbells' .since i have a metal lathe i think i will make a set if these

  • Justin D
    Justin D

    Juji could you point me to a good gym you would suggest. I live in western Massachusetts. Figure if anyone would know. With how you travel you may know.

  • Faithful Tribe
    Faithful Tribe

    ‘Wait what?’ best Juji line ever. 6:23

  • Joncka

    An 1133 kg roller sounds great if you're into dying!

  • Andrew

    That 1235 squat was about 1/3 of a squat...

  • Mary

    What tape is Donnie using when wrapping Juji’s ankle? Is it just a band that’s been cut?

  • Magnus Bentsen
    Magnus Bentsen

    8:15 is my birthday and the thing you said is true, that has to be a sign

  • thehomefront

    I feel sorry for Juji, everyone he gets to hold the camera dont stop talking over the video and tries to turn it into a comedy show.

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C

    Body tempering is awesome! Donnie is the biggest diamond in the rough in the strength game rn. A really genuine great guy and also has more knowledge about strength stuff than most out there.

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris

    As friendly as Donnie is, what's cool is that you can really tell what gets him excited and happy is when he sees he has the opportunity to help someone feel better/learn something. That's good energy right there. There's friendly for the sake of it, and then there's just being passionate about helping others feel good.

  • Wicke 2D
    Wicke 2D

    Really appreciate also showing KG.

  • KS24PL

    I like Donnie a lot, one of my favs in the industry. And Lulu is such a cutie.

  • S Muir
    S Muir

    I am going to try this on my achilles. I have had problems loosening it for years, especially when I'm running a lot.

  • BriPHan

    Ok, I have to comment, because, well, I'm 64. And I have injuries, lots of them, including 2 herniated discs. Because of the disc herniations I set 175 as my max, and that works. For years I never tried, but it's good. Do dips with 50 lbs, because, with age, comes less resilience of tendons and ligaments. I tore my shoulder after competing with the 20-somethings, and dipping 100 lbs. So, I keep it to 50 lbs, and take care with activating the muscles of the deltoids and around that area. Do pullups with up to 50 lbs, used to do snap sets with 70 until, yes, I tore my back bouncing too much. Hike, some biking, and swimming. Swimming is great for the joints. So there you are.

  • Rachael

    jesus this looks like a tidier version of my gym. right down to the dog.

  • araragikoyomi99

    I'mma be ded at 60.

  • Edward Wood
    Edward Wood

    Sam's "he just wants some gossip, OMG" made me spit out my coffee, LOL! Thanks for that.

  • Muck006

    Too much camera action ... please CALM DOWN when filming ... and do NOT "race towards any action" with it.

  • Matthew Zastrow
    Matthew Zastrow

    just roll the dog on top of you for a massage

  • hoofhearted4

    That lookes soo relaxing. I'm jealous.

  • Filip Ivan
    Filip Ivan

    Do u remember when u were a teenager and none of this was a concern ?!

  • Infamous_Bacon

    It’s crazy how much more you learn in these videos now that Juji can just talk for an extended amount of time

  • Chaos disciple
    Chaos disciple

    8:15 Why you gotta call me out like that, Juji?

  • Jakob Jas
    Jakob Jas

    Am I missing something? This man has a 910lb bench, but I thought no-one had gone over 800 ever yet.

  • Funk Fox
    Funk Fox

    i want someone to do this to me so bad

  • Troy Albrecht
    Troy Albrecht

    Juji you need a pedicure lol 😂

  • Kevin hamlett
    Kevin hamlett

    I here lots of sexual talk. "Did you feel me put that in there" that is just one. Many more come on people how many are in this video.

  • Ray Charles
    Ray Charles

    This channel is better now. Great work Juji and Sam!

  • W W
    W W

    Nothing worse than a foot or leg injury. I rolled my right foot on a kerb when it was raining a fortnight ago. And its still not completely right. I sprained it and it was bruised so I'm not surprised its still sore

  • W W
    W W

    The real life juggernaut


    Roll on Buddy

  • Lawrence Kdog
    Lawrence Kdog

    Holy crap this looks awesome---i want some

  • Dennis Robertson
    Dennis Robertson

    Would love to see more collabs with Donnie. He is a wealth of knowledge

  • Jake Todd
    Jake Todd

    I’m in the physical therapy program at UND and I presented to the sports med there on body tempering and they loved it. Donnie is a genius!

  • Michael Atkin
    Michael Atkin

    11:30 that's what she said

  • fmakofmako

    I learned a lot. Donnie seems like he's doing making some critical toys for helping prevent injuries. I'm not sure how this works, but I'm planning on learning more.

  • Stephen Rodriguez
    Stephen Rodriguez

    I'ma be shitting in diapers at 60

  • Dr. Crypto
    Dr. Crypto

    That Hellooow reminds me of a Jerry sienfeld episode 🤣😂

  • Cribbum

    Love seeing this collab. Donnie knows his shit and is always enthusiastic about athletes doing well. Hell, he DM's one of my training partners pretty much every time he uploads a squat PR to congratulate him and tell him where he needs to work for his next one.

  • Adam

    Juji, get a pedicure! My goodness

  • John Donovan
    John Donovan

    Great DT3K! Ps...juju trim those toe nails!!!!

  • Georgia Arm Fights
    Georgia Arm Fights

    Me and Crazy Carl built that platform 😃

  • Manveer Saini
    Manveer Saini

    When I am 60 I am gonna be rock climbing!!!!! What are all of you going to be doing?

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    Hey golden girls is l ik ke the women's version of two and a half men but better.

  • Jack Ferriola
    Jack Ferriola

    Sam is amazing holy shit. She's so interested/supportive and chimes in with perfect things that us non-Juji mortals can understand

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan

    so what would be differences in this than a percussion message.?

  • Danny Dusse
    Danny Dusse

    Donnie and Lulu are awesome

  • Danny Dusse
    Danny Dusse

    I love Sam

  • Davis Reynaud
    Davis Reynaud

    I need some of that in my life real bad

  • Sean Tivald
    Sean Tivald

    Juji and Donnie. It's beautiful!

  • S E
    S E

    SUPER D!!!!! You've been missed!!!


    Watching you do the ab work, reminds me of when my therapist massages my soaz muscles out. GOOD TIMES.

  • Marcel K
    Marcel K

    Donnie seems super nice and well spoken, also keeps involving Sam in the conversation instead of just talking to Juji. Very cool content :)

  • David B
    David B

    Enjoyed watching this. Learned a little bit. I am 45 going on 46 and definitely would benefit from what was demonstrated in this video.

  • Kopa_Malphas

    Lulu is the best guest you've ever had on the channel.

  • Gojira

    clip your fucking nails dude lmao

  • Zach Bartlett
    Zach Bartlett

    “A lot of people watching this might not have a friend.” Why you gotta call me out like that Juji 😢lolz

  • arold

    I am jealous of that tempering session, wish it was commonplace for actual muscle recovery instead of half-assed massages

  • Tigerjuhhh

    Man the vibe of this video is awesome. Positive vibes taking care of yourself having some fun. Yeah this is cool. I mess with this man.

  • Tigerjuhhh

    Best dog ever

  • Messiahs

    Cant really get around questioning those methods, as stated on the website there is no research backing what he is saying. The roll over the muscles doesn't seem anything else but blackrolling, but instead of using your boy weight you use thte heavy weights to achieve the same effect. Tendon problems should generally not be stressed more. Really really not sure about that Body Tempering ...

  • Desekrated

    8:00 lmfaoo

  • Desekrated

    Damn this dude is so fucking cool

  • Funnel Secrets
    Funnel Secrets

    I must say Sam is an awesome camera operator!

  • Winston Smith
    Winston Smith

    I miss Tom

  • Jay J Willo
    Jay J Willo

    Loving this new content Juji....Sam thankyou for being super engaging behind the camera...lots of questions and explanations..brilliant stuff!

  • sitarskee

    "A lot of people watching this might not have a friend." Ouch.. :'(

  • sitarskee

    Inspiring, life-changing, educational and fun video.

  • wushu1984

    I love that Donnie keeps engaging with Sam

  • Austin Burchwell
    Austin Burchwell

    Watching Donnies monster man hands on that very normal sized phone is gold.

  • Beardserker


  • Colton Tackett
    Colton Tackett

    You seem so much more relaxed since Sam's been in the videos. Love you guys and your energy. And if you don't do a tour series I'll riot

  • Mitchell Lafleur
    Mitchell Lafleur

    He didn't bench 910? The biggest bench ever was 885 was it not?

  • Austin Lane
    Austin Lane

    Only true chads bench more than they DL

  • Kuhen Elan
    Kuhen Elan

    Sam, please help Juji with his toenails. Jesus bro.... jesus.

  • Mojave Mateo
    Mojave Mateo

    Yoo, that circular dumbell rack at 1:48 is sick AF

  • Gloss Junkies
    Gloss Junkies

    Yeah me out. PVC pipe. Fill it with sand or concrete for weight. Obviously seal. You’ll thank me later

  • WickedWhirlwind

    Dang what size shoe are you

  • Fatsuperfly

    Just started watching the vid, man!!! That dude is huge!!!!! Lmao! Keep on keeping on! Greats vids as always!

  • Hingle McCringleberry
    Hingle McCringleberry

    Super D !!!!!!!!!!

  • Ben Robichaux
    Ben Robichaux

    Sam you are doing great! Love how you tie the different groups of viewers in, and your reiteration of “the ex-husband” was hilarious 😂

  • Charles Hatton
    Charles Hatton

    Gotta say, the entertainment value has always been there, but lately I feel I am also being educated a lot more than in quite some time- and that is much appreciated!

  • Jerry Perkins
    Jerry Perkins

    This is really cool!

  • d

    Juji, can you make donnie a regular guest for your channel?

  • Wyo Drifter
    Wyo Drifter


  • Da BJ
    Da BJ

    When your bench is bigger than your deadlift...

  • ryan crownover
    ryan crownover

    First man to what!? 3 thousand huh!? That's no man Juji that's a gal darn lifting machine

  • Tee Emm
    Tee Emm

    Jubilee Muffin undergoes strenuous physical and psychological torture to unlock his 700lb deadlift chakra Ft David Hoff I MEAN Donnie Thompson and a cute bulldog

  • James Bording
    James Bording

    TLDR get frickin steamrolled for recovery

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    Hey Sir, any advice on recovering from hernia surgery without losing muscle mass? Just had mine today