Why do Powerlifters quit Powerlifting to do Bodybuilding?
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  • TryingBrian


  • nanquan491

    Awesome video! I'm learning so much from these professional athletes. Thanks Juji!

  • TheGunRack1776 _
    TheGunRack1776 _

    I have been watching in a minute and dang, Juji is LEAN.

  • league of legends best moments
    league of legends best moments

    juji's wife is in goddamn haven rn

  • Bigzclipz

    He 25 but look much older. Imagine when he hits his prime age. I wonder how much better his physique will look

  • Dalton Deverell
    Dalton Deverell

    So your telling me none of these people are Seth feroce

  • Tomasz Szewczyk
    Tomasz Szewczyk

    Deathface Juji was a shocker today.

  • Tstormer

    Suoer fit dudes be so sus with their body phrasing etc

  • Shashank

    sam is a great 📷 person + her questions seem like i am asking them.

  • bryan whisler
    bryan whisler

    Juji has been dieting like crazy....look at the death face. Back when he was super lean last year his face wasn't nearly that drawn. Juji is going to crush the Olympia. If they have anything negative to say about his physique, it won't be conditioning.

  • Jared D
    Jared D

    Juji is looking exceptionally jacked in this vid.

  • Hulky the Hogan
    Hulky the Hogan

    As sports go, I liked juji's vids a lot more when they were about armwrestling and crazy power shenanigans, I'm just not a big fan of BB, but hell, who am I kidding, I'd watch these videos even if they were about running or cycling lol

  • ThaPABproductions

    25? That voice is 58

  • Chrisdonian

    whatever you have done, no matter how bad you life is, there is hope. Jesus died in our place, that all our sins could be forgiven. He saved me from lustful video, depression and hate and has given me new life, a new heart. He can do the same for you, only if you believe and become saved by his grace not your own works(since we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God).

  • 850twalker

    It is just a loooooooong bulking phase

  • Lava Monkey
    Lava Monkey

    Hernia gang lmao

  • Nate G.
    Nate G.

    What? Am I crazy for thinking this 25 year old looks 41 and took that many years off his life?

  • Louis

    they discover the greatness of the pump and feeling the muscle burn

  • Violator2

    God dammit Juji is looking insane

  • Fallen Angel99
    Fallen Angel99

    John is awesome regardless but powerlifting John way better

  • deathcards

    Noticed a lack of chains. :P this is why she pulled the pro trainer card

  • Josh Arave
    Josh Arave

    Juju's legs look pretty damn good for being only a few weeks out

  • The Incredible Harry
    The Incredible Harry

    Yo Juji are you going to collaborate with Shane again?

  • Ted Fisher
    Ted Fisher

    If buddy just got his pro card then you are lookin good. A compliment to both them and you when I say this, your physic holds up and maybe even surpasses both these gentlemen, lookin cut AF Edit, front double bicep showed his strengths head to toe and only 25, Christ

  • Ted Fisher
    Ted Fisher

    Juji, your delts are looking killer, more plates more dates has some competition in the delt department, cheers.

  • L33TTechReviewer

    How is Jordan 25 y/o that's crazy.

  • TheBarryWaterman

    Still natty right juji?

  • Santtu

    4:24 greg doucette did actually 405 for 50 reps in 50 seconds

  • Furiosus

    Production quality and editing is great in this video! Keep up the great progress!

  • KOR

    M O N E Y

  • Chu Tang Clan
    Chu Tang Clan

    They're out of breath just standing and talking

  • Adam

    Uhm thats a hernia? Why does everyone have that? Ive been wondering what that is for so long. I figured since everyone else had it it was normal lol

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    John Meadow's FIshows channel keeps posting content like nothing happened.

  • Air Plane
    Air Plane

    What happened to your friend

  • M R
    M R

    I did that 20 rep deadlift workout with 405 in 2017 … and I am going to repeat it as soon as I recover🤣

  • Vito S
    Vito S

    Wish we could report these ads for scamming. I'm getting this coding scammer, who promises you'll learn and make money quickly.

  • MordorStroller


  • PenumbralFigure

    Adding some more love for Sam! Loving her commentary and camerawork, feels like she should have been operating the camera the whole time

  • Jonathan Martinez
    Jonathan Martinez

    Just please do a video explaining what PED you’re using and the current cycle . You’re looking hulkish

  • Jay Blackburn
    Jay Blackburn

    RIP John! 💔 On a more positive note, you’re lookin freakin massive Juji

  • 300pzl

    Jesus loves you.

  • Tom Jones Fitness
    Tom Jones Fitness

    Nothing new Roger Estep was awesome at both, as were many others. In the 1970s at often after the Powerlifting meet was over they would have the Bodybuilding competition. As a matter of fact the original Ironman in Oakland CA was the combination of the Powerlifting placement combined with the Bodybuilding placement to determine the true Ironman.

  • Mar The Menace
    Mar The Menace

    Low row is my favorite for sure

  • Liam Moon
    Liam Moon

    That 25 year old looks older than Juji

  • Stan W
    Stan W

    The death face is coming in.

    • Morgan Smith
      Morgan Smith

      Some anabolics seem to age the face. Specifically nasolabial folds (cheek lines) and forehead wrinkles. I don't think this is because of low bodyfat, I think anabolics have an effect on facial characteristics.

  • Rowan L
    Rowan L

    Jesus Juji looks insane

  • Joel Byrnes
    Joel Byrnes

    Did any of them actually answer the question? Lol or did I miss it?

  • Philip Chaplin
    Philip Chaplin

    Every clip of Ranson, I just Seth Feroce

  • ImGairBair

    “I’m taking a FIshows break” 26 minutes later

  • Denis Sobolevski
    Denis Sobolevski

    Because they want to become a professional Stripper ?!

  • Michael Frashier
    Michael Frashier

    Ppl should literally do the opposite. It takes a lot more skill to get mind to muscle and proper perfect non injuring form with a barbell.

  • Penumbrium

    the fucking matching hernias killed me

  • Sva

    Sam is a angel and smart

  • CJG

    Jordan got the personality of a wall.

  • CrossPatriot News
    CrossPatriot News

    Cause it's more of a challenge and looks better.

  • murph

    Juji, I love you man but after watching all your videos with Bugez, this bodybuilder stuff is boring. NEED THE MINDSET!!!!

  • Felix S
    Felix S

    Jufi NEEDS to do a crazy crossfit workout! ALWAYS fun to see your youtube-heros struggle with some crazy out of the comfort zone stuff

  • Johan De Pauw
    Johan De Pauw

    What I learned from this is that bodybuilding works better for building muscle than powerlifting. Who knew :')

  • Albertas Trofimovas Vlog
    Albertas Trofimovas Vlog

    04:05 It doesn't add up. I'm not doing bodybuilding stuff butt my 405 max rep set was 21 reps while my max was 605 and all of those were full reset deadlifts, not touch and go. So him pulling 700 plus and doing 20 reps means he had at least 10 more in the tank.

  • Ryan

    When was jujis last haircut lol just for fun...

  • Ryan

    Wait...how are your able to continue working out with a hernia? I had a lower one and could hardly move at 30.

  • Johnathan Allred
    Johnathan Allred

    Tired of eating and tired of injuries is my guess

  • MDRstudi0s

    damn juji i love ya what supplements do you guys use? I'd love to see your meal prep/planing b/c i recently(2 year journey) lost net 80lbs and started power lifting for fat burning and general health and discovered that macro counting was a huge part of my weightless and life now.

    • mood fm
      mood fm


  • Nomenanza

    The sound at 9:21 made it look like he just took the safety off his lats.

  • Lorenzo Jenkins
    Lorenzo Jenkins

    There's so much breathing and testosterone and I'm here for it

  • Gavin Ferris
    Gavin Ferris

    You look great for your upcoming contest.

  • william alsobrook
    william alsobrook

    Everything good? The grip genie site isn't loading at all

  • Luke Mischke
    Luke Mischke

    Great video! I like the discussion in this video! It’s a nice pace and serious/fun and I feel Like a learned some stuff

  • Jeremy Maples
    Jeremy Maples

    4 weeks out and looking stage ready already. You're gonna kill at the comp, best of luck to ya!

  • Joshua Sturtevant
    Joshua Sturtevant

    This video has such good vibes I loved it. This group of guys + Sam make for some great chemistry and entertaining content!

  • Bryce Vaughn
    Bryce Vaughn

    Can we just appreciate how Jujis wife is killing it with the camera?? What a legend

    • Julian R
      Julian R

      Group full of jacked guys, yeah I think we'd all be blasting 😂

  • Vincent Vega
    Vincent Vega

    The wife so lucky to have all those muscle men around her

  • squirtlepower

    Damn Juju been slimming down.

  • Danny Hansen
    Danny Hansen

    Why does all of them seem like they can't catch their breath even when standing and talking doing nothing?

  • billybadass19b

    It’s not a dad bod, its a father figure

  • Not J
    Not J

    For chicks. There's a lot more bodybuilder groupies.

  • imteh1337

    What brand are those leopard shorts?

  • Luke Thomson
    Luke Thomson

    Looking awesome Juji! Smashing life!! Awesome to see. 🙂

  • Kali Diablo
    Kali Diablo

    You're looking Awesome juji!!!! Awesome!

  • Sam Hood
    Sam Hood

    25 and nearly out of breath by talking

  • The Higher Space
    The Higher Space

    Is the pro bodybuilder dude flexing all the time *for some reason* or he actually can't stand up and look like normal people? I always wondered that lol

  • Ketone Conde
    Ketone Conde

    Juji's rear delts and forearms always catch me off guard at different angles. Fuckin mutants.

  • TheNotoriousGOOB

    Holy shit I literally saw this guy at my gym 2 days ago

  • fahim

    All 3 natural

  • Lil Willy Bodybuilding
    Lil Willy Bodybuilding

    Juji, you are looking amazing dude! Hope you do well in your comp!!

  • Harald-Albert

    some of the bad information in this video that all you need is a barbell is far from true...

  • Benjamin Ericksen
    Benjamin Ericksen

    Juji! Those delts brother!!!!!👌👌👌👌👌 Man, you are looking better with each vid you upload! Keep it going man! 👊😎

  • Brandon Maloney
    Brandon Maloney


  • Saythein

    How much would It cost to open a Gym with this type of equipment cost?

  • joey lifts
    joey lifts

    i actually met jordan once at my gym, he’s a really nice guy.

  • pessumpower

    25 years old? my god.

  • TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions
    TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions

    Amazing video, thank you for uploading during your holiday, Much appreciated 🤘🎸💪

  • jamesnm21

    Invite Conor McGregor to do a video. He seems like he'd fit in pretty well honestly. He could show you some mma stuff and you could show him some lifting stuff.

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    I MUST DISAGREE WITH RANSON. Powerlifting does make you grow.... in your trunk. Look at the power lifters, the top guys have the mutant ninja turtle physique with the turtle shell abs. Deadlifts will give you a big gut and big traps.

  • Ruvim Semenyuk
    Ruvim Semenyuk

    It’s crazy how big derricks shoulders and traps are

  • Big Willy
    Big Willy

    I think Greg duccette has the 405 record for 50 reps

  • BIG HOSS89
    BIG HOSS89

    Hernia gang 🤣

  • Lake Blackfeather
    Lake Blackfeather

    Juji looking swole

  • Nicolas Allen
    Nicolas Allen

    Because lower weight higher reps is easier on the joints.


    Awesome. Enjoyed the synergy between the guys.