Do THIS to FIX Small Triceps
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00:00 Start
00:04 Modified SSB JM Press With Chains- Load It Hard & Load It Heavy
04:50 “At The Bottom, Think Palms First. Push Them Toward The Light….”
07:19 Dave’s Pro Tip For Loading Specialty Bars
07:28 Improve By Becoming a ‘Thanksgiving Table'
09:41 Juji’s Pro Tip For Learning New Movements
12:42 Do Primary Movements First To Maintain Strength During Weight Cut
17:23 Rolling Dumbbell Extension
23:11 Seated Tricep Extension With Multi-grip Attachment
25:49 Washed Up Meathead Modified Standing Overhead Tricep Extensions
28:23 “Ball Press”
30:26 Final Tricep Boss: Gin Wheel & Chains
33:08 Dave’s Final Thoughts On Making Smol Triceps HUGE

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  • Jujimufu

    Athlean X told me a secret about TIMECODES being in the description of this video.

    • Liam Engram
      Liam Engram

      "How TIME CODES are KILLING your GAINS!" 😂

    • FBG

      @Brandon There's a video in which Juji shows his breathing books, he's very interested in this topic.

    • Brandon

      You’ll probably never read this but if you do I recommend doing breathing exercises. I saw your bulk video where you talk about sleep apnea and strengthening your lungs really helps with that. Also never breath in threw your mouth it’s terrible for you. I recommend reading breath by James Nestor.

    • C L
      C L

      @Dessert Storm Damn. I had no idea he did that. I respect him a hell of a lot more knowing that.

    • ZuFFuLuZ


  • Marquis de Saniette
    Marquis de Saniette

    One of the best and most instructive workouts EVER. Had to rewatch in order to memorize. 💯⭐💯⭐💯

  • MacAaroni

    It seems like the reason they're not feeling the "Pump" on these heavier movements is because the weight is too heavy to utilize the eccentric movement of the exercise, it is primarily using the concentric movement. No clue what the con/pro of that is, but just what i noticed.

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z

    um, if removing shear force from your elbow is the goal, this isn't that efficient a solution. you're still getting plenty of shear force from that movement. tell me how your forearm tendons felt the next day, looks like a nightmare, cuz you're shifting the strain from the middle of your elbow down to the tendons in the forearm. you're just trading one injury for another. and your coach has no deltoids left, just look how frozen his shoulders are as he tries to raise his arm or his range of motion in his left arm as he demonstrates that rope pull. this coach will hurt you, there's no doubt in my mind, because he's already wrecked himself. guy's got the shoulders of an invalid and that's not the result of good training, it's the result of poor methodology. the whole time, i'm telling the screen, "just do diamond pushups," as they're better than pretty much every exercise he shows you, then he takes you over to the dip machine and has you do 50 lb safety pushups... i'm like headpalm... i would point and laugh at you if i saw you doing this stuff at my gym. it's that ridiculous. do 100 diamond pushups a day for a couple weeks, your tri's will be lumpy af, trust me, and your elbows and forearms will be injury free.

  • Ernie Mathews
    Ernie Mathews

    Hi, Juji. Thanks for the new tricep work.

  • echo

    I love how I can see them improving as they go. Really helps seeing that!

  • Soaring Beyond
    Soaring Beyond

    JUJI=GOKU training at different places to power up. Some weird stuff NO COMPOSATION PATTERNS

  • RogaBigCalves

    Behgind the head tricep extension

  • Roman Kozlovskiy
    Roman Kozlovskiy

    Good now do this workout, 208 times in 2 years and you’ll see some progress

  • Kojax

    I can't stop watching these videos!

  • De Nibelheim
    De Nibelheim

    Triceps are an awkward muscle group. Once worked, they do wonders.

  • BurninatorTheTrogdor

    Juji has a rad gym but man every time I seen this one I can't believe it. Talk about variation heaven.

  • James Mcclain
    James Mcclain

    Lol “I’m presses are hard on elbows” armwrestlers do them to rehab elbows

  • Ronald J Cutaia Jr
    Ronald J Cutaia Jr

    You mentioned legs still sore.... Remove animal products from your diet and recover faster. More progress, less time.

  • Johan Hansson
    Johan Hansson

    Oh another coach with exotic exercises.....

  • jesseas210

    How I’m i just watching this video? No wonder my tris are small

  • Harrison Lawrence
    Harrison Lawrence

    John just do occlusion training if you want big triceps to negate your rear delt and shoulder compensation doing push downs preferably single arm

  • Golgafrincham

    For me bench dips. Shoulder width grip, raised feet, Doesn’t stress the elbow. Full range and partials. Get a heavy guy to stand on the bench and press on your shoulders. (Might need weights on your lap too, if you’re very strong) 95% concentric and 100% isometric hold at the top and then 50% eccentric. Your triceps will cry

  • B Hizzle
    B Hizzle

    Basically the short heavy range of motion helps strengthen the lockout and tricep connection at the elbow and the higher rep long range of motion helps with the overall mass/width and meat of the tricep?

  • Tomislav G
    Tomislav G

    34:20-34:40 - Dave Tate giving out gold again :)

  • Ralf Nuggs
    Ralf Nuggs

    I like stress on da elbow

  • Ed Hage
    Ed Hage

    Good idea Zippy, I have done them in my cheap rack with bands, and my Triceps blew up.

  • ajtaleri

    Really great video. I’ve been looking to improve my tris lately. Gonna add these in.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    This is something you'd find straight out of an athleinx video.

  • bigmar57

    Juji, What's the brand of blue strap that you guys were using for behind the head press?? Thanks!

  • Benjamin Campbell
    Benjamin Campbell

    Hey Juji, ive watched your videos over a few years and taken interest in your desire to build your triceps...if youve not noticed already, ive noticed you tend to roll your shoulders forward. Also id suggest when doing a movement like a skull crush with dumbbells, to slightly turn your wrist inwards, causing the elbow to change from a 'up/down' to an almost side/side motion. Think of a boxing strike limited to just the arm. The idea is you may find a more optimum squeeze to the outer of the tricep. Good luck.

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    I call it the schwetty ball press.

  • Russell Mccune
    Russell Mccune

    Why does my tricep only grow as a ball but doesn't lengthen?

  • Andrew D'Andrea
    Andrew D'Andrea

    I just want to know does coach Joe like Gears of War or....?

  • TJ Davis
    TJ Davis

    Joey got a hell of a pump. Tris are poppin brother

  • Rodiculous

    Amazing exercises, this guy is a wealth of knowledge. I get mad rear delt pumps too when doing push downs. I consider this a bonus since I'm trying to bring those up too

  • Andrew P.
    Andrew P.

    I love the little ptew censoring the cuss words

  • Drengr

    I need to incorporate these for sure. Thanks for the video and info

  • Hell Happens
    Hell Happens

    I actually like the leg video better. All the in-between chats was fascinating to me lol

  • jake

    Just for the sake of claiming more experience and after any competitions that might have rules against it I think juji should under a doctor's supervision do a cycle of gear for 2 things what would the gains amount to and what would remain after a period of time without it????

  • jake

    He really wants the lifts to be part of a natural movement almost like functional pattern workouts.

  • jake

    Some way of only doing the press a machine or something that takes out the first part the down portion so you can just get to the press.the part with least risk I guess...i hope i said that right so you get what i mean

  • David Heim
    David Heim

    Joel McCaughan was the one who introduced rolling db tricep extentions to me. Love his programming! maybe you can get him back on and teach you some stuff.

  • Ronald Turner
    Ronald Turner

    Joey is such a monster (in the best way possible). Love all the collabs as of late

  • timpieto

    Behgind the Head Tricep Extension

  • Pawan Sharma
    Pawan Sharma

    Avoid explosive movement Go super slow Use fat grip Change grip,wide,mid,close Know your movement where yo feel so much pressure on triceps. At end be explosive . Deep tissue massage

  • Georg Platzer
    Georg Platzer

    These are pure gold!!

  • Bishop Of Intensity
    Bishop Of Intensity

    That t-shirt tho 🤣🤣

  • Sonny Shuttleworth Fitness
    Sonny Shuttleworth Fitness

    Do some sessions on the neufit neubie on your triceps it will help a lot

  • Bill Halbert
    Bill Halbert

    Stiffler apparently has been working out.

  • vtwin800cc

    I've watched this video a bunch of times. Thanks for all the content and info jujimufu and Dave Tate at elitefts. I can't hear exactly what Dave is saying about the gym rope setup but I want to build one. Can you guys share info on that?

  • rodrigoextremo

    Juji have you seen these. I think you can do some....

  • Lorenzo Monsif
    Lorenzo Monsif

    More Dave Tate! Absolutely love the colab content with him. Should also do stuff with other EFTS columnists like JM Blakely and Swede Burns!

  • Mitchell Gallagher
    Mitchell Gallagher

    Speaking of the attitide against 35's, one of my first days lifting with the EliteFTS crew I tried to grab a 35 and Ted said "what the fuck are you using a 35 for? We only put those on dumb shit, like reverse hypers" lol. Haven't used one since

  • grux_ocean

    More from JOEY

  • A cat named Scamper
    A cat named Scamper

    You want big triceps?? Go directly to JM himself🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Nancy Hadley
    Nancy Hadley

    Great video, I need that push down strap. Any idea where I can buy it, I have looked all over the net and can't find it.

  • Hollis Williams
    Hollis Williams

    I've tried doing this exercise but gives me elbow pains, not everyone can do them (think they're called skull crushers?)

  • Alexander O'Hanlon
    Alexander O'Hanlon

    What happened to the dude who tore his bicep? It fixed already?

  • Mr.D

    I love when your videos I can go over to Dave or Joeys channel and get more content.

  • somerandomshark

    Ah, yes, Behgind the Head Extensions 26:32. What other strange incantations have you learned from the Muscle Magician?

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins

    If you keep working hard. Your muscles are gonna be huge. I just wanted you to know I'm pulling for you. Lol. Dave Tate is a Smart man. I can hear what he's explaining. Thorough explanation every time.

  • senateboy0909

    If none of this works, its genetics fault.

  • Manuel Garcia
    Manuel Garcia

    If Juji is a natty why tf are body builders using gear?! "Genetic freaks" yeh... More like "gear masters" lazy mofos

  • Seth Gilbertson
    Seth Gilbertson

    Dave is the ... MAN! Best coach alive!

  • Klordz

    I always wonder with these types of videos, is this just a friendly hang out at Dave's place or are you buying his services?

  • ItsGordo

    Hey!! I want to thank you all for adding a free flexibility book to the shirt I ordered greatest surprise ever🙏

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned Art

    if it would xD Rhoden , Rammy and Ronnie would have fixed theyrs xD

  • ma271

    JUJI please make something with Grizzly!!! THAT WOULD BE EPIC

  • Abdullah Çatlı
    Abdullah Çatlı

    hey can you make a meet with clarance kennedy again you guys were the best

  • Mario Jr Personal Trainer
    Mario Jr Personal Trainer

    which camera do you use to film? PLSSSSS

  • Z13L

    Your looking big and shredded JuJu as a good friend would say

  • MasTer DJ James
    MasTer DJ James

    u can do these on the floor also as a body weight triceps workout kinda, close grip stiff arm girl push up's

  • Typenice

    Sort of a JM press. Real good for fixing elbow pain by fixing the balance/symmetry / tracking of the elbow.

  • OkieDrummerGuy89

    I saw a recent video of Rob Kearney doing this at 295 pounds.

  • Bob Jenkins
    Bob Jenkins

    That frigging rope chain exercise, mother of god

  • lilhughesyvert

    Need to see Brian alsruhe and sticky Ricky in a vid together

  • deformitygurubashi


  • نضوري نضوري
    نضوري نضوري

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  • Jean Mendez
    Jean Mendez

    21:35 he’s so humble & hilarious“ I don’t believe in my self that much- Sorry”

  • TREY B
    TREY B

    My triceps are puny my left arm gives out before my right all the time

  • Gustavo Alceu de Souza cruz
    Gustavo Alceu de Souza cruz

    uau, that was cool..

  • Andy Greenwald
    Andy Greenwald

    1:06 (Semi)compound movements while loading heavy weights to gain muscle size? Hmmmm...somewhere Brian Alsruhe is smiling to himself saying "told you so!"

  • A

    just do single arm cable extensions

  • Robusto

    Can Juji outwork his genetics? Find out next time on Dragon Ball Z!

  • Purple

    Every time I see the EliteFTS gym, I think of John walking around focused in on his next set or talking to us about tips. Genuinely the weirdest feeling knowing I won’t see that again. RIP John, and god bless his family.

  • Hide and Tweak
    Hide and Tweak

    have you thought about reducing the size of the other parts of your body, so your triceps looks bigger ? (that's a joke)

  • C L
    C L

    Thanks for all the awesome free tips. I think this is a great vid for ADVANCED lifters like the ones in this video IMO. I'm just curious though, would resistance bands do the same thing here as chains?

    • Milo McCabe
      Milo McCabe

      I feel like resistance bands would make this even more of an advanced movement

  • DM Roleplays
    DM Roleplays

    I keep missing your vids.

  • L B
    L B

    Conjugate 101

  • BMO Creative
    BMO Creative

    Hey Juji and Mufu Fans! ... Looks like what Dave is doing is kinetic forced expansion of the tricep fascia to allow growth. pretty cool!

    • Rick Novak
      Rick Novak

      great point of view! I subscribed to your channel!

  • C Luna
    C Luna

    Not a genetic weakness but a kinesiology issue. Need dropped shoulders and rounded back. Brace with your abs and chest

  • I Mog
    I Mog

    Videos like this on back and chest would be nice

  • brandon jarbeau
    brandon jarbeau

    This video was made for me lol

  • Moa a
    Moa a

    Sry but your channel is getting really boring without the skinny guy

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Seated overhead tricep extension with a narrow grip on the EZcurl bar.

  • Max Powers
    Max Powers

    Nothing benefitted my triceps more than weighted tricep focus dips and tricep pushdowns using some sort of seated neutral grip apparatus.

  • Josh Adams
    Josh Adams

    ‘This is IMPOSSIBLE to get hurt on heavy exercises’ Ya, like preacher curl

  • audiandc

    This is a must try specially if you have tricep tendonitis!

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    Bram de Graaff

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    Dasio Marsilii

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    taymaz pourhosseini

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  • Brandon Zarzyczny
    Brandon Zarzyczny

    This series of videos has been really interesting and entertaining, thanks guys.

  • ThePhototropism

    Joey is such a humble man. Never making John feel lesser and always being so strong.

    • dubson965

      seriously bro, I can't say enough about Joey. he seems like a good man.