Gym Fails or Gym Hacks? | I Wish I Knew These Sooner
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  • Life Sucks
    Life Sucks

    Bring on King Dom!!!!

  • chris bruchak
    chris bruchak

    Can I just say I love hearing Sam talk more! Shes actually really funny!

  • hanswurrst72af

    I wanna See a fight between bugez and Master ken

  • uriahedwardsmusic

    Boogz ftw

  • Chris

    god bugez is the best lmao

  • Jivesh Donode
    Jivesh Donode

    I this the guy who plays guitar before Shinske Nakamura's entrance

  • GentlemanBystander

    Juji [on the "good girl, bad girl" machine]: "How do you not fall backwards?" Bugez [inadvertently mogging the room and the whole world]: "Abs."

  • Esteban Aguirre
    Esteban Aguirre

    I always thought the guy in the blue and red were the same person !!! 😭 I feel so dumb !

  • MatthiasAI

    Eric is the WORLDS MVP fr xD

  • Elizabeth Estrada
    Elizabeth Estrada

    I'm really feeling the male crop top. It should become a permanent trend in the gym. Pls. Make it happen.

  • Rodiculous

    My heart sank a bit when he mentioned meadows rows, RIP

  • Youtube Commenter
    Youtube Commenter

    I hope this Joey-guy gets some subscribers, so he can afford a longer shirt

  • Christopher Keys 🎹
    Christopher Keys 🎹

    RIP John Meadows !!!!!

  • Vicky Vonstein
    Vicky Vonstein

    omg look at that shirt... lol

  • Lars Schmidt
    Lars Schmidt

    more stuff with these guys, this was so funny

  • Kyrii

    For royalty-free, that's some pretty heavy metal in the background.

  • Cruel Reality
    Cruel Reality

    1:08 wintersun!!!?

  • Peso Caliente
    Peso Caliente

    11:00 MARKUS RUUUUHL!!! Nice!

  • Side Kickz
    Side Kickz

    These guys could star in Pain and Gain 2

  • Ted Last
    Ted Last

    So good.

  • Đorđe Žutić
    Đorđe Žutić

    Bugez doing a ,study‚ on Glute Master XD

  • Wayward_dsheep

    My name is Hunter I'm 24, male, got a heart of Gold, two great dogs, a Goddess of a wife, and Love for all of creation as equal. May I come workout with you plz 👉👈🥲

  • Chretze

    I want the music playlist holy shit

  • Kyle Kop
    Kyle Kop

    Firing shots at JP! How dare you 😬

  • Stan W
    Stan W

    The look on Randy’s face is like this guy is a total douchebag !

  • Michael Welsh
    Michael Welsh

    Sorry I’ve been out of the loop for a while, whose gym is this?

  • Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks

    I wish the Bugez raised me in Life:>) your the King of the Internet, We the Internet demand 1 million Subs for the Bugez by 2022:>) spread the word can you dig it, Sucka's Can you diggggggggggggggggggg Itttttttt. More Jujiji colabs please LMAO good stuff, C mon Eric C mon.

  • Pyro Netic
    Pyro Netic

    What is this gym? These are machines I've never seen before and so specific.

  • Gabriel Barbosa
    Gabriel Barbosa

    Was that the bugz ankle cracking on the calf machine

  • Ciprian Cristea
    Ciprian Cristea

    These videos are gold like the machines 😅👍💪

  • Mubashir Mahi
    Mubashir Mahi

    Joey is a middle child. Definitely.

  • Saleh Abushatara
    Saleh Abushatara

    8:35 the brofessor finally made it to jujis channel 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RewindMike

    "you could've gotten half of the machines" 🤣😂

  • Fabio Siverino
    Fabio Siverino

    can we please appreciate the monster hunter cooking scene?

  • BrokeN

    Cmon Eric What are THOSE LMAO


    Awesome to see an ARMBET armwrestling table

  • Douglas D
    Douglas D

    What shoes does Bugez have? They look sick

  • ThoraSTARR

    Can I just say: I have followed you guys from the early days and I basically drifeted away from fitness yt for a good while at least 3 years and its awesome to see you all go from kinda built kinda strong bros to beef mountains while keeping the same positive mindsets and energy of those days. great work.

  • Stephanie Pardo
    Stephanie Pardo

    These edits are on point !

  • Bruno Santos
    Bruno Santos

    I do leg press on the smith machine :)

  • [C]ounter [T]errorist [U]nit
    [C]ounter [T]errorist [U]nit

    Song starting at 2:13?

  • Saunak Biswas
    Saunak Biswas

    It must be fun to have such a neat and well equipped gym where just you and your buddies can train.

  • Aunt Givafok
    Aunt Givafok

    I have a bicycle from the South Park store.....I think I've been using it wrong for years now....

  • Hugh Maher
    Hugh Maher

    When the cross fitters have swamped the lunge lane I use the hack squat machine to do lunges. This this pisses off the actual body builders… trully a double edged sword.

  • Second

    I literally yelled at 4:05

  • Kabir Kumar
    Kabir Kumar

    Use the ultimate machine wrong- the body- do some wrong bodyweight exercises.

  • Thel

    Markus Rühl ok stabil

  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.

    I’m glad joey didn’t wear a pair of Daisy Duke’s to match his crop top.

  • LuigisBestBud

    why was the second video for the pendulum squat bad?

  • Bill Fox
    Bill Fox

    The crop tops need to come back. Burn your stupid sweat-wicking gym shark gear and cut the bottom off a shirt you found at goodwill

  • iron cathedral
    iron cathedral

    Joey‘s midriff shirt reminds me of an 80s workout video from Olivia Newton-John🤣

  • Leonidas Karagiannis
    Leonidas Karagiannis

    Attach a pulley to a T-bar Have the other end of the pulley tied to a belt that you wear Do pullups where the T-bar gives you a perfect resistance curve, making it easy at the top.

  • PowerfulWarbird

    Sam is GREAT in these videos, loving her input!

  • Ereko1


  • Aspire

    Just started going to a gym again (had a home gym for a year but moved) and I think I’m a do this, haha. Let’s see how many looks I get.

  • socalexo111

    The strongest guy has the longest sleeves

  • Jordan Galida
    Jordan Galida

    *Slightly inclines the glute kickback machine* Bugez: "Wow that's really good I might buy this"

  • bigpoo02

    I loved the video, laughed so hard through the video.

  • Jace Gebel
    Jace Gebel

    There is a guy at my gym who I've never seen do anything besides shoulder press on the hack squat, but he's frickin huge, so it must work

  • Sam W2
    Sam W2

    What is that croptop lmao, p.s when are you opening your gym

  • Lt. Clifforth Z
    Lt. Clifforth Z

    Hi Juji, Thanks for sharing your Journy and all your hard work. did you ever think of doing some Sit and talks, or some kind of Philosophical videos. im sure a great man like you would have some interesting knowledge to share, besides your cool training videos

  • 808FBI

    You got one guy in short tight shorts and the other in a short shirt wtf.

  • Daniel

    I feel like juji is used to having the biggest personality and is intimidated by bugez and his much bigger, funnier personality

  • Saint_ D3L3ON
    Saint_ D3L3ON


  • Phillip on Plants
    Phillip on Plants

    Reminds me of when we used to do shrugs on the leg machine

  • John D
    John D

    Why is the pretty-boy wearing a Britney crop-top though?

  • John D
    John D

    Love the idea of working out with a coffee instead of a ridiculous 2-gallon plastic trash-can full of garbage. Good moves!

  • Machew E115
    Machew E115

    "Jujimufu voids all warranties on $500k gym" should have been the title.

  • Michaël Paradjian
    Michaël Paradjian

    juice up boys

  • Juan Caballero
    Juan Caballero

    Anybody noticed Bugez's similarity to Tom "Magnum" Selleck?

  • imlee888

    Joel seedman has already invented these and improved by making them unilaterally oscillating on an unstable base because that one study about frogs

  • MrTommylicious

    brosciencelife is always nice

  • Liam

    You guys are like the cool crazy older cousins you had growing up

  • Jaime Castillo
    Jaime Castillo

    I feel like someone should let juji know that he looks like Thomas Andre from Solo Leveling.

  • Doug Heyne
    Doug Heyne

    Use a cable machine, and two benches + a plate belt, to do rhino belt squats.

  • AmericanBulldogFit

    You guys are dressed like WHAM from the 80's.

  • Dawg

    Bugez is big brain

  • Jason Cornele
    Jason Cornele

    finally bodybuilders being body builders

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Collab with Janoy Cresva it gonna be piss

  • Chaos Inception
    Chaos Inception

    Juji put the metal on! Yyyyeeeaaahhh!!

  • Derploop

    4:05 lockout has me worries about his knees. Don't lock that shit out, both so your knees don't start bending backwards, and so you don't rest at the top/keep your time under tension up.

  • Real Man Aesthetics
    Real Man Aesthetics

    This was enjoyable content with a videographer whoz not supposed to 'alwayz' use shallow depth of field! Why don't you keep things deep focused when you own a perfect gym? the AF was hunting and that shit is irritating!

  • Mark Graham Jr.
    Mark Graham Jr.

    Bugez feeling good that he doesnt have mama compromising his muscle contractions on camera

  • Justin

    I miss the old videos. The new ones focus way less on working out and more on just messing around in a gym.

  • Jason Prudhom
    Jason Prudhom

    Is this what Manowar is up to now?

  • chrishenderson420

    We need longer videos!

  • Logan Wassill
    Logan Wassill

    Hey Juji, I have a question regarding my bench. It’s an adjustable bench for incline/decline, it’s got dip handles, it’s got a leg extension and ham curl, but it doesn’t feel comfortable doing leg exercises. I decided to load up the bench with weight and do a sled push/pull, I turned it into a full body exercise. Do you have any ideas on how to get better use out of it? Maybe use the dip bars as a hack squat of sorts?

  • Eric der Ami
    Eric der Ami

    @jujimufu I have some original metal that you can use! feel free to email me

  • Jay Lad
    Jay Lad

    Anyone no any of the music playing in the background?

  • Jon B
    Jon B

    Randy looks sickened by the misuse of the rear delt fly lol

  • Imago Deus
    Imago Deus

    Yesssss I've been waiting for a video with the Boogz and Joey together! I'm so happy. 😢

  • MrToobyy

    The Nike pouch!

  • Gen X Flex
    Gen X Flex

    I quite often while Inbetween leg extension sets use the hamstring curl for underhand & overhand grip rows just because 😁 seem I have a bench that has the attachment on it for both leg ext & ham curls. Also sometimes use my seated chest fly machine on my multi station for rows too 😁 anything to try getting bigger lats 😎 Of course use my smith machine with the bar set low for dips & skull crusher pushups as well 😁 Edit - dont judge me because I own & use a smith machine 😁 I workout alone so like the safety aspect seem I have no spotter.

  • Megh Daniel Lama
    Megh Daniel Lama

    Get those guys from renascence periodization to do leg day in your gym

  • Le Rippletoe
    Le Rippletoe

    I only realized now that Eric probably does this weird shit because in his high level wrestling background, it requires and develops kinesthetic intelligence and thus his mindset is constantly looking for different angles and vectors to apply and hone force production, as well as optimizing the full body methods required to max any given task

    • Matthew Schoenborn
      Matthew Schoenborn

      Relax bro

    • Morales Scamming Services
      Morales Scamming Services

      No it's because he's an immortal being who's just trying to have some fun at this point

    • Le Rippletoe
      Le Rippletoe

      @Callum Ballantyne well it's clear he likes to mess around anyway but it makes sense

    • Callum Ballantyne
      Callum Ballantyne

      Or he's weird as heck and likes to mess around.

    • Jonathon Harbeck
      Jonathon Harbeck


  • Le Rippletoe
    Le Rippletoe

    "he's a futurist" - that caught me off guard and made me fucking lose it lol

  • oplix

    Joey is absolutely DESTROYING IT with that belly shirt.

    • Morales Scamming Services
      Morales Scamming Services

      It's only appropriate they allowed Buges the right to be the only one dressed up like a man that day

  • oplix

    This is a fun fucking video Juj.

  • oplix


  • BrotherBeard75

    Best video of the year! 💪🏻😂👍🏻