Living 1 Week Straight in Gym Challenge
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8:34 DAY 4- REST DAY
11:28 DAY 6, 7, 8?! - NEW TRAINING PARTNER

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  • Jujimufu

    Next up, Living 1 Year in Gym Challenge. See you August 2022! Bye guys!

    • Russell Marsh
      Russell Marsh

      @zergen zerg lol

    • zergen zerg
      zergen zerg

      Easy buddy, we all just did that lol

    • Thirsty


    • Mitchell d
      Mitchell d

      A good idea with the current climate of COVID haha

    • Russell Marsh
      Russell Marsh

      @misterquintus holy crap. I didn't know. Don't forget the Devon reference.

  • AmberForest Records
    AmberForest Records

    Ppl that have gyms in their master bedroom: 😐

  • christopher clark
    christopher clark

    I would love this

  • shyam pratap
    shyam pratap

    Why does your machines makes so sense.

  • Isaiah Trains
    Isaiah Trains

    I come here for reps and sets brother

  • The_Stickle_Cell

    Wonderful weather in Canada.

  • nick landrum
    nick landrum

    literally left the gym several times...

  • Peter Mozuraitis
    Peter Mozuraitis

    Hahah I would have lost it if when you asked yourself "Are you going to workout or not ?!?" Then you walked out from the camera with a different shirt on hahah

  • Peter Mozuraitis
    Peter Mozuraitis

    Omg did you guys use Golden Sun music during the intro ??? Its so sinister and nostalgic

  • Nick

    wouldn't a shower make more sense than a bed in a gym?

  • drive by touge
    drive by touge

    this remember me when juji and antoine camp in the gymxD

  • NuclearSpinach

    Who's the camera person and what happened to the 80s guy

  • Bevo

    I need to know what shirt you were wearing for the quiet day it looks very comfortable

  • suchasreallife

    That’s not a just any gym it’s more like a little house with a gym attached

  • Noah Bolin
    Noah Bolin

    Why didn't you build a shower for your gym you should add one and a steam room

  • Mike Hu
    Mike Hu

    Maaaan... this is just the hyperbolic chamber from Dragon Ball Z. Go JUJI!

  • zach rubin
    zach rubin

    challenge? sounds like a luxury

  • zach rubin
    zach rubin

    challenge? sounds like a luxury

  • Pieke Wolters
    Pieke Wolters

    3:23 nice

  • yu yang
    yu yang

    Basically living 1 week straight in my house with gym equipment challenge

  • Julian Buitrago
    Julian Buitrago

    Ese seria mi sueño hecho realidad 😍

  • tanner voas
    tanner voas

    The Magnus Midtbo part was great 😂

  • Shane Jones
    Shane Jones

    It hurt me when you dropped the 150s on the corners. Drop those big mfers flat, keep that nice equipment a little longer.

  • Scott Swift
    Scott Swift

    Why did body builders either wear really super tight cloths or really baggy cloths, there is no in-between.

  • PosiVibeSlots

    Lmao I stayed and watched the whole video, he does a good job with the video content

  • David

    take a shot everytime you hear UGLY CHAIR

  • Kyle Barnes
    Kyle Barnes

    Keep hearing about the "ugly chair" and I'm can't be that is that ugly.

  • J M
    J M

    Best video that you've ever made.

  • AumBaba420

    12:14 Yo come on this is the same tone, this is your brother isn't it?

  • Oh, that’s a stinky poop! Salsbury
    Oh, that’s a stinky poop! Salsbury

    How does this dude have so much money

  • Jay DawG
    Jay DawG

    i loved this video-very entertaining-watched every second of it good job juji

  • Dan Josef
    Dan Josef

    great stuff juji!!

  • Khanh Tran
    Khanh Tran

    So it's basically having the most expensive home gym?

  • Owen White
    Owen White

    Superb. Love it.

  • Bdubs 7777
    Bdubs 7777

    Bugez is a mindset that I hope to achieve one day. Maybe I just need to down a gallon of honey and eat 3 lbs of elephant garlic

  • Owen.k

    its literally a house with a big gym

  • Weekend Pirate
    Weekend Pirate

    lol the magnus and devon features

  • Dom Morphet
    Dom Morphet


  • Tobias Hillier-milton
    Tobias Hillier-milton

    amazing video

  • Lionpro

    Stayed the average rest time between sets of a power lifter

  • TheLulz

    The hardest part is eating for me. I wish i could force all the food i need to get big down and keep it down. if i get to full im yackin. Im never gonna get big! Q.Q

  • Xhail R
    Xhail R

    I did that a few years ago on a gym I worked at, one of the best experiences in my life I had nowhere to go, I slept on the carpet and woke up to open the gym to the girls that went too early in the morning, clean everything, workout, train people and close the gym, clean it again and sleep like a baby

  • 志明

    10:00 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Lol this is like a very exaggerated version of my time working at a small gym, pacing when it was empty, playing around with the equipment, and being haunted by the ringing landline

  • RangerDaddy15

    this is not a challenge, this is a dream

  • Pyrros Dimas
    Pyrros Dimas

    when bugez called i lmao'ed

  • outshimed

    If someone would feed me good food and house me in a state of the art gym I'd like this more than my current life.

  • Patrick Pimentel
    Patrick Pimentel

    HAahahahahaha Antoine was so funnyyyyyy hahahahaha

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu

    Magnus is precious lol

  • Jake Clamp
    Jake Clamp

    Stan efferding did growth naps your gonna be the very best(pokemon reference) love you dude good luck on the goals been watching for years

  • Robert

    One of the funniest videos I've seen from you. Really enjoyed this. Thanks. (Especially the mannequin bit)

  • KennyTheKenny


  • Dave Larose
    Dave Larose

    Lol that quiet day was hilarious

  • Mano Papalex
    Mano Papalex

    The only cameo missing from the end was "Joe Biden. Joe Biden wake up"

  • Guillermo Aranguren
    Guillermo Aranguren

    nice ending

  • SuperUltraMegaMike

    a little bit inspired by the suburb episode of always sunny? xD

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Which one is that?

  • ffbarnette

    Is the foam roller thing weighted? If so what is it called?

  • Guillermo Aranguren
    Guillermo Aranguren

    love your energy

  • Thirsty

    I like how you cut straight to him sat "buzzing" after his white powder lol

  • Not Gary Oldman
    Not Gary Oldman

    9:47 Why is Sam shown looking like a Babushka?

  • Jose Cardoso
    Jose Cardoso

    that shower looks miserable, reminds me of humbler times

  • No se No
    No se No

    I’m Dominican and the word thing for me is a most to use I use it everyday for me everything is a thing like in watching this thing we’re a guy is living in a thing full of things to do that thing call exercise and besides that thing he does another things 🤣 hahahaha

  • Spencer Marks
    Spencer Marks

    I absolutely loved this video keep up the good work juji

  • Sunny

    This was actually really clever

  • Ahmed AlFalasi
    Ahmed AlFalasi

    I don't normally comment on videos but this is just so funny and creative. Keep it up

  • tommyod

    Next time you have a quiet day in the gym you can make your own "10 Bullets" rules for it, like Tom Sachs:

  • Er Oktar Tonga
    Er Oktar Tonga

    I laughed hard and loved it because some of us really live like this. Imagine a Caveman living all alone like this (Me) This is how I live since the pandemic showed up. Home office, homegym 3-4 days a row. 2 days for shopping and jogging outside for six hours. Back to home office-home gym 3-4 days a row...When people ask 'Why ? You are at your fourties', I ask back at them 'What do you mean ? How do you live ?'. The earlier phase of the pandemic I wasnt getting out two weeks a row after stocking hills of goods in plastic bags at my home and only a single day for shopping lol. Ofcourse people I know with family and and a job which cant be worked from home suffer their own way. (Love and married moments)

  • Jr Flatearth
    Jr Flatearth

    Great video n the intervention was funny.....u need to tell ppl to hit that like button....too many views and such q great video to have only 14k some love ppl

  • MrTingles

    All workout and no play make Juju a dull boi.

  • kad the jedi
    kad the jedi

    The Quiet Day was something straight outta the Twilight Zone

  • The Name is O
    The Name is O

    this was a meditative expierience tbh. almost feels like a reflection on what is important in life and it also a _really_ good video. reminds of what i love in life and why i watch this channel. i like having fun and i like lifting/fitness/moving. i really enjoyed it, thank you! edit: Eric and Antoine and especially that ending knocked it out of the park for me. awsome work man! looking forward to many more videos in the future!

  • Alice Zavaletta
    Alice Zavaletta

    Russian Sleep Experiment < American Gym Experiment

  • HickLife

    Now we need alone: gym edition

  • Rodiculous

    i am simple man, i see antoine i hit like

  • Stuff&Things

    "Locked in gym" but your gym is a literal house and has more utilities and space than regular people will ever be able to afford. The title is clickbait as hell.

  • Mark Lalonde
    Mark Lalonde

    There's a world out there. There's more to life than machines, dumbbells, barbells, and the gym.. There's uhh.. chicken and rice. There's uhh ... the grocery store ... xD

  • roidAholic

    this is like when Kai Greene went to Las vegas with his trainer like a month in advance of the olympia. i dont think it did him well though it was too much

  • Truman Wright
    Truman Wright

    i love how he is one of the strongest bodybuilders and still a bit goofy lmao

  • Billy Jones
    Billy Jones

    can tell they are having bit of a disagreement but they will say other wise

  • keees121

  • Daniel Jose
    Daniel Jose

    This is the most meat head thing ever 😂😂😂 very entertaining. Props for the editing.

  • Clearly ASMR
    Clearly ASMR

    that little giggle at 5:35 lol awesome video! also, the editing in this video is amazing! Especially you casually chatting with your clone haha

  • Max sukarno
    Max sukarno

    😆 Dude the ending it killed me laughing🔥!! 🎅🏼 But that got me thinking,, by then technically you lost the chance to go to the bodybuilding competition show LOL! And btw gongratulations🌠🌱 for your (gYm Home) the name of it as you said ;) You absolutely nailed every part of its perfectly No one will dream better then that!!! And recommend you song to listen to for that ending video ( killing in the name) by: Rage Against The Machine 🤘🏼😆🔥

  • Elfears02

    This is one of my favorite videos I have seen of jujis. Other than when he was on smosh

  • John Fisher
    John Fisher

    I freakin love this video and love you juji!! 🤣🤣 excited to see how the prep goes!

  • Jonah

    The quiet day was amazing

  • Antoine Vaillant
    Antoine Vaillant


    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      There's a big world with chicken n rice out there!

  • bblondia

    Ok Juji. That was by far the best piece of content you've ever released!! The humour. The editing. Even the timing of the conversation with your "workout friend" were ON POINT. It was flawless. Kudos and thanks for all the work you put into that piece! Cheers.

  • DaddyDankMemes

    That was dank

  • Panda Chiefs
    Panda Chiefs

    That was brilliant, it just kept getting funnier

  • Daniel Kastinen
    Daniel Kastinen


  • wutang23361

    Great video bro

  • Kiingky Almeda
    Kiingky Almeda

    You look like a Norse god

  • namn

    this video is a new youtube fitness monument

  • Christopher Saunders
    Christopher Saunders

    This is possibly my most favorite video of yours i've ever seen. I'm trying to figure out why i enjoy it so much. Expert editing, deadpan comedic acting, so good.

  • Sam

    Had my chuckling the whole time, nice vid :D

  • Kurt Lee
    Kurt Lee

    that timing tho when he was talking to himself, more natural than most real conversations on here, well done sir

  • xdaawn

    Juji you are looking MASSIVE my guy, keep it up

  • Πέτρος So
    Πέτρος So

    I really enjoy it

  • martinmartin400

    Sams voice makes up for this video...