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  • Peter Mozuraitis
    Peter Mozuraitis

    People don’t stop playing because they grow old, they grow old because they stop playing. Never stop pursuing your dreams Juji ! We’re all happily going for the ride

  • david collins
    david collins

    Where’d you get it? Price tag?

  • Georg Platzer
    Georg Platzer

    I love see you tricking and kicking!! That's part of what makes you so unique!!!!

  • Ryan Liotta
    Ryan Liotta

    Does anyone know the song they use

  • Sir. Catsalot
    Sir. Catsalot


  • GentlemanBystander

    Seeing a 260 lbs guy who could dead lift the front end of a M809 5 ton with the Cummins NHC 250 tricking is probably one of the most unironically inspiring things I've ever seen.

  • theDavitos

    its funny that Juji look like small dwarf on it but still he and i are same height but he is carry lot more gains then me so maybe that is what is messing up my brain.

  • חצ'פורי

    11:03 those older videos r fukn amazing!!

  • חצ'פורי

    looks awsome

  • bigboy & cutyboy
    bigboy & cutyboy

    Congrats sir, can you invite devon larrat in your gym,,!! Hope to see soon there!!🙏💪💪✌️

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    KneesOverToes will give you the spring in your step again!!! Check it out!!! Will save your tendons and knees and ankles!!!

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden

    Happy for Juji for this new chapter in his channel. All the best doing your own thing!!! Bless your energy Juji!

  • Jorge Norori
    Jorge Norori

    Mel Gibson son

  • 97Syahmie

    I swear I know where that music around 0:40 was from and I just realize its the same music Chris Broad uses in JAJ!

  • TheRedSpatula

    Super cool! Wish I had the space for one.

  • Joseph A.
    Joseph A.

    Dear lord jujimufu doing ninja stuff would be terrifying if he wasn't super kind all the time😆😆 like a marvel vs. Capcom character.

  • Andre Boily
    Andre Boily

    so is a backflip going to happen on the bodybuilding stage?

  • Doyle Huskey
    Doyle Huskey

    I am 31.. and I learned a back tuck from ju on tricktutorials.com in like 2005...I've loved watching your journey...i wish I could watch your red pants b twist video (never got it) and other videos from the website.... so cool

  • MrDaveangelo1

    God bless you, Juji! Glad to see so much joy))

  • Filaxsan

    Great stuff, brother. Glad to see you coming back like this. Keep it up!

  • Brian M.
    Brian M.

    I’d guess there’s not a human alive with his amount of muscle mass / weight who can perform these same moves. It’s darn incredible. And I see shift in the fitness world thats heading in the right direction beyond aesthetics. I’ve never understood the “all show no go” approach anyhow. Plenty of folks with big impressive physiques who can’t do 10 strict pushups! It’s never made sense to me

  • Marc Z9
    Marc Z9

    This channel has turned into, one long gym commercial.

  • Pickle Supply Company Yep!
    Pickle Supply Company Yep!

    That is a nice dojo floor. The 350 pound man doing the jump spinning axe kick at the end made my bowels twist, btw. jfc. I just noticed that 69 tiny korean martial arts instructors gave him the thumbs down for encroaching on their flying spinny shit.

  • Dustinmh23

    Can we get a link to where you ordered this floor from?

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    Always enjoyed your old tricking vids (and new ones), sure can see the love!

  • Andi T
    Andi T

    You'll have to invite Clarence again now 🤸🤸‍♂️💪💪

  • James Houck
    James Houck

    Too old to use plyofloor? Wtf Juju your so wrong this prevent injuries and keep your flexibility and Agility at the same time

  • joneskull


  • bloemundude

    Juji will always be our beautiful, online ballerina. Keep trickin'!!

  • Silvers Rayleigh
    Silvers Rayleigh

    Toxic Tom is gone THANK GOD !

  • baldeagle13 x
    baldeagle13 x

    I’m 62 and one of the hard lessons I’ve learned over these years is that if you stop doing what you love, regardless of what it may be- then a part of you dies inside. Keep doing what makes you happy. Except maybe, serial killing. Because that may be frowned upon in your community.

  • mauriano baruso
    mauriano baruso

    JUJI SHOULD MIX TRICKING WITH POSING 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💪👍💪👍💪💪👍💪👍💪👍👍💪🌝💪🌝💪🌝

  • Andreas Petersen
    Andreas Petersen

    Looking like Iroh form avatar come to life and can i just say WOW

  • Jochen Baumann
    Jochen Baumann

    Please combine your posing with tricking moves! That would be epic as f*** \°0°/

  • Siris101

    It never ceases to amaze me how a man that is the equivalent of a bus of muscle is able to be as graceful a as swallow gliding through the air. Inspirational is an understatement.

  • therealforestelf

    makes me happy to see you happy with your Gym being completed now :) I guess maybe some dreams DO come true as long as you never stop working on 'em - very wholesome!

  • LivingFree

    Bro Juji you look like blanca from streetfighter 2 when your doing the current day tricking. LOL awesome!

  • Polo Garcia
    Polo Garcia

    Bam margera's successful older bro...

  • B’s 12 WRB Limited STI
    B’s 12 WRB Limited STI

    Juicy juicy not juji anymore lol

  • Bryn Holden
    Bryn Holden

    Fuckin' beast!

  • Mark Ellis
    Mark Ellis

    Very impressive seeing a bloke your size do those tricks. Don't ever stop, I am 62 and have decided to really work on flexibility and balance for the first time in my life, as I have just taken up indoor rock climbing, and it is so much harder at this age.

  • eSKAone


  • Seen

    Juji's looking huge

  • Bear Centeno
    Bear Centeno

    This made me so happy for you Juji!

  • evil1377

    Juji, I loved it when I found your double leg tutorial back in 2007 (by a guy my age!) - I never mastered it then, maybe I'll force my "Dad-bod" to get back to that in the future. Especially since you now have me thinking about replacing my living room floor with a sprung floor... :)

  • will cook
    will cook

    I don't hate you, because you have totally earned it, but I am so jealous of you. You're a painful reminder of what I could be doing if I trained properly instead of recklessly. Hindsight is 20/20, right? BTW, a man your size capable of a 720 kick is terrifying.

  • Sergei Koshel
    Sergei Koshel

    I learned to do aerial from your videos 10 years ago. Glad to see that footage again!

  • Ducky Orwell
    Ducky Orwell

    sick skills :D

  • Rob B
    Rob B

    Cool! Never knew about these before! Can't wait to play on the bouncy floor!

  • Michael N/A
    Michael N/A

    Juji back when i first saw you back flip was awesome and now I remember who you reminded me off back then the likeness size wise is a madness Blanka from street fighter so alike with the size yet ability to move much respect

  • NoLMAOnade

    No quirks for me today, man.

  • indade

    The montage Jujimufu is the Jujimufu I remember.

  • 1822138

    I wonder if it’d be possible to make a skate ramp with this material for when I’m old

  • Zachary Bartz
    Zachary Bartz

    Imagine being big enough to worry about breaking things… wild shit. Love your videos Juji.

  • Senyo the Blind
    Senyo the Blind

    Ever since your video hiatus you just seem happy and grateful for what you have. I'm so glad you were able to realize this childhood dream of getting a plyo floor, and your yell after landing that first backflip warmed my heart.

  • Zach Wickline
    Zach Wickline

    I think Juji would make a fine 5th Ninja Turtle

  • CosmicDragon

    So epic, what a way to start a day, thank you for being you

  • FunDumbMental

    Fuck that, I love it!

  • Zachariah Stovall
    Zachariah Stovall

    Juju yo man I love you but you need a small hair transplant in the front. Your widows peak is to far back now. No hate. Love you

  • Kelly Miller
    Kelly Miller


  • tank2003

    You guys didnt do wrestling moves on each other. GOLDEN opportunity missed.

  • Vash

    You peak at different things at different times. For instance perhaps your peaking at appreciating what your body can still do! Love the videos!!

  • Timothy De Vita
    Timothy De Vita

    Dude, I want you to live forever. I know that this was a very odd statement, but I love what you do and I wish that I had the liberation to do train more to do that too. I was a competitive break-dancer for many years, and never want to reach the end of it.

  • Michael Schomaker
    Michael Schomaker

    Pretty sweet juj! Not gonna add one of those to my basement gum yet. Lol

  • dpwhale

    It would be cool to see you work some of that into your bodybuilding routine!

  • Andre Johnson
    Andre Johnson

    Now kinda wonder what would martial arts be like on this? Might have to invest in one of these for my gym

  • Andrea Rodolfo Nadia
    Andrea Rodolfo Nadia

    Guys, if you really wanna see Juji in all of his flipping glory, go watch his old video called "Aerosterous". It's a real masterpiece of art that captures the peak of his journey into the sport of tricking. It took years of footage filming and months of video editing. You could watch it multiple times, pause-play it at any moment and catch something you hadn't noticed before. It has the level of attention to detail of a full-figure portrait with every single piece of hair drawn separately, or an orchestral song where no instrument plays a single careless note. It shows a side of him that's very underappreciated: someone who gave an insane amount of dedication to what he did, just for the love of it, way before he was famous. Seriously, go and give it some love!

  • Angelo Robles
    Angelo Robles

    Awesome setup dude! Keep your inner ninja turtle intact as long as you can!!!!

  • Chris Z
    Chris Z

    Man it is good to see Blanka doing so well in his post Street Fighting life.

  • Ian Aaboe
    Ian Aaboe

    production has really leveled up lately, videos looking so good! big up juji, and congratz on finaly getting the gym (almost) done :)

  • Max Trev
    Max Trev

    I love this. You can see the genuine excitement on Juji's face at finally realizing 1 of his dreams has come true.

  • james courts
    james courts

    2:13-2:16 killed me

    • james courts
      james courts

      And Anton at 5:35

  • Creighton Freeman
    Creighton Freeman

    No wonder your kicking is good. I knew you had some Tae Kwon Do background but wasn't aware the extent of your acrobatic abilities.

  • Stephen Creates
    Stephen Creates

    I'll have whatever Juji's taking

  • Trevor Babajan
    Trevor Babajan

    Tom is watching this sooooooooo bummed right now 😬😬😬

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper

    Dude i was not expecting that back flip. Nice job 👍🏽

  • kmidst_fn

    So good to see Juji tricking again. Not gonna lie, I kinda wish he would drop to 220 bw and go to like 50/50 tricking/lifting.

  • davi gar
    davi gar

    Doing it because you like it.... More people need to incorporate what they truly like in life. Being happy vs just earning.

  • Paul Sheean
    Paul Sheean

    and a 20x20 Judo area ;)

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez

    You see so happy!!

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins

    I'm ever amazed at your ability at your size. Gym is full.

  • Gainz

    something about a +250 pound man flying/twirling in the air looks hilarious

  • Michael Falkov
    Michael Falkov

    Oh man..this was one of my childhood dreams too. Congratulations - such an awesome thing to have!

  • Fanny's LoA
    Fanny's LoA

    Seeing Anton in videos always makes me happy 😍😁

  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy

    It could be some kind of a box ring

  • ONshowON

    Fk yeah golden axe!!!! ;)

  • robert rodriguez
    robert rodriguez

    Idk Juji seems like a really cool guy but I feel the channel isn't as good as it was before

    • Power to Truth
      Power to Truth

      Does seem quite dull doesn't it.

  • Mac

    Man this brings back memories! Used to watch your first videos from the frontyard with a friend of your? "Mr Sandman" videos and the vids from the old football field!

  • Strength Hammer
    Strength Hammer

    Love seeing your dreams continue to come true. Thanks for the inspiration and entertainment Juji.

  • Nathan Valley
    Nathan Valley

    If you ever come by Nashville, make sure to come by the gym and play on our equipment, we made a small Ninja course too!

  • Nathan Valley
    Nathan Valley

    My father has owned Masters School of Gymnastics in Tennessee for 30 years now. I have made Many! Spring floors and tumble strips. I want to install them in my whole house 😂

  • gosu222

    Thanks for adding old Tricking footage and bringing back some Memories. I miss tricking everyday and still often dream about it since i was injured and couldnt Trick anymore. Glad you got your own Plyo Floor, cause i know how much of a Dream that is. Hope you add more of your Old Tricking Footage, and im still waiting for your sequel to your when shit hits the fan video :D

  • Etah

    3:08 Achievement Unlocked 💫🔓: Master of Wood🪵

  • Francois Theron
    Francois Theron

    You giving up tricking would be akin to me giving up surfing. A tragedy that should never occur. I for one wouldn't mind seeing you shed some weight and focus more on tricking but I guess I'm in the minority there. I also understand the age thing comes into play with this stuff a lot.

  • Trogdor

    .... are subtly hinting that...YOU'RE going to be a PRO WRASTLER??!! WOOOOOOOOT - edit seriously though is this the same floor type that's in the pro wrestling ring

  • Aspire

    Just happy to see Juji with a big smile 👏🏽

  • Craigon

    this is probably weird to comment but at the end you said comment whatever's on your mind so here we go. I just got done hanging out with like 7 friends. mostly guys and a few girls, our normal crew. we're all friends and have been, some of us for years. but for some reason today i kept getting some type of feelings about one of the girls there. she has a boyfriend who is away in the navy right now, who i know she loves and would never cheat on. and i dont want her to any ways. i dont like her like that and just want us to stay friends. it just was weird getting those feeling about her since shes such a good friend. i hope they'll pass and shit goes back to normal for me soon lmao

    • Power to Truth
      Power to Truth

      Dude those feelings you are feeling is you feeling her feeling for you. I say go for it. Navy guys always get cheated on anyways.

  • Anttron Gaming
    Anttron Gaming

    Loving the Golden Axe remix track you used

  • Tim Mayer
    Tim Mayer

    1. Would love to see more tricking videos with you and Anton. 2. This is the first time I've actually missed not having he who shall not be named around, I think he would have gotten a huge kick out of this. 3. I'm super happy for you, you deserve everything you have accomplished

  • Alex Imisson
    Alex Imisson

    Loved hearing your thoughts at the end JUJI, keep having fun and smashing it!

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