$50 Week Muscle Building Grocery Haul
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  • byFiscus

    Maybe not $50 a week but give yourself $10/day and get a gal or two of milk, 36 eggs (4-5/day), 10 lbs of chicken breast, couple lbs of pork tenderloin, sweet potatoes or rice or both, youre favorite fruit or vegetables for the vitamins, and some popcorn and you’ll be fat chillin to start the gains $5 milk $5 eggs $12-$15 chicken $6-12 tenderloin (really any other meat besides chicken for your sanity $10 for the potatoes and rice $10 veggies and fruit $6 popcorn Totaling $63 plus tax and there you go, the perfect starting point of a diet Ps please just splurge one week on spices to make eating this food bearable long term

  • zach rubin
    zach rubin

    bugez worrying about processed and high fructose food was very wholesome

  • Youtjube videos
    Youtjube videos


  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill

    it’s hard to eat an entire bag of pretzels in just a day, so you could blend the pretzels up and make sort of like a smoothie and add some sugar, milk and peanut oil into the mixture to make a mass gainer, sort of. Also as a broke college student I have lists of extremely cheap bulking foods.

  • Isaiah Trains
    Isaiah Trains

    Milk, eggs, oatmeal, jam, bananas, frozen broccoli, rice, 2 rotisserie chicken. Perfect for macro balance on a budget for a week. Still sub $50. Wdf were they thinking *facepalm* lmao

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    You just skipped the tuna.

  • Josh B
    Josh B

    Some kid sees these guys, becomes buff AF off pretzels.

  • Jorge Cervantes
    Jorge Cervantes

    Pretzels suck, this advice sucks. Boogs man bruh

  • Jovel Williams
    Jovel Williams

    Nearly died laughing! 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Pontomǽdon

    Juji didn't put the coconut oil back in its original spot. SHAME.

  • devin reed
    devin reed

    Easy. Chicken, rice, broccoli, pb&j, broccoli, apple.

  • Cristian

    I love the minecraft sound edits haha

  • Napoleon Dynamite
    Napoleon Dynamite

    Im suprised that the boogs did not add the gallon of whole milk to his arsenal. Hes not fat so he can get by with it

  • IWantAGo

    I can get a 400g tin of baked beans for 30p in the uk. 10 tins a day. 3000 calories, 200g protein. £3 a day. 😅

  • IWantAGo

    Thats add though.

  • Brah, Trumpwon,bigly
    Brah, Trumpwon,bigly

    Bro, you can get an 8 pound pork butt for 20 bucks. Cook it right and that's a pound of pulled pork a day with 30 bucks left over for everything else. 5 pounds of bone in chicken thighs is like 7 bucks.

  • Andrew Baum
    Andrew Baum

    As a rock climber i can tell you that if you are okay with every meal being gross you can get a shitload of food for $50 lol

  • Henrique Ladeira
    Henrique Ladeira

    With that Budget you should be buying basically Raw ingredients and cheap meat like Chicken breast, pork meat, wheat flour to make some bread(learn to make some bread) and milk. Oatmeal is good too, I made my own yogurt so it is a good combo Oatmeal+yogurt but buying yogurt I think would extrapolate the $50 budget...so yeah, cheap meat, rice, wheat flour, oatmeal, eggs, butter I think would be the best approach.

  • Marrano Wep
    Marrano Wep

    I can do this in Mexico by 25 dollars easy

  • Austin Stanley
    Austin Stanley

    i kinda want to do this diet as a joke for a week and see how it ends

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams

    Bro he deadass looks like Rick Rude

  • Brandon Adams
    Brandon Adams

    He’s in Wwe , he can manage spending more than Fifty dollars lol

  • Jonathan Popham
    Jonathan Popham

    where's the M I L K

  • ChillyCloth

    I was feeling really down but watching this changed my mood entirely. Thanks

  • ebola_boi

    Love the Minecraft easter eggs in Jujis videos

  • waylon killa
    waylon killa

    Am I tripping or was ther no protein

  • Helpfulbandit

    I think juji needs to invest in some clip on mics.

  • RL Nomy
    RL Nomy

    Should have went to Wal-Mart...it's cheaper.

  • SteroidsR4Championss

    I wish eric would make longer videos like these.

  • Brute McVein aka Dabbledob
    Brute McVein aka Dabbledob

    Get to know your baker. Great advice.

  • Kermit The Frog
    Kermit The Frog

    Trying to bulk and cut? Call it the but

  • Henyte

    Cool no masks☝️❤️

  • B poggy
    B poggy

    I love how Juji nonchalantly put the coconut oil in the wrong spot..

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu

    Gotta get the honey mustard and onion pretzels tho

  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu

    I clicked because the thumbnail had my favorite Snyder's pretzels in it lol

  • post_historic

    did yall rent out the Harris Teeter? shit is a ghost town.

  • Shawn Krueger
    Shawn Krueger

    Jujimufu now needs to bulk off of this "weekly diet"

  • Robin Lomax Bjerke
    Robin Lomax Bjerke

    Buges just seems like the funniest guy to hang out with 😅 frikkin love it

  • Nathan Houston Vlogs
    Nathan Houston Vlogs

    So no protein… nice😂

  • BinoooRapscallion 555
    BinoooRapscallion 555

    “String bean pencil neck loser”. Why you gotta do me like that? 😢

  • alex jones
    alex jones

    Bro! Rice and beans, milk, eggs, frozen veg. Simple.

  • firedustman

    very interesting

  • Jonathan Whitefield
    Jonathan Whitefield

    more bugez

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    Why didn't you guys buy cat food?

  • Rich Brazee
    Rich Brazee

    Now children, I beg you to please not follow this diet...🤣🤣🤣 ....You can survive off any one or two foods items, but you will become extremely unhealthy over time. You need vitamin A,C,D,E,K, and all 8 B vitamins, more then you need 4,000 calories of carbs and protein to make gains.

  • Kyle Lowers
    Kyle Lowers

    I am new to the channel and was not aware of the dynamic between these two. I haven’t laughed that hard in a minute. Definitely not on FIshows. Thanks fellas, you got yourself a subscriber and fan.

  • Christopher Keys 🎹
    Christopher Keys 🎹

    13:32 the bugz is trying to communicate

  • Christopher Keys 🎹
    Christopher Keys 🎹

    Bag of rice 🍚 .... milk..... ramen noodle ....

  • Just Lux
    Just Lux

    Organic = Minecraft Xp sounds..lol

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R

    Juji can you redo this one. I love the bugez but he was just memeing the whole time and i like this video concept. I could benefit from cheap bulking strats

  • Tony Sudol
    Tony Sudol

    I'm more suprised at him being 20. I'm lived off of 25usd/week in Uni. Turns out Rice, Tuna, whole chicken(broken down at home)and canned veggies is cheap enough.

  • BiggRigg42

    This is not Paleo!

  • Local Elder God
    Local Elder God

    "Imagine waking up in the morning and being excited about your can of beans." *Beau Miles has logged on*

  • Joseph

    You spend only 50 on groceries that way you can still afford the "other stuff" Big brain move

  • Megiddo Eubanks
    Megiddo Eubanks

    We were feeding a family of four on $100 until recently. You've got this! (3 of us are Carnivore now so... Oof)

  • SavageDad

    Some poor college grunt is going to follow this for a week and spend the following week with his ass fused to the toilet.

  • Nolan Diekevers
    Nolan Diekevers

    We love icky sticky Ricky!!

  • Dalton Zona
    Dalton Zona

    Please do the $100 challenge and u actually only eat that for the week.

  • Letsgooffgrid

    College lifting diet, pasta , beans, ground beef or turkey

    • Letsgooffgrid

      Rice and eggs if affordable

  • BillyBiggs

    I was wondering why there was coconut oil next to the peanut butter crackers on my last grocery trip 🤣

  • yasser aldebs
    yasser aldebs

    Fanny pack = Alpha

  • Rav3n369

    Not as much time in the juice isle as i suspected.

  • icomur825

    The Lads: Can you imagine the sad life of eating your can of beans, nut butters and pretzels? Me: :(

  • Dean Morgan
    Dean Morgan

    Juji is really that guy to just set shit from his cart on random shelves when he doesn’t want it. LOSER

  • CD

    Cheapest meals for the week is cans of tuna, big ass bag of white rice, bananas, eggs, ground beef, sweet potatoes / regular potatoes, pasta w/ red sauce and ground beef. Gluten free bread for toast with eggs in the AM. Peanut butter and jelly. and of course protein shakes mixed in as well. Should be around 50-75$ a week depending on where you shop etc.

  • CASE

    If you cook your black beans with garlic and onion your black beans will be unbeatable, my mom's been doing it for years, her quick and easy 'not so secret - secret recipe' Pro tip, even easier to cook if made in a crock-pot

  • R S
    R S

    DUDE.. dip the pretzels, in the peanut butter

  • Billy the Kid
    Billy the Kid

    lube up the throat for the pretzels bugez be safe

  • MisSorryforthespam

    $50 a week? no wonder im a freeking stick. I think im spending like $85 a month on food. i think im in bigger trouble than i thought XD

  • John Smiff
    John Smiff

    If you arent starting with rice, lentils, and olive oil, you're missing the MAJOR TIDBIT for cheap groceries

  • Crispy C
    Crispy C

    My problem is eating.. I can’t seem to eat enough and eat enough protein…

  • Jestawell

    For 30$ worth of peanut oil you could survive for a month

  • Big Fum
    Big Fum

    Complete troll lol

  • Blind Bartimaeus
    Blind Bartimaeus

    How to grocery shop if you are trying to get diabeetus

  • jameswoodsist

    statistically speaking about 130 people will actually try the 14 bags of pretzels and a jar of peanut butter a week diet out and 4 of them will die from it.

  • Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks

    Subscribe to the BUGEZ:>) Long live Ricky Del Stick the Hogan Sticky Ricky.

  • Tim Blackburn
    Tim Blackburn

    I drank boost when I wrestled too lol

  • Sly Deception
    Sly Deception

    $50 would get you 2kg of chicken breast in nz lol

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice

    Turn to Jesus people he died for your sins, Repent of what the New Testament describes as sin. Believe the gospel obey the teachings of Jesus documented in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Jesus is the only way to be saved, be baptized if you have faith in Jesus then you will live life with him as your example. If you need prayer i'll pray for you. If you want to keep contact with a brother in Christ i’ll keep contact with you. The love of God is beyond our understanding. God bless

  • Avery Hoover
    Avery Hoover

    I need to see someone on this diet for a week

  • Federico Gulotta
    Federico Gulotta

    I have a message for Brian: We guys read that part.

  • ManyMeows

    Hey i received my AHHH!!!. holy fuck balls this shit is intense. Who the fuck is Andy? The shipping guy? Tell him thanks for the nice message on my order receipt. You guys are a cut above the rest. LOVE YOU

  • Robert Stimmel
    Robert Stimmel

    I just drank 2 gallons of peanut oil. I don't have the mindset to finish the last gallon.

  • Leo Ben
    Leo Ben

    Brah jerky in NY is 8 bucks

  • Jeff Martin
    Jeff Martin

    What?!? No canned tuna?

  • Okay Tommy
    Okay Tommy

    “Yes, yes I’m a degenerate” lmao

  • CowLevelCrypto

    What No Eggs ?? : /

  • Thomas Cogger
    Thomas Cogger

    I predict that this channel will be Juji and Bugez within a year.

  • Rohann van Rensburg
    Rohann van Rensburg

    If you eat bagels and carbs you don't need PEDs. Mike O'Hearn said.

  • IGpZI

    Eric is a great man! I love this content I almost cried a few times from laughter from this video and the last one.

  • big brain take lil brain
    big brain take lil brain

    13:53 I eat beans everyday and I am very offended

  • Caleb Kettman
    Caleb Kettman

    vegetables? lol

  • -m0zidesigner -
    -m0zidesigner -

    Is it me, or does anyone hear the intense hum of all the lights?

  • MexicanDave662

    No matter how swole I get I will never rock a fanny pack.

  • Mr0699

    why does Jujis nips stare at me ?

  • theresidentone

    Pretzels and peanut butter, yeah real athletes diet... You would be so unhealthy on this diet.

  • Green Life
    Green Life

    Where do you live or when is the video from? No mask requirement in the store? Here you would be immediately thrown out of the store without a mask. Are the pretzels unsalted? If not, it's too much salt for the day. Must go shopping, will still pretzel and peanut butter in shopping cart :D

  • k

    just drink peanut oil bro

  • Wesley Hempoli
    Wesley Hempoli

    i was expecting a 10 lb bag of rice, a rack of chicken breasts, potatoes, carrots and celery and then a cheap chuck roast to make a stew. all thats less than 50 bucks. save the extra money for some fast food

  • Anthony Durbin
    Anthony Durbin

    Damn, I miss Harris Teeter

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