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  • Kyle Gross
    Kyle Gross

    Wow larry wheels did fat grips db row but he used straps😭😭😭still some great lift though🤯

  • JawaPunter

    Bryson DeChambeau!! He added like 15 pounds of muscle during quarantine to increase his distance and he's a total body movement nerd.

  • thegreatquinn

    It looks like Magnus Midtbo needs this kit so he can join the competition!

  • letsgooutside1

    just ordered the gold set to get prepped! love the vibes and the gains!

  • Hunter Reeves
    Hunter Reeves

    Good good golf

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Yall should get with Odd Haugen about this comp, since he is the grand Master of grip.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    He can probably get that pinky broken and reset.

  • J Manes
    J Manes

    Im Definitely nowhere near ready for any competitions but after a couple months of training im finally able to comfortably close a gg4 and hold it

  • Dan 0
    Dan 0

    Let's go!!!

  • Dan's

    Get Tiger Woods on for a collab. I heard he needs some leg work. ;)

  • Angry_Chicknlord

    Me being psychic but without too many spoilers ill let everyone know the winner is an old dude whose name is opposite of even🧐🧐🧐🧐🤣

  • Darth Terrax
    Darth Terrax

    Does the lift count if I grab my arm that is lifting with my other arm? Not touching the grip just my arm. Cause I can grip more than I can lift..

  • Turner Paydon
    Turner Paydon

    I love Travis he's got the "I just got thrown into one of the most popular fitness channels and I'm just having a good time," vibe. 😂

  • DaveTheBoi

    For the golfer, you should look for kyle Berkshire (world long drive champion), Bryson dechambeau (pro golfer that got massive in the last year), or if you wanna go down the influencer path get the guys from good good golf, or just gm golf who is a part of them, he’s been trying to get big

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit

    10:40 🤣 the moment she shouts; you need a break, FIshows flipped me off with a comercial 🤣

  • the one above all
    the one above all

    Didn't know juju was a south 🐾

  • Niru Suroraku
    Niru Suroraku

    Dude, your shoulders are going to have shoulders soon!

  • ForcesOfOdin

    I purchased the starter kit for our friend's garage gym which we all work out in, and it's been a HUGE hit. We now have a gym board with PRs and training regiments. It's so good.

  • Sheets Pisser 47
    Sheets Pisser 47

    sorry couldn't pay attention to your announcement, I was listening to "Star Sister- DJoNemesis & Lilly Instrumental Remix'" for the first minute.

  • Ben Moehn
    Ben Moehn

    You should collab with Brooks Koepka

  • dschoettle2010

    Bryson DeChambeau or Brooks “Hulk” Koepka

  • GM Sleepless
    GM Sleepless

    Juji buddy , you didnt try any Captain of crush :( was waiting for it :/ its ok tho nice grip video :P

  • Robert Nicholas
    Robert Nicholas

    Kinda miss tom, but understand the reason he's gone.

  • Seth Petras
    Seth Petras

    Bryson DeChambeau is who you should collab with, known as the strongest on tour

  • Fire_Punch


  • Ethanleeut

    Juji do you think you’ll ever try the carnivore diet check out meat rx and Shawn baker

  • Richard Goodwin
    Richard Goodwin

    You've gotta collab with Bryson DeChambeau if you're looking for power in golf today he's your man!!

  • jeffcmolik

    Get on Brooks Koepka for a golf collab!

  • Tommy McCraith
    Tommy McCraith

    Starting to really miss tom. He was obviously a big part of your channel

  • Praveen Kumar
    Praveen Kumar

    I want khaled in the room😂

  • Niel Johnson
    Niel Johnson

    best golf channel, its a channel on youtube, come out to cali

  • Christoffer

    Did he say around the world. The link is for USA ? the grip stuff

  • Tucker

    Kyle Berkshire is the golfer to work with. He’s the world long drive champion and he does FIshows stuff of his own. Fairly certain he’s into lifting as well

  • diablo fatt
    diablo fatt

    Tom is watching...

  • Stephen Armitage
    Stephen Armitage

    You gotta get Berkshire in the gym. World champ longest driver. He could crush a workout and then it would make an awesome collab to see how much smaller he is but more than quintuples jujis golf distances.

  • Eric der Ami
    Eric der Ami

    I want to find out the rules for background music. I had someone comment on one of my own videos about the music saying that i need to be careful....it was literally my own music LOL also too I would love to hear Juji's metal playlist!

  • DiAntonioC

    Adam Sandler

  • Days of Pain and Victory
    Days of Pain and Victory

    happy Gilmore

  • john johnson
    john johnson

    I never noticed how humongous Juji's delts are

  • Tommy Heslep
    Tommy Heslep

    Got Grip?

  • Tom The Bob
    Tom The Bob

    Magnus finna pull up

  • Alpha Tank
    Alpha Tank

    You should colab with Bubba Watson on the golf course

  • Shottimus

    May wanna hit the range a couple times before that golf collab it's crazy difficult to pick up haha

  • Matt Sahlfeld
    Matt Sahlfeld

    The hilt lift should be renamed the "genie weenie lift"...........I thought it was funny......


    man juji's shoulder outsize his arms

  • leeyamightes zeus
    leeyamightes zeus

    Go travis's! You can do it!

  • Tagerrun !
    Tagerrun !

    Larry doing fat grip rows with a strap...? That’s counterintuitive to have a fat grip and straps on lol not even training your grip it’s just a normal row at that point.

  • Crazypandaknives

    Bryson DeChambeu for the golfer, it’s only fitting

  • David Irvin
    David Irvin

    Love the golf idea! If juji could coordinate himself, he definitely has the mobility to hit a spectacular drive. Too bad that takes years to build 😂 Of course Bryson Dechambeau would be the obvious collab choice. He’s like the strongman of golf!

  • Nathan Tracy
    Nathan Tracy

    Bryson dechambeau or brooks koepka

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    The problem I see with Juji golfing is that his chest and biceps are so huge he won't be able to properly grab a club so he will have a hard time straightening his arms. I predict that Juji will be most effective with about a 2/3rds swing.

  • And The Beat Goes On
    And The Beat Goes On

    Brooks Koepka would be a good golfer to collab with. He's a beast

  • John Allen
    John Allen

    i swear that those salts rewire your brain to only say the name of the bottle until after your lift

  • Andrew Mackey
    Andrew Mackey

    You could collab with one of the guys who do the Long Drive golf comps, they’re pretty strong! Kyle Berkshire is reigning world long drive champion

  • Daemon

    Epilepsy warning for the end

  • Amkool

    Bring over the Khaled guy who has stronger grip than larry

  • Paul Anthony
    Paul Anthony

    Do you know when the genie grippers will be restocked?? Would love to buy some!

    • Travis R. GG
      Travis R. GG

      Getting restocked end of June 💪

  • 本フィリ

    Apple grip crush?

  • Raul Figueroa
    Raul Figueroa


  • John Sexton
    John Sexton

    Get Bryson dechambeau up in here

  • bernardo mariano
    bernardo mariano

    Bro when you going to invite Clarence To work out with you in your new gym 😎

  • B-zad

    Anyone else think this channel is way better with Tom???

  • Daniel

    Was Larry using straps on a fat grip dumbbell row? That's a new one.

  • ChrisLifts

    I recommended the badminton on joeys channel once . God bless need to see it happen

  • Jorge Santana
    Jorge Santana

    RIP new floor

  • Mackenzie Blair
    Mackenzie Blair

    Bubba Watson would be cool to watch. He’s a big dude and known for his driving ability. Probably strong AF.

  • Patrick Poulsen
    Patrick Poulsen

    To the person reading this, you are blessed, guided and protected. The truth is important and you deserve to know it, always be aware of the ones spouting lies. "Real eyes recognise real lies" ''God said I Therefore I say I'' 🕳 ♻️ ''Therefore I play I or I am I'' ☀ ♻️ ''Let I be I'' 😴 🤯 🤩 ♻ 🤝 I dare You that is only I , I promise ☀️ You may say No. I do You, You do I ✡️ When You wake up to I, I wake the whole world up, that Is You as in I ☀️✡️

  • Jason Green
    Jason Green


  • Rocky Higgs
    Rocky Higgs

    Collab with @micahmorris or @lionelsanders..... Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By your personalities combined: Captain Rando Collab (would be awesome)

  • Evan Snyder
    Evan Snyder

    Rick Shiels Golf would be a good colab

  • Wickd Ghost
    Wickd Ghost

    Rory bro gotta be Rory

  • Wickd Ghost
    Wickd Ghost

    O bro I would love to hit the links with you juji

  • Justin Klewiec
    Justin Klewiec

    Do disc golf with paul mcbeth, or simon lizotte. Both top level pro disc golfers both bloggers on youtube aswell

    • Justin Klewiec
      Justin Klewiec

      Mcbeths like the tiger woods of disc golf.

  • Shelly.

    I got an announcement Tom a bitch yo

  • Bundi A ghandi
    Bundi A ghandi

    Would be epic to see Yves Gravelle in this

  • mission772

    Experior Golf would probably be up for collab fishows.info/auto/W1v9MHQdnlHqub3EKUsVyA.html

  • Sampo Heiskanen
    Sampo Heiskanen

    Check @juha harju. ultimate Gripmonster..

  • Mark Giruzzi
    Mark Giruzzi

    Juji you should collab with Bryson DeChambeau!!!!! He's a professional golfer and is unconventional compared to other pros. I think your personalities would match together great!

  • Marc Meier
    Marc Meier

    Bryson DeChambeau would obviously be the dream collab!

  • R. Lothbrook
    R. Lothbrook

    Brooks/Blake koepka is a cool cat/golfer. He might be fun to train/video with. Damn, I have way too many /,/

  • Trent the Tank Nash
    Trent the Tank Nash

    Bryson DeChambeau!!! There is literally no better choice!

  • Terry Strength Coach
    Terry Strength Coach

    Juji you seem much happier lately brother, not to mention super yoked 💪

  • Bo

    Juji, if you want more sales, you gotta SELL it. show me how each device it works, what it's good for, how to use it. like how do i do pullups on those steel balls? and why? what does it do for me? hows it differ from the rods? is there a "best" way to grip it? i go from mildly interested with credit card in-hand... to confused and fuck it i don't care anymore.

  • Barbell music
    Barbell music

    Super chicken choacker KILLE GRIP BRAH !

  • Mojave Mateo
    Mojave Mateo

    "There's no drums in this song?" lol! Bubba Watson is who you should collab with

  • The Merchant
    The Merchant

    Jesus Juji and Dereks(Mpmd) shoulders are at god tier level.

  • Bennett Swan
    Bennett Swan

    GM Golf or anyone from the Good Good channel would be a good golfer to collab with. They seem to have spent a lot of time this year getting strong and would enjoy some big leg workouts.

  • Yoshi And Friends
    Yoshi And Friends

    Gotta collaborate with Brooks Koepka, dude is strong af and seems really fun, it would be really cool to see you guys power lift then golf or golf then power lift!!

  • Ddraig Long
    Ddraig Long

    Did you say you've been tricking on the side for 20 years?

  • Armwrestling Promo
    Armwrestling Promo

    You forgot to use the grippers🥲🥲🥲


    Anyone else concerned about abusing ammonia? Can't be good for your dome lol

  • Dan

    I am loving the new videos boys and girls keep it up!

  • Court Cop
    Court Cop

    Juji what’s the best grip training exercise?

  • Andy

    Bubba Watson is the coolest golfer around, IMO. He's hilarious, got a great personality, and I think would fit right in with Grip Genie shenanigans!

    • David Irvin
      David Irvin

      He’s such a string bean though. I feel like weight lifting is not something he enjoys. He has those long levers that give him a mechanical advantage in golf, so he never had build strength to hit the long ball. Might be good, personality-wise, but I doubt any tour player will want to burn out his grip in the middle of the season. It would have to be during an off week or month even.

  • Left Kef
    Left Kef

    Anyone knows the name of the song playing in the background ?

  • james daley
    james daley

    well , i don't know any golfers accept the tiger , so if u can get the tiger on board u'r doin pretty good so good luck with that ...and c ya soon

  • Paul Hampson
    Paul Hampson

    Do you have a link to the Genie Grips? I can't seem to find them on your site .

  • simon

    9:40 Will Hogue or Kyle Berkshire or Maurice Allen

  • Truffs

    I'm a truck driver and I use your ammonia when I start to doze lol

  • simon

    7:30 God: my bad

1,7 milj.