Pro Bodybuilder Fixes My OFF SEASON Posing
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  • Dustin Campos
    Dustin Campos

    how on earth did i ended up here

  • John gulbarga
    John gulbarga

    Wow lot to learn We want more on this

  • steelhorseclub

    I'm blown away at how little things make such a big difference. Amazing!

  • George T
    George T

    Now that’s some great positive energy from you two wonderful guys. , thanks for sharing! Johns channel is great….especially if youu want to be able to hit the gym for many years. Small little suggestions that will make a huge difference after you turn 40. Wish I had been exposed to his knowledge 30 years ago 😂

  • I.

    Gosh, the difference between a rookie or anyone who is just training and a pro bodybuilder on those biceps peaks. The definition on Meadow's biceps is like Arnold's at his best

  • Lluc Aristondo Alzina
    Lluc Aristondo Alzina

    Bro I wanna see more poses

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    Sooo much better with the leg avise. Great job.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Mr, Meadows is such a nice guy. I love the mountain dog.

  • Samir Ahmed
    Samir Ahmed


  • Phil D
    Phil D

    John kind of looks like 80s Arnold here. His side profile.

  • Javier Lamas
    Javier Lamas

    It’s cool to see the him pose for legends of the sport. Kai green, Flex wheeler, John meadows all have a different approach to posing.

  • Tim Kelly
    Tim Kelly

    Been reading mountain dog articles since I was 14, love this

  • PainflyErect

    Yall need another pain day


    Juji definitely got big, but the bubble gut is there as well…

  • LeafMan Prophecies
    LeafMan Prophecies

    i like juji but hard not to c that gut

  • Muckyum

    SU as Yt fruit trattoria DD dfor

  • Gruzuk

    Oh my lord, TWO videos with john meadows?!?! Juji you are spoiling us!

  • Caleb O'Keefe
    Caleb O'Keefe

    Always love your drive to learn and improve your excitement is infectious!

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    Weak. Juji is cranking on massive amounts of gear and we are supposed to suddenly agree to help him

  • Daniel

    If you think about it. To get the stritations to show is by mimicking the exercises that works those muscles. To flex hamstrings you flex your legs like if you're doing a deadlift. Same thing with a 'wide face pull. A face pull will show the stritations in top back. If you think about that you'd be able to flex a lot muscles a bit easier.

  • fusionhaygen

    Nice to see a swede on the t-shirt!

  • whodiegotjot

    Man, i remember when i was a teenager i REAALLY underestimated how hard posing was.

  • Derdriu Liamhás
    Derdriu Liamhás

    I’m so glad to see him looking healthy after his health stuff a while back. His voice is so soothing, I love his videos.

  • That Guy
    That Guy

    Looks like Big Lenny has been training Juji to have the most sickening, pissening, rock solid gut on stage

  • Rodiculous

    A little too much gut imo juji starting to look like a ninja Turtle 🐢

  • Dreadlock Jesus
    Dreadlock Jesus

    I cant take my eyes off of dudes bicep veins...they look alien 😳👽

  • Stacey Wood
    Stacey Wood

    I love John! He’s so knowledgeable and down to earth! Definitely sub to his channel- great info there, all the time! This is a great colab Juji!! Thanks!

  • William Wyn
    William Wyn

    Juji needs to high bar squat more.

  • Jeffrey Myers
    Jeffrey Myers

    Oh that's why bodybuilders stand like that in the fro t relaxed I always wonder why they had their but perked out ahah

  • Cash Dingo
    Cash Dingo

    John's calf game is ridiculous.

  • hope dies
    hope dies

    Juji still looks like a Greek god even in the offseason.

  • Matthew Dever
    Matthew Dever

    There is absolutely nothing relaxed about the "Front Relaxed Pose."

  • maskcode

    barn door back, it freaky baby. when are you competing with big lenny?

  • Andrew Harris
    Andrew Harris

    I call it the dorito shape

  • Charles Liew
    Charles Liew

    Quite possibly the only video I watched front to end without skipping forward. In fact, a few times I went backwards to watch some poses again. JOHN MEADOWS is ZE GOAT!

  • Dude Brah
    Dude Brah

    So funny watching this and just realizing, John Meadows is the fucking man. Like.. you can't coach better than him. He know everything and it shows.

  • Eric .Lynch
    Eric .Lynch

    John has to be the nicest, most genuine guy in bodybuilding. I just can’t picture him as a banker.

  • baby jake
    baby jake

    This has turned into 90's 12pm showtime.

  • White Trash and Hellbound
    White Trash and Hellbound

    Imagine, being invited over by Juji... then have him rocking the Red "Banana Hammock" when you get there lol... Bruh 😳... lol. Appreciate you Juji, always entertaining 💪🤟

  • Lavender Gooms
    Lavender Gooms

    John Meadows in your vid and not in the title. Holy cats!

  • Mihai Bența
    Mihai Bența

    You need to clean up your camera's sensor JUJI!

  • ironside eve
    ironside eve

    Small arms :-)

  • Vivan Bhathena
    Vivan Bhathena

    legs and arms out of proportion..wouldnt enter the contest on those before.

    • Vivan Bhathena
      Vivan Bhathena

      not a diss..just keeping it 100...we love u juji

  • Dan smith
    Dan smith


  • ChriSX13


  • Yakeman

    John and Juji give me life…

  • JesusFreak1924

    John needs to be your posing coach, this is the first time you haven't seemed frustrated posing

  • Uri

    One think I notice, modern bodybuilders don't know how to do a side chest pose like the old school guys like Arnold and Franco, now they show mostly shoulders on that pose. Edit: ok, I see John thinks the same xD

  • Keith Linkous
    Keith Linkous

    Juji 2021 makes Juji visiting Thor in Iceland look like a wanna-be gym bro hanging around golds in Venice. Love the content bro so happy with your continued progress!! (Sam you could give jj Abrams a run for his money)

  • 300pzl

    wheres tom?

  • 420Devil Dog
    420Devil Dog

    Anybody else stay because Juji is in a Speedo? He is definitely a well built man.

  • ___ OLYMPIA
    ___ OLYMPIA

    This was a sick video! We like mountain dog

  • Jizzle Mack
    Jizzle Mack

    “Biiig thicc and haaard” - John Meadows

  • jetcape15

    John Meadows is such a good teacher!

  • Reynhardt Van der Berg
    Reynhardt Van der Berg

    John Meadows knows what he is talking about Juji i hope u took notes.. Great video keep it up man!!

  • Thats It
    Thats It

    I feel like he's going into bodybuilding about five years too late. The bubble gut era starting to pass he's too wide in the midsection it washes everything out

  • Friesenmischung

    But coach greg says to put your elbows higher in the double bi to make te peak look bigger than the shoulders bro

  • Tom Bullish
    Tom Bullish

    I REALLY Appreciate John The Don torturing Juji out of love and passion. Keep it up! All jokes aside, you guys are amazing, great video. =)

  • Anthony Marconi
    Anthony Marconi

    I never heard anyone dislike or simply not express tremendous respect for John Meadows each time he is mentioned. In today's fitness industry, that says A LOT.

  • Chris Curran
    Chris Curran

    Juji seemed excited when he was told he needs to be more flexible 😂

  • Brandon lee
    Brandon lee

    I love jujimufu's videos always entertaining and one with John meadows is even better 👍 👏.

  • Mason White
    Mason White

    John Meadows has arms like the doom slayer

  • Virt Real
    Virt Real

    John had some good pointers. You might put a little more emphasis on your transverse abdominal for better ab control, but other than that, you look pretty balanced.

  • cory eck
    cory eck

    Juji putting that lawnmower 3.0 to work

  • john zavala
    john zavala

    Juji can't wait to see you complete in arm wrestling. Your a big reason why I'm so interested in the sport. Juji! Juji! Juji 😉

  • C’ole

    John: “okay so he’s not real flexible!” Jon: “AHHHHHHHHH!” 😂😂😂

  • Felix

    Juji, u should totally do a cbumstead mustache for the show lmao

  • James Ramirez
    James Ramirez


  • Johnathan Stormborn
    Johnathan Stormborn

    Side chest not front chest Franco.

  • Josh Tocker
    Josh Tocker

    Juju just needs to work on triceps and forearms. Other than that, he is Arnold material.

  • S C
    S C

    Master class of poising...... Meadows is a stud!!!

  • Bobby

    yo id be so terrified of popping a stress boner in a rig like that

  • Doum

    Man try to get arnold to give you tips, he starts to get old you gotta make it quick

  • Josh Ressler
    Josh Ressler

    Phenomenal. John gains

  • AkademikDaGawd

    14:48 "That's what she said."

  • Wafting -ûl
    Wafting -ûl


  • Paul Waddell
    Paul Waddell

    Seems like this was useful

  • yojimbo87x

    We must protect John Meadows at all costs-he literally gave a free posling clinic in one video free of charge

  • Cody Mitchell
    Cody Mitchell

    We want more! All the posing nuance, bring it on!

  • David Abell
    David Abell

    John seems like such a nice dude

  • King-Kore Studio
    King-Kore Studio

    This was so awesome!!! Just love John! Glad to see him healthy. Cant wait for the next video..

  • ootypooty

    why does he look so unappealing?

  • Drew Garza
    Drew Garza

    I watched this while eating some Ben and Jerry's

  • Swole MF
    Swole MF

    Holy shit i forgot I had that drago shirt before. Girl stole it.

  • jason swayden
    jason swayden

    Yes! John Meadows is back!

  • asdew

    Therapist: Swole Luke Skywalker isn't real Swole Luke Skywalker:

  • Bobby Boucher
    Bobby Boucher

    Lookin great Juji! Glad you shed some weight for your bulk, if you know what I mean.

  • Bobby Boucher
    Bobby Boucher

    John Meadows is great!

  • Just Some Guy without Pubic Hair
    Just Some Guy without Pubic Hair

    Jason Genova

  • Jaime Civantos Capella
    Jaime Civantos Capella

    John is always massive, no matter when

  • Burt

    love john meadows! When he made such small corrections to that first pose juji's body looked insane! fkn awesome!!

  • Michael Funke
    Michael Funke

    Sam giggled at “pop it out, big thick and hard.” Ngl, I giggled too.

  • Christopher Faulkner
    Christopher Faulkner

    I also find it hard to believe John has been off all hormones as well. He’s still carrying too much size/density/vascularity for a guy who’s on 100mg TRT or less. Yes he has great genetics, this isn’t an attack on him, rather concern for his health.

    • mountaindog1

      150 mgs every 10 days

  • A Powell
    A Powell

    I think juji lost a little hp when John told him he wasn’t flexible

  • Bashful Boi
    Bashful Boi

    Juji looks PHENOMENAL in the quarter turn, his obliques look like they’re about to explode out of his body and his lats are giant 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

  • Rage

    Juji should learn how to control his midsection, it will make his package better

  • Brian

    Two of the most pure fitness personalities ever. I love these guys.

  • Montana White
    Montana White

    Almost looking like Lenny. He’s a legend.

  • Bas

    YES John Meadows is a legend!

  • Cam

    14:48 Im sorry John, *WHAT WAS THAT NOW*