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  • Jujimufu

    Hi guys! Taking a 10 day break from FIshows! During the break I'm editing the FULL GYM TOUR video! It's a big one! After that, we're making a bunch of vids with Rik Boogs and I'll be starting my bodybuilding show prep series. Competing in October at the Olympia Amateur! Thanks for your support!

    • Mitchel Cool
      Mitchel Cool

      Gooooo daaaaad!!!!!

    • Liam Jagow
      Liam Jagow

      I’m so excited for boogs to be back and the restructure as jealous as I am of your setup I love to see how well you did I love this channel!

    • Michael Songin
      Michael Songin

      Sticky Ricky and the Juji oh so thicky.

    • David Fruin
      David Fruin

      Rick Boooooooooooooooogs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!! I fricken love "The Boogs"! Waiting with anticipation.

    • Budget Homegym Training
      Budget Homegym Training

      best break news ever

  • GeminithePresss

    I soon will also have Death Star delts and a lions mane

  • GeminithePresss

    Just here to see that lions mane 🤤

  • jonathan jones
    jonathan jones

    whats with all the forehead covering juji is looking more like a pirate evrytime i see him

  • Selim Cardak
    Selim Cardak

    Juji aged a lot. When I first subscribed (many years ago) he was looking much more different 🥺

  • Pekka Laitinen
    Pekka Laitinen

    11:30 my favourite Pokemon is AAAAAAARGHHH aswell!

  • The Name is O
    The Name is O

    "you look like something that belongs on the surface of a pond" im going to use this someday :D thank you so much guys, awesome video! love the channel

  • d h
    d h

    Months too late, but rotating plywood sheets as base support as you go would have moving in so much east

  • WishMasterPtolemy

    I feel dumb even asking this, but if the leg press carriage weighs 350lbs, why would you put bands on the top pegs as well as weight plates? Surely you would just take off the bands to increase the weight until 350lbs isn't enough weight to press? (Especially since I've seen this press with backwards bands for more weight in another Juji video)

  • Павел Гуркалов
    Павел Гуркалов

    Sweet! Now you have all the prerequisites for calling Tom Platz over! Imagine posting a video titled "The Eagle has landed" or something like that:)

  • theDavitos

    well watching the leg press i saw that he needed to have safety one pin higher but it worked out... kinda :D

  • Mike Hill
    Mike Hill

    16 leg machines WOW

  • FEPE The Penguin
    FEPE The Penguin

    Sry Girl who is narrating that I don't know But lol you way ontop with the witty comments A few I think even get my JFF SAM, Great talking behind camera cameraing. Lol

  • bobs

    this guy legitimately would have been the deadliest warrior in ancient combat

  • SparkedFury

    does the completion of this gym mean juji is never moving again

  • Caleb Walker
    Caleb Walker

    11:25 de-loaded with bands and lots of plates???

  • Dragonis Firewing
    Dragonis Firewing

    I counted 22 (also I added as you said the ones)

  • Elijah James
    Elijah James


  • Griblo Shpibles
    Griblo Shpibles

    Eww it's not vertical

  • Achilles Power
    Achilles Power

    When you got friends like Brian Shaw and Hafthor yeah you gonna need an enormous leg press

  • Will Cresson
    Will Cresson

    Juji, somewhat panicked: "I'm still paying the mortgage, don't worry!!"

  • J M
    J M

    Sometimes I forget how strong Juji is, such a beast

  • Gael Labete
    Gael Labete

    I would litteraly kill to have that home gym

  • Frenchmans fury
    Frenchmans fury

    "If you can't grow legs in this room you have a problem" Me: I have a problem😂👉 ♿

  • Peeenos

    This hurts my soul, I literally just bought a leg press...the cheaper variety haha.. $1800 Aus dollars. Your leg press looks sexy as

  • Lafeo 007
    Lafeo 007


  • ETHER415


  • Frosted Butts
    Frosted Butts

    Holy crap that leg press is more than $7k! Guess that's not a big deal for hardcore gyms / pro athletes.

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    The shipping for this beast must be like 3 grand alone minimum.

  • chozen0018

    Sam bye . see ya. I was waiting for yall come back now ya hear

  • chozen0018

    At least your addiction is bring you success

  • youssef ben abdallah
    youssef ben abdallah

    this gym is better than all the gyms in my City ... :(

  • Azz Coopz
    Azz Coopz

    Big ramy use to do backflips at well over 300lbs

  • gnauben

    5:21 literally just about to snap his left leg jesus christ

  • Joe Chiles
    Joe Chiles

    Thats A Nice Gym

  • A Brin
    A Brin

    I've got some Elite FTS stuff - pretty good. My fave is Legend though - just personal preference - nothing wrong with either. Buy American.

  • Abi Chau
    Abi Chau

    We want Magnus to come and try these!

  • Ethan Lynn
    Ethan Lynn

    Not gonna lie..... I want those shorts

  • 1979 Augustine
    1979 Augustine

    Let's start a gofundme for juji to buy the rest of his shorts

  • Jeremy Maples
    Jeremy Maples

    Thank God we get some Bugez back in the gym with Juji! Can't wait to get into the proper MINDSET!

  • OP

    Where's RickDeStick video I need it now to inject in my MINDSET.

  • VandalarGaming

    The dream

  • TheAceXtra

    Anything's a viking press if you try hard enough

  • Abby Roberts
    Abby Roberts

    Great content

  • Meinhart Vallar
    Meinhart Vallar

    Oh wow I thought I was the only one that had that bump on your right shin 11:04 do you know what that is? @jujimufu

  • Rainman aka ThaBeatTenderizer
    Rainman aka ThaBeatTenderizer

    When’s the bugez vid

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Looking forward for the finished Gym Tour💪

  • Liam Engram
    Liam Engram

    Just saw the Bugez latest video and now I am STOKED for when you decide to come back! Love ya Juji!

  • Do It Better Make It Faster
    Do It Better Make It Faster

    You seem happier. 👍👍

  • a pesky badger
    a pesky badger

    His stub arms are too short to reach the handles lmfao

  • Hoonter

    This thumbnail has me rolling for some reason

  • eSKAone

    This studio is wild!💟

  • TheRangerRed

    It's a bit late now, but if you see this, I play DnD and I have a character that has max Strength (+5) and good Dexterity (+3). And in my mind he looks like you. Your clothes on the opening are pretty much exactly how I imagine clothes on him.

  • DLGH

    I’d like to see Brian do legs at your gym !


    Joesthetics showed a MUCH bigger leg press in a Gym in Thailand. The dam thing is bigger than a truck lol

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    your a fucking legend

  • nes999

    I think an Ali Spagnola and juji collab would be awesome.

  • Botchman

    We do t want a tour....we want to see other people lift. Like devon magnus ext.

  • Victor Sanchez
    Victor Sanchez

    damn he really said fuck tom lol

  • A C4th
    A C4th

    I believe it's best to do full range/deep squat and not full range/partial(ish) for maximum time under tension for leg press but that's just how I see it (As a guy that doesn't do either). Got joint damage in ankles and hip so can't do squats and no room for leg press machine😔

  • Alex Johansson
    Alex Johansson

    What’s you’re favourite song?

  • D C
    D C

    Can't wait for Sticky Ricky.

    • MrKingDiick

      I look every day

  • Ryan Stuart
    Ryan Stuart


  • Brett Cleveland
    Brett Cleveland

    Wow I bet you could get like 12 indians on top of that leg press.

  • Jared Charbonneau
    Jared Charbonneau

    I wonder how many plates juji has

  • Steve Pettiford
    Steve Pettiford

    Juji I'm so proud of you man you've come a long way since gym fort and your physic is awesome you look like an action figure lol good luck in the future you're the man much love

  • Mounty621

    Totally excessive, but hey, if money isn’t an object, why not? Beautiful gym, Sir.

  • senateboy0909

    Your garage is porn to bodybuilders.

  • Jordan Jones
    Jordan Jones

    Juji you're my hero

  • Ricky Rodriguez
    Ricky Rodriguez

    Definitely cyndaquil

  • Judgementxxx

    Why do you have so many???? Because it's Jujimufu that's why.

  • Stephen Waterman
    Stephen Waterman

    I would have assumed Ric Da Stic would have been cooler with Tom, but I guess it's business.

  • fusseltier

    Did not get the brand for the weightvest for the backflips. Any suggestions ? Good one Juji

  • Troy Dumont
    Troy Dumont

    Haven’t watched your uploads in a couple of months after waiting for the next video at one point. Sorry to hear your split with Tom, but I’m speechless at what you’ve created for yourself. Keep the train movin brotha! You’re doing fucking awesome for your future and there’s never going to be an end in sight with your motivation. Keep up the inspirational content man. You inspire a lot of people. 🤙

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Max leg band press


    Where can one Aquire those magnificent Shorts!!!!

  • Aspire

    I’m ready! Get some rest and bring it back with that big mindset!!!!

  • Sheinku

    14:20 Rick de la stick Erick Bugen Hagen the one and only. lesggoooooo

  • DancinNinja

    I can see the storm of massive mindset rising on the horizon!

  • Moors Hound
    Moors Hound

    Your going to need to invite Eddie Hall to come do some 1000kg press's

  • Small Crafts
    Small Crafts

    Can you back flip with ankle weigh

  • SuperAmazingAnt

    Clad to see a different type of videos, but lawsuit against your old friend, who is the majority owner in the company. Could you just said to him it fuckin over without the fucking lawsuit. Is that more like a bookkeepers job to handle the money stuff anyways? I despise people with lawsuits.

  • David Landry
    David Landry

    Didn't Kai Green do a backflip once when he was super big?

  • BathOLeastResistance

    Every video has felt so much more positive since the er... restructure. Also Camera Ma'am Sam films a lot more dogs... which also is a positive.

  • David Hale
    David Hale


  • Alex P
    Alex P


  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge

    My gym looks well equipped, but it doesn't have a hack squat or a safety squat bar, or even a power rack. Nor a T bar row and certainly not a levered squat. Great if it did.

  • Michael K Borozan
    Michael K Borozan

    Really jealous....ie hack squat...just not finding those in the gyms around me. Makes the rocks iron paradise seem anemic.

  • Exilor

    Thank you Juji for all these amazing video's! I really loved watching them and hope your break has been amazing so far

  • þ

    I’m 17 and pressing 8 plates on each side but it’s like a freak thing imo bc my squat is only like 250 without a belt at 5’10 and 183. It’s so odd

  • ItsCade

    when you hire an editor, this channel is going to become elite. Youre doing amazing work sir

  • Jonathan Roy
    Jonathan Roy

    At some point in life, I need a video of Brian Shaw working out at your new gym. :)

  • J Green
    J Green

    The Pokémon question had me cracking up, and when he actually answered...I lost it 🤣🤣🤣

  • mediumC

    Looking forward to Eric. Nobody could break in a gym better.

  • Jonathan Mata-Mohamed
    Jonathan Mata-Mohamed

    does Juji hang out with Tom still?

  • SoapSenpai

    Eric otw

  • pink alex047
    pink alex047


  • Ryan Lenartz
    Ryan Lenartz

    Get the kabuki flywheel training

  • M Izz
    M Izz

    Juji lowkey just preparing his gym for Brian Shaw

  • OneEarth Eddie
    OneEarth Eddie

    Bruh...the backflips...super impressive bruh fr fr...unreal