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  • Alexis Garcia
    Alexis Garcia

    you know the workers are mexican cuz they have banda on the background, arriba juarez

  • Xi PingPong
    Xi PingPong

    Well, fix it and come back when it's ready.

  • Dave Larkin
    Dave Larkin

    "Canadian's, they're weird"... Well... It's not like... I mean... sigh, yaaa.... We are....

  • Creative Reasons
    Creative Reasons

    Hey man, love the new content and its awesome to see the gym go together! just an FYI I see a slight error in your fist bumping skills at @2:00 you said that doesn't work but the bunny-ears to standard rock but this combo is the best of all! gotta go under the hand and boom you have the snail \\@

  • NBA/NFL Mixtapes
    NBA/NFL Mixtapes

    18:40. Mexican music playing in the background 😂 🇲🇽 💪

  • Ben Diesel
    Ben Diesel

    Im so jealous of those pull machines. This is the only gym Id ever pay a 1-day pass for.

  • gfh16

    Juji needs some Raza 🇲🇽to help him Finnish his gym They will get it done by noon and throw a carne asada for his post work our meal

    • The Iron Force
      The Iron Force

      😁😁 orale

  • Sal Manella
    Sal Manella

    Followed you for long time and this is also my dream but all my dream is to have a power rack and a 700 lbs Olympic weight I had an accident and I am poor at the moment lol but I like lifting weights and I live in mobile home lost my house due to so not good to do it in there I dead lifted 600 lbs and it went threw the floor lol so Kno I need to work out out side till my facial and sinus injury healed in 5 years awesome place awesome that your dream came true buddy I use to arm wrestle my father is an awesome arm wrestler from the 80s God bless John and yours beIN hurt and watching your videos have motivation me I'm lifting car motors scrap metal farm equipment untill I can afford rack and weights my spelling sucks from brain damage and I hate goin back to fix it lol

  • _ Attheveryend
    _ Attheveryend

    I feel like sam asks way more interesting lifter nerd questions that enlighten me.

  • Ron

    nothing but positive vibes and good luck to you.

  • Norberto Estrada
    Norberto Estrada

    Never thought I would hear banda in a juji video!

  • DarkDashV6

    Coming back to catch up on the past few months or so, and its great to see just how far you've come in these past two years. Been watching since November 2019 when I got my first pieces of equipment for my own home gym, and ever since then you've always been one of the few channels I kept coming back to as far as personalities within the fitness world go. Hope things continue to improve as things go forward.

  • Niggayoublack

    What kind of music is playing in the background?

  • Javier Quinteros Urzúa
    Javier Quinteros Urzúa

    I watched this video while doing squats.

  • EmilTorge

    try putting your legs over the cushions on the smith machine, instead of in between. Then you'll see why it only feels 9/10 ;) peace and love

  • Chris Reno
    Chris Reno

    I give this video a 9/10.

  • Mothafucka Jones
    Mothafucka Jones

    I've lost count of the Jujimufu nip slips

  • Godspawn

    Juji seem so much more comfortable without Tom! I'm so happy for you!

  • Jason Basner
    Jason Basner

    yall remember when tom talked about how busy he was from doing all the editing and that his editing style was too specific for anyone to replicate? yeah i think they're doing just fine without him lol There was also one video when juji was going through personal stuff and Tom like forced him to talk on camera, but then tom never had to talk about his stuff? so weird. this channel came back better than i could have hoped for

  • Phoenix Fitness
    Phoenix Fitness

    if Maxx doesn't get a text back what hope do the rest of us have!

  • Cole McPherson
    Cole McPherson

    How dare you mock us Canadians sir! I'll have you know. That the best part of Christmas is the unwrap wraping segment right after the igloo run. Then we sit around the fire and tell our favorite Canadian Christmas story's while we drink our 6% beer. Best watch what you say eh. Before we come over there and cover your gym in maple syrup. Have a good day, Sorry. Eh.

  • epic bystander
    epic bystander

    Congratulations! Looking forward to see new techniques and videos lol.

  • Nederria M
    Nederria M

    *Juji, this black and gold equipment is a designer’s paradise. Please do something AWESOME with the decor* 😍😍😍

  • Chris Mejia
    Chris Mejia

    i like sam she’s cool

  • ww ww
    ww ww

    The ultimate warehouse gym, I bet this stuff costs more than a big house.

  • Juksteri

    Is there going to be some acoustics stuff for the walls and ceiling? That place gonna echo a lot if not. Would make the videos sound so much better.

  • Phawx


  • Никита Матвеев
    Никита Матвеев

    18:50 It's definitely Mel Gibson disguising as Juji!😂

  • DrSteadyMobbin

    Wasn’t close enough sam lmao

  • OpTic Miguel
    OpTic Miguel

    The bangers in the background😂😂

  • Deven Ruane
    Deven Ruane

    "I see you watching!" lol

  • Santiago Adonis
    Santiago Adonis

    you dont know how much i want to see how sam looks

  • JonJo Carroll
    JonJo Carroll

    On the decline bench press machine I think your legs are supposed to go over the top of the first cushion and under the further one. Whereas you had it the other way around

    • JonJo Carroll
      JonJo Carroll

      Oh wait just watched further into video and you corrected it haha my bad

  • J Duffy
    J Duffy

    Can someone fill me in on the Tom situation?

  • Bloodbow Games
    Bloodbow Games

    I'm going to miss the contractors, we won't get anymore Mexican banger songs in the background

  • Tylar ence
    Tylar ence

    Sam has really stepped up to help the channel and her laugh is so awesome. I really need to buy your books juji sorry I haven't yet but after times aren't so rough I will but I'm glad you guys are back with wholesome content to help us get through tough times and make us want to work out and improve ourselves (even legs) .

  • Tane


  • True Viking
    True Viking

    You could say... Your gym has 99 problems but Sam ain't one

  • Marius Barnard
    Marius Barnard

    Sam is a great Camera Woman and the commentary from her is awesome 😄 so glad we get to watch the real Juji again 😁

  • UFCTroll

    That closeup at 07:00 was holarious. I almost fell of the chair laughing. Well played Sam. Love the new videos!

  • VGA Port Authority
    VGA Port Authority

    The video quality on that camera is fucking great.

  • stormbringer

    just polish the concrete man. it would look great.

  • Poul Wrist
    Poul Wrist

    Hope you get some good acoustic dampening in there and don't end up with the echo chamber that Brian has :S

  • Angelina Sta. Maria
    Angelina Sta. Maria


  • Tigerjuhhh

    Once upon a time there was Pimp my ride. Now its Pimp my Gym staring Jujimufu as Xzibit.

  • Spam Food
    Spam Food

    Santiago is the MVP of this video.

  • WeStandWithPresidentTrump

    thumbs up on the vid. Got to be patient but I can't wait to see the gym finished. If I had a gym like what you are building, I would be living in there more than my own house. with all the multiple workout equipment, And then a whole kitchen, a fridge, stove, you can cook, make protein drinks, etc, a bar, sound system, even have like a hot tub and a tub where you can make an ice bath to cool down after intense workout, bro, I would not want to leave lol.

  • Matthew Mahlen
    Matthew Mahlen

    I just gotta say Sam is a badass but also the example you guys are setting as a relationship is contagious. Thank you SAM and Thank you JUJI.

  • Randolph Butler
    Randolph Butler

    Good progress. All the best!

  • Sean Freites
    Sean Freites

    A suggestion and a plea for future calaboration, The Flowing Dutchman (Harbert), I feel like you could teach him some cool things about tricking, grip and body building and he can teach you about different kinds of flow with mace, clubs kettlebells and rope as well as other ancient forms of fitness.

  • Matt Light
    Matt Light

    your "home" gym is better than most commercial gyms

  • Kyler-Quinton Christensen
    Kyler-Quinton Christensen

    That rear delt machine looks amazing lol

  • Daniel Chang
    Daniel Chang

    nice video

  • Buy_DogeCoin

    been watching sense the beginning love you bud hope the future is dope


    Dude the machines are like a body builders dream

  • Ruslan gamer
    Ruslan gamer

    А куда пропал второй худой??

  • dlroto

    Juji you need to get some regupol flooring in there.

  • TJ.Lazer

    I like all the background noise for some reason.

  • Tylar Espinosa
    Tylar Espinosa

    Sams energy matches gym cats and compliments jujis. I love this resurrection of classic juji.

  • Leyland Foizey
    Leyland Foizey

    Main quest: locate press machine Bonus: locate CHEST press machine

  • Dustin

    Yes it does have a big problem. It seems your friend tom had been missing

  • John Hickman
    John Hickman

    At first I thought, wow all that gym equipment has to be super expensive. Then on this video all I can think is wow, all that lumber has to be super expensive

  • Julio Estrada
    Julio Estrada

    Juji your such a nice guy for allowing someone else to try the machines first.

  • Senshi_Tf

    Alternate titel: suffering from success

  • Chris;Coelho

    Canadians.....They walk among us O_O

  • Brandon D
    Brandon D

    This video quality and sound is the best so far, not sure if you did something different but keep it up man!

  • SuccessMenu

    I like this new style of filming. They aren't so hectic like the old videos. TY Juji and Sam!

  • Steven Brumbaugh
    Steven Brumbaugh

    I think I recently became a bigger fan just because of all of the metal gear I keep seeing your friends wearing. The world needs more heavy metal influencers.

  • GaLoS

    I love watching construction jobs progress. Film all the work, time lapses!

  • Kyle Britt
    Kyle Britt

    7:00 TFW that Taco Bell cheat meal is winning the fight in your gut...

  • jetcape15

    These are like... the creme de la creme of gym machines. This is going to be a bomb ass gym when it's done.

  • RamblinAround

    Really liking this recent content. It just seems more personal and not over produced. Glad to see your dream gym coming together.

    • Wickd Ghost
      Wickd Ghost

      It's like there's something different or missing that makes it better? Huh. What a concept

  • trancehound

    I think we've found Randy's new name. Full Rom Randy.

  • Einstein0808

    I've been watching your videos everyday since like a week or so. Keep it up!! Love the videos.

  • Andrew G
    Andrew G

    Great video!

  • Alexander C
    Alexander C

    i am actually seriously impressed by the build of these machines. German or Italian I reckon?

    • The Iron Force
      The Iron Force


  • Supplement God
    Supplement God

    For once juji got Mexican on the channel 😂👍🏽only reason I know is because when he was pressing you can hear Banda 😂

  • Alex Agudelo
    Alex Agudelo

    Cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake

  • solomon goldsmith
    solomon goldsmith

    I hear Mexican music

  • DCO graphicstudio
    DCO graphicstudio

    Make sure you cover everything during drywall time. they will get dust everywhere including the equipment.

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard

    I love how much fun you were having unwrapping the machines! You’re like a kid in a candy shop!!! Could you make the text that pops up on the screen during the videos a little longer? It can kinda be hard to read at times because of how quick it goes. Thanks for the fun videos juji

  • Will

    7:00 Bless Juji and his beautiful face ty Sam

  • Nate Wrye
    Nate Wrye

    Randy is dope, hope he continues to be in the content

  • Wannadosth


  • Peter A
    Peter A

    Anyone have any guesses how much this gym cost juji? Just for fun lol. I’m thinking like 150k?

  • Corey Hardwick
    Corey Hardwick

    Juji, just wanted to let you know your videos have helped me a lot while I've been in a depressive slump. Thanks, I appreciate you.

  • Chad Dickens
    Chad Dickens

    I'm looking forward to seeing what this gym comes out like. Those have got to be the coolest machines I've ever seen. And as always Juji I think this is the biggest I've ever seen you lmao

  • A Cyborg Trickster Grope
    A Cyborg Trickster Grope

    Holy cow you have some amazing equipment

  • Adam Tilley
    Adam Tilley

    Sam busting out the fancy lingo

  • Georg F
    Georg F

    Sam: Uses fitness and bodybuilding jargon. Juji: What's that? What do you mean?

  • XxPowerTrainingxX

    I just got my Jujimufu pants I ordered! These are even better than I had hoped for, I'm so excited to train in them 😍

  • UponGiantsShoulders

    Sam is hilarious, love her commentary in the last couple vids!

  • James O
    James O

    Man, I can't wait to see this gym finished, and I'll never use it. I can only imagine how excited and anxious for it Juji is.

  • Thomas

    Awesome content Juji, been following since 2017. Love you dude.

  • I Canned Peach
    I Canned Peach


  • Javier Cruz
    Javier Cruz

    sam should do the commentating with her nice voice

  • Angel Ripoll
    Angel Ripoll

    03:37 Sam: "It looks like a little taint" 😄