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  • preston shirley
    preston shirley

    It also looks like you could more effectively spot your partner by lifting on the other handles instead of their wrist or elbows.

  • 4corners

    That looks like a great product. I want them asap

  • Spikee

    this seems ducking smart

  • Mr. Meanor
    Mr. Meanor

    big brother teaching little brother

  • Oppa Dane TV
    Oppa Dane TV

    Someone blesse me I want these two 50 Lbs kind of dumbels seen on the video i wish to have these dumbbells. 💕

  • Mokxa Fitness
    Mokxa Fitness

    Someone who is focused to use physics in his equipment design, deserves my money

  • Greg Castro
    Greg Castro

    Ok…these are awesome and I can totally see the value. I am all for creativity for new products and advancements in the fitness industry. But almost $400 for a 30lb pair seems ridiculous. The fault is not solely on Kabuki though. Everything in the fitness industry is severely overpriced.

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    At first i said wtf...seems like looking for a solution when there isnt a problem. Yet i understand the torque force in the curl.. The only problem is how does the salesperson convey this to potential buyers that grew up with round dumb do you convince gym owners? Science is fun..but it seems like a hard sell to a general audience

  • Andy Preston
    Andy Preston

    I can do this with a kettle bell…. Have been for a while…

  • D- Money
    D- Money

    I legit thought the thumbnail was 2 pictures of juji

  • Andre Poli
    Andre Poli

    I think Juji could benefit from a small back pad when training chest.

  • clayton harvey
    clayton harvey

    Juji: I need to write this down

  • Andrew Pruett
    Andrew Pruett

    Not a fan of the commercial

  • The Truth
    The Truth

    You’re jacked right now , what’s your cycle ? Serious.

  • Daniel Donker
    Daniel Donker

    This is just one big commercial. I kept thinking he was gonna say "call in the next 10 minutes and you'll get, not one, not two, but there pairs of kyubells for just four easy payments of $19.99. that's three pairs for the price of one!"

  • bate181

    Feels like an infomercial

  • Mike Steffensen
    Mike Steffensen

    I love how Juji still dont know how they work!

  • Starmage Seer
    Starmage Seer

    Wow these look awesome I can feel the crazy arm numbing pump already !

  • David Hirst
    David Hirst

    He is like the brother from another mother.

  • You Okay Buddy Fitness
    You Okay Buddy Fitness

    chris lost so much weight

  • srgthsrghsfgthsrghsdr

    Brothers from another monthers

  • ajtaleri

    Well. I think I know what I’m buying myself for Christmas.

  • Valente de Jesús
    Valente de Jesús

    Aaaah yes the Kyubells. It seems like they're going to take off, however there are better options than Kabuki's. There are loadable options with plates designed for it. For Kabuki's you need a pair (not cheap BTW) for every weight increment like with fixed dumbbells.

  • Grim reaper
    Grim reaper

    I think painting the weight (thicker) portion red would help keep up with orientation than just having it blend in with the rest. Just a glance you know where you are instead of having to search for it.

  • OzzyAthlete

    i want it 😫

  • bbs540

    I understand it's his product and he's excited about it, but he was trying WAY too hard to sell it

  • Michael

    Might just have to ask for these kyubells as a Christmas or birthday present. Absolutely NEED to try those flyes/presses

  • darcy ungaro
    darcy ungaro

    he's Juji's bald cousin.. llol. dude

  • Rhevl

    So this is what Nick Rochefort would look like if he worked out.

  • Blackneeyz Productions
    Blackneeyz Productions

    this guys such a sick scientist

  • Chris Rinaldi
    Chris Rinaldi

    A welcome reinvention of kettlebell.

  • Andy Heilmann
    Andy Heilmann

    Nice vid, interesting product

  • Battle Ax
    Battle Ax

    Unfortunately there probably expensive. There very cool though

  • Terribadguy

    His back piece is sweet

  • Sean Crawford
    Sean Crawford

    Is that your real dad?

  • Nimton

    "Short on top and leave it longer on the sides please"

  • MZI

    Nice way to "copy" Adjustable Triads from Havak and just give it a cool name.

  • Tom Heath
    Tom Heath

    $1800 to not have to change dumbells for drop sets...... Yeh, i think i'll pass on that! Especially when the link makes chrome scream DANGER!!

  • Brendon Wharton
    Brendon Wharton

    Juji getting big AF! More gainz than last time!

  • Paul Canni
    Paul Canni

    We have something similar in Australia it’s called the y bell!

  • DaddyDankMemes

    This video was literally just one big advertisement for a gimmicky product

  • Ben

    They actually deleted my comment lmao, just buy Y dumbbells off Amazon it's cheaper and doesn't cost over $1600 for a set lol

  • pessumpower


  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    I like the concept and they are good for people who like grip stuff cause that is where the idea breaks down is when your brio can't handle the hard elongated positions. They should have also shown how the moment arm changes when simply grab it by other grips but maintain the position. Like when you just rotate it but keep it far away.

  • Zack Volturo
    Zack Volturo

    The hole in the middle looks great for t-bar rows

  • Jose Nivlag
    Jose Nivlag

    Eric Bugenhagen should be testing these. Video would me more entertaining and less like an infomercial.

  • D's Performance
    D's Performance

    After watching this I will be getting these for sure! Look sick :D

  • William Aron Chapman Jr.
    William Aron Chapman Jr.

    Hey Fuji, love your content and your products but I do have one issue.. the spongy grippy stuff on your Rick roller sucks, after the first session it got loose, after a few weeks it became a mess and I had to pull it off, it really needs an upgrade, other then that it's a great device

  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    That was a smooth looking flat kyübells fly! Textbook material

  • James Reece
    James Reece

    Havak (the manufacturer) makes an adjustable version of these as well

  • how not to game
    how not to game

    Juji looking lean man. Looking good

  • T River
    T River

    Those are going to sell out fast

  • Pekka Laitinen
    Pekka Laitinen

    There's more veins in this video than there are atoms in the universe

  • The ice king
    The ice king

    You know he ain't giving up his dumbbells for these lol

  • Ken Hsu
    Ken Hsu

    lol at first I thought it's juji x 2!

  • DaytimeSpecial

    15 minute infomercial

  • J F
    J F

    Ahh statics and dynamics

  • Foo Bar
    Foo Bar

    Damn.. been trying to get those bowflex dumbells just to save space but it looks like a pair of 10-15 in these would be way more than enough for the casual workouts that I do! Thanks for sharing.

  • SmileyCoyote


  • You Have Greatness Inside You
    You Have Greatness Inside You

    Death star delts MPMD: 👀

  • Bulkbu

    this thing is one of those gadgets nobody need but is cute to have xD

    • HAVAK

      well, considering guys like chris + mark bell, donnie thompson and the late charles poliquin all own some, they may beg to differ on your "gadget" remark. that said, hopefully one day you will have the opportunity to train with them to experience how effective they truly are

  • Chris Hayes
    Chris Hayes

    What would be the difference between this and just holding a kettlebell with different grips? Eg, with the weight hanging below the handle as normal, upside with the weight above the handle, the weight behind the handle and resting on your wrist, the weight out in front of you, etc? I honestly cannot see how it would be different.

  • Quesodilla

    This dudes on Crack

  • TransformX

    I checked all my subscriptions box... I can't find this video! F... FIshows.

  • Terry Smith
    Terry Smith

    I wonder how everyone here feels about Arnold running his mouth.

  • HazardousFrk

    DUDE! You should invite Katelyn Ohashi on to do some tricking.

  • Bombastic420

    This guy looks like an older and more manly Alexis from Reddit.

  • Johnny B
    Johnny B

    Them shorts are something else only you could get away with that. Lol

  • MrTingles

    i invented something akin to this by accident when i taped two plastic bottles together as a poor man's dumbbell and filled them with sand...

  • Joshua Robielos
    Joshua Robielos

    These weights are very versatile. It's applying basic physics just like calisthenics: changing the leverage.

    • Tom Heath
      Tom Heath


  • walker22949

    Chris' eyes are of the man who is bursting at the seams with information to share but has to try and tone it back before he turns into the mad scientist.

  • Đức Trần
    Đức Trần

    I don't want to be a smartass but this is a Y-bell with the inner handle cut off.

    • HAVAK

      this design was originally release nearly 10 years ago

  • D Lenny
    D Lenny

    That shaved head mullet is on point

  • MrThing14life

    This is one very long video explaining how GRAVITY works............... Durrrr weights heavier when holding the longer your arms are down/over extended......... water is wet

  • Jayde Ochinero
    Jayde Ochinero

    Wth is that jujis lost brother

  • SuperUltraMegaMike

    ever considered doing some skateboarding? could be interesting

  • Yup

    Favorite bodybuilder FIshows star glad to see everything keeps moving forward

  • Lukas MacAulay
    Lukas MacAulay

    Chris used his time on Jujis channel as an infomercial .. Smart, really.

  • chris kozlowski
    chris kozlowski

    no comments on BTC? thought we'd see something from you .

  • J R
    J R

    I keep losing track of who is who. Juji needs to wear a bright pink singlet so we can differentiate them better.

  • Mayabang

    When you stick it in a barbell you could use it as a grip forT grip barbelll rows

    • HAVAK

      as well as for landmine work

  • Kenshar1984

    Dont get me wrong I still love this channel... But it is a completely different mood/feel than the old channel. I keep catching myself wondering what's changed... then I remember and have a plethora of mixed emotions. I know it had to happen... but damn... :/

  • stoo bee
    stoo bee

    Was so keen to buy a set, then I saw the price.... wow.

  • E. Simon
    E. Simon

    Duffin’s hair is legendary 😩

  • xamot80

    It's a good alternative. But personally not at $1800 The havak triad adjustable dumbell are the same concept of leverage resistance , can add weight plates unlike these and are $600 for a pair.

    • HAVAK

      much like an 'fixed' to 'adjustable' comparison, they are tailored to different people's needs / resources

  • Brian Ferry
    Brian Ferry

    Chris looks like he’s got a little crazy in his eyes. One of my favorite people in the industry. Such a savage.

  • LordDarkHelmet

    He looks like your brother lol, kinda weird .

  • Not the D0D
    Not the D0D

    Juju I must say the shoulders are looking immaculate, amazing job, keep it up, thanks for the great content

    • Jujimufu


  • Jw Anderson
    Jw Anderson

    As someone with Ehlers Danlos... This is really really interesting to me! I still workout, but knowing that I could stair step a 10lb dumb bell... I really want to try these!

  • Tom Abramoff
    Tom Abramoff

    annnnnnnd sold out :( when grip genie was sold out of there forearm grower I made my own. Might have to figure out how to make my own set of kyubells now

  • Non' AchYourbusiness
    Non' AchYourbusiness

    Chris has a unique insane and friendly intensity in his eyes

  • JACK

    Slide them onto the barbell and use them as handles. You don't need much weight if any, just keep composure and grip. Trust. Big burn.

  • Alexander Coburn
    Alexander Coburn

    How much are they? Can't find any price except for the full set. 🤔

  • Necros1s

    Those are so cool! Duffin is a genius!

  • Bulk Brogan
    Bulk Brogan

    Kyúbell on a barbell is perfect for one armed landmine lifts

  • NormalStyleCrew

    bending solid bars

  • ZeroHoots Given
    ZeroHoots Given

    Yo this is the funniest shit I've ever seen, juji is just constantly like "yeah, no shit these pieces of metal do not impress me" and the dudes like BUT YOU CAN HOLD IT LIKE THIS and juji trying to be polite like "WHOAA YOU CAN DO THAT WITH THEM TOO?" What a shiesty little man juji has working out with him

    • HAVAK

      anyone with an understanding of the equipment and or strength game would never label chris as "shiesty" or "little'. that said, please be sure to share details about your two world records, highly respected multi-million dollar company and biography that has inspired thousands

  • Wade Riggle
    Wade Riggle

    Okay so these look useful and efficient- but 2 grand for a set of essentially fancy dumbbells is legitimately outrageous.

    • FragilE

      Two grand?!?

    • HAVAK

      the pricing is comparable to other american made, commercial grade, fixed dumbbells, yet their versatility is far greater which for many equals greater value

  • Ibex Souther
    Ibex Souther

    Here's a thought. You can mix together isometric, concentric, and plyometric tension my adding a band through the round holes. And specific for the deadlift just load chains and chains and chains. 120lbs on the initial upward thrust and do like a 725lbs lockout. Deadlifts are scary mostly during the bottom portion of the lift but just make lockoutlifts a thing.

    • HAVAK

      great observation (as that is one of the multiple reasons why the hole is there)

  • not2stupidguitar

    these two could be brothers