IFBB Pro Bodybuilder vs Amateur Bodybuilder
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  • Dragon Boner
    Dragon Boner

    Jordan looks like he was bigger legs/glutes and bigger traps than juji but besides that they look pretty even. Keep up the good work juji!

  • Dragon Boner
    Dragon Boner

    Jordan looks like he was bigger legs and bigger traps than juji but besides that they look pretty even. Keep up the good work juji!

  • jake

    I think juji got this one

  • Soul

    i wonder how juji is gonna place

  • Vladimir Strangar
    Vladimir Strangar

    Well done guys I actually enjoyed the posedown 💪💪💪


    I did not know how important breathing was as a teenager... until I woke up passed out in the tub after "posing" in the mirror.

  • Josh Manning
    Josh Manning

    Kinda gay watching this

  • SkaterLauro

    I guess i'm too used to watching the top level guys but these guys look pretty meh instertion and genetics wise

  • Krishna Rai
    Krishna Rai

    other guys legs are huge

  • Graham Van Dyke
    Graham Van Dyke

    Have you guys ever noticed how people look WAY more naked if they're wearing trunks + shoes as opposed to trunks + no shoes?

  • Max Eaves
    Max Eaves

    Ranson has the best physique.

  • Peter J
    Peter J

    One might say Juji needs more mass in his legs/chest/etc. to be more competitive but honestly I hope he keeps his physique the way it is now regardless of how he places in comp. He still looks huge, very well conditioned, yet still "normal" enough to not look uncomfortable or be out of breath walking around in public.

  • Sven Stromblaad
    Sven Stromblaad

    Jordans outer sway is pretty damn impressive

  • Lake Blackfeather
    Lake Blackfeather

    Juji is almost right there. Just a little more mass and I think he's got his pro card.

  • Juan Daniel Dobre Espinosa
    Juan Daniel Dobre Espinosa

    Juji... I am a fan of yours but 22 minutes of men in bikinis I just can`t watch ...

  • Joe R
    Joe R

    Juji, you really should get your hernia fixed after your show.

  • John Newell
    John Newell

    Damn JUJI looking good. Idk how, but your waist is looking so much flatter and smaller, and delts are insane as always, congrats!

  • John Newell
    John Newell

    Idk If juji has ever addressed this, but ive always noticed what looks like a pretty bad quad tear on his left leg. as far back as i can think

  • NightUniverse

    Bodybuilder pros all have palumboism guts

  • Depth Klocke
    Depth Klocke

    Juji's biceps look as big if not bigger than his actual triceps. It's crazy. I think that might just be how his leverages generally are. Genetics or whatever. They always say the triceps are the bigger muscle group, but i dont think that's guaranteed for everyone. tho they could just be roughly around the same size and i woodnt know.

    • Depth Klocke
      Depth Klocke

      really had the best looking lat insertions though. Thats another thing people say actually travel all the way down to your hips. but regardless of whether or not the connections are there, the actual muscle belly on those nerve lines, are still going to be different for everybody. They look really high on Ranson, and with jordan next to juji, jordan's lats look as if they're not as well developed because of that, just on the front. And yet when they do latspreads, Juji's upper traps are probably the only ones that don't roll over or depress to actually get wide for a lat spread. His legs really aren't the best, but for what he has, his quarter turn pose looks really good for his build and everything. He looks like he's wide from front to back, as much as he is left and right.

  • Naratis

    I feel like you need to try to bring your shoulder back and your chest up a bit more, you look more hunched in comparison and it also sometimes reduces the aesthetic. Also it's crazy how clean Jordan looks! ALSO also the other guy with the power lifting experience has a slimmer waist than both of you which was a bit unexpected for me

  • Daniel Martinez
    Daniel Martinez

    juji in offseason up the gear, up the calories, and up the intensity. Your time will come. train those legs hard bud THAT SHOULD BE OFFSEASON PRIORITY #1. Best of wishes

  • Johan

    The tricep flex they did before the side tricep was really effective! Something similar for bicep could maybe work?

  • Terrible Willen
    Terrible Willen

    This was interesting. Small instructions made big improvements. Good job;)

  • Danny Kristiansen
    Danny Kristiansen

    You actually had the best side chest and side triceps. The guy on the left has beastly legs tho

  • Thomas Ullmann
    Thomas Ullmann

    Juji's gone from having one of the worst cores to one of the best.

  • Peter Martin
    Peter Martin

    JUJI seems to be rushing into poses whereas Ranson and Jordan take a few more seconds to get poses right and also don't have to hold pose as long. Jujis chest does not pop as well as it should in side pose.

  • iJamessss

    Referring to yourself as an amateur is such an unintentional clickbait lol! You’re the peoples pro juji!!!!’

  • Kirb-Stomp

    Freakin siiiick. Aesthetics like crazy. Hey, what's the name of that/those song(s)? Was a real banger, reminded me of Doom.

  • Dylan b
    Dylan b

    Jordan's got some crazy wheels on him!

  • LycaonsMemories

    the socks are killing me, i dont know why.. the shoes arent bothering me but ugh the socks lol

  • IPD training motivation
    IPD training motivation

    Juji shoulders, ab condioning, side poses, good job 👏 👍🏼 👌🏼 Juji great vid! Great posing from the guys too!

  • Kane Austin
    Kane Austin

    I dont know much about judging but jujis back seemed great next to these pros.

  • notinterested

    damn brother. you're awesome. but legs at 60% of theirs.

  • DrHideInet

    The poses really do be starting from the feet upwards

    • Jujimufu

      70 videos filming later since March. Nope. I don't think she will. 😉

  • Wittes & Antoinette Beukes
    Wittes & Antoinette Beukes

    juiji can do good as a bodybuilder but he would have to work harder maybe became genetics and his chest tho

  • Kay Bakkali
    Kay Bakkali

    Juji's back is insane. These guys are clearly bigger but his back can go round for round with them. Thats impressive

  • Crognjo Harding
    Crognjo Harding

    Juji absolutely smashing it in every way possible and vids just keep getting better even re watching recent vids aswell great people great guest just amazing to watch

  • J Benoit
    J Benoit

    I haven't been around for a large part of this year. Sam is amazing behind the camera and whoever is doing the editing is doing a beautiful job. The feel of these videos is really positive, energetic, informative and entertaining. The channel is really finding stride with the new direction!

  • Nullvektor

    This is the perfect example of how correct posing can make you look much bigger.

  • Fabian Gobet
    Fabian Gobet

    all of you look awesome!

  • swedroot

    Just to be completely overly-critical of someone who has done an amazing job; I'd say bringing up quads (sweep) and arms slightly (because of your freaky shoulders and lats) would make proportions look perfect but honestly, amazing job!

    • swedroot

      Absolutely holding your own here, so impressive!

    • swedroot

      Having said that, perhaps turning out the feet slightly more would fix the quad sweep

  • Christopher H
    Christopher H

    OMG!!!!! POOR JUJIMUFU, aged by 50 years, what a sad world.

  • Olivia Zajac
    Olivia Zajac

    Juji you need your own dad shoes to remind you to build your poses from the ground up ;)

  • bonecollector1968

    Juji looks good. Honestly the show will be a good learning experience, for sure. Posing with these other 2 guys you can see what's lacking in Juji. I'm no judge, but Jujis back and shoulders dominate. Very good back. The things needing improvement are the triceps, chest and legs. Good luck

  • Francois Theron
    Francois Theron

    If you can get your legs bigger, you'd get your pro card in no time. Should help with your deadlift goals too.

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    9:20 blast beat pumping in the background

  • Hossak 2014
    Hossak 2014

    Awesome video. Great to see you guys learning off each other!

  • Haris Ibrahim Marketing
    Haris Ibrahim Marketing

    Juji slowly turning into a buff albino version of the singer from Death Grips

  • MrGreggsy

    This was some of your best posing yet juji, some really good tips from the guys 👍

  • Cradiak Drumz
    Cradiak Drumz

    What is the bump on juji's abs from?

  • MrFatbard

    lol that guys legs look like sacks of meat

  • PineCone

    Isn't it a bit weird for sam to be in a room full of naked dudes? Ok she must see juji like this more than any other way but...

    • Penderyn Lewsyn
      Penderyn Lewsyn

      Tribes in desert areas look like this

  • Tony Sims
    Tony Sims

    Chest, Lower Back, and Legs...everything else is comparable and stage ready.

  • Denise Smith
    Denise Smith

    I was away for a few weeks because my very pregnant daughter was on bed rest, and I come back to a thinner, yet so very well defined Juju. What the heck did you do?!?!

  • Denise Smith
    Denise Smith

    Good Lord, Juji! You guys have thighs bigger around than my waist! Super impressive!

  • penisbutt

    But what's the story?

  • warrencr86

    Juji is looking awesome!

  • TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions
    TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions

    Jujis core is crazy

  • Kriptor Knight
    Kriptor Knight

    It's more like spot the better pro 💪

  • Joshua Sturtevant
    Joshua Sturtevant

    I think a really valuable and maybe overlooked tip is to "make yourself wide" because when flexing your natural instinct is to squeeze everything together but Juji looks so much bigger when he remembers to bring those shoulders down and out especially during front poses! Also wtf Ransons waist is smaaaaall small

  • Colton Tackett
    Colton Tackett

    Jujis upper body 100% is on par,, gotta keep growing those legs brother

  • Big Stank
    Big Stank

    Legs and fullness brother.

  • Taylor Taylor
    Taylor Taylor

    Didn’t he used to have a camera guy or partner or something?

  • Kodie James
    Kodie James

    Juji, i think I speak for everyone when I say I am so proud of you! You're ability to give us content despite everything the last year has been incredible and your constant positive energy has been uplifting. You look awesome for your first show!!

  • ConfusedOilPainter

    Much prefer whoever this woman is to that cringey guy who stole cash from you. Way to go hiring a good replacement. Or is she your wife? Either way the content is just as good as it ever was which is awesome. Thanks

  • Andrew Gilbertson
    Andrew Gilbertson

    Well done Juji

  • Caio AGB
    Caio AGB

    Thong song.mp3

  • englishjake

    From the back it's comparable, but he's got you in the front Juji.

  • 19UCS002 Jashaswimalya Acharjee
    19UCS002 Jashaswimalya Acharjee

    Is it me or Juji's Quads look Shrunken down???

  • Deus Vult
    Deus Vult

    I love Juji, but the fluent and agile movements from his "competitor" have way more flow and "charm" or experience so to speak. I wish all the best and hope the experience is going to transfer to results in the upcoming years!

  • Alex S.
    Alex S.

    Great comparisons! 3 things I noticed that make the pros stand out more. When they do the side tricep, the way they turn their upper body makes them appear much wider than Juji. Juji looks a little scrunched up. 2nd thing is the roundness and fullness of the pecs. Juji is lean as hell, but needs more "pop" to his pecs. 3rd and biggest thing is the difference in legs. Like Juji said in the vid, absolutely mogged. Juji needs way more VMO at the very least. Both pros have a ton of mass hanging off the knee and big balloon quads. Juji has the barnacled / feathered look to his legs, which is great, but the actual size difference is very noticeable. It may be worth while to drop conventional squatting and find an exercise that hammers the VMO and make it a primary target.

  • DWS Outdoors
    DWS Outdoors

    John I love how much you have learned and continue to learn! That is very respectable! On a side note your conditioning is ON POINT! Keep it up and keep working on that lower half and you'll be a force on stage!

  • Erdenee Tuvshuu
    Erdenee Tuvshuu

    Sometimes I wonder why am I watching bunch of buff dudes pretty much naked, flexing. gachiBASS

  • squirtlepower

    Damn that dude makes Juji leg's look skinny.

  • Olivier Seurin
    Olivier Seurin

    In a fight Ranson would probably break in half because his waist couldn't support the forces his arms and legs can produce XD

  • R H
    R H

    Did you all give eachother a quick pump before the cam

  • Matt Kwok
    Matt Kwok

    I don't care what others say or if it's important, Juji's forearms are monstrous.

  • I am that guy
    I am that guy

    Wow, just those little tips and pointers they gave juji made him look great while posing

  • Truffs

    Damn! Juji's rear delt is so massive and round that he looks like Mr. Mime during the glutes and hams pose.

  • Gururaj Koni
    Gururaj Koni

    Why you're abs are uneven

    • Rage

      genetics bro

  • Josh Tocker
    Josh Tocker

    Juji could go pro now.

  • Jean Arthur
    Jean Arthur

    My other account was shadowbanned from commenting on this channel, I wonder why that is

  • Derrek Petroff
    Derrek Petroff

    Weird you are way more jacked but legs look small and pecs... dafuq

  • Aidan Griffiths
    Aidan Griffiths

    Looking pretty good juji 💪 legs need a bit of development but pretty good overall

  • New Finish Auto Spa
    New Finish Auto Spa

    Great job Juji! As if you don’t know already…more quads and more pecs

  • Alejandro Viloria Páez
    Alejandro Viloria Páez

    Juji is a sponge, got all the tips nailed down during the video. He is going to rock that meet. Amazing.

  • Elijah Marchi
    Elijah Marchi

    You look phenomal brother! Keep it up

  • CPTNProduce

    Chest higher. God can't see you.

  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan

    For Juji I would recommend saline injections on competition day!

  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan

    They guy in the green bikini is the biggest! It would be funny and awesome if their package stood up straight.

  • Hulk Hogan
    Hulk Hogan

    I wonder if they use a vacuum pump on their package before competition.

  • Sarah White
    Sarah White

    Dude u look ill have a God dam burger

  • pantheist46n2

    Juji's lats tho

  • Mason Prophet
    Mason Prophet

    Bodybuilders be like: Manly Muscles Manly Muscles Manly Muscles Manly Muscles Manly Muscles Juicy Butt Manly Muscles Manly Muscles Manly Muscles

  • james courts
    james courts

    3:12-3:25 juji looks badass/scary. He just needs an axe and he’d look like a Viking

  • Aniket Sharma
    Aniket Sharma

    Back double bicep was nice juji

  • Aaron

    idk if its just the camera, but at 10:44 juji’s right shoulder looks uneven compared to the left. it just looks a little more shrugged up maybe and it also looked like that in some of the bicep poses

  • thomholio

    A sport as old as humanity itself: Flexing with the bro’s!

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    Ranson looks like he just needs a few coats of spray tan and is ready to go. How do you have striated glutes that far out?