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  • elitefts

    The Z-Row was awesome to watch come to life! This was so much fun!

    • Jim The Boomer
      Jim The Boomer

      You are a legend Dave this is awesome

    • Jesus Jesus
      Jesus Jesus

      ☀️ Friend, life is not easy, ✍️ believe God & Jesus, 🙏 believe justice, 🥇 🌏 make our earth better, ✨ make our life better, ⛳️ 🍹 love people, help people, 🌟 better development in 2021.


      Zydrunas Row. wait

    • TryingBrian

      You guys are the mad genius of inventing exercises!

  • MacAaroni

    This was so fun to watch! This really needs to be a thing where a bunch of you fitness guys get together and try to make new exercises and challenge each other.

  • Mark Brown
    Mark Brown

    You and Joey should come back there and create new exercises and make long video like the leg day obliteration video

  • Joonas Antinaho
    Joonas Antinaho

    I think weithglifters are fun people..but that is ARE WERY HC sport,weithgliftin or powerlifting!!keep rocking man!!

  • Frederik Gulstad
    Frederik Gulstad


  • Jalen Daniels
    Jalen Daniels

    talk about an INSANE contraction on those back exercises man. holy shit

  • BillStrat

    Great! I love the new Juji channel! Sam, Brian, crossover with EliteFTS and Mountaindog. Keep this going! Z Row, Juji Row, Hyper Trophy, awesome stuff! Nice balance between serious work and humor. I look forward to future crossover vids!

  • Pine cone
    Pine cone

    Dave says carabiner with so much emphasis, I almost feel like he’s calling me a slur LMFAO

  • Yee Yee
    Yee Yee

    Industrial accident lol this is serious lifting Sam shut up

  • rosgill6

    2:30 scapular retractions with strap?

  • Claimed_Nag23! Cryonicsumo1598
    Claimed_Nag23! Cryonicsumo1598

    No The ghost pull Poltergeist pull Or cobra row. (Cobras don’t have arms) Top three that sound catchy and work sorta

  • Evan Moser
    Evan Moser

    Anybody else notice Juji’s insane lat pump from beginning to end of the video? Holy moly.

  • Father Theodore
    Father Theodore

    I would call the EliteFTS gym the Mecca of all gyms.

  • Anthony Novak
    Anthony Novak

    Armless row drop set looks fucking brutal

  • Ryan

    sams giggle is the best

  • Garage Gym Genius
    Garage Gym Genius

    Right up my alley! Good job guys!

  • Tomi Gutzén
    Tomi Gutzén

    The lat pulldown should be named " The Impaling Carabiner" since if the wire fails that's what going to happen. Carabiner through sternum :D

  • Brian Santos
    Brian Santos

    Not watching this nomore...shits borimg now with thought tom.....

  • Michael Weatherford
    Michael Weatherford

    is that some royalty free tunes I hear?

  • Colton Cowan
    Colton Cowan

    Jujis next book: legendary tendinitis repair

  • Skydaddy

    1:00 nuff said...

  • Werner Bro
    Werner Bro

    Eric bugenhagen is needed

  • BTLtrips

    I started with Juji videos and are finally able to see Juji videos again. THX Tom for leaving Juji alone.

    • 100KG Natty
      100KG Natty

      He always annoyed me and the channel rename was bad news.

  • Trenbologna Sandwich
    Trenbologna Sandwich

    I "invented" an exercise that already existed but nobody does it and it didn't have a name. And I didn't know it existed when I came up with it. Basically, you do a Back Extension on a Roman Chair or a Glute-Ham, and then you do a Reverse Dumbbell Fly at the top. It lets you cheat the hell out of the Fly so you can force some extra reps out and get some wicked rear delt/trap/lat work all at once. I do it after all my heavy stuff to break the muscle down more. Previously it's just been called a "Reverse Fly on Back Extension" or a "Back Extension with Reverse Fly" and if you ask me that's just stupid. I call them "Dragon Flyes" If everyone would kindly make this a thing and credit the name to Coach Doyle that'd be great!

    • 100KG Natty
      100KG Natty

      I have actually tried that once but didn't anymore because dumbbells hit the ground too much and inhibited range of motion

  • Darius Vega
    Darius Vega

    Juji, not talking crap but being honest... I really do enjoy your content more than ever with Sam at the helm... Much better chemistry & the content is still great, plus you seem much happier! I'm digging it man

  • Darius Vega
    Darius Vega

    Juji, not talking crap but being honest... I really do enjoy your content more than ever with Sam at the helm... Much better chemistry & the content is still great, plus you seem much happier! I'm digging it man

  • Ashton Hood
    Ashton Hood

    Oh yeah that's the back strap lat isolation. Done it since 72.

  • mo hawk
    mo hawk

    All jokes aside this is actually quite useful. I've struggled with golfers elbow in the past where I could not do full range heavy lat pull downs, rows, or pull-ups, and this would have been very useful.

  • Chewy

    There’s many things in Minnesota! Come find out and lift with us Los Campeones

  • Knight journey
    Knight journey


  • Ryan

    Yall must be Ballin to afford all this equipment.

  • Justin Hall
    Justin Hall

    Okay... Z rows was good, but that dad bomb and the end "hyper trophy" got me... I'm rolling

  • Sharky Jones
    Sharky Jones

    Can juji still do a backflip?

  • Emiliano Campos
    Emiliano Campos

    "Dee where does his feet go" dying when juji asked where do I put my hands

  • That Big Black Guy Channel
    That Big Black Guy Channel

    I actually did a couple of these movements 3 years ago when i had a torn bicep. Necessity/Ingenuity > Injury!

  • Anthony LattanzioLamont
    Anthony LattanzioLamont

    That strap is a awesome tool Works super good for shirted benches Feels identical to taking the bar out and builds the muscles in that area better than anything I’ve found

  • Matt Sahlfeld
    Matt Sahlfeld

    The first one is like a wrist wrench for the back.

  • Andy Jefferies
    Andy Jefferies

    Juji/Sam - lower the F-stop on your camera and it'll reduce the focus/defocusing when you're using the gimbal

  • Brain320

    Juji-row 4x25 as a Wenning warmup before bench-press, that would probably work, Z-row too

  • Andrew Gilbertson
    Andrew Gilbertson

    Thanks again for a great Chanel

  • Tyler Watkins
    Tyler Watkins

    Dave Tate is my favorite person in the fitness industry, period. I don’t think that will ever change.

  • pizzaDhut

    That thumbnail though. Looks like a sex act that even Thailand banned.

  • Dovahkiin Parker
    Dovahkiin Parker

    Juji should do a work out with gingerbilly lol those two swole goobers would be hilarious together

  • Sean Mcgee
    Sean Mcgee

    Been doing "armless" pulldowns for a while with the spud long ab strab wrapped around my arm below the elbow

    • Sean Mcgee
      Sean Mcgee

      totally willing to give up the much better name to the juji row though ;P

  • sangsang-i

    Look your belly juji😆😆😆😆

  • snorlaxcom

    When you destroy your grip, then try these armless exercises 👍 Z-Row really nice for disabled athletes and amputees, too. Makes sense for Juji and his arm wrestling concurrent training😀

  • Peter Berge
    Peter Berge

    Wish I had seen this when I had tendonitis in my forearm. Awesome stuff

  • Minglo밍글로

    Drug Man!

  • stevem4 DJ Samarium
    stevem4 DJ Samarium

    A shoulder roll

  • G3M1N1J0K3R

    looking great juji!

  • Aeranin

    I love Juji and Sam's commentary lol

  • Chris Ludowyk
    Chris Ludowyk

    Hyper Trophy - LOL

  • Eric

    BDSM work with Dave lol

  • Jayden Joestar
    Jayden Joestar

    Juji browsing these machines like a kid in A CANDY SHOPPPP

  • Jayden Joestar
    Jayden Joestar

    Rip zercher squat

  • AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust
    AndyMikeRust AndyMikeRust

    lmao, 1:19 what was that sound effect?

  • Xplora213

    Why isn’t This a regular thing? I hate being limited by grip strength doing back.

    • Sergio Calderon
      Sergio Calderon

      Cuz straps are 10 dollars and do a ton of stuff

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    I've recreated the pullover machine in my homegym by hanging ab straps from an EZ cable-bar from the pulldown cable in my power rack, sitting in reverse on a very high incline bench while being held down from the legs by resistance bands connected to the pins of the power rack and hold a cable row handle to stabilize the movement. I also secured the abstraps to the EZ cable-bar with chains and carbines so nothing slips off. The EZbar itself makes the abstrab hooks fall in place nicely, which is important.

  • The ManDragon
    The ManDragon

    With the music it feels like I’m watching a retro porno... I like that

  • J H
    J H


  • Targeted 1
    Targeted 1

    Be the first FIshowsr to do the hang challenge on a 2” diameter spinning bar that the harder hang challenges use instead of an easier “Skinnier Bar” that all other FIshowsrs used, showoff your crazy grip-strength! With a skinny bar you can you can wrap your fingers over your thumb to keep the bar from spinning. You could just use a 2” diameter bar (Wood or metal) supported on both ends by hanging rings or placed on top of a pullup bar frame. Google “Knott's Berry Farm Hang Time - Hang for 120 seconds” and you will see a 6 year old girl complete the 2 min hang challenge on a 2” (5.08 cm) diameter spinning bar, she is amazing! For her size that would be = to about a 3 ½” diameter bar to her, the larger the bar the harder it is. She had to hang from a “false-grip” for 2 min while the bar kept spinning!

  • Israel Díaz
    Israel Díaz

  • Mike Butkus
    Mike Butkus

    "Armless row the shit out of this" - Dave

  • HumanMechanism

    Dave: "How can you fail at something that's not even an exercise?" Had me chucklin' :)

  • LlamaCzech 92
    LlamaCzech 92

    Was that a royalty free rendition of Breathe by The Prodigy?

  • J MEK
    J MEK

    Dave Tate is the best

  • Hardgenics

    I wanna see the gym progress, man! I feel like I got left on read as it was finishing up.

    • Hardgenics

      @Jujimufu So excited man! Love all your videos. Keep it up

    • Jujimufu

      Next update video with gym is the full shebang. 💪 coming later this month when it's 100% stage 1 done. Right now it's about 90% stage 1 done. Stage 2 is just the tweaks and changes over the long haul.

  • Zach Roberts
    Zach Roberts

    Wait wtf. Can we go back to the band benching seen hahahahaha

  • sMt3X

    That hyper trophy pun was WILD

  • Brause Paul
    Brause Paul

    HYPER 🏆 Geiler Scheiss 😂

  • Daniel M
    Daniel M

    I see a bright future for the limbless community.

  • Benjamin Willingham
    Benjamin Willingham

    Man I love these videos Juji and Sam keep up the kick ass work!

  • Shaun DeCroo
    Shaun DeCroo

    Do this all the time (invent ways to mimic movements) in the garage

  • DM Roleplays
    DM Roleplays

    Was literally about to order a mammoth band from that place!

    • DM Roleplays
      DM Roleplays

      Please have more vids like this.

  • danehb89

    I don't ever want hear someone tell me 'twenty more!'

  • E P
    E P

    Antoine with a torn bicep: WRITE IT DOWN WRITE IT ALL DOWN

  • Central Park Joe
    Central Park Joe

    Love these variations!🤙💪

  • Dave _H_
    Dave _H_

    First one to try these in a gym and gets kicked out wins 😂

  • Jon Moore
    Jon Moore

    This video just proves that as long as you are moving with a sufficient load, you'll build muscle.

  • EmirBfitness


  • Peter Andersson
    Peter Andersson

    Great video, everyone seems to have a good time in this video.

  • crueej

    hey you, scrolling down the comments before the video? 00:58, you're welcome

  • Cam Carter
    Cam Carter

    How do I go about working out with Dave at Elite?

  • Amanda &shawn Christian songs
    Amanda &shawn Christian songs

    Armless roll the crap out of this lol

  • Zupoyo

    Anyone elses speakers almost get blown out from that crypto ad with the fart music?

  • Zachery Spaulding
    Zachery Spaulding

    A while ago I cut my hand in half with and angle grinder and had to find weird ways to workout without hands, the no hand row they did at first is honestly one of the only things that kept me from losing all my deadlift strength, you can use that as a chest fly too but it doesn’t feel the same

  • Alistair Bell
    Alistair Bell

    i am clucking for some more juji/magnus content. Hope he gets a chance to come visit soon. id love to see Devon and Magnus in one of your videos together again

  • i will jack hammer you
    i will jack hammer you

    Michael Todd lost in armwrestling to Devon really bad.. Juji was hanging with Michael before the big match ... Devon won ! Juji picked the wrong guy ..👉😊 just saying sometimes you win and sometimes you pick the wrong guy... Ohwell

  • Liam Engram
    Liam Engram

    Sam: "And you almost didn't make that lift. So, I would have come home and that would have been...bizarre." Headlines: Bodybuilder dies in apparent BDSM/Bench Press mashup.

    • Jesus Jesus
      Jesus Jesus

      ☀️ Friend, life is not easy, ✍️ believe God & Jesus, 🙏 believe justice, 🥇 🌏 make our earth better, ✨ make our life better, ⛳️ 🍹 love people, help people, 🌟 better development in 2021.

    • Oh Sam
      Oh Sam

      News headlines + medical examiner's final report = ID TV

  • Okan Korad
    Okan Korad

    I reall hope antoine watches this. Might help with his bicep tear.

  • Stue Ranch
    Stue Ranch

    "Armless row the s out of this", almost had me rolling out of my chair. Nice invention gents

  • Asa Yagami
    Asa Yagami

    Juji: builds gym to have lots of crossovers with other guys Also Juji: doesnt use his gym and goes every else 😅

  • Michael Taylor
    Michael Taylor

    Sam is going to regret the Christmas tree comment in December

  • JackgarPrime

    Juji straight-up looks like a kid in a toy store while walking through this gym!

  • Mike Stevens
    Mike Stevens

    About that last exercise, I used to use bands with cables for pushdowns and curls. The extra tension from the band bouncing the weight around at lockout and you having to stabilize before you finish the rep is a crazy feeling

  • A.B.

    Wow, what a place!! Incredible 💪🇮🇹

  • Aomine Antihero
    Aomine Antihero

    would not be mad if there was a entire series of these

  • Vald Viking
    Vald Viking

    Paul Kelso would be mirin the funky shrugs

  • Tyler Donald
    Tyler Donald

    Hell yeah man

  • kelako greenaddict
    kelako greenaddict

    i actually do something like the second/third exercise on my back days: kneel at a cable machine with a heelcup attachment on at the top, and put your elbow in, pull and twist. it gets a great stretch and contraction, and it helps wake up the lats sadly though my gym has taken the heelcups out, so i just use handles for now