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  • Dragon Boner
    Dragon Boner

    Rip John Meadows

  • Conner Phillips
    Conner Phillips

    13:36 Juji's left delt looks fake it is sticking out so much...

  • chris bruchak
    chris bruchak

    I still cant believe hes gone.... I get legitimately choked up every time I see him, now. Its like I've lost a father.

  • Clement

    ah damn i watched this too late

  • You Have Greatness Inside You
    You Have Greatness Inside You

    RIP John

  • XstonedmonkeyzX

    R.I.P John Meadows :(

  • danny latifzadeh
    danny latifzadeh

    Rest In Peace John meadows

  • Jesse Miller
    Jesse Miller

    Brain.exe crashed! Hahahaha! Love you guys.

  • K E
    K E

    RIP Mountaindog, legend in the game

  • crom.

    RIP John Meadows, you’ll be missed.

  • Stephen

    RIP John Meadows.

  • 10 Chandra Prakash Pandian P
    10 Chandra Prakash Pandian P

    Rip John 😢😢😢🥺🥺🥺

  • 1000MilesAway

    Came here after hearing the news :/

  • Marshall Black
    Marshall Black

    Rest in peace Mr Meadows

  • Definitely NotNick
    Definitely NotNick

    FeelsBadMan Rest in piece :(

  • valentin krajzelman
    valentin krajzelman

    holy shit that was unexpected rip legend

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett

    RIP John.

  • hensolo10

    RIP JM

  • nikul kara
    nikul kara

    Rip John Meadows 🙏🏼

  • TMOtv

    R.I.P. John been following this arm routine since watching this video. Thank you juji for having him in this.



  • john stark
    john stark

    Just heard the tragic news that John meadows has passed away.

  • Irfan Haider
    Irfan Haider

    Rip John Meadows

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty


  • unmanzanaadia

    RIP John Meadows. I just started following him around the time this video came out. So sad.

  • your mother
    your mother

    RIP fucking legend 🙏

  • Jos watson
    Jos watson

    Rest in piece john medows 🙏

  • caelan cline
    caelan cline

    my friends dad caught a grasshopper driving totally on accident, our minds were blown

  • Gshock Music
    Gshock Music

    god i fucking love john meadows so much

    • yodgetfit

      i fucking love him too man :(

  • Blake Moore
    Blake Moore

    So happy seein meadows in his indigenous habitat

  • Michael James
    Michael James

    John is a cool guy!

  • David Espinosa
    David Espinosa

    _I MUST BREAK YOU_ Nice 👕😏👍

  • Alex

    Great Job. 😁💪👍👍👍

  • Saunak Biswas
    Saunak Biswas

    Juji's arm circumference is slightly smaller than John but his delts make him look like a God.

  • Bram de Graaff
    Bram de Graaff

    When they used the pulldown bench as an arm mind exploded...

  • non stamp collector
    non stamp collector

    15:50 .... just when you think it's the last rep.....

  • Tyler Wolstenholme
    Tyler Wolstenholme

    If I walked into the gym and both of you were in there I’d fangirl soo hard

  • Alek Perry
    Alek Perry

    I always feel bad doing my hammer curls on the pulldown stack, but if only more people knew they’d never go back

  • ConfusedOilPainter

    Only seen john in collabs like josh nippard's collabs with him and he seems nice an awesome dude. And a very clever extreme level trainer.

  • Malfurionxtc

    Juji, let's face it... It's genetics, your muscle insertions. I am at 18% of BF, with "beerbelly", with just 14 inch arm flexed, and I have more defined triceps than you do, it's because of damn muscle insertions that you inherited from your parents. If you didn't developed huge triceps, you wouldn't have 19 inch arms just by biceps size alone (cause triceps is majority of upper arm size when it comes to volume and you know it). Just embrace it.

  • Jericho Lindsey
    Jericho Lindsey

    just subscribed. John Meadows is the man, thanks for sharing his youtube channel Juji!

  • Gabriel Ascenso Tomas
    Gabriel Ascenso Tomas

    Perfect profile pic at 12:46

  • Eoin Molloy
    Eoin Molloy

    John Meadows is the nicest guy



  • d jones
    d jones

    did he say he recommends a day just for biceps ?

  • steeltwo

    You can’t pack much more meat on that guys frame.

  • Real HIFI Help
    Real HIFI Help

    I see no weakness. This guy is perfect.

  • pat kob
    pat kob

    Juji you have long arms. That is it. You will get there but it will take time. But the rest is a1....dont focus on negative too much. If you ever want to be seen as a pionneer....get doug brignole on. He is a biomechanical expert (and mister universe at 59). He is in california...his stuff has changed my 25 year trainning methods...

  • Built Different
    Built Different

    I love how curious & humbly open/receptive you are to someone else's approaches

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins

    John just kills everybody. That one more for 10 second hold on Juji. Killer at that point. Both of you were great. I'd like to see Sam. She seems nice. Don't hide anymore.

  • Joseph1NJ

    Dorian Yates (you might of heard of him) did chest & bi's, and shoulders and tri's another day.

  • Joseph1NJ

    Yup, Marc Lobliner triceps for sure.

  • Chey Neigh
    Chey Neigh

    Well done on just dropping that sponsor info in there.

  • nanna larsen
    nanna larsen

    the camera women Sam's questions/comments, - is right on the point - ............................. thanks

  • Midê Rafael
    Midê Rafael

    It’s not that he has small triceps!! But his Delts and biceps dwarfs his triceps!!! 😌😌 no cemetery!!!

  • Cailin Tamplin
    Cailin Tamplin

    Wow that sponsor segment was sneaky.

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams

    i've been using johns arm techniques for 3 years and it has made a huge improvement for me.

  • eSKAone

    It sounds stupid, but you just have to do more triceps. More volume, from every angle. MUCH LOVE💟

    • eSKAone

      Especially the overhead stuff, because no other muscle group can help there!

  • Michael Liberti
    Michael Liberti

    The smoothest transition into that sponsor

  • Konstantin Stepanov
    Konstantin Stepanov

    they should have had John play older Luke Skywalker :D

  • senateboy0909

    Come on, triceps.

  • Andrew Hernandez
    Andrew Hernandez

    NORD VPN!!!!

  • MasTer DJ James
    MasTer DJ James

    Do you have the Grip Genie # 3 back yet? i can only close the # 4 half way lol

  • Orku5

    For me, John Meadows looks like a buff old Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) 😁

  • AnzBozBel

    love your videos.

  • Ross Casey
    Ross Casey

    not to hit a nerve but I love sam a lot more than tom. I honestly found the dude pretty annoying where sam really feels like I can absorb the information better. Also love the informative content a lot.

  • jay sagun
    jay sagun

    There’s no shame in lightning the load when working on triceps juji, Full range of movement🔥🔥🔥 I feel motivated

  • John W
    John W

    14:58 the way juji sounds like a old prospector haha

  • theazizs

    starting to think not being named John is killing my gains

  • bryce thoreson
    bryce thoreson

    How do I get a pro to correct my lifting problems?

  • Stacey Takenaka
    Stacey Takenaka

    Sam has truly become the MVP of this channel ❤️

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    Stretching type exercise after good warmup =O.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    16:13 = Juji's goat noise / flamingo call

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    This is how all gym bromances should be.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    pause at 5:45

  • Anthony Durbin
    Anthony Durbin

    The behind the head rope tricep extension was a game changer. Not sure why I never used this

  • Andre Daoust
    Andre Daoust

    Thick and joooicy 😂😂 cameo by the bugez !!! Amazing

  • Brandon

    I like how jujis shoulders and forearms dwarf his tris and bis

  • F f
    F f

    ngl juji videos feel better without Tom lol

  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett

    I thought they were called triceratops muscles. I learned something today.

  • Benty H
    Benty H

    Yay! Found out about John through Juji and now they're back together again(again?) for however many times they've worked out :)

  • Donkey Sauce
    Donkey Sauce

    12:45 me when the

  • Jamie Richman
    Jamie Richman

    Juji 'Brick Shit House' Mufu

  • Rosetta Drone
    Rosetta Drone

    Juji def has massive forehead gains...

  • Busas Gaming
    Busas Gaming

    Finding out John Meadows Tricep routine is the same as mine makes me feel like I accomplished something amazing in life. 😱

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson

    11:12 Sam saying "shake the demons away" 😂😂

  • AJ

    MountainDog will fix you for sure, look at how many champions he has trained. Good move, plus he's the Bob Ross of bodybuilding, so you know the vibes are gonna be wonderful!

  • General Cornelius
    General Cornelius

    Is the bromance over???


    Lmao so weird seeing juji in a gym he’s like the face of home gym

  • Ambrew

    Man John pulls off the crucifix pose so well


    When are you going to do a dry out week so we can see you shredded

  • Almost CoolGuys
    Almost CoolGuys

    That chime in the back was my alarm for work. My soul cringed so hard. Lol great video

  • TrueBagel

    Meadows should have measured his triceps after that beesting. Talk about SWOLE

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    0:48 I wish my girlfriend would say this to me 😔 Of course I am talking about my calves

  • Leftleg Trumpcard
    Leftleg Trumpcard

    I wanna see you get in some work with Seth feroce! Lookin good man!

  • Nathan Nicholson
    Nathan Nicholson

    I did the same thing as John but it was a wasp I think and it bounced off my arm and then stung me on the leg like a minute later. It was my first day of college lol

  • I'm that dude
    I'm that dude

    Juji is cool as hell lmao

  • Tyler A
    Tyler A

    Hearing my alarm clock at the start of the video really threw me off lol. Making me feel like it's 5 o'clock.

  • Stahlen1

    Juji please you need to adress the stomach situation, your midsection has blown up so much lately.

  • Bart Van Wunsel
    Bart Van Wunsel

    I like John's focus when he's working with Juji. It's impressive.