Pro Bodybuilder Fixes My Weakpoints
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  • theazizs

    starting to think not being named John is killing my gains

  • bryce thoreson
    bryce thoreson

    How do I get a pro to correct my lifting problems?

  • Stacey Takenaka
    Stacey Takenaka

    Sam has truly become the MVP of this channel ❤️

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    Stretching type exercise after good warmup =O.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    16:13 = Juji's goat noise / flamingo call

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    This is how all gym bromances should be.

  • Lewis Rainwater
    Lewis Rainwater

    pause at 5:45

  • Anthony Durbin
    Anthony Durbin

    The behind the head rope tricep extension was a game changer. Not sure why I never used this

  • Andre Daoust
    Andre Daoust

    Thick and joooicy 😂😂 cameo by the bugez !!! Amazing

  • Brandon V
    Brandon V

    I like how jujis shoulders and forearms dwarf his tris and bis

  • F f
    F f

    ngl juji videos feel better without Tom lol

  • Alex Barnett
    Alex Barnett

    I thought they were called triceratops muscles. I learned something today.

  • Benty H
    Benty H

    Yay! Found out about John through Juji and now they're back together again(again?) for however many times they've worked out :)

  • Donkey Sauce
    Donkey Sauce

    12:45 me when the

  • Jamie Richman
    Jamie Richman

    Juji 'Brick Shit House' Mufu

  • Rosetta Drone
    Rosetta Drone

    Juji def has massive forehead gains...

  • Busas Gaming
    Busas Gaming

    Finding out John Meadows Tricep routine is the same as mine makes me feel like I accomplished something amazing in life. 😱

  • Matt Anderson
    Matt Anderson

    11:12 Sam saying "shake the demons away" 😂😂

  • AJ

    MountainDog will fix you for sure, look at how many champions he has trained. Good move, plus he's the Bob Ross of bodybuilding, so you know the vibes are gonna be wonderful!

  • General Cornelius
    General Cornelius

    Is the bromance over???

  • Silver patriot
    Silver patriot

    Lmao so weird seeing juji in a gym he’s like the face of home gym

  • Ambrew

    Man John pulls off the crucifix pose so well


    When are you going to do a dry out week so we can see you shredded

  • Almost CoolGuys
    Almost CoolGuys

    That chime in the back was my alarm for work. My soul cringed so hard. Lol great video

  • TrueBagel

    Meadows should have measured his triceps after that beesting. Talk about SWOLE

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    0:48 I wish my girlfriend would say this to me 😔 Of course I am talking about my calves

  • Leftleg Trumpcard
    Leftleg Trumpcard

    I wanna see you get in some work with Seth feroce! Lookin good man!

  • Nathan Nicholson
    Nathan Nicholson

    I did the same thing as John but it was a wasp I think and it bounced off my arm and then stung me on the leg like a minute later. It was my first day of college lol

  • DuhBooSack

    Juji is cool as hell lmao

  • Tyler A
    Tyler A

    Hearing my alarm clock at the start of the video really threw me off lol. Making me feel like it's 5 o'clock.

  • Stahlen1

    Juji please you need to adress the stomach situation, your midsection has blown up so much lately.

  • Bart Van Wunsel
    Bart Van Wunsel

    I like John's focus when he's working with Juji. It's impressive.

  • Kopa_Malphas

    John is back! LETS GOOOO!

  • PunkAssRubio

    i tried that tricep exercise and i love it . i feel it more on the rope .

  • Gruzuk

    YES! john meadows! One of the best in the whole industry!

  • Erranvir_ Singh
    Erranvir_ Singh

    6:42 Sam saying tricep annihilation is the best thingg

  • kyle butterfield
    kyle butterfield

    John meadows goes to the gym i will be going to soon😩

  • Tanner Black
    Tanner Black

    Juji, Get a Patreon and make ad free videos. I would throw at least a fiver at you every month for this content.

  • Cystic Fibrosis Fit
    Cystic Fibrosis Fit

    1:54 the guy in the background, had to go to the toilet I think... xp

  • B Geezy
    B Geezy

    You don't need alot of weight on guns

  • B Geezy
    B Geezy

    Spot injections would help...

  • Moon Man
    Moon Man

    That phone alarm in the background made me check my phone :(

  • Dilly 4
    Dilly 4

    Quick little Boogz cameo 13:41

  • David Amaral
    David Amaral

    the reason why i do chest and biceps/ Back and triceps is because of protein synthesis, on back day ur biceps will get a secondary pump, and chest day ur triceps, so technically you are training them as well, followed by a full workout with them the following day, increasing more blood flow to the muscle. Do i make sense?

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    I’m totally going to take 500mg of test a week and eat healthy and then pretend I’m a fitness icon. Well done not actually healthy and for people !

  • baked leanspr
    baked leanspr


  • enjoyeglass

    Wow I saw bradley martin on these 2:00 but it was for a second. Im so glad they are explaining this move

  • Zarkavian

    This is almost my exact arm portion of my workout lol.

  • Juan Angel
    Juan Angel

    John meadows seems like such a cool dude I wish he was my coach. He's the type of guy you would love to work out with and talk about lifting for sure.

  • Cactus Caticus
    Cactus Caticus

    Love the crossover content with these guys. It would be awesome to see you work with Mike Isratel. Maybe after the show. Hopefully it's not contraindicated.

  • gotland1998

    7:50, inner Tom Platz summoned.

  • Newone Very
    Newone Very

    You should also hit up samir bannout

  • Jacob Miles
    Jacob Miles

    Watching jujis triceps explode was fun

  • big shlong
    big shlong


  • Josh Lee
    Josh Lee

    We need another collab with the bugez juji

  • AJ Diaz
    AJ Diaz

    Juji should use John as his coach for his show like a couple months before he has to cut and into his show.

  • Andrew Coates
    Andrew Coates

    Johns knowledge of all things bodybuilding is truly impressive

  • psyborg06

    Damn ur views are down after dumping tom

  • Mean Bean Comedy
    Mean Bean Comedy

    Damn, John's a sadist with those forced negatives!

  • Mean Bean Comedy
    Mean Bean Comedy

    Two Blue-Eyed Kings!

  • Nords DARKLORD
    Nords DARKLORD

    Great to see the Mountain Dog is doing well and lookin MASSIVE!!!

  • oplix

    100% I always burn both biceps and triceps at the same time. Great tip on using longer ropes to get more extension of motion on the triceps. Really like John's personality as well.

  • salty1234567890

    Mr. Meadows and Juji. Awesome stuff 👏

  • Jeffrey Myers
    Jeffrey Myers

    I have the same issue as juji where my forearm are slightly over powering my bixep/tricep so therefore I dont do many sets of hammer curls becus I mostly feel it in my forearms even with strict form so I dont do them or if I do only 2 sets and I go light for high reps but I do mostly supplanted curls palm up to hit only the bicep and leave forearm out. I think juji would benefit from doing the same. Its helped my bicep alot

  • ALDA

    love John Meadows

  • Jeffrey Myers
    Jeffrey Myers

    The measurements of the arms just.gors to show insertion make soo much difference in how "big" they look. Less than an inch difference but the roundness and peak make it look so superior. No hate on juji he has great physique and is making gains s I cant wait to see him in stage

    • Nathan Nicholson
      Nathan Nicholson

      Well jujis shoulders are also disproportionately big giving the illusion his arms are smaller too

  • A Johansson
    A Johansson

    I´m so happy its just you in the videos nowdays Juji. I love you

  • Ladislav Németh
    Ladislav Németh

    Favourite moment, but wait for it 16:00 😂😂😂

  • Andreas Ekberg
    Andreas Ekberg

    John has the best t-shirt for this adventure. I wonder if he made a preplanned silent statement 🤔😏

  • Ashton Stewart
    Ashton Stewart

    Who's fuckin alarm is going off!

  • Tomas Andersson
    Tomas Andersson

    what a rare sight of two non-bolded non-tattooed men, i am like watching tv from 80s

  • metal forever
    metal forever

    Tricep Feeder workouts before bed goddammit whatever it takes

  • Micah Anderson
    Micah Anderson

    well I guess the lat pulldown machine will be occupied for a bit

  • Patrick bennett`
    Patrick bennett`

    11:32 ish theres a good LOL

  • Bogdan Sabau
    Bogdan Sabau

    Gotta love John!

  • GutharNBA

    You probably lose a lot of gains talking that much while u're working out, mind-muscle connection helps a lot.

  • nunnink av
    nunnink av

    I feel like I already watched this workout..... Hmmm.... Odd.

  • Z13L

    correct me if I'm wrong but did that Lat pulldown only go up to 240??

  • Brandon Zarzyczny
    Brandon Zarzyczny

    There's a lot of great advice here, thanks. I'm definitely trying to increase my triceps too, but that's mainly because that's where I have some of the most loose skin on my body after losing a lot of weight. I'm hoping to fill that out a little with muscle. :)

  • Ovalissimo

    John Meadows just seems like a really, really nice guy.

  • msunder0115

    Definately gonna try this one out

  • callmeacutekitten

    Ngl the video's production is getting better

  • iLurq

    7:59 you could see how red his triceps were from all the blood in them haha

  • Anonymous

    Nord VPN is legit. Hotels,..Public WiFi...USE IT!

  • Noah Blevins
    Noah Blevins

    John Meadows is a legend, weslth of knowledge, and one heck of a nice guy. I love seeing the videos you two do together.

  • Zcumbag

    John needs to get John on his tooth care regimen.

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck

    More videos together with John Meadows ! Super good videos.

  • Lucas Littmarck
    Lucas Littmarck

    @2:54 Haha brain.exe

  • Rachael Lawley
    Rachael Lawley

    I know this was filmed on a Friday

  • Alexander Ruiz
    Alexander Ruiz

    mountian dawg in the buildingggg 🐺

  • Fin Mason
    Fin Mason

    Old short steroid junkie claims to be health guru and bodybuilding coach teaching a slightly taller, slightly less old steroid junkie how to look good..just so old men can judge their striated glutes.

  • Matthew Sellers
    Matthew Sellers

    8:09 that was the smoothest transfer to a sponsor one ever seen

  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith

    Three of my favorites on one video! Jon, john and Sam. I’ve been having a tough time getting back into shape, lost 110lbs a few years ago, but gone back up about 40lbs. I want to drop that 40lbs and some. I remembered that when I lost weight the first time I spent hours watching and being inspired by the jujimufu videos and other fitness videos. I’m back and loving the recent content and it’s positive vibe. It’s helping me motivate myself again to love fitness again. (And invest in a home gym this time around) Thanks Jon. Also I really enjoy the dynamic of Sam behind the camera. She’s doing a great job and I appreciate you both. You’re my first stop when it comes to FIshows fitness motivation and you will be for years to come I hope.

  • h2002 TO
    h2002 TO

    I came back to this channel to inspire me back to fitness loved watching juji and Tom. Sad news no more tom

  • Michael Brothers
    Michael Brothers

    When to add combined bicep tricep work in a PLP split?

  • Dj

    shake the demons away

  • Fit_PharmD

    It’s so funny how Juji can’t workout and talk at the same time lol.

  • Dusten Cross
    Dusten Cross

    Horse's don't have arms tho? ?

  • Nicola Raho
    Nicola Raho

    Dude how can you not love John? The guy's a powerhouse, has all the knowlegde and always has some trick up his sleeve for each body part, guess that happens when you have 20+ years of experience

  • Mollie tol
    Mollie tol

    2:25 John Meadows explaining the secret to bigger arms

6 milj.