Prepping for my FIRST Bodybuilding Show
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  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist

    The next time I play a D&D character with high strength, dexterity, and charisma ….I’m naming them Jujimufu.

  • Damon Reynolds
    Damon Reynolds

    Honestly, I used to think Juji had these (naturally?) huge delts that didn't match his upper body - but now, hoo boy The rest of him has really grown around them - arms, traps, chest, back Best of luck big guy, the hard work is really paying off!🏆

  • J K
    J K

    "Jumping is good for you." Said no retired volleyball player ever.

  • V G
    V G

    Embrace your hairline. It’s who you are bro

  • Wimpy Samurai
    Wimpy Samurai

    He kind of looks like randy savage when he has shades on

  • MadScientist

    juji would definitely be a turkey

  • Robert Fox
    Robert Fox

    Flip-mingo? Peregrine Bulk-con? Awe-strich?

  • Mats Norway
    Mats Norway

    Juji is defo a dodo haha.

  • Jayde Ochinero
    Jayde Ochinero

    A shredadactal a shwolmingo a beeful seagul uhhhhh lats a new meaning for spread eagle

  • nikolay nizamov
    nikolay nizamov

    5 seconds ago

  • Bryan Blair
    Bryan Blair

    In my humble opinion you’re A Kookaburra bird! They’re known to be “the worlds most determined bird” and you’re most certainly determined to be amazing! Keep it up man love watching your videos

  • Banjo

    This man out here doing backflips to Guilty Gear music

  • vimja

    I like the Unicomp Mini M. What an excellent choice!

  • Isaac

    Noticed Juji was listening to Daisuke Ishiwatari (in Guilty Gear), thats awesome.

  • PR Station
    PR Station


  • PR Station
    PR Station

    Is this legit the same day? What happened to his American Shorts?

  • J Alex
    J Alex

    Great work Juji, can't wait to watch the next videos and see you in 12 weeks

  • Twillyman THE ONE AND ONLY
    Twillyman THE ONE AND ONLY

    When it's just Juji working out and Sam filming it, you really see the scope of how incredible the gym is. Juji truly built the greatest and most inclusive home gym of all time baby!!!

  • Soruwindx


  • Adam Stanford
    Adam Stanford

    bruh, 1:38 what the hell is wrong with Juji's toes? Am I the only one who sees this demonic shit?

  • MFJ Vasquez
    MFJ Vasquez

    So your tellin me Jujis wife couldve been doing color commentary this whole time? Shes way better than the other tiny skinny dude

  • Renegade0056

    "respect the set"

  • Monkey P.I.
    Monkey P.I.

    What type of shades you got there juji

  • Joel Marr
    Joel Marr


  • anthony clark
    anthony clark

    I love vertical leg press, it's evil

  • Z G
    Z G

    "As opposed to having a nice frank conversation?" Haha! Sam obviously doesn't know much about male communication. ;)

  • Beer

    "I want to be a piggy bank " fucking dying XD

  • Sam Faulkner
    Sam Faulkner

    Am I the only one who thinks Juji looks best a little more bulked up? I know you have to be maximally shredded for a bodybuilding show but for everyday life I think it's more impressive to just be fuckin huge

  • GentlemanBystander

    I had legitimately wondered if the amount of muscle you'd packed on had killed your ability to do the tricking but you're honestly looking just as agile and got some great vertical on those flips. You're killing it, Juji.

  • Travis Seay
    Travis Seay

    You're going to crush the competition Juji! ....both metaphorically and physically! (Brutality!) lol but seriously, Awesome job man! My wife and I will be rooting you on! We love that you have Sam running the camera and commentary, you guys are a great combo and have created a channel that the world definitely needs right now! Rock on PS: Can you make a shirt that says "When's the last time you jumped?" Will totally buy.

  • yaxxbass

    I'm loving the gulity gear ost in the background.

  • Tom Jones
    Tom Jones

    Definitely an ostrich

  • Budget Homegym Training
    Budget Homegym Training

    youre a titmouse cause youre trying to grow your...

  • bsmb091011 B
    bsmb091011 B

    Honestly your legs looking way better than before just gott get the tear drop🥲

  • Randy Phillips
    Randy Phillips

    “Jumping is the foundation of youth” fucking genius

  • BillionDollarDon

    Juji, when will you start talking about PEDs that you use and their dosages?

  • Lost in A lost world
    Lost in A lost world

    You’ve made some amazing gains man.

  • Uziel Lopez Carrion
    Uziel Lopez Carrion

    Have some respect for the that shirt worthy? I think yes !!

  • Hagzorz

    Those are the exact timers we have in my work, we have like 10 on at once for proving/ baking times (work in a bakery). I like the idea but I think I would have flashbacks like a nam vet.

  • AllThisStuff

    U have really grown your legs since beginning planning for the bodybuilding show, way to focus on your weak points & great job

  • David Landry
    David Landry

    I think this might be my favorite video in 4 months, bro. Just the Juji in all it's glory.

  • Laughingpug

    Juji acts like such a tough guy when he's lifting but the moment the weights gone he's just a muscly goofball I love it

  • ChoclitFreckles

    ✨Resepect the set✨

  • Atticus Finch
    Atticus Finch

    Juji are you taking fin and monoxidil? And if not ,why not?

  • esteban collazo
    esteban collazo

    The fancy vise progressively learn because kangaroo disappointedly share besides a curved cannon. ceaseless, delicious keyboarding

  • ???

    Hell yeah!

  • Dano Orren
    Dano Orren

    Eric with the peacock had me dying . His poor wife

  • Dylan Browne
    Dylan Browne

    Thats the bird he should be

  • Dylan Browne
    Dylan Browne


  • Peter W.
    Peter W.

    We want the updated bodybuilding diet for prep!!

  • cor leonis
    cor leonis

    Lol fountain of youth, Dude how old are you you look like 50 or something.

  • Arthur Dayne
    Arthur Dayne

    You guys need to rename the channel to Juji and Sam

  • aelc

    nice guilty gear music

  • Car Domain 2015 Corolla S
    Car Domain 2015 Corolla S

    Started jumping up and down practicing backflip

  • PingChingPong

    Juji potemkin main confirmed? Edit: or Leo

  • BiggiEcheese414

    damn i remember when u were at the first 12 weeks out and u look a lot better

  • Rhys


  • Bigturc Lake life
    Bigturc Lake life

    juji you don’t know what type of bird ………..what happened to the flamingo brah lol

  • Mind Blown
    Mind Blown

    4:22 Err, flamingo obviously?

  • Whitebushido

    Every video I think more and more I want to find a commercial gym as luxurious as yours bahaha. It just looks like comfort AND function were the priority even through painful leg days.

  • Gadzooks!

    What keyboard is that tho? 👀 It looks nice

  • Blu e
    Blu e

    How is your spine health from all your lifting? Do you get regular scans?

  • DaRemixMaɪstroʊ

    will there ever be a Jujimufu Dennis Wolf collaboration?? :)

  • John Rivs
    John Rivs

    Juji has Guilty Gear music in the background? God bless.

  • Jason Damen
    Jason Damen

    Sam is the goddamn best

  • Jason Damen
    Jason Damen

    Does juji have a spotify/ song playlist? I want them ear gains

  • coolguyhino92

    "What kind of bird would I be?" are....are you serious? A Flamingo is LITERALLY the animal you use for your merch....

  • Tyler Scott
    Tyler Scott

    you are a new breed, known as the "chalk-a too"!!

  • King Roxas1997
    King Roxas1997

    Juju doesn’t know but he is The Ginny pig and his new gym is his expensive and also very cool enclosure

    • Jujimufu

      Ok haha that's funny. You'll like the next video then. 😆

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Sams voice is sexy number 1

  • vishwas negi
    vishwas negi

    Does jumping jacks count as jumping?

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis

    What’s the bump on his abdomen

  • Doingit Wrong
    Doingit Wrong

    New drinking game: Take a shot every time Juji promotes a product.

  • Keith Jones
    Keith Jones

    Watching you front squat that amount weight is the exact reason I will not have big legs. I'll have defined legs but not big. Fuck all that I'm a bitch lol. I kno it's more of a mental thing bc I an probably squat more weight than I do but I give up mentally before my legs are smoked unfortunately. On a lighter note that Pannata equipment is so fucking sweet!

  • Lachie c
    Lachie c

    advice from key board bodybuilder, your midsection is thick structurally and is throwing off your dimensions. from a classic or body building standpoint you will have to grow your legs arm and chest to be competitive to keep up with your torso, there is a good chance if you took a break from the back flips and acrobatics and even things like front squats which 100% need a strong and engaged core and kept it solely to bodybuilding your midsection would go down and you would improve drastically. i can think of 0 competitive bodybuilders that powerlift and bodybuild in the same training cycle not to even to mention acrobatics right before leg day. its also worth noting that you are 100% dimishing your first lift by doing explosvie jumps right before a squat and therefore are hurting results not to mention a 1 rep to 3 rep max is not at all ideal for growing. also if you take a break from these max effort 1-3 reps for 12 weeks your suddenly not going to get weak youre just going to stronger in a higher rep range. and as per the science of putting the front squat first if you went to any truly knowledgeable coach and told them youre gonna max a compound movement that is so posterior heavy right at the start of the workout they would tell you to max 8 reps on that leg press not fuck around with your ego on a super wide front squat that is likely to hurt you. while im at it for all your talk of flexibility your shoulder flexibility is bad and its what counts in bodybuilding for hitting the side tri and side chest properly. to be fair your not going to listen because your whole sthick is training books about doing it all at the which is not ideal anyway. john meadows hurt his back and had to stop alot of heavy compounds and switch to machinces and you know what happended he gained 3 inches on his legs.Tldr take 12 weeks off and get someone like john meadows, dorian, Antione to help you with the training side you cant do everything at once and i could see you being a pro in classic in no time.

  • Mike Sawicki
    Mike Sawicki

    lol great vid

  • John Smith
    John Smith

    Gotta say, REALLY enjoying the videos on the channel recently! Happy to be subbed to you.

  • Andrew McCormick
    Andrew McCormick

    Sponsor me please!!!!

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    I also work out with timers, but I train Muay Thai. Usually the timers are just going off for no reason, like the shittiest white noise machines.

  • Brandon


  • Brandon

    Mind blown ive been aging this whole time because I HAVENT BEEN JUMPING

  • Itzik CA
    Itzik CA

    You should borrow Joey’s legs for the show

  • B B
    B B

    The juji train at 2:06 had me 😂😭

  • Rick Morks
    Rick Morks

    how many body builders can do a backflip? its funny seeying someone of your posture do that shit

  • Ramm Thorny
    Ramm Thorny

    The editing is hilarious

  • Thomas Walker
    Thomas Walker

    The collabs are great but seeing Juji in his element on just a leg day is awesome

  • Evolve

    Juji is the man the legend the man with a buff flamingo shirt!!!! you'll be in top 5 !!!🏋

  • chocothunder

    juji listening to guilty gear music?!? 6:50 DOES JUJI PLAY GUILTY GEAR?! IS JUJI SOL BADGUY?!?!?

  • Mr. Boogyman
    Mr. Boogyman

    Congratulations man, best of luck 👍🏻

  • Richard S
    Richard S

    I think he needs to enter the Olympias Fitness division...

  • TheRealBandito

    Legs has grown a lot.

  • Drew S
    Drew S

    Jujimufu and guilty gear music, I can't think of a better combo

  • Brian_Hub

    He's a cassowary. It's like an enu. But eff'in crazy. And it's got blue, and red danglies.

  • santrel mcclusky
    santrel mcclusky


  • Ted Last
    Ted Last

    This channel is getting really good. It’s been way better since that camera guy left.

    • namn

      fr the first couple vids since he left were a little awkward but now it's honestly the best fitness channel on youtube

  • Baba Yaga
    Baba Yaga

    I did jumping squats a couple hours ago

  • josh powell
    josh powell

    better get on it before the swamp shuts the country down again

  • The Bennymenshow
    The Bennymenshow

    Omg I just keep imagining like juji finally on stage posing. And he does a back flip to splits and double bicep lmao thatd be so amazing!! The crowd would lose their minds


    VACUUM POSE! Great progress and keep up the good work!

  • Caleb Agner
    Caleb Agner

    "Have some respect for the set!"