Chris Duffin Deadlifts Smarter Than You
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00:00 Introduction
00:26 “What First Comes To Mind When You Hear The Word Deadlift?” “It is NOT a lift.”
01:16 “We Want To Think About It As A Wedge”
02:19 “Deadlift On A Leg Day Or Back Day?” Managing High Axial-Loaded Movements
03:58 Training Cycle Goal: Increasing Work Capacity To Manage Axial-Loaded Vectors
06:21 Acute & Chronic Workload: “We’re Not Talking About Dr. Dre ‘Chronic"
08:13 At What Point Does Training Workload Lead To Increased Risk Of Injury?
09:35 Quick Key Point: Ease Back Into Training After Time Off To Do EPIC Sh*t!”
10:32 These Training COncepts & Juji’s Training
11:12 Gaining Vs Maintaining Old Skill Sets In New Training Cycles
13:47 Stop Looking For THE ONE Tip That Will Fix Your Deadlift
14:21 “So, I’m Going To Deadlift Now” :-)
15:07 “How Do I Get My Hamstrings More Involved In This Lift?”
16:00 “We Have To Teach You How To Stand”
18:43 Mental Setup & Common Misses When Deadlifting
20:05 “Chris Knows How Many Sets He’s Done In The Last 2.5 Years?!”
21:00 “It Would Take About 500lbs For Me To Setup Under The Bar”
21:49 Owning The Bar: “This Is The Position I’m Going To Get Into And You’re [the bar] Going To Bend To That Position To Meet Me and Then I’ll Start To Deadlift”
24:03 Positioning & Tension: “So You’re In The Finishing Position At The Start”
25:50 Common Point Of Failure In Both Squat & Deadlift
28:12 Chris’s Solution To Another Common Deadlift Problem
30:06 The Day Chris Duffin Learned To Deadlift: A Dealifting “Ghost Story”
33:12 Juji Learns to Wedge & Find the Perfect Position
34:49 “Push The Floor Away”
35:39 “More Wedge, More Push, Less Lift” Change The Mental Perspective Of The Lift
36:05 Periodization Of Different Training Goals
37:05 “Just Do Some Deadlifts. Don’t Overthink It.”
38:11 Deadlifting Resources/Outro

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