Big Guys Can Fly?! Aerial Silks = Strength Gains?!
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  • TayTayJ

    She’s super hot

  • [CTO]

    Does Eva have an insta account or anything ? :)

  • Mugly Punt
    Mugly Punt

    I want her only fans

    • Echizen


  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    Plot twist: This is Anton's regular gym.

  • CptTurdBurglar

    Coach Joe is my spirit animal

  • DysfunctionalBubble

    Should have put them on the hoops. My sister does that.

  • firedustman

    Is Eva married ?

  • Will Andrews
    Will Andrews

    Nothing more amazing when a woman combines that much strength and beauty effortlessly

  • Daida 2012
    Daida 2012

    EVA is so beautiful

  • Jake Dominguez-Street
    Jake Dominguez-Street

    Yo! Props to you all! Takes gutz to try new shiz. Fun video. 🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

  • Dionis

    Man she thick

  • Philippe Carphin
    Philippe Carphin

    Love the "Heaux Apparel" T-shirt

  • Levi Williams
    Levi Williams

    Gosh.... She looks like she can sqaut the empire state building....

  • Pyroon

    Fly with the majesty of a gorilla

  • Julio Cesar Salazar Garcia
    Julio Cesar Salazar Garcia

    What a beautiful super strong and sexy woman. Realy feminine and strong. Not like those women who look all roided with riped manly torso and arms and even a thick neck. This woman looks and is strong in a very feminine way. Just waw!

  • Mau Bj
    Mau Bj

    3:42 that just made my day hahahaha

  • Stener Gut
    Stener Gut

    this just goes to show that Antons more lean and athletic physique is superior to being buff.

  • Ashley D
    Ashley D

    @12:54 RKO out of now where.

  • michael mullins
    michael mullins

    Eva would make me wanna try flips. She's got a hot kinda cute. She's very supportive to. Let's see Sam on the silks.

  • Jess Ferguson
    Jess Ferguson

    I've never seen Grace before......until today


    Mayim Bialik in her Ultimate form: Eva is an absolute knockout.

  • Patryk Dziwko
    Patryk Dziwko

    Impressive, very nice

  • Darrious D’agustino
    Darrious D’agustino

    Eva is eye candy! OMG!

  • SkankHunt42

    Whats the broad bts look like i need a face to match it

  • Kepler

    Didn't expect Anton but its always fun to have surprise appearances


    Oh man........ I haven't laughed that hard in a while! How is it nobody thought of this sooner? 🤣😂 👏 brilliant!

  • Samuel Wick
    Samuel Wick

    Juji + Sam + Joey + Anton is the best combination

  • Elel Baker
    Elel Baker

    I'm loving the Minecraft xp sounds 😂

  • oldman 81
    oldman 81

    She is gorgeous good grief

  • H. C.
    H. C.

    this show sucks. where is Tom

  • William Piland
    William Piland

    south carolina is my home. Best state in the US.

  • Mitra


  • fishing with Johnny boy
    fishing with Johnny boy

    Back to the flamingo lol

  • Derek Hunter
    Derek Hunter

    Guess the name change didn't stick

  • C J
    C J

    Should've brought Devon

  • Pillowhead Creations
    Pillowhead Creations

    juji was 2 hours from me?... i knew i felt a disturbance in the force lol

  • Scott Babcock
    Scott Babcock

    damn eva is one hell of a woman

  • G E
    G E

    3:35 juji looking more like a moth in a cocoon :P

  • LednacekZ

    this must feel like beginner stuff for Anton. I remember him doing these things on chains.

    • Dave _H_
      Dave _H_

      I remenmmber the Pain !

  • gunter901

    Sam trying to get Joe into this Video makes me rly happy

  • G 17
    G 17

    The world record for power lifting for a woman is like 1317 so she's lying her ass off.

    • Dave _H_
      Dave _H_

      Set of three didn't she say ? we had better watch again.

  • Mario Rodriguez
    Mario Rodriguez


  • thexbigxgreen

    This Joey character is a real breath of fresh air. He's obviously super built and talented in what he does, but he brings a super humble and low-ego energy to the videos. I really like it when he features in your videos!

  • xXJeffery RoseFire
    xXJeffery RoseFire

    Juji slaps ur arm 🤣😅

  • james daley
    james daley

    that was pretty funny , but very interesting as well

  • Robert Willis
    Robert Willis

    I just rode and stopped in Columbia on a motorcycle trip on Wednesday.

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson

    She's stacked and cute. Both deserve a bit of recognition.

    • Patrick Bateman
      Patrick Bateman

      She's got an amazing body.

  • Fanny's LoA
    Fanny's LoA

    YaY Anton 😍 BTW that lady resemble Anton's GF Kelly. Anyone else see it?

  • MrTommylicious

    Joey is really funny


    yay 😭😭😭🥲🥲 you finally did a sport that I do 🙂, you were beautiful good job for trying :) you couldn't have had a better teacher tbh 👀👀

  • NewToo

    Blink for help :D

  • Jak Flasdick
    Jak Flasdick

    Holy fuck Eva is strong as fuck... 1300lbs total is super impressive

  • Qizzup Kidz
    Qizzup Kidz

    Love it! Great work, guys!

  • vinrock


  • Dom Tavis
    Dom Tavis


  • Phenomatron

    12:55 Dark Souls You died screen

  • Wanted Tiger
    Wanted Tiger

    call me weird if you like but i'm gonna say it Death by snu snu!!

  • Stoic Oak
    Stoic Oak

    I'd join Joey for "Spotting and Supporting". Anton and Jujimufu are in a different league of flexibility and coordination! These new compilations are AWESOME 👌 👏

  • HM

    Minecraft experience sound at 8:06 YESSSS

  • Colton Cowan
    Colton Cowan

    Joey genuinely could have a very unique career in silks as a model

  • Colin Horne
    Colin Horne

    Home Gym update?

  • Yancke van Tonder
    Yancke van Tonder

    Juji: From alligator to confused mummy in about 10 seconds.

  • Jayde Ochinero
    Jayde Ochinero

    What what the what the fuuu antone teleports to show everybody up

  • Alex Huzar
    Alex Huzar

    Juji + Bugez pole dancing video, when?

  • David McCormack
    David McCormack

    Favorite utube strong especially love all your arm wrestling content...keep up the good work brother

  • the one above all
    the one above all

    She got some nice leg's 😍

  • Dally Singhson
    Dally Singhson

    She is quite an impressive woman... Really strong... Flexible... Good natured... Pretty...

  • DW808

    That woman is amazing on many different levels. She needs a FIshows channel! Also, Juji, you should have her on more! :-D

    • Captain Scentsible
      Captain Scentsible

      Yea i like the mufudad and her. He needs more colorful and fun in his vlogs. And he is getting it done for sure.

  • Jesse Ferguson
    Jesse Ferguson

    Cool! I like the videos where you try something new.

  • Sam Bailey
    Sam Bailey

    Anton is a cheat code

  • Ryan Stuart
    Ryan Stuart

    the teacher was hot af

  • onlydeadlift

    wait are those powerlifting results equipped? als 8:00 peek those watermelon (skull) crushing thighs, mirin

  • Jackson Povie
    Jackson Povie

    Juji definitely had to sit at the front of his classroom in school 🤣🤣💪💪💪 love the energy juji keep makin awesome videos

  • John Boi
    John Boi

    Awesome vid

  • the Keith Raymond
    the Keith Raymond

    Greatest video EVER!

  • R. Lothbrook
    R. Lothbrook

    The face plant was instant karma

  • Anurag and Anuj climbing
    Anurag and Anuj climbing

    I love Joey's ted talks. ALso, these Anton cameos are what i live for

  • Obenwahkenobi B
    Obenwahkenobi B

    Nice mansplaining @6:07 Juji!

  • Samantha Pateman
    Samantha Pateman

    Surprisingly graceful for big guys, well done you

  • Hermann Arminius
    Hermann Arminius

    does she has an insta...for research purposes

  • PureBlood🇺🇸1776

    Thiccc 🤤

  • Dr nAchos87654
    Dr nAchos87654

    Try partner stunting sometime 😈😈

  • The Faceless87
    The Faceless87

    Anton is such a beast

  • Wrench_n_Ride

    Anton for comic relief, as if it were needed. 🤣

  • Shotaniac

    How often do the grip genies restock?

  • Sudstah Gaming
    Sudstah Gaming

    I'll be first to admit it fellow men this looks kind of fun....doesn't it?.....doesn't it....

  • Chris M
    Chris M

    I'm pretty sure I've seen Anton do this with chains!

  • DeTuned Art
    DeTuned Art

    Shes huge...

  • Hart Campbell
    Hart Campbell

    Try pole dancing Juji

  • 100KG Natty
    100KG Natty

    Jujimufu videos soothe my existential depression

  • RailgunKDA

    shes so hot..!! and cute..!!!

  • Boots Bailey
    Boots Bailey

    Good vibes

  • Kees Sjarrel
    Kees Sjarrel

    Damn she is thickkkkkkk and strong and still very feminine!!!

  • Daniel Logan
    Daniel Logan

    i from the Columbia area and never knew we had that.

    • Eva Demer
      Eva Demer

      You should TOTALLY join us for a class! ✌

  • LEE

    Yall were in Columbia??? Awwww. Would've been so cool to just randomly see yall... but then again that would require me to actually go somewhere lol.

  • Chase Erwin
    Chase Erwin

    When Anton joins!!!

  • mse

    as long as i have a face, she will have a spot to sit on

  • skyedryv

    ok wow. i thought that was intentional. while juji was spinning out and the beyblade appeared, the big bang suddenly showed up from an ad of curiosity. >_

  • Chad Dickens
    Chad Dickens

    Juji "the trap, back, and shoulder monster" Mufu.

  • Jeffrey Blue
    Jeffrey Blue

    I hate to be this type of guy, but damn she is hot! Perfect balance of muscle a "feminine" curve and adorable nerdy look. Just....

    • Jeffrey Blue
      Jeffrey Blue

      And I'm sorry but Jesus Christ them thighs!

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