HARDEST WORKOUT EVER | The Litvinov Workout
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  • Szat Strength
    Szat Strength

    This is NOT Crossfit.

    • Beau

      It's not crossfit unless you do kip-ups or half ass snatches

    • emmerrzett

      @Agni Das That's very far from true. Pros just periodize their training to focus on different aspecs of the sport depending on where they are in the season. And CrossFit as a fitness methodology was never meant to specialize people - it's meant to improve ones work capacity across all modalities and improve over all fitness. almost no one needs sports specific preparation in real life. That Workout is basically the whole idea of crossfit. Being pretty capable in two modalities which could not be further away from each other on the "spectrum of fitness". Raw strentgh (a bit of stamina) and aerobic/anaroebic capacity

    • Shannon Glover
      Shannon Glover

      How is it not.

    • The Emo Emu
      The Emo Emu

      No injuries and their technique was correct so it sure wasn't crossfit.

    • 고등 지능 Tony
      고등 지능 Tony

      @Coleman Shum CrossFit is all about doing everything with horrible form and seeing whoever breaks their joints first.

  • Jeremy Jarvis
    Jeremy Jarvis

    The editing of cartoon wind is a masterpiece. Might as well change the channel to Juji&Szats married. Watch your fingers they look like french fries! i liked that part Mr. Lion.

  • Dimos Palamidas
    Dimos Palamidas

    bro at 23 you were natty..

  • John James
    John James

    Clarence needs to do this!!

  • 20piperr

    Now imagine doing this with one of those small parachutes on your back

  • Deacon Dawg
    Deacon Dawg

    Good try, that looked like nightmare!

  • Ryan Dennler
    Ryan Dennler

    damn highest ive gotten to is 3plate front squat, that shit is brutal and with 4 plates, damn props

  • Mike

    Reminds me of when I did versa climber 100meter sprints after a leg workout. Painful pump but glorious!

  • Stevie Bacall
    Stevie Bacall

    Well Steve Michalik at one point did 55 sets of quads, consisting of leg extensions,leg press,hack squat supersetted with bodyweight sissy squats to failure,then entire stack leg extensions, narrow squats then barbell lunges through a 400m track then weightless, then sprinted it, then run it backwards. only thing comparable to this i think, the one guys workouts who are on NOBODYS bucket list is Steves

  • Trent Burbish
    Trent Burbish

    Watching big strong guys suffer is my new favorite FIshows genre.

  • Samantha Pateman
    Samantha Pateman

    I like the music you picked for the running, very war.

  • KebapRocker

    Pls give it another try! This was so much fun

  • CrashNaps

    lmfao goggins call out STAY HARD

  • Logan Dutton
    Logan Dutton

    juji, i think people have pointed this out, but i think it would be great if you tried running/ practicing running and brought some people on for it, I know youre going for bodybuildding, but seeing as how youve branched out into other fitness thing (climbing, grip strength, etc) I would love to watch that. Always try to improve my dude

  • J TAK
    J TAK

    Litvinov on that premium Russian gear to squat that much so light and run 75 sec 400m

  • Keith

    It definitely helps that Litvinov was unquestionably on a state-sponsored juice program.

  • SoMany Swords
    SoMany Swords

    Jon, I know it sucks to realize you're not Superman and have to settle for being Captain America in some situations, but daaaaaamn...even after years of rowing I can only imagine that flood of acid in your body from this Hieronymus Boschian "workout". FYI, Soviets were kinda known for trolling. There's about a 10% chance Sergey's ghost dropped his wodka watching y'all take this workout seriously and doing so well.

  • Justin R.
    Justin R.

    This looked BRUTAL.

  • gabriel glad
    gabriel glad

    wow just wow

  • h8tingit

    The camera lady's laughter had me cracking up

  • sebastian ojea
    sebastian ojea

    17:25 the soul go to heaven

  • John-Paul Mitchell
    John-Paul Mitchell

    I like how in the thumbnail Joey is posing like Jerry "Hands" Epenson from Boston Legal.

  • Polarcupcheck

    I don't know Poliquin died.

  • Vanklow

    Even though he's a dwarf, he's not really a sprinter. Lord of the rings is full of shit

  • Marcus Morrison
    Marcus Morrison

    Juji seems like he is well conditioned. Maybe he should do calves and running stuff more. More some different core workouts for the abs speficially.

  • Shadowfox 22
    Shadowfox 22

    You really should try doing O2 deprivation lifting and get your muscles accustomed to working without needing so much O2... you'll be amazed how great normal workouts feel afterward

  • Psi Starcraft
    Psi Starcraft

    steroids can go a long way in 14 years

  • Imad Hammou
    Imad Hammou

    "My body left my soul" LMAOOO

  • BobbySiege

    DAN JOHN! Glad to hear my uncle's T-Nation articles are still getting some love!

  • old geezer fitness r.perales
    old geezer fitness r.perales

    Litvinov was a beast for sure....however he wasn't carrying around all the mass that you guys are toting! ...which of course makes him somewhat More of a Monster!!! Scale down the weight as needed....then sprint!!!

  • James to the Jamo
    James to the Jamo

    He said my body left my soul lmao

  • Dennis Jordan
    Dennis Jordan

    Juji looks like a cartoon when he starts his run

  • Kevin nikolov
    Kevin nikolov

    They are asking for injury , its stupid .

  • Romeo Rogers
    Romeo Rogers

    I love it

  • Magnus

    The weight is impressive and running sucks in general, especially after squatting. But 'worst workout ever'? Nah, not even close. Just do a 'Murph', with plate carrier, in less than an hour (45 - 60 minutes is an intermediate fit time).

  • Lucky Sipin
    Lucky Sipin

    "My body left my soul" Best line 😁

  • mitch maule
    mitch maule

    Unfortunately you guys are just too big lmao

  • greg jorda
    greg jorda

    taking leg day to a new level

  • Sergey Gromov
    Sergey Gromov

    просто лайк :) крутые ребята

  • BillyBiggs614

    Matt with the dub!!

  • ketobobomb China
    ketobobomb China

    9:17 Rocky IV is a lie 哈哈哈哈哈哈哈哈

  • eL P.
    eL P.

    Not 100% sure on this but I believe Litvinov cleaned it to the Front Rack... even more impressive

  • Captn Maico
    Captn Maico

    Now imagine someone like Litvinov beaten by another russian dude named jurij Sjedych. Absolute madness

  • Catherine Bauer
    Catherine Bauer

    Try a Jan Zelezny workout then....again....NO CHANCE!

  • Meat Bag
    Meat Bag

    What if he never actually did this and it was just claimed to troll foreigners

  • Hal Kassidy
    Hal Kassidy

    Litvinov's record still unmatched. He died relativly recently. He was real guru & thor of body-and-mind focus. This video is great. You guys - awesome!


    They need to have Matt teach them how to run, they need stride and breathing instructions

  • Peter Soar
    Peter Soar

    I remember that archival 405 fail like it was yesterday. Signed Pete_man_man.

  • Andrew Benton
    Andrew Benton

    Seeing him do FS holding onto those straps is fucking brilliant. Game changer for shitty ROM people like me

  • Jake

    "strength athletes try running"

  • Ian McArdle
    Ian McArdle

    Many a legend has graced the turf of war memorial field, but possibly none as great as jujimufu.

  • S30V

    Really wish you'd put the music in the description

  • Michael Rose
    Michael Rose

    A 2 1/2 hour division 1 wrestling workout will put all you guys down!

  • Mumpy Gumboo
    Mumpy Gumboo

    big, sluggish, useless bodies...

  • Jesse Lacelle
    Jesse Lacelle

    20:58 hahaha

  • bigjd2k

    That’s like doing 10x10 squats OMEM (on the minute every minute) with Andy Callard at my gym, except he doesn’t even break into a sweat!

  • Loki D. Wolf
    Loki D. Wolf

    This was actually just fun to watch! I'm sitting here looking for home workout stuff and came apon this. Respect for just attempting to do it!

  • Harold Knox
    Harold Knox

    Don't you think you should have like a rubber mat underneath where the weights are dropping down I mean it's not your property but what do you care

  • BDonovan913

    Joey gagging while watching Juji is hilarious.

  • ParkourBigbird

    In fairness to these guys, Litvinov was a world class athlete AND probably on every steroid known to man

  • bitcoin daddy
    bitcoin daddy

    Litviniv: guys you got to do this 3 in a row

  • Mike Schulte
    Mike Schulte

    Hey Juji, could your legs locking up be a potassium deficiency?? Not claiking to know anything about nutrition or yours in any way. Just watched this Thomas Delauer video: fishows.info/post/o8t5mduXeHyX1ac/videot.html and it made me think of this video. Hope all is well Juji, thank you for all the great content!

  • Andrew Weeks
    Andrew Weeks

    This is the funniest workout ever, especially because no one was trying to be.. 😂

  • Earl Drakeford
    Earl Drakeford


  • Ryan MacKinnon
    Ryan MacKinnon

    10/10 for the hilarious wind emojis being added into the video

  • Honey Badger
    Honey Badger

    Pathetic showing Juji

  • Funding 101
    Funding 101


  • Adam McGauhey
    Adam McGauhey

    i thew up on set 2 XD.. my favorate yt channel jujimufu !

  • Zuzu Zubayr
    Zuzu Zubayr

    GAPT coin will listing on CMC, CG, and Whitebit. Come join before moon 125x! 10years LOCKED LP, SaFu!

  • Micah Pratt
    Micah Pratt

    DO IT AGAIN!! train until you can do it... or at least once. the reps and the 400 meter.

  • DIY VR Channel
    DIY VR Channel

    This have nothing to do with a sport "name" - what we have here.... ppl on steroids trying to do sport lol xD how it goes ? they almost die xD ... guy alsmost die after run one round lol ... this is embarrassment ...

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu

    Messing with Soviet top athletes... not even once.

  • Swole MF
    Swole MF

    Imagine doing this work out for sport where the event takes 3 seconds to complete.

  • aleksei mastovich
    aleksei mastovich

    I was dead laughing!😂 well done guys!

  • Lee Cander
    Lee Cander

    I'm in the military... We do training kind of like this ... But those numbers, that speed... That's disgusting🤢

  • Matt Higgins
    Matt Higgins

    This seems like a great way to get shin splints

  • Jake Farm
    Jake Farm

    It’s a mindset.

  • Junior Espinoza
    Junior Espinoza

    Nice contrast training.

  • Colt

    This brought me such joy!! Juju running is an instant classic

  • MrPeperoni79

    Great workout that requires little to no preperation, just throw them weights and ye ol' squat rack in the trunk and then give it a go.

  • JerryS

    Juji Dude, I love you, but you run like a penguin... That, and this entire thing was so friggin hilarious!!!

  • Mathew Carnall
    Mathew Carnall

    Wheres tom? Its been a while since ive watched

  • Jeremy Wright
    Jeremy Wright

    Ok, now back for the other 9 rounds, go boys!

  • uncle kareem
    uncle kareem

    It's the lack of flexibility that makes him so slow.

  • superserious reviews
    superserious reviews

    U got it

  • Eric Cartman
    Eric Cartman

    All crazy stuff usually come from Russia. Especially this style of training.

  • Robert Iglesias
    Robert Iglesias

    Feel sad, used to love Juji back in the day on tricks tutorials. Really sad to see he sold his soul to the vial :( didn't need that shit

  • Robert Cornelius
    Robert Cornelius

    Dude. You are not genetically built to lift heavy weights. Save your body before it's too late

  • Craig Strickland
    Craig Strickland

    What would have been hilarious is if you edited in that, "I'm fast as f#$k boy" guy, while Juji is running. I would have died!

  • Jimmy Rawlings
    Jimmy Rawlings

    Good video though guys way to push it

  • Jimmy Rawlings
    Jimmy Rawlings

    Homie you need to do less lifting and more cardio .. 147 quarter mile .. homie to big not athletic enough

  • Rook Worx
    Rook Worx

    Running one 400 had these dudes dying...😐


    My chiropractor was Orlando Bianchini, two Olympics in hammer throw ,6th place in Los Angeles. He told me Litvinov was the smaller thrower, but he was way faster than everyone and incredibly strong for his size

  • Rook Worx
    Rook Worx

    And this should prove to you... that what your doing isn't the way.

  • CatnipNapkin

    I never liked asmr until I saw this video.

  • Jeff Carpenter
    Jeff Carpenter

    this workout was Russian propaganda

  • mmakai

    Juji’s shoes probably made the running a lot harder on his calves. Makes a big difference if he had running shoes his calves wouldn’t lock up like that

  • bbq seitan
    bbq seitan

    That’s not a superset That’s an Olympic Trial

  • xMax PWRx
    xMax PWRx

    Wow. Nothing special. That's exactly what crossfit do. Look at all those Hero wods or Benchmark tests. There are some which can be compared. You just have to adjust the weight to the athletes conditions. But there are enough CF Athletes who do this easily. If you don't believe it, go to your next box. Just do e.g. Murph, Kelly, Nancy, Nasty Cindy...you can pin it down to the wall that "This is not Crossfit" but it still is.

  • FitTravel

    Haha. Track and field has many "workouts" to impress fitness community 😂😂😂