Strongman vs Bodybuilder (Machines)
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  • Gary Robinson
    Gary Robinson

    There is a significant amount less fowl language since Tom is gone.

  • soy boy
    soy boy

    Joey is great!

  • Baraswamp fox
    Baraswamp fox

    0:17 kept activating my Siri lmao

  • AlphaGamer

    Juji, would you ever get tatts or ever thought about it?

  • Mor3Th4nJust4verage

    answering the question about juji's shoulders, I think it might have something to do with his long arms. this is completely anecdotal, but I'm 6'2 with a 6'8 wingspan and I've never had an issue growing my shoulders. I've never really prioritized them but they're somehow one of my best features.

  • Erik Andreas Nymoen
    Erik Andreas Nymoen

    ditch the annoying old guy

  • Matt Light
    Matt Light

    ah ffs dude just came back from the gym NOW I WANNA LIFT !

  • Nicklas

    Joy's legs omg o.O 1:19

  • Thogren

    Over the Top MufuDad! 10 out of 10 transitions from Sam?! Great video thanks!

  • Ben James
    Ben James

    At least zeke hasn't got to lift his let to pee 😂

  • Brady Gamble
    Brady Gamble

    Love the new family wholesome video style. Sam and your dad are great.


    Who is editing these videos? Clean edits lately!

  • Ladislav Németh
    Ladislav Németh

    Mufudad is a true thavage. 🔥 Loved the video Juji, I was entertained throughout the whole time. 👏

  • Martin Todorov
    Martin Todorov

    Joey has a Gears of War tattoo! That's dope!

  • TheAwesomePossum

    Sam is honest and exactly what the Channel needs. Perfect commentary and filming

  • Daniel Splinter
    Daniel Splinter

    Need to back the camera up! Hard to watch a full video.

  • El Jake
    El Jake

    Add intensification techniques and you won’t even need to use full stacks! 😝 Great video as always!

  • Roy D Mercer
    Roy D Mercer

    Juji should have had his wife filming this whole time. She brings something special to the videos. Just her energy!

  • Steven Sanders
    Steven Sanders

    Joe can push press more than I can deadlift. I am a disgrace.

  • karlravioli

    Gonna have to get the Bugez to come tear this place up once it's done.

  • Traven Rodriguez
    Traven Rodriguez

    Id like to see juji and Joey in a grappling match.

  • Randy Phillips
    Randy Phillips

    I love your dads wholesome humor

  • Mark Graham Jr.
    Mark Graham Jr.

    Dadmufu has some oldman strength

  • Joshua Gill
    Joshua Gill

    Transition was indeed 10/10

  • Remis

    That transition was aaaammmaazing!

  • Johannes Termansen
    Johannes Termansen

    Dude Joey is huuuuge.such an inspiration

  • Tanner Adams
    Tanner Adams

    Swear to god. Your dad needs his own fitness channel. I could listen to you guys cut up all day

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge

    No leg press machine cause they're not practical 😥

  • BiloGadget

    lol i saw the person that recommended the leaderboard idea for the machines

  • AtomicBass

    That lat machine looks very nice

  • Jayde Ochinero
    Jayde Ochinero

    Hey I must train like Mike menzter I do only like 1 to 2 really hard sets I slowly work up to a set of 6 to 8 being pretty heavy but all my sets before it I could easily to 5 to 6 sets of

  • AlwaysGettingStronger

    the moment you realize Juji's dad is stronger than you..😮

  • vblackaaisdcha9hu

    7:02 what dog breed is that

  • jake Hanson
    jake Hanson

    Gotta say, I absolutely love the vids without Tom's cringey weak ass

  • Kyle Hennington
    Kyle Hennington

    Love you Juji and Joey but my like was purely for Zeke. I have a 3 legged cat named Ollie. :)

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    No more supplement montages like that please....I was scared...

  • Joel Reyes
    Joel Reyes

    Wholesome content every time

  • Matthew Trickingson
    Matthew Trickingson

    Juji!!! I challenge you and dare you to do a single leg in a upcoming FIshows video! (Echo) Video video video

  • Shawnonsens3

    youll make it thru....honestly i had a bad feeling about tom from the moment he became part of the channel.....nevertheless a learning experience for us all. LONG LIVE JUJI!!!

  • Alejandro

    Its cool seeing your relationship with your pops!

  • Daman Vashistha
    Daman Vashistha

    Waiting for this with clearance

  • Ryupyroa

    Love this dudes gears of war tattoo

  • Dogs Del
    Dogs Del

    Subbed back when heard that rat Tom was kicked out. Never liked him

  • Reno Dice
    Reno Dice

    Bro, I was having a rough day today to say the least. You telling your dad to come out of his hiding place gave me a much needed laugh haha thanks man

  • DJ Suter
    DJ Suter

    That was a cool vid! Love the competition and the sly tricks.

  • John Beck
    John Beck

    So smart

  • Charm

    Does it feel weird to have a nipple stuck on the edge of a singlet?

  • kolin nitruc
    kolin nitruc

    7:13 it must be the angle of the camera or somethin cause to me they look damn near the same😂

  • August Games
    August Games

    How many full stack developers got triggered by this thumbnail? 😂

  • hawaiidispenser

    Great idea for a video. MORE like this!!

  • Dizzyirl

    You're so mean to ya dad haha

  • MJ


  • hoofhearted4

    I love Joey. Love his IG

  • Justin Looney
    Justin Looney

    Juju's face on the curl machine. Reminded of bill kazmire when he used to compete

  • Einstein0808

    The laugh at 8:36 is amazing xD lool. Nice video !! Love the collab.

  • Rob


  • Michael Walston
    Michael Walston

    Your dad has made my decision to buy those pants lol

  • Mind Blown
    Mind Blown

    So nice that Juji being surrounded by people that love him in recent videos. Nice appearances from some blasts from the past too. Its a transitional period that must be quite tough so its awesome to see. Also, that high row / pull down machine looks amazing.

  • Karlee Tobin
    Karlee Tobin

    I'm watching this as I struggle to arnold press 20lbs dumbells lol

  • caveinbrain

    Alternative title: mufudad appreciating machines nice seats

    • Jujimufu

      Mufudad likes smelling leather on gym equipmeny

  • Karsten Hegarty
    Karsten Hegarty

    Zeke could just regrow that arm, but he's pulling a sneaky on ya like eren did on falco

  • John Viggo Grønbech
    John Viggo Grønbech

    When you gym inevitably expands and crosses the border to Norway, can I come do a workout with you?

  • DCJayhawk57

    What kind of flooring is going in? Has Juji said?

  • Diablo 7
    Diablo 7

    Wtf was that loud banging noise in the back of the video? I couldn’t sit through this bullshit because of that!

    • Jujimufu

      Yeah construction is annoying. It's like this everyday. Can't film around it. Otherwise no videos here.

  • Fabio A
    Fabio A

    What’s the cloth that juji is wearing on his head called? Is it a headband?

  • Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease
    Erectile Dysfunction Is A Disease

    Sam 💖

  • Andrew Baum
    Andrew Baum

    Can we just go ahead and call your dad Dadimufu moving forward?

  • Donny McJonny
    Donny McJonny

    6:20 "YOUR set with the MINDSET" Yo, Sam gets it

  • Collin Galbraith
    Collin Galbraith

    Most successful FIshowsrs buy Ferraris but juju buys Ferrari work out machines

  • Abe Bust
    Abe Bust

    Channel so much comfier without the sidekick reddit guy

  • Colton Cowan
    Colton Cowan

    Getting strength wars vibes

  • Mojave Mateo
    Mojave Mateo

    "School-Zone Steve" Yeah, man...I don't know if you want to be known as that.

  • Connor Peralo
    Connor Peralo

    bruh can we tell the man to put the staple gun away for an hour lol

  • TrickTrades

    Great content!

  • Bit2Brain

    Dig your collabs with Joey. Super solid dude and strong af.

  • Green

    Not even 100K views oooof

  • flameshock11

    btw when you sit on that hamstring, DONT flex to make it look bigger. Armchair bodybuilder out

  • James McLaughlin
    James McLaughlin

    Joey and Juji make a good combo!

  • Sammyb Harris
    Sammyb Harris

    So wholesome.

  • Psychedelic Monkey
    Psychedelic Monkey

    Just got stood up for a date and came straight here to lift my spirits

  • Marc Gaston-Johnston
    Marc Gaston-Johnston

    I'm surprised these guys are able to quote these old as shit movies so often

  • Tim Slee
    Tim Slee

    The jump-cuts during sets ruins the video.

  • Flag

    Glad Tom is gone...NGL

  • Aj Pasquariello
    Aj Pasquariello

    Lesson learned, never challenge a professional strong man to a strength challenge

  • Tiago Melo
    Tiago Melo


  • alex barnard
    alex barnard

    I remember you maxing out machines in a public gym a long long time ago 😂😂 it was one of your first videos I ever saw!!!

  • alex barnard
    alex barnard

    I really do love having Sam behind the camera!! Her laugh makes me smile!!! Also jujis dad is always a pleasant thing in these videos too!!!!

  • William Bosch
    William Bosch

    these guys should just merge channels already. i want a merger

  • iatemyphone Gaming
    iatemyphone Gaming

    Juji: *posts awesome collab* Me: I like Joey's Peter Pan, Assassin's Creed, and Gears of War Tats...

  • Ryan Howard
    Ryan Howard

    The videos are just so much better now, everything seems much more relaxed and the camera work and the editing are on point.

  • Dakota Warren
    Dakota Warren

    Juji namedropping Mentzer made my day

  • wireeye2003

    I would be like a kid in a candy store with all that cool equipment. 💪🧔👍

  • Henrique Leite
    Henrique Leite

    Duuude why are we not getting any arm wrestling content anymore bro??? Colab with larry wheels pleeeeeease! Cheers

  • Kodie James
    Kodie James

    I fucking love Joey. He is so positive and happy all the time. His instagram is a great follow. And he's a fucking tank

  • Timur Popow
    Timur Popow

    You know that you don't have to shoot the camare lense wide open ALL the time, right ? This looks kinda shitty in this video...

  • Travis Coley
    Travis Coley

    Is juji loosing weight?

  • Tudor Ceapraz
    Tudor Ceapraz

    Seeing "full stack" on a Juji thumbnail got me confused a little.

  • John D
    John D

    Those machines ARE beautiful. But if he can max them all, how to grow?

  • Travis Seay
    Travis Seay

    Yeah Joey is cool and all...but can he do a 670kg Helicopter Press?

  • Balint Stosz
    Balint Stosz

    Joey having his heritage coming from the bloodline of the infamous Attila the Hun! Nice hungarian name there Szatmary!