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  • Robert Rogers Jr
    Robert Rogers Jr

    My muscles are tired just watching this. I need to workout

  • Dimitri Nakos
    Dimitri Nakos

    Is this in Charlotte?

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Sweet! Glad yall are doing so well!

  • TullBoy

    Man that place looks amazing to go shopping

  • Debbie Lockhart
    Debbie Lockhart

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  • Tyler Bradshaw
    Tyler Bradshaw

    So are you opening it to the public to stop by at any time and where is it located?

  • Christopher Orlopp
    Christopher Orlopp

    I've been to that Equipment store before. Was possibly thinking of visiting this weekend to take a look around.

  • Mister Khang
    Mister Khang

    Yes yes 😊yea so exciting

  • Nishank Yadav
    Nishank Yadav

    Did anyone else notice the "Work Harder than last time"

  • VGA Port Authority
    VGA Port Authority

    Hey Juji and crew, just want you to know that I think your videos are better than ever recently. Very exciting seeing everything come together :)

  • Simon Jones
    Simon Jones

    You guys are hilarious. Good luck with the gym.

  • John D
    John D

    Ha I thought Erin was in training clothes until the camera pulled back to show a dress and heels

  • Jordan Hicks
    Jordan Hicks

    This is so crazy. A icon is living and opening a gym near my town!!!!

  • Adam Freeman
    Adam Freeman

    dood i had no idea you were located in my home town of hickory!! Awesome

  • Keith Durbin
    Keith Durbin

    I upgraded mine equipment yesterday! What a great feeling 👍

  • menemai

    Erin's great!

  • Michael K Borozan
    Michael K Borozan

    I am guessing tom wont have a membership in the new gym....?

  • ComixRR

    Would love a video on you building the deadlift platform.

    • Erin B
      Erin B

      It will have to be titled "Travis and Erin curse at plywood for 3 hours straight"

  • GreatWhiteNorthernBuffalo

    I just realized Juji lives an hour away from me 😂

  • Alexis Waters
    Alexis Waters

    Write down *your* settings

  • J. M.
    J. M.

    Just stop with the masks already

    • Honky Tonk
      Honky Tonk

      I can't stand the masked morons either

  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    I was enamored with that N&UGym Store. . Great transition from Erin's sobbing in the corner to the new GG Gym/warehouse. New Iron dawn rises \m/

  • Kalle Migliaccio
    Kalle Migliaccio

    Juji you should build a small rock climbing bouldering section in your new gym that would be awesome.

  • TNPmarksman

    drop the addy if you ever need some great value bugenhagens to come squeeze things

  • Christopher Saunders
    Christopher Saunders

    I love all these new videos. I was a fan before, but the heart in these videos gives them a whole new weight.

  • :_:

    I found your channel from fightTIPs and I love ur channel keep it up

  • Raul Figueroa
    Raul Figueroa

    but where?

  • Grim ling
    Grim ling

    Juji, where do you get your headwraps?

  • ot00s1cko

    This is nice to see such a bounce back from the bad shit earlier. Also the videos are starting to come together much better now..there was definitely an adjustment period so I'm so hype to see a flavor all y'all's own start to finds it's place


    Im a 125 lb ballet dancer, I can only bench press about 50lbs but 100%, I'd go here, be the weakest at the gym, and turn into the most peeled/shredded ballerina the world has ever seen 😂 this is like a damn resort for athletes lol

  • Dr Mannyhattan
    Dr Mannyhattan

    Bro all you do is build gyms

  • erik Arellano j
    erik Arellano j

    Hows Tom's dumb ass doing

  • Hammer Ology
    Hammer Ology

    I have an ab wheel!

  • Shane good
    Shane good

    You got a good wife dudeeee

  • Peter Rannow
    Peter Rannow

    I LOVE GRIP GENIE!!! Awesome gym too!

  • Elijah Shook
    Elijah Shook

    I live in the Hickory area, so I’ll be checking it out🤘🏻. Edit: just realized you were just literally one block away from my old gym BackwoodsBarbell lmao

  • Matt Aiello
    Matt Aiello

    If Juji rubbed a lamp @nopanicbutton would pop out.

  • wireeye2003

    Glad to see your videos being posted more regularly, I Thank your wife for her hard work as well. Just dumbbells at today's price is up there. I've been looking for two seventy-five pound dumbbell like I used to own over 15 years ago, (Silly me sold them when I lost weight) paid a hundred and thirty-five for them new. I just looked up the price for just one today, and it was a hundred twenty-five dollars. So look to pay a lot of cash for exercise equipment today, even used.

  • Armin Armin
    Armin Armin

    Damn she bad huuuuu😈

  • RIN Avalon
    RIN Avalon

    Juji "have you considered doing training videos with viewers, like inviting your fans to come train with you in your gym"?

    • RIN Avalon
      RIN Avalon

      I have watched your Channel sense before you hit 50000 subscribers keep up the good work and have fun love you videos

  • zodziusavas

    Juji, sir... Please, and i mean please... Bring Tom back.. i know is phisical pain to you... But that dude fliped this channel up side down.. i want Tom back.. please...

  • Doug Schickinger
    Doug Schickinger

    Going strong Juji, keep it up brothers and sisters!!!!!!

  • Calam Couzens
    Calam Couzens

    2:24 looks dangerous leave you with whip lash or a broken neck lol

  • GigaChad

    It's gonna be sick gonna go head to head w/ Zoo Culture

  • Evan James
    Evan James

    Me b4 video starts: *rubbing hands together* Juji as video starts: *rubs hands together* Me: dis gonna be gud

  • Nathan Plunkett
    Nathan Plunkett

    I really can't express how good it is to see Juji smiling.

  • Daniel Phillips (Bucket)
    Daniel Phillips (Bucket)

    This video had it all, Randy one upping his Watain shirt from the last video with a New Retro Wave shirt. Erin out-angling Juji. Sam and Erin having an intervention backfire. Travis finding out he's doing a grip video. New arm wrestler collab incoming. New and Used Gym Store crew cameos. The announcement and reveal of the GGG. What a packed 14 minutes.

  • Llyren

    You need a Magnus inspired wall and maybe Hangboard!

  • StaK_1980

    The three of you together, looks like you have a good time! :-) Some small jabs here and there... love it!

  • David Denicolò
    David Denicolò

    me training in my 2x3.5 meter gym: i wish i could have such a big place to train love your videos

  • Dppre


  • Andrew

    Builds $100k+ home gym and then donates his leftover junk to his "public" gym. Understandably this is a marketing move but kinda funny. Also, please tell me you have consulted an insurance broker regarding the liability risk you just added to Grip Genie. The gym a material change to the risk and could lead to the current policy being non-renewed.

    • Erin B
      Erin B

      Don’t worry, I’ve got it handled 😉

    • Andrew

      For that matter, I hope that Juji & Sam already purchased a personal umbrella policy in additional to expanded liability on the business. Last thing they need is a professional athlete over for a video getting hurt in the garage gym. Has always been a risk but clearly they can afford the luxury of safety now.

  • Bassology 101
    Bassology 101

    Did Juji just quote Gshred harder than last time?

  • Brady Lisowski
    Brady Lisowski

    can i work at grip genie pls juji

  • BIG HOSS89
    BIG HOSS89

    Dude! I'm close by too.

  • Tracy Ann Mangold
    Tracy Ann Mangold

    Every time I watch, my day is brightened so much by the joint effort of everyone involved. It’s simply lovely. ❤️

  • David Landry
    David Landry

    Hahahaha the mask though, that was the best part of this entire video.

  • Cody Andre
    Cody Andre

    Anyone else digging the whole Juji squad vibe going on?

  • Bob Rogers
    Bob Rogers

    Bradley is shaking in his glutes

  • Bulk Brogan
    Bulk Brogan

    Should have a full peg wall of attachments instead of just a peg board lol

  • David Heim
    David Heim

    You should talk to Odd Haugen about running gyms. I think he owns at least 50 gyms and not just the tiny one you visited ;)

  • Thogren

    Lat machine from Gym Fort gets new life in Gripgenie Gym!

  • Manuel Gutierrez
    Manuel Gutierrez

    not the same without Tom, content going downhill

  • petiram

    GG, GG

  • Marc Moorby
    Marc Moorby

    looking awesome ^_^ ...gl with ur future plans.

  • Roy Roos
    Roy Roos

    Yeah well now I have to visit the States one more time to AT LEAST see this gym one time

  • Olivier Seurin
    Olivier Seurin

    It's almost like Kimbo Slice has risen from the dead

  • Juliussmoothie

    Dang i wish there was a New and Used Gym Store where i lived. thats such a good idea!

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    Jon's pure joy over gym equipment is infectious. This is electric motivation fuel

  • Czechbound

    I think a lot of people will be there to meet Erin 😍

  • Kirb-Stomp

    Man, it would be a dream come true to lift with Juji just once.

  • David Closs
    David Closs

    Opens a public gym and makes it onto The Late Show with Stephen Colbert all in the same day. You are the man!

    • Bassem B.
      Bassem B.

      wait what? :O where can I see that?

  • Dawid Bartman
    Dawid Bartman

    Cool vibes , positive people :D

  • Steven Nelson
    Steven Nelson

    Need art work from some of. The great Artists on youtube

  • Michael Korner
    Michael Korner

    Love the Randy comedy bit where he usually is just lurking around and it spotted in the background before being a part of the video hahaha

  • Joseph Coerper
    Joseph Coerper

    Is juji more into lifting or buying things to lift

  • D2DS 17
    D2DS 17

    Looking hesitant. Sure you want to buy more equipment, or just liked the idea of making a video about buying equipment?

  • Camp Z
    Camp Z

    Congratulations man!

  • FootballJunkie

    2:20 neck machines should make a comeback

  • Yodes

    I can guarantee Tom is watching these videos feeling sorry for himself 🤡

  • Silver Experience
    Silver Experience

    Kimbo is such a nice guy

  • Erik N
    Erik N

    Hey Jujimufu, love your work! I’ve spent all my savings on a small business and not gym equipment as I’d love to but that’s how life goes. Watching ur crazy vids gives motivation to push thru day to day. Thanks mate!

  • jakevoss96

    Thats a seriously fun investment.

  • Spence Lifts
    Spence Lifts

    This is wild!

  • JacobS

    We Appreciate You Juji. Your Appreciation For Us Is Appreciated. Love From Your Appreciatee. X

  • Jace R
    Jace R

    Coop has entered the chat

  • Ketone Conde
    Ketone Conde

    Did I just watch a fifteen minute ad for Used Gym Store? Juji looks genuinely enthusiastic for the first time in a long time. Fuckin rad.

    • John War
      John War

      I would not be surprised if this is some sort of joint venture between Juji, New and Used Gym Store, and GripGenie. Sounds like an absolute money maker to me.

  • Webster

    The grip genie gym needs mirrors all around!

  • i will jack hammer you
    i will jack hammer you

    I miss Tom.. 😞

    • jakevoss96

      tom done goofed at a serious channel evolution

  • Chris Hall
    Chris Hall

    Campus boards and a moonboard for the climbers? 🙏

  • felix falk
    felix falk

    Does grip genie ship to europe?

  • Fin .Reilly
    Fin .Reilly

    My IBS pains just kicked in.. Im gonna go toilet


    Idk if you said it in the vídeo but where is This. I Want to Come só bad. IV been Watching for só long and im a huge fan

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell

    Kind of messed up to make fun of breakdowns don’t you think? Inconsiderate?

  • OG Topson
    OG Topson

    Juji is a child

  • spawnie051

    I like that sold to jujimufu sign rofl

  • Vince W
    Vince W

    Somebody stop this mad man, he won't stop until he owns all the world's gym equipment

  • Ryan

    She's always gonna be fine She's adorable

  • Justaguyyoutubin

    Good video! Really loving the content. I hate Tom.

  • Ryan

    Let juji stay with Antoine and train for a year series.....Sam and gym cat can also come....