Chris Duffin vs. Jujimufu
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  • Ernie Mathews
    Ernie Mathews

    More eccentric fun lifts. Grácias.

  • DerLars

    Great to see two brothers reunited :-D

  • lewis pearl
    lewis pearl

    Wtf its two different guys

  • Danny Kristiansen
    Danny Kristiansen

    I love odd lifts. I used to do 45kg straight bar curl with the long bar with one arm -(against the wall) , when I trained for a weighted One Arm Pull Ups after my third pec tear. I gave up on my regular raw bench, tried to get to 230kg at 94lg but I had to do closegrips so I only reached 210 kilos, Ive only done closegrips after the third tear, still do them now natural at 33, but I do high reps these days. But after failing my bench projeect I did the single arm long bar curl + greasing the groove with one arm pull up and that gave me a one arm pull up with 10kg extra at 94 kilos. Didnt train legs then because my bodyweight would be too high. (yeah I know its to take it to the extrrme to not train legs at all but I wouldnt be able to do weighted one arm pull up weighing 110 kilos, im average tall for a Scandinavian so I always specialize when it comes to shit like that. This gave me inspiration to try to do heavier shit again. Loved the energy on this dude!!! Big fan of Juji for a long time also :) lotsa love from Norway

  • Jeff 'WOODY"Sherwood
    Jeff 'WOODY"Sherwood

    Seriously..!!! you toying around with potential injury hell of a great way to get injured...!!! but if you haven fun...????? 💪

  • james daley
    james daley


  • Leonidas Knightis
    Leonidas Knightis

    My knee would spit out my ACL😑

  • Nick Molnar
    Nick Molnar

    Where’s couch Gregg at 🤪🤪😂😂😂😎😎😎


    Duffins hair has left the chat

  • Thomas Gustafson
    Thomas Gustafson

    Great fun!

  • Dave Kavanagh
    Dave Kavanagh

    If it wasn't for those tattoos it would legit be impossible to know who's who 😂

  • osama taher
    osama taher

    omg duffin just like joji from parallel universe with unpaid debts 😭

  • Breite Masse
    Breite Masse

    chris is awesome! like him alot

  • Erich Bachman
    Erich Bachman

    Chris is like Juji's crazier, little brother :D.

  • Will Hazlett
    Will Hazlett

    Absolute titans

  • Justincase008

    The other BUFF DUDES lol..

  • Pablo Marrero
    Pablo Marrero

    chris went nuts and is now probably drinking his own urine with twistingnether

  • Alyosha

    Weird how he is so meticulous in his training but his PR lifts have such... questionable ROM. Still a great guy and obviously very strong, too.

  • The Fit GM
    The Fit GM

    Feel like I tore my knees just watching this.

  • Earth Theory
    Earth Theory

    Juji is the kid who had He-Man figures as a kid, and believed that’s what he needed to look like, and just took it from there until now.

  • Jes Mondo
    Jes Mondo

    These guys should be go on sauce, they'd be hench


    Mad bastards 😂

  • Kocis19

    dear lord m juji has damn near reached final form. Physique looking absolute.

  • David Easton
    David Easton

    Bro your shredded AF. Keep winning big dog

  • Charles McCants
    Charles McCants

    Hey Juju I can't wait to get between them cheeks again, I hate you but you got the best muscle Peach in the business. There is the mountain or his brother or sugar beard Russell. I need my protectors. Also are you becoming best friends and trying to serial kill these people. The Canadian arm wrestlomg dude is me. He sent that sounded really enjoyed the sex with some the best he's ever, if you are killing some of these people and you don't find yourself or on mine or KB's letter Blame It on the Mountain and his brother

  • Alexey Orlov
    Alexey Orlov



    Those two are natural juicers. 🍊🍊🍊

  • Raz Rasmos
    Raz Rasmos

    Thanks fellas that was very interesting, not just the physical movements but what U both were saying. Im 67 and doing general physical fitness plus squats, push presses, etc. Im freshly inspired. again thank U. Rz

  • TB Bucs
    TB Bucs

    Easiest way to spine and cardiac issues.

  • Bank Alexander
    Bank Alexander

    Wholesome lifting with the lads.

  • Jeffrey Palton
    Jeffrey Palton

    I wish i was a titan like you guys but none the less, practising these movements does help me in everything else. I notice it the most at work.

  • Bryan Moser
    Bryan Moser

    Chris Duffin: If Allen was a powerlifter

  • Dane Manns
    Dane Manns

    There is a slight fear involved! Lmfao yeah man I’m scared to do the fallouts bodyweight 😂

  • G3M1N1J0K3R


  • EmirBfitness

    great content

  • Niall Leslie
    Niall Leslie

    Carnival performance well done..

  • Southern Cyclist
    Southern Cyclist

    Why don't they believe in a Hair Cut? 🤔

  • Julia Williams
    Julia Williams

    Why am I always late to these videos?

  • Jin Kahn
    Jin Kahn

    Duffin is legit ONE PUNCH MAN dude trains so hard his hairs falling out

  • K P
    K P

    The worst possible exercises you can do lol

  • Ryker Lee
    Ryker Lee

    did we just become best friends???

  • RalphNaintEASY

    I think Jujimufu is juicing..

  • Adolfo Guzmán
    Adolfo Guzmán

    Chris looks so full of energy.

  • Alpha Alcove
    Alpha Alcove

    Someone get kneesovertoes guy in here!

  • Sebastian Hansson
    Sebastian Hansson

    maintain strength at older age, top tip, dopping :) need more honesty from youtubers and the likes

  • Emmett Moore
    Emmett Moore

    me snatching with years of weightlifting experience. 2 chad bodybuilders with nothing to do going super saiyan 1 handed

  • nikolidus

    Question from being that flexible in the quads will he still have good strength in his quads or will they just fold

  • Juan Sailor
    Juan Sailor

    These two could be brothers

  • Slightapex

    I think it’s really great that he brought his dad and to train with him

  • Paris Solomon
    Paris Solomon

    His tattoos are dope

  • R. Hllthrshr
    R. Hllthrshr

    This should get more views,likes,shares, subs just for the thumbnail alone. And Juji needs a large dragon tat wrapped around him to filly complete the identical brother look. That windmill is a head scratcher. Years I read and believed it was the entire move that was deemed 'windmill' - not so much the wrist rotation. . 🤔 🤔 Just glad neither of ya fkkd up your shoulders/wrist. The pull /lock out alone looks mad difficult.

  • Timmy Reeves
    Timmy Reeves

    So Chris goes from a chubby dude to looking like jujs twin lmao love it

  • Christopher De Rycke
    Christopher De Rycke

    All I can see is 2 Juji’s!!



  • Lovegear

    Looks more like how to get injured

  • J F
    J F

    Duffin def off his cycle. But still looks good for an engineer

  • Nick Tirey
    Nick Tirey

    Yall stay natural. Live past 50. Women think veins are gross anyways.

  • Robin Lomax Bjerke
    Robin Lomax Bjerke

    I love how genuinely nerdy Duffin is. He has such refreshing and infectious passiom about the specifics and mechanics of each movement. Love it!

  • Joshua Robielos
    Joshua Robielos

    It's actually okay to use your hips as a progression in the reverse nordic. Some people can't do it because their hips are too tight. You could start with kneeling, then progress by slowly lengthening your hips.

  • Michael Biniakewitz
    Michael Biniakewitz

    What product is Chris using for his hair it’s so full

  • Michael Biniakewitz
    Michael Biniakewitz

    What I like about jubilee is he shows what you can attain staying natural.

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher

    If they grew their hair the same and had the exact same body build they'd look exactly like eachother

  • Daily Dump News
    Daily Dump News

    Dope video. Needs a female on camera though imo

  • Cae Rule
    Cae Rule

    lmfao they really are like brothers in a way

  • Buy_DogeCoin

    Super cool , I would definitely buy some

  • Corey Jackson
    Corey Jackson

    What kind of shorts do Juji wear? Anyone know?

  • Sidney Bales
    Sidney Bales

    Why do their bellies look so strange?

  • huge actman
    huge actman

    Duffins core is massive

  • fuelnfire92

    Are you looking at me! Lol 😆

  • ShootLiegh

    I've never seen anyone else do the one arm snatches. I really love them, but I've only been able to do 145 lol.

  • Hippie Hercules
    Hippie Hercules

    chris’s core is fucking insane

  • Dan J
    Dan J

    Just need Knees Over Toes guy next

  • Thomas Lindroos
    Thomas Lindroos

    Caveman on cocaine right here, love it!!

  • norrick1

    Ohh em G 💪🤪🤳

  • Mark Cook
    Mark Cook

    Followed Chris for many years and he's incredible, would love to see more content with you guys. PS loved the Dave Tate and Donnie Thompson content too

  • the one above all
    the one above all

    Look like someone found out how to do the shadow clone jutsu lol

  • BriPHan

    Who is the babe in the background?

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr


  • Baker Jethro
    Baker Jethro

    Tony Little has come a long way from promoting the Gazelle Freestyle infomercials

  • pluto

    nice of juji to get his dad to train with him

  • Steven James
    Steven James

    Looks amazing! I cannot afford lol

  • B Cook
    B Cook

    Imagine thinking chris duffin isn't on all the juice

  • cancontrl

    Two dudes meet at a party and immediate BFF sich

  • RaisedOnMetal

    you need a piano and guitar in the gym.

  • LB3

    My ankles feel like they are gonna explode trying that first quad stretch

  • zenith angel
    zenith angel

    Duffin truly is the mad scientist of strength

  • Jaime

    Why is his stomach big like that? Is that normal?

  • Mapople1

    Bearfoot shoes are awesome. Had them for over a year now, wear them for every workout. So comfortable and great ground connection.

  • Kendall thompson
    Kendall thompson

    Duffin is out to lunch man

  • SonicTheHedgeHogOfficial

    God they’re like brothers

  • BR Big Ben
    BR Big Ben

    I am now going to wake up each morning and say, “I am Chris Duffin.”

  • justin etters
    justin etters

    Id like more vids with ole Chrissy but do you juju. Dope shit


    That might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. It was a lot of fun

  • Chad Dickens
    Chad Dickens

    Shredzilla meets old man strength personified. The bond was immediate. The fans adored them.

  • ryan niedernhofer
    ryan niedernhofer

    19:40 I think that’s why Chris bumstead worked on his max deadlift this off season?

  • mugen Eri
    mugen Eri


  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    Pure motivation

  • Nick B
    Nick B

    Fascinating (15:26) I didn't know that rubber "bumper plates" were thing. That's really cool. I bet a lot of casual viewers who aren't into the sport were just as confused as me when they saw that.

    • Andrew Moss
      Andrew Moss

      I scrolled for 6 whole minutes trying to find someone explaining that in the comments. If they hadn’t pointed it out and made a joke in the video I might’ve thought they were fake weights, I’ve never seen plates that bend. And I’ve been lifting and watching BB videos forever. Thanks for addressing it.

  • Er Oktar Tonga
    Er Oktar Tonga

    Hardcore Core training.

  • bluezenither

    11:32 the sound that the weight made being taken off of the bar lolll

  • John

    This man needs to meet the Boog