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  • Funding 101
    Funding 101

    It’s gif. Jif is peanut butter

  • Djordymans

    Its gif end of the debate

  • Justin Desormier
    Justin Desormier

    It is pronounced gif

  • T-Biscuit69 T-Biscuit69
    T-Biscuit69 T-Biscuit69


  • Nathan J
    Nathan J

    Forgets his name wow lol

  • Johan Bosch
    Johan Bosch

    Next Magnus Midtboe colab make a boulder wall in your new gym, would be awesome video and something you could force on all your visitors 😁

  • Kalvan

    The jif people are objectively wrong Brian dw

  • RG

    I don't about y'all but I pronounce gif as gif, not as gif. In fact, if you pronounce gif as gif you should be locked in the depths of hell and be forced to watch gifs for the rest of the eternity.

  • Preparing For Ragnarok
    Preparing For Ragnarok

    It's GIF, not JIF. I gotcha back on this one

  • Kkvelvane


  • Dong ‘The Rod’ Johnson
    Dong ‘The Rod’ Johnson

    Sam is sick ✌️

  • Dong ‘The Rod’ Johnson
    Dong ‘The Rod’ Johnson

    Hard G

  • funkEfresh

    6:26 is the correct answer.

  • Lyle W
    Lyle W

    GIF, not Jif

  • th3MadDragon TMD
    th3MadDragon TMD

    I think it would be so cool to take someone who is fat and help them turn into a machine like you. Getting people to see how the progress. I volunteer!!

  • Jared Cave
    Jared Cave

    It's defo "gif" no "jif"

  • brentnahmias44

    The idea that anyone is calling it JIF is INSANE

  • Noob saibot
    Noob saibot

    I’ve been absent for a while.. Juji looks huge now..

  • Clay Hales
    Clay Hales

    220 volt icemaker for ice baths or coffee maker for preworkout. And Jif.

  • hoofhearted4

    I agree with Brian. Idc what the creator says. It's GIF

  • music guy
    music guy

    “You can’t build big arms with squat” *cries in Clarence0😥

  • Luke Norman
    Luke Norman

    GIF = Graphics Interchange Format ...... If you say "Jif" you're a moron 😂😂😂

  • Pete Lenhardt
    Pete Lenhardt

    The 220 is for an ICEE machine, right?

    • Pete Lenhardt
      Pete Lenhardt

      Can't go wrong with "The coldest drink in town"

    • Jujimufu

      Wait that might be the best wrong guess. Maybe it should be for an ICEE machine!

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Brian's got some sick triceps

  • Guy Chapman
    Guy Chapman

    Team GIF!

  • Steffen Bakøy
    Steffen Bakøy

    Everyone is so positive, I love it. Also good that you are filming things without an agenda, the channel is slowly but surely going back to where it was! MORE FLAMINGOS!! Juji: Can you make a remaster of "hare/bunny" jumping? I think you know which clip I am referring to :-)

  • Luke Paulson
    Luke Paulson

    Juju & Clarence...🤤

  • Daniel Phillips (Bucket)
    Daniel Phillips (Bucket)

    Bryan is right, it's not jraphics interchange format.

  • Matthew Cunningham
    Matthew Cunningham

    220v for a sauna???

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Jujjmufu needs to get more retro gym equipment that would rock!!💪💪💪👍😎

  • Eric Barrera
    Eric Barrera

    It's definitely pronounced gift without the t

  • Eric Barrera
    Eric Barrera

    Dude this gym is going to be insane!! It motivates me to have something like this at some point in my life.

  • Javier Quinteros Urzúa
    Javier Quinteros Urzúa

    Another video, another message stating that Sam's energy is appreciated in the videos

  • Gandhar M.
    Gandhar M.

    we're having fun

  • Jerry Petrowski
    Jerry Petrowski


  • e

    It's gif.

  • David Rak
    David Rak

    GIF! I'm sorry Juji, but JIF is the PB and GIF is the animated photos.

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley


  • Emmanuel Acevedo
    Emmanuel Acevedo

    220 volt outlet is usually for a stove

  • Zach Waynetska
    Zach Waynetska

    idl brian

  • Abdul Rahman Jahari
    Abdul Rahman Jahari

    How sam looks like

  • The Unknown Samurai
    The Unknown Samurai

    Its supposed to be pronounced Gif, but every one calls it Jif

  • Ryan Gettelfinger
    Ryan Gettelfinger

    It’s gif not gif

  • Alexandre Athens-leger
    Alexandre Athens-leger

    It’s jif

  • Josh Hegarty
    Josh Hegarty

    It's pronounced gif

  • Doug forsythe
    Doug forsythe

    The 220outlet is for a ice maker??!!! Is it!!!

  • Arnold Nym
    Arnold Nym

    Just so everybody understands this once and for all: It's gif.


    Randy and I have the same taste in women. My wife is all of those things. Good luck...I lucked out.

  • Shemegory

    12:36 That aint hamlet, that's Poogie

  • RogaBigCalves

    220 Volt is for an industrial size coffee grinder for your to be announced coffee company JujiBREWfu


    Hey Juji. I am here from the beginning. It seems you look your biggest and leanest ever muscle wise. Can you still do tricking?

  • InvncblThoR

    It looks like you paid 100k (and i think im being generous ) for all that setup so plz get a nice looking trx.

  • David Campbell
    David Campbell

    Energy feels forced 😕

    • David Campbell
      David Campbell

      Miss Tom

  • jocko john
    jocko john

    This fun video should be shown on main stream media all over the world. It would bring some smiles to a lot of folks who are hurting mentally and physically in our present Covid - Lockdown environment ....

  • Adam Midkiff
    Adam Midkiff

    Anyone else get the feeling that we're watching the Tom replacement audition? Honestly Tom shouldn't be replaced with a Tom wanna be, just go in a different direction and do something original with someone who has some personality rather than try to find a goofy, skinny, non-roided sidekick.

  • FishGuyJer *
    FishGuyJer *

    Tanning bed in the kitchen

  • Shawn Danielson
    Shawn Danielson

    I love the new cast of characters. Everyone has personality. I love the recurring in-joke about Sam getting too close. I'm smiling a lot more during Juji vids these days. And it looks like they all are too. I love it.

  • Mothafucka Jones
    Mothafucka Jones

    Am I the only one who thinks the constant up in the face filming is really getting old? No hate but I'm not trying to see everyone visibly uncomfortable from an intimate angle for every single video. Leave the nose bats, cretaceous craters, and greasy hair to get lost in the pixellation!

  • Fanny's LoA
    Fanny's LoA

    Aww Brian is cute. He looks like a plushy toy, and he *has* a plushy toy 😍

  • Jeremy Crumlich
    Jeremy Crumlich

    The point of using pex piping for your water is so there are very little connections. The plumber is ripping you off in unnecessary parts and labor, and adding potential leak points behind the wall!

  • Bulking Season
    Bulking Season

    these videos are very fun. keep it up!

  • Jody G.
    Jody G.

    It's jif, it's definitely jif I'm sry man

  • UnHappy Gilmore
    UnHappy Gilmore

    I want to join your gym, you got better equipment than my gym.

  • Gravechylde

    I always look forward to my Christmas jifts!

  • OrthodoxAtheist

    Brian @6:25 - I am the generation that birthed and grew up with animated images on the computer. They were my teen years. an 086 SX in the bedroom, through the 486 DX2-66, Pentium, and beyond. We are the PC generation. Brian is 100% right, including about the view of the creator, and how the creator is wrong. Approximately 99% of my generation called it a Gif, with a G like Goose, or Gibbon. Thus, the community determined its proper use, not the creator. ...I now like Brian 19% more because he knows well enough to be right on this subject. :)

  • ThatGuy

    I love how Sam always get uncomfortably close, amazing

  • RavioliBandit

    What snacks would you choose to survive off of in Juji's gym?

  • Mysterious Man
    Mysterious Man

    How much you paid for all of it?

  • Arcsylon

    Man this is fucking awkward. Still watching it tho.

  • Brian

    The gif pronunciation debate is a great example about how even creators of things can be wrong about their creation. If the guy had wanted it to be pronounced like a peanut butter brand he should have spelled it with a j.

  • Joden


  • Sheepdog53

    Anybody that says it’s gif is wrong. It’s gif. Idiots...

  • MrFatbard

    you should throw sam on a machine and then ask her a question lol

  • PaulsPalace

    Iam starting to enjoy these more then the past videos. Much love to you and your squad juji.

  • J MEK
    J MEK

    It's pronounced gif.

  • Mollie tol
    Mollie tol

    It's gif..

  • Patrick

    Dont you just hate when you casually lose your barbells?

  • Shiro

    I injured my arm the other day but hearing the Jif vs Gif thing hurt more.

  • dank hands
    dank hands


  • John Schultz
    John Schultz


  • Chris Scars
    Chris Scars

    It's GIF.

  • enjoyeglass

    I like Sam behind the camera...

  • Schrotty301

    It´s defenetly pronounced gif not gif...

  • Timothy Reynolds
    Timothy Reynolds

    It's Gif, and this is the hill I will die on.

  • Colby Judd
    Colby Judd

    220V outlet is for a coffee maker.

  • Robert Harris
    Robert Harris

    I'm sure it's not jif.

  • Hoss Notkins
    Hoss Notkins

    220 outlet for blender?

  • burgertime72

    Lifts thousands of plates and weights for fun .... complains about moving gym equipment.... 🤪

  • Chrisss Ger
    Chrisss Ger

    Enjoying the new videos a lot

  • Sirus The Worst
    Sirus The Worst

    I love the commitment to keeping sam off camera. well played everyone

  • Sirus The Worst
    Sirus The Worst

    grip genie grippers? When they getting restocked?

  • Sirus The Worst
    Sirus The Worst

    Peter Pan > Jiff

  • chris campbell
    chris campbell

    New camera person please.

  • Spoke en
    Spoke en

    You should have a gym hammock for growth naps or long rest periods

  • gyt26

    Juji saucy as hell

  • Saad Abdullah
    Saad Abdullah

    We need Kyriakos Grizzly on the channel. Jon, when are you bringing him over?

  • Cameron Mueller
    Cameron Mueller


  • zombiedanceprod

    Jif til I die

  • Meast

    If you have to spell gif differently, then you're wrong.

  • KaijuProductions

    Hey juji, any chance of getting Monica Granda on your channel?