Moving 50,000 LBS of Gym Equipment Into My Home Gym
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►Equipment ► Atlantis, Ghost Strong, EliteFTS, Panatta

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  • Garage Gym Reviews
    Garage Gym Reviews


    • Chaos disciple
      Chaos disciple

      @Garage Gym Reviews Awesome! We demand this crossover!

    • Jon Boyd
      Jon Boyd

      When is the review coming, Coop?!

    • marius johansen
      marius johansen

      @Garage Gym Reviews Think Juji got enough stuff for you to review there so you might aswell bring a tent and stay for a month.

    • Bsmooth9588

      Cannot wait to see coop reviewing jujis gym

    • Nasovniek

      @Jujimufu 💯%

  • Mike B
    Mike B

    Gym gets laid out, then the rubber floor installer shows up.

  • Jeff Andrews
    Jeff Andrews

    how did you get so fucking rich?

  • Shreyansh Jaimini
    Shreyansh Jaimini

    It's amazing, although padding/ matts would be better. Anyway it's amazing

  • matt eger
    matt eger

    I know it’s not his style but I’d be curious what the final cost was. I’m thinking north of 200k?

  • William P
    William P

    Lets count how long will take you to lift 50,000 lbs....

  • Jacky Mai
    Jacky Mai

    The miscreant rest intialy launch because editor internally care alongside a foolish shallot. redundant, limping jail

  • Nielen Bester
    Nielen Bester

    I am so curious. I see people like jujimufu get all these weights and build home gyms like this and envy them i mean who wouldnt want to be able to do that in the future. I am only 20 at the moment and I cant seem to figure out how he gets the money for this. Is this youtube money only? Does he have a second job other than youtube? What does he do to afford this if someone can clear this up please do. Cause i know weights are expensive as shit😂

  • Davideo Jockey
    Davideo Jockey

    Cant wait for Mangus to do a vid in there

  • focback

    can you please make turkish subtitles😊

  • Obada Rashid
    Obada Rashid

    You better paint those walls or design it with some legendary images that'll make it stand out more!

  • Joshua Minkin
    Joshua Minkin

    What a beautiful gym. How much did all the equipment cost?

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Can't wait to see how previous collabs react to this new gym.

  • Weather as a Weapon
    Weather as a Weapon

    Awesome equipment!

  • rmj name
    rmj name

    13:10 “me and this machine is gonna get to know each other pretty good over the next few years.” Barring an injury of course.

  • Strale


  • OutrageouslyInsane

    14:03 IM THE SCATMAN

  • Tom

    do yourself a favor.... watch Juji in 2x speed.... its hillarious

  • Alejandro De La Torre
    Alejandro De La Torre

    I love it !! Super awesome !

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    I like the filmers voice

  • castiel vargasTV
    castiel vargasTV

    The walls need mirrors!

  • Blue Star Nutraceuticals
    Blue Star Nutraceuticals

    The gold and black looks on point!

  • Yun1t0

    This dude is living my dream. I'm all happy like its me doing it LOL

  • bernardo mariano
    bernardo mariano

    You should have a reunion workout with Clarence , Yo Eliot and your old workout buddy .I forgot his name . The guy with the glasses .

  • Dino Pernell
    Dino Pernell


  • Chowi

    this looks amazing

  • Wolfrey PB
    Wolfrey PB

    Might wanna consider some commercial gym flooring


    Congrats, Juji. Lifters dream come true, bro

  • Dominic Mangiardi
    Dominic Mangiardi

    This is a dream! Congrats juji!

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B

    Colour is nice

  • Scott Pemberton
    Scott Pemberton

    Wish my commercial was this nice 😅

  • Le Typ
    Le Typ

    _"this ain't a home gym"_ ... right, it's a *gym home!* 🔥🤘🏻🔥

  • Zana1Mana

    Very happy for you dude

  • Kepler

    fell behind on these now I get to catch up

  • GuyInArmor

    That vertical leg press is how Bill in King of the Hill got a hernia

  • Anthony Arrett
    Anthony Arrett

    The New/Used Gym guys seem like awesome dudes.

  • Bio Blitz
    Bio Blitz

    Oh my god I forgot about wishbone the dog, whats a classic

  • Mikey pizza 1014
    Mikey pizza 1014

    My home gym started as the old golds gym bench and pull set. 7 years later . I have the Marcy smith machine free weight and cable pully combo , dumbbells to 120 pounds, dip pull up bar , and a used leg press machine . I thought I made it big that day 🤣. Your the man and I’m so happy you have this . Best of luck and you have everyone’s home gym dream

  • NanoTech210

    Why does Juji look like Triple H??? Lolll

  • Cody Forbes
    Cody Forbes

    A gym that rivals Brian Shaws home gym😳

  • Jenő Varga
    Jenő Varga

    I love it!

  • Music Dance
    Music Dance

  • Pierre Luc Deschenes
    Pierre Luc Deschenes

    I'm tired of seeing videos like this

  • devilpunk62

    pallet-fobia's gonna be a thing

  • Terron Beckham
    Terron Beckham

    What in the actual fckkkkkkkk!!!!!! So I’m invited right

  • Trebble Zipp
    Trebble Zipp

    joe rogan gone buff

  • TheJoelCook

    15:18 ... I see you flexing with that $1,550 Ghost chalk bowl in the background 👀

  • Timothy Riley
    Timothy Riley

    I don’t even wanna know how much that cost

  • cherryTIE

    It needs "finish built" and once finished it will need moped!

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Now jujjmufu just needs a juke box and huge speakers 🔊🔊🔊 on the roof!!! And a disco ball so him and Sam can dance after working out!!!💪💪💪

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Jujjmufu could get a full body workout just moving all the heavy equipment!!! 💪💪💪

  • Despond

    I would be a completely different human physically if I had this paradise of a gym. Well earned.

  • Jared S
    Jared S

    its amazing. im happy for you bro. very nice. 👏 👏 👏 💪

  • curtisjuice

    Bear in the big blue house reference there at the end? Congrats on the gym Juji it's turning out awesome!

  • Wrench N Twist
    Wrench N Twist

    50 000 lbs of machine and 500 000 of equipement 😂😂😂

  • Henry Whitmore
    Henry Whitmore

    I felt like hot shit having a bench,squat rack and a pull cable in my garage then I saw jujis new warehouse a few weeks ago 😂😂😂

  • Jon Holmkvist
    Jon Holmkvist

    Perfect gym! Cant wait for future videos. Much Love

  • Carol Day
    Carol Day

    Congrats on this. I have been watching a few years now its friggin amazing to see everything your building. BTW, the old barn, if you havnt thought of a use for it yet why not upgrade the floooring and kit it out as a private trick training space with a climbing board on the long wall? Just some thoughts for cross training with all the weights. A truly cool setup you have there. Cheers. 😀

  • Ion Toloaca
    Ion Toloaca

    Home gym? More like Mall Gym

  • Kevin Canales
    Kevin Canales

    Pallet fort sounds awesome lol

  • TeaMasterSen

    I want to know the final cost of this glorious gym. My gym building is 16x20 and being delivered this week and im SO EXCITED. Im tired of working out in the rain and cold weather during the winter.

  • Scott Toward
    Scott Toward

    What no mats

  • Ian Way
    Ian Way

    Im building a 10 ft x 7 gym to deadlift and I was pretty happy until now......good job!

  • Ian Way
    Ian Way

    Is that gym just for Juji?

  • James Willis
    James Willis

    This is the best way to spend Toms earnings

  • S & M fishing
    S & M fishing

    Im so jealous 😅

  • Bob

    This is a great place for Devon training , does Devon comes in for his training to finalise his power force?.

  • Juksteri

    Is there going to be acoustic stuff on the walls? Coz that place is gonna be loud and echoing a lot...

  • Jeff Stoker
    Jeff Stoker

    Looking good so far.

  • Acid Burn
    Acid Burn

    bro i swear i had the notification bell on for (ALL) wtf?

  • Andy Anderson
    Andy Anderson

    Editing is getting way better guys!!

  • Thezuule

    Somewhere out there is a sad Tom..

    • S30V

      Tom's always sad. Emotional trainwreck on and off camera

  • Viper Bull47
    Viper Bull47

    You should have Houston Jones come on again

  • Jeb Little
    Jeb Little

    How I know juji didn't grow up in a small Town.....he sees a pile of pallets and doesn't think...BONFIRE!!!!!

  • Brady Vanegtern
    Brady Vanegtern

    We want Clarence

  • blake miller
    blake miller

    That is the best looking set up I have ever seen in my entire existence on God's green earth.

  • Matthew Turbin
    Matthew Turbin

    13:30 did she just call the equipment “gym furniture” lmfao

  • Allen Ozarka
    Allen Ozarka

    Your new gym is AWESOME!! I'm happy for you bud

  • Paragon Kickboxing Academy
    Paragon Kickboxing Academy

    Wowzas! Looks epic guys, well done!

  • FootPlaysStuff

    Run your employees through the Grip Gauntlet to establish rank?

  • Legion of the Gooses Official
    Legion of the Gooses Official

    I hope this means night panther is making a return

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    He needs to get Larry wheels and Eric bugenhagen there to help move stuff!!!

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Moving all this stuff was a workout by itself!!! 💪💪💪

  • Alex Luevano
    Alex Luevano

    How much did this set up cost? This would be my dream build

  • Gabriel Szałek
    Gabriel Szałek

    It looks amazing!

  • MrTingles

    you could build a paintball course with all those pallets...

  • JSeven

    so much gold and black. it looks awesome. must feel amazing to finally be HERE


    Wishbone is a good show (back in the 90s i use to watch it) catchy theme song!

  • Terri M
    Terri M

    Not at all jealous of all that space and equipment... It looks awesome!

  • hoofhearted4

    I just love this new content. I don't wanna be that guy that brings up certain former members, and while I never had a problem with that person, the content now is just so wholesome. Sam is kicking so much ass behind the camera. Randy and Travis are awesome. Can't wait for all the collab in this new gym. We need to have a legit collab with Smiley and Big Moose now too!

  • samuel jordan
    samuel jordan

    Y’all trying to kill smiley lol

  • Charles Picard
    Charles Picard

    Now paint those walls black

  • Stue Ranch
    Stue Ranch

    Outstanding space! If you are entertaining railing ideas for the cardio deck, think a cable railing would look great. Building my own for my house using 5 1/2x1/2 flat steel for the base plate, 2x2 tube for the uprights, and 1x3 tube for the top rail. Picked up cable and HAAS hardware from

  • jonathan briskey
    jonathan briskey

    I don't know if he's said this in another video that I've missed... or if it's "out of line to ask" but I have to know... What did this cost? I just ask because I've been slowly building a home gym since the start of the pandemic and the one piece of equipment I'm missing that I really want is a leg press... and even a crappy one is like 1k$... this equipment doesn't look "crappy"... quite the opposite. Either way... congrats man.

  • Ruhan van der Merwe
    Ruhan van der Merwe

    The best type of unboxing video ever

  • Truth is Paramount
    Truth is Paramount

    Shoulda just picked up a Bullworker

  • Shalama_

    This has made my gym withdrawal come up so hard. Gym's here been closed for over a year now because of the pandemic. I'm now at a point where I'm sure I'll happy ugly-cry when they open back up. For now, I just gotta get second-hand gym feels. That gym looks like muscle Valhalla. Great job guys!


    Make another colab with Clarence. We need to see him trying machines and not just squatting

  • RTPatrick

    Seeing this come together has been amazing, I wish I could go it's that awesome. Amazing work Juji & Sam and everyone else involved! Incredible

  • Luke Maughan
    Luke Maughan

    13:36 'I'm addicted' - a man after Coops heart.