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0:00 - Welcome!

0:33 - My Training Background.

1:53 - How quit my day job and how I afforded the gym.

2:52 - Building size and features.

4:20 - Power Area (Powerlifting, Barbells, etc)

12:33 - Plyo Floor Area

14:42 - Bodybuilding Area pt 1 (Upper Body)

24:05 - Bodybuilding Area pt 2 (Lower Body)

30:19 - Cardio Upstairs

30:35 - Household Ammenities (Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry)

30:56 - Gym Cat

32:03 - Gym Flooring

35:03 - Back Patio Area

35:28 - Final Reflection and Appreciation

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    House of Saud is the Beast

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    Osama Al-Azzawi

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    • Jujimufu


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    Schwagl0rd- Mcsexy 123

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    Ian Allison

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      Ian Allison

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    Vioy Otube

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    Joel Spitzer

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    Top Fitness

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    Julian Buitrago

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    Roy Jenks

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    Robbie Riot

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    Joan steeven sanabria Calderón

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    Joan steeven sanabria Calderón

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    Randy mac Roe Jr

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    The Tendilorian

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    RILEY (SlotDog) PLAYS SLOTS (He's a dog)

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1,9 milj.