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    After editing this I am INCREDIBLY hungry, and tired 🙃

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      Kenneth Noisewater


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      nunnink av

      Where else would you get Elk and Venison??? Thanks to trifecta for underwriting this one.

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      Hey Brian!

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      Looking at the title and thumbnail I thought Tom was back on the job

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    Captain Scentsible

    We finally found him ! All these decades and waldo is found. On jujis channel !

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    Samuel McCauley

    I love your dad man.

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    I can't believe your father lived this long on this diet, that is pure genetics

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    Bennie Leip

    Is the calories count accurate ? I should count my calories some time 🤣🤷🏼‍♂️

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    36:15 gave me a seisure

  • Even Flow
    Even Flow

    It's amazing when you don't eat sugar, when you look at someone's daily diet and how much sugar they ingest.

  • 1STR

    9:35 ha, yesterday i complained about our forks, we got some new'ens and they are TINY. you cant fit anything on there and when you do it just falls off. this is important stuff!

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    Mervyn Lim

    Jujimufu, your food honestly looks disgusting. Sorry 😅

  • John-Paul Mitchell
    John-Paul Mitchell

    Mufudad: Get me 600mg of caffeine and a bigger fork! I'll fight in three world wars, dang it! Juji: Dad there's only been two world wars, and you were born after the last one. Mufudad: I know what I said!

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    cory h

    thanks for sharing guys hope the best health for you both!

  • Jessie Christie
    Jessie Christie

    It would be interesting to see how many calories mufudad actually consumed from the 6500.

  • Mythagoras

    33:00 They're sitting identically, and their noses are identical.

  • Ike De Winter
    Ike De Winter

    The most amazing thing is the clasic lays are not in a red bag. lol my dad also always has the biggest fork

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    Mufudad is hilarious

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    Hey guys what accent has jujis dad got?

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    I was brought here from Monster Todd's channel and I'm glad I found it! Most humble yet hilarious and entertaining channel I've seen in a while 🔥🙏🏻

  • BillyBiggs614

    These are the videos you will cherish later in life....God bless man I sure wish I had videos of my Mother and I before she died in 07 🙏🏻 Here's to many more videos to come with your Father and many more years!

  • BillyBiggs614

    This channel is head and shoulders above all the others similar in nature salute!

  • Luke Wells
    Luke Wells

    “we also swapped supplements, so he’s going to be taking 200mg of tren” 😆

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    Samuel Crawford

    Pops got that where’s Waldo fit


    Love his dad

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    like.... ya of course im gonna watch 39 minutes of juji and his dad eat food

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    Bjorn Rienmeyer

    Soooo, i found waldo? (All in good fun) ❤

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    Steve Robinson

    Awesome content!!

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    Funding 101

    When Waldo isn’t in books or magazines he is doing this.

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    "I am too tired and hungry to argue with your logic right now"

  • potatomuffin

    I've been on a journey to get "healthy" the past year. No lie, started doing what you call a "mash meal" after watching your videos on meal preps. My bad cholesterol dropped by 60 points by just making the switch to modeling how you eat just a little bit in a little over a year. I am also no longer pre-diabetic also. Working on getting the weight part down, My doctor was hugely surprised. Wanted to know what changes I had been making. The only other thing I added was walking a half a mile incline 2 to 3 days a week during my lunch break at work. Thanks for posting not only your crazy antics, but what you eat in a day.

  • Anbu Yami
    Anbu Yami

    Is white fish and riz and what else is in the meal ?

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    Ambika Lokesh


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    Manjunath R

    It's really good stuff 👏👌👍

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    Nuke Boy

    Bet Jujimufu was like I just some nutrients please!

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    David Trapp

    Mufudad is on a heart attack diet

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    Joshua vdw

    4:30 "we also swapped supplements" The jokes write themselves

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    Richard Adams

    I like the videos even more since Tom has decided to part ways...

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    Of all the words....

  • Rachael Hardee
    Rachael Hardee eat the equivalent of a Thanksgiving dinner everyday??

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    Tyler Bastian

    My dad would bitch about the size of the forks and spoons my whole childhood! 😂

  • Seren Marcattilio
    Seren Marcattilio

    Gotta say his dad is kicking ass and looking great at 70 with a high calorie diet! Notice how much less food with more calories dad eats. His stomach can't fit all that but he needs the calories so he goes to calorie rich food instead of rice and fillers like sprouts. Great vid juji!

    • Seren Marcattilio
      Seren Marcattilio

      I'm lucky to get my dad to eat 1 decent meal a day and he is the same age

  • Mitchell Glover
    Mitchell Glover

    Juji you gotta get greg doucette's cookbook, not that i have but this looks horrible! lol.

  • Mystic the Ninja
    Mystic the Ninja

    how was the calories so high at the end.. I wanna try calculating it myself but I'm not that motivated.. lmao. 4500 cals tho.. I would say it's closer to 2500

  • D

    I want to eat all that, I want to be a mufubro

  • The Emo Emu
    The Emo Emu

    Damn. I like the Juji Muh Dad Diet.

    • The Emo Emu
      The Emo Emu

      24:50 "I'm not listening. Eat my damn food, old man!"

    • The Emo Emu
      The Emo Emu

      Juji is just turning hostile as the day progresses and he's only getting sugar.

  • Georgia W.
    Georgia W.

    The southern drawl that John has when getting hangry 🤣🤣

  • rabbibaby

    It's funny how Juji progressively gets more angry and asshole-ish throughout the day

  • Brady Gamble
    Brady Gamble

    You are why i started growing sprouts beside my other greens 😉

  • Brady Gamble
    Brady Gamble

    That is one proud dad for sure.

  • Brady Gamble
    Brady Gamble

    Absolutely loving the family kind of videos Sam is doing an amazing job hope to see her more as the videos go on.

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    panos kevre

    250 lbs. What a mighty cycle.

  • Alex the GordonHighlander
    Alex the GordonHighlander

    We learn not all "calories" are created equal. 💎 Great spirit and fun Juji & Mufucrew!

  • hoofhearted4

    I do the cran/acv/lemon drink every day. Just one. Also mix in creatine, greens and Reds and a collegen Bcaa/eaa powder and slug it every morning.

  • Dave Pinkerton
    Dave Pinkerton

    Looks well your 70 fair play to him

  • Nanoblock

    Cool to see the time lapses so we know that it's not bs that juji changed his diet for the day.

  • Francisco Gutierrez
    Francisco Gutierrez

    12:58 I think he's talking about an acquired taste. Shit only starts tasting good after having that for a long time

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    Jackson Rielly

    Hey you were in Huntsville!

  • gRleF

    9:25 im all with your dad on this. This is a childs fork. Gimme a proper one 😂

  • bassy1416

    very original, has his own vibe wich i like very good Vid thumbs up !!

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    seriously thats a dangerously high amount of caffiene

  • Eric D
    Eric D

    taking caffiene pills everyday can give you epilepsy btw lol...

  • Chicken Chan
    Chicken Chan

    For a sec I thought your dad was Stan Lee

  • Michael Lugo- 956 fishing
    Michael Lugo- 956 fishing

    nothing like a little taint for a post workout

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    Patty McCullough

    Like and commented for the algorithm

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    Anthony Russo

    That’s awesome! QT started here in Tulsa, OK had no idea it made it that far

  • Bob Jackson
    Bob Jackson

    Your Dad is seems like an awesome person! Thanks from Canada

  • Andy

    dont believe these calorie amounts at all

  • Gennosuke84

    when he said he is 35.. I was shocked xD i thought juji is like 45 xD

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    I make taint as well, basic gatorate/powerade is too sweet.

  • brentnahmias44

    The less trash you eat the better the basics taste.

  • Shottimus

    I love the videos that essentially follow throughout your whole day. It also motivates the heck outta me

  • Danny Vasquez
    Danny Vasquez

    Randy is such a legend

  • Beldarin h
    Beldarin h

    Juji I have come by your channel very recently (via magnus) and I have to say im a huge fan of your family. Its been a wild 2 weeks for me binge watching all the collabs and training vids, (then there was the whole tom thing) but by far, my absolute faves have been the ones featuring you at home with your wonderful family. Your such a nice guy, I am glad you're surrounded with love and positivity. Kisses to Sam and Mufudad, you rock. x

  • Ryan

    Try my diet I eat once a day at 1500

  • Ryan

    They really enjoy each other, wish I had that relationship with my dad.

  • Habeev07

    11:37 I had to LOL. idk if he's more proud of his meal or son

  • Lucky Laki
    Lucky Laki

    Yea dere is no fucking wey jujji eats 6000 k in rice Mt guy juji is 4500 and hiss dad is 2500 to 3000

  • Einstein0808

    Love this video!! Juji, your videos are really on point. Good job everyone involved. Like the crew too!!

  • Trinity Stark
    Trinity Stark

    Greg Doucette's cookbook brought me here! (loving these videos)

  • Dallas Dominguez
    Dallas Dominguez

    I dont believe this!

  • Mike mopier
    Mike mopier

    THen the old man took off his disguise only to reveal it was Bob Sagot mufus jiji testosterone site producer , and boy oh boy was he excited to milk o'l Sagot, for that creamy juice hit.... Some say its a burden to get huge for the jiji of all mufu;s its a pleasure to do such daily activities #CREAMYLOAD!

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    Dudeskin FPV

    No way is that 4500 cals haha

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    17:38 no bruh

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Mufudad ate like this and hes 70 looking pretty active yet and healthy.... and I'm fuckin worrying about my diet. IM GOOD :)))

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    10:59 ahhahahaha

  • Iron Brotherhood
    Iron Brotherhood

    This is the wholesome content we all need

  • Thurman Murman
    Thurman Murman

    Good work Juji! Your videos are pretty gosh darn appreciated over here! I’m glad you are here to stay.

  • Jose Torres
    Jose Torres

    Missed opportunity on not calling him ✨papamufu/papimufu✨

  • T-beard Macaluso
    T-beard Macaluso

    Awesome! Great idea for a video and it was fun to see the similarities(for lack of a better word) between juji and mufudad hahaha.

  • Marshall Miller
    Marshall Miller

    I'm hungry now ready for dinner in 4hrs oof

  • Frank Smith
    Frank Smith

    To reference a hyuuge ultra runner. Alex Viada has a 700 pound deadlift and is a ultra runner and tri athlete

  • Cody Abell
    Cody Abell

    On Juji's diet, I would sleep like a baby at night. On Mufudad's diet, I would sleep like a baby 3 times a day for 2 hours each.

  • Jacob Mayoral
    Jacob Mayoral

    Swapped supplements? Lets get your dad on tren

  • Science Mad Gamer
    Science Mad Gamer

    Think this proves that all of the BS you hear about people saying "You should NEVER eat carbs carbs are EVIL!" and "Fats are terrible they will clog your arteries." It's all crap. The biggest killer is being sat on your ass all day. If you do endurance training and burn shit tonnes of calories you can eat shit tonnes of sugar. It balances out. If you lift the world like Juji you can eat 1000 grams of carbs in a day and a whole cow of protein. It balances out. EXERCISE people, go do some!

  • Jason G
    Jason G

    21:32 I like the cute little cat on the table :)

  • FiferJanis

    love the bonfire analogy

  • smaradt

    As a 5'3 117 lbs woman, all of my sympathy for Juji instantly evaporated at 24:03.

  • Wayne Wayne
    Wayne Wayne

    I water down IceTea Gatorade and other stuff... Since my sugar less diet... Im really sensitive for sweet stuff... so when I really want Drinks like that... I always put 50% Water in that.

  • Omar Vallejo
    Omar Vallejo

    I officially love Mufu dad

  • SamuraiBatgirl

    Juji very likely felt so hungry because a huge chunk of what Mufudad eats is simply not satiating. Marty Kendall has a really in-depth blog post about this. It talks about the satiety you get not just from fiber or protein, but nutrient density, starch, calorie density, and the combination of fats and carbohydrates. Very interesting (and long) read! I would guess given the amount of starch, protein, and (probably) fiber Juji feels full and also feels great because lots of nutrients crowd around fiber and protein. He's a trooper for being able to eat 6,000 kcals, though. My goodness.

  • Christhian Guardiola
    Christhian Guardiola

    600 caffeine.... Jesus

  • Brady Bowen
    Brady Bowen

    I wanna see Sam