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0:00 Welcome
0:17 Highlights
0:42 Seated Hamstring Curl Warmup
1:21 Watching for Lower Back Hitching/Compensation
2:04 Body English in Lifting
2:56 Juji’s & Joey's Current Leg Training
4:47 Stretch vs Mind-Muscle Connection
6:16 Buying Fitness Equipment Off EBAY
7:59 Hamstring Shame
8:35 “The Part Nobody Saw --The Boring Shit”
8:51 “Long-form Training -- Is That A Thing Now?”
10:09 Reason To Warm Up Hamstrings Before Workout
14:53 When To Start Forced Reps (Hamstring Flexibility)
16:00 Banded Leg Pressing
16:50 Dave's Plan
17:26 Foot Placement & Depth on Leg Press
21:51 Lower Back Compensation on Leg Press
23:21 Dave Tate Does Veterinary Medicine
24:14 Fixing Hip Rotation On Leg Press
27:27 800lb Band tension PER SIDE?!
29:47 “I Don’t Like You Turning Your Head To The Side”
31:13 Is Dave's zipper down again?
33:52 Isometric Hold On Leg Press
34:36 Mystery Set - It Was THIS
34:59 Breathing & Lower Back
35:14 “Just Fucking Do It"
36:38 "First One Shows Me Who You Are. Second One shows Me What You’re Made Of”
39:42 “It’s Only 40 seconds”
41:13 “Dave Is the Zookeeper at EliteFTS”
41:47 “Do We Have Another Set of This?!”
42:06 “They’re Setting Up Something Else”
42:33 “I May Throw Up”
42:50 Dave’s Puke Bucket
42:55 Ice Dunking Hands and Feet In Between Sets?
44:48 SSB Box Squat With Chains Super Strip Set
45:49 “Donating My Legs To Science, AGAIN”
47:10 Programming SSB Box Squat with Chains
49:59 Don't sit down between sets?
50:28 “Ergonomic Puke Bucket”
50:45 What’s In Dave’s Puke Bucket?
52:09 “I’m Happy To Die At EliteFTS”
53:34 Strip Set Explanation
54:59 Juji’s Giant Squat Strip Set
58:16 Joey’s Giant Squat Strip Set
58:36 “You Don’t Want To Go Viral For Szat Strength Dies?”
1:01:59 “Focus On Colors” - Look Up & Don’t Cut Off Your Airway
1:02:24 Sputnik!
1:02:49 Hack Squat Warm Up
1:03:50 “Is This A Finisher?” "Hell No!”
1:05:57 “Some Things Fast, Some Things Slow. We Mix Up The Tempos”
1:08:10 Meathead Math
1:08:52 “Weight is NOT Going To Be The Issue…”
1:09:24 “Six Kinda Slow Reps” - Hack Squat With Isometric Holds
1:11:20 Magical Mystery Bus
1:13:06 Heaviest Hot Yoga You’ve Ever Done
1:13:25 “May The Spirit Of Rich Piana Be With You”
1:16:16 “I Honestly Didn’t See That Coming”
1:17:47 “You Said This Was 28 Sets, Right?”
1:18:16 Does A Belt Help On Hack Squat?
1:20:38 “Do To Him What You Just Did To Me”
1:23:27 Messing With Training Variables To Destroy Legs
1:25:14 “1 Fast, 2 Slow” for Quad Extensions
1:26:34 “I Got The Seat All Lubed Up For You”
1:29:14 “Bite The Shirt!”
1:30:18 “This Is The First Real Working Set, Right?”
1:31:17 “Look At Those Leg Veins, Huh?!”
1:32:28 “Never Let Yourself Beat Yourself”
1:33:10 Chained Reverse Lunges?!
1:33:28 “This Is Rhode Island Jewelry Right Here”
1:34:48 Chained Reverse Lunges With Chained Strip Sets
1:39:28 “We Went From Blunt Force Trauma To Finesse”
1:41:04 “His Vascularity helps. It’s Like A Roadmap, Man”
1:43:40 Juji's Face Starts Bleeding
1:45:11 “Your Eye’s Bleeding. That’s Awesome”
1:46:06 “Looking Like A WWE Superstar”
1:48:01 “That’s My Favorite Ass Sweat Towel”
1:51:10 Sissy Squats “Squat Down After It Catches”
1:52:57 Old School 21s For Quads
1:53:37 Sissy Squat 21s
1:55:40 For the 3% Women Followers: Enjoy Joey’s Butt
1:56:39 Two-Man Spotter Sissy Squats
1:57:45 Watch How Crazy That Gets!
1:59:31 5 minute hamstring pump
2:04:13 Prone Hamstring Curl Warm Up
2:05:12 Lock Pelvis To Fire Hamstrings NOT The Lower Back
2:06:36 “Now That’s A Work Set!”
2:08:29 “It’s Awesome When You can’t Even Hold Your Own Legs Up, Dude!”
2:10:33 “It’s Just Burning, Who Cares?”
2:12:44 “This Isn’t A Feeling I’ve Felt In A While”
2:15:06 Reason Why Dave is Laying Across Joey on Prone Hamstring Curl
2:15:34 “That’s Not An Answer. It’s A Very Poor Bandaid.”
2:19:20 “His Back Health Is Really Good, But It’s Inhibiting His Hamstrings”
2:20:00 Optimal Hamstring Activation
2:21:13 “I Want To See You Do A Glute Ham Raise [GHR]”
2:21:49 “I Can’t Seem To Get A Hamstring Pump On This”
2:23:00 Dave Fixes Juji’s GHR
2:27:30 “Oh, He’s Getting Fancy. Decline Glute Ham Raise!”
2:29:24 “Now It’s Flexing!”
2:31:14 Hamstring BodyBuilder Finisher - What You Can Do NOW For Your Hamstrings
2:32:32 “Want To Do Calves?”
2:32:49 “Calves Carry Over to Squat?!”
2:34:05 "I Tore Both Of My Calves [And Didn’t Know It]”
2:35:37 End

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