Heaviest I've EVER Been!
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  • Jujimufu

    Hi Everyone! The point of my video was to share recent eating and lifestyle changes I was excited about from being stuck at my recent bulking plateau of 250 lbs - to getting to 260 lbs. But the thumbnail in my video is 11 years and 60 lbs apart. So it was confusing and a poor choice. Much love and apologies to everyone, it wasn't my intention to mislead. I haven't changed what I've been supplementing with, I still take everything A-Z, and am as natty as your microwave. :-) Thanks for hanging in there with me!

    • Dustin Redding
      Dustin Redding

      You look like a heart attack. You aren't seeing 70. That's okay I don't care.

    • privacy first
      privacy first

      Hey, how do you sleep with a cpap machine on your face? I got told I stop breathing about 8 - 14 times an hour, but the cpap machine just keeps me awake. Ps I'm in the UK so my machine was govt issue.

    • Adam Brown
      Adam Brown

      what an incredibly gracious and respectful response! just another reason to prove why youre the GOAT, and deserve the love of the fans that you have here. Watched both your video and another posted by an "anabolic" youtuber, and just want to say, it never did seem in your video or your thumbnail or title that you were intending to mislead anyone, just demonstrating changes to your already existing strategy in order to make improvements above and beyond what you were already experiencing. keep up the great work, brother!

    • Troy

      Microwaves aren't bad to use everybody fyi... Microwaves send out waves at a particular frequency that hits water molecules spot on. Which then imparts energy and exciting the molecules. Which is why it's far harder to heat up drier foods than wet foods. Tossing a wet paper towel onto dry foods can help reheat them better Ready made microwavable meals you just have sitting around waiting to get nuked for a few minutes are the _real_ issue. If you toss your left over chicken in there it's not going to make it _less_ healthy suddenly

    • Jordan Bennett
      Jordan Bennett

      There's no getting around hard work and dieting. I think most of us recognize that you were pointing to those changes in work and diet. Keep up the good content!

  • drsergen

    im really really happy for you thats awesome!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ :(

  • Powerlifter Bear
    Powerlifter Bear

    Gomad? Linear progression? Mark Rippetoe has entered the chat.

  • MrActionproductions

    260 lbs of muscle chases his cat around the house.

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    Your body can build a lot more bulk if you actually give it food. You eat garbage and call it food

    • J M
      J M

      Whats your total again?

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    you can't eat meat and claim to consider your digestive system that is ignorant as fuck to claim

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    If you ate what I told you you could gain twice as much muscle and eat half as much

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    the only reason you have to eat that much is that barely anything you eat actually has nutrition in it your body can obsorb.

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    It is so sad that you think you eat healthy

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    it's not bad to have a cat sleep with you. Who told you that?

  • Louis van Zyl
    Louis van Zyl

    rice and meat is not healthy and your body will eventually prove this to you sadly

  • Tianlong 1444
    Tianlong 1444

    I'd like to know how fast Juji is. Like the 40 yard dash for example.

  • Mark Chaves
    Mark Chaves

    looking massive

  • Atlaspower78

    My weight graph is EXACTLY IDENTICAL to yours... accept it happened sitting down during COVID :(

  • Zer0Lecam0n

    This is cool, but I'm concerned with that "elixir" eating away all the enamel on your teeth dude!

  • snorlaxcom

    Stop using so many pillows flexing your neck and you could probably breath at night.

  • Brisk Walk
    Brisk Walk

    I'm excited to add the symbiotic poop bacteria to my chicken, broccoli, rice and creatine. Can't wait to get HUUUGE

  • VoidraMusic

    Juji is jacked!

  • Matt Joyce
    Matt Joyce

    CPAPs are the best. 10 years, love it.

  • High Avenger
    High Avenger

    Straight up though. John seems high in this video. Like "Speedy".

  • Daniel Carlsen
    Daniel Carlsen

    2:35 best representation ever

  • Evan Dwarshuis
    Evan Dwarshuis

    Thanks man!

  • Senor Snipey
    Senor Snipey

    Mannn Juji.... I miss the taekwondo moves! Are you too heavy for that stuff now?

  • BossFinale

    That's a thicc ass boy!

  • Jimmy Bon
    Jimmy Bon

    He should go to 300lbs.... 260lbs is for sissies! :P Just kidding, nice bulk right there!

  • Ryan Fox
    Ryan Fox

    Everyone talking about gear Holy crap. He isn't even talking about his body, he's talking about a successful bulk. You can do that natty or not. It's a fact if you follow his advise you will put on muscle and be leaner natty.

  • Fuego Bands
    Fuego Bands

    Eat right and tren hard baby!!!

  • Sdfe913

    Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art you should check out this book might help with the breathing while sleeping. You are looking like a long haired Arnold. You are doing great man very informative and inspirational.

  • Jack Froelich
    Jack Froelich

    It’s absurd to say this video is misleading. Juji had admitted to being unnatural, and any details beyond that are between him and his doctor. He doesn’t have to disclose the information about his cycle to the internet. This video has great info that can help anyone, natty or not, and should be appreciated for what it is.

  • CFL Dumpsters
    CFL Dumpsters

    Great video on gainz! It’s never linear, it’s a journey. Also Kombucha has great probiotics and health benefits similar to Seed. I’m envious of your calorie intake I’m at a measly 2400 to cut.

  • Richard Bielut
    Richard Bielut

    Cinnabon. Toaster oven. Ez.

  • David Phillips
    David Phillips

    Juji you are clearly on waaaaay to much gear right now

  • Big Red'y Fitness
    Big Red'y Fitness

    Ahhh... I remember the gomad days. Experienced the same results.

  • Used Cars
    Used Cars

    his wife seems legitimately concerned. is this worth it?

  • Jafman

    Sauerkraut > pills

  • La Buĉisto
    La Buĉisto

    Why is this channel becoming more and more choadtastic as the days go by......?

  • The Magic Man
    The Magic Man

    RIP Rich 🙏

  • Saransh Vats
    Saransh Vats

    you should prioritize your breathing, you should exercise your lungs and nose breathe with intent.

  • Thogren

    Juji needs a weighted Blanket! Juji, you should get a nice heavy weighted blanket. If you like the pillow piles the blanket is 100 times better! I was sceptical till my Wife got me one. Best sleep ever!

  • Ivan

    That breathing's getting heavy...Don't pull a Rich Piana on us bro

  • Patrick McNally
    Patrick McNally

    If you havent changed what youre taking then their shouldnt be anything to be sorry about. Reason being, the video was about what you did DIFFERENTLY to bust through the 250 plateau no?

  • Peter Engert
    Peter Engert

    Stop worrying about what people are on. Worry about your own lack of discipline and progression. Stop watching Greg Doucette. At least MPMD is educational. But most of you watch even him just to feel better about yourselves. Being natural isnt an excuse for being unimpressive. Go do something instead of this natty or not circle jerk. Jujis on steroids no shit. He never said he wasnt. You dont actually care what his stack is you just want to feel better about yourselves.

  • Blaine Toms
    Blaine Toms

    trying to motivate myself into getting back to the gym after lockdown and losing all the gains id made. this really helped. cheers boss.

  • Jacob Weston
    Jacob Weston

    Jujimufu: “Let me go show you one of my secrets. It’s in the bedroom” Ricky Del Sticky: 😉

  • JuJu Krys
    JuJu Krys

    Thank you this was helpful.

  • Cody May
    Cody May

    The cat hair on your shirt is very relatable and also the part about not letting cats in your room at night lmao

  • Ome Omi
    Ome Omi

    why can't you just be honest big guy? seems like most you big guys are so soft you can't admit you use gear when its so damn obvious lol. be honest or stfu eh?

  • Nakul Gote
    Nakul Gote

    Life lessons

  • Mars Bro
    Mars Bro

    Was that really u in 2010???

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones

    8:43 i love a good wink

  • Kilju Pullo
    Kilju Pullo

    Well you look natural actually

  • Alex the GordonHighlander
    Alex the GordonHighlander

    Some great nuggets of wisdom for your experience. More mirrors! 😀

  • Peter Engert
    Peter Engert

    I swear Greg Doucette and MPMD have ruined the youtube fitness community. Look at these comments if you disagree, look at comments on any channel if you disagree. Most of them are either accusation of steroid use, speculations of steroid use, a recycled joke regarding steroid use, or some variation of I'm natural so this doesnt apply to me. Stop worrying about other people. You're small and weak because you spend more mental energy thinking about if such and such is on so and so instead of focusing on your own training.

  • LouFranklinTheDom Jon
    LouFranklinTheDom Jon

    Why is everyone coming at juji for this, who cares what he’s running for a professional show when he’s sharing so much value for free juji is a goat (i litteraly had to pay for the gems he’s dropping on here from other youtubers )

  • Alen Vidović
    Alen Vidović

    You look awesome for an 53 year old man

  • Visca

    That "being buried in pillows" provably feels similar to a "gravity blanket". It's a 0% fitness things, but maybe you like it.

  • dead pres
    dead pres

    I like when he explains that his food is not mine, i could have been very very confused about that part.

  • josephthemighty

    If you're so muscular that you require a CPAP to sleep, you're really unhealthy.

  • Nicola Joy Baillie
    Nicola Joy Baillie

    Sam’s “ah huh”s and “sure”s make this video

  • ron rubio
    ron rubio

    I love you but you but know the sleep problem is a side effect of the trenbolony sandwich 🥪 💉 💘

  • Allison Brady
    Allison Brady

    ok...... who gives a fuck?

  • Cole

    But can you still do a front flip?

  • Sticky Ricky
    Sticky Ricky

    Damn when I was 260 I looked like a bag of milk, this is nice

  • Wellorep

    You know you're huge when your nipples hit your biceps

  • Allostasis

    Honestly bro, you look the best you have ever been in the 80kg pic...


    Dude get off all the steroids !!! aren’t you curious to see what you really look like ?

  • BreakingBA

    You really don’t sound healthy. Your breathing is so laboured

  • G's Fish Talk
    G's Fish Talk

    Listen everyone knows Jon isn't natty but everyone knows it, he dont talk about it so wr don't talk about it.

  • Sarys

    Juji why do you eat white rice instead of brown rice? That stuff is stripped of it's whole earth goodness.

  • Andre Baskins
    Andre Baskins

    Lots of heavy breathing man. Not trying to throw shade but I remember noticing this same type of heavy breathing from Rich Piana in his videos before he passed. Be careful bro

  • B3nzy

    Upside down mail time!

  • Cope3am

    CPAP IS A LIFE CHANGER! I avoided it for so long. Seeing my dad use it i never wanted to and just ignored the problem i had. With age i got some extra smarts and decided to look into it. When i got my results my sleep apnea was SO BAD that my doctor was concerned letting me drive home from the appointment due to lack of sleep lol. Apparently i wake up every 30 seconds to a minute. Ever since getting it i took it seriously which made my energy go through the roof. More energy means ive gained a good amount of strength and over time ive dropped 100lbs. If you snore i highly suggest you get a sleep study and see how bad it is.

  • Mad Madic
    Mad Madic

    0:49 “here we see a wild cave man hunting a lion, so that he may eat tonight”

  • Jason Dahl
    Jason Dahl

    All this while trying to build his new gym. Not bad!!

  • chompers21

    Thx Juji , I enjoyed the video .

  • AjR

    im on a 5000cal diet since i was 18. But i dont lift weights lol

  • Mel0nm4n

    Good video👍Thanks dude!

  • james warren
    james warren

    You know juji, you and I are not all too different. I too weigh 260, all fat... We're complete opposites, actually.

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C.

    Can we get a video on PED's?

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C.

    Sam stumped him with, "Why do you want to get so big that you need a CPAP machine"?

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C.

    I have to make a suggestion. DUMP THE PILLOWS. My recent hypothesis is that sleeping supine with pillows, hence flexing the neck, at least contributes to apnea, and is probably contributory or causal in the senescent kyphosing of the spine. So try getting rid of ALL pillows, at least when supine, if not always.

  • Sad Shanka
    Sad Shanka

    That plug was so sincere.

  • Atomic Knight
    Atomic Knight

    It's winter back at mine, and all these tips on how to bulk better is useful, I'm glad Juji mentioned about sleeping too, no one really talks about it haha. THANKS JUJI! awsome advices and tips ❤️

  • Jeff Stoker
    Jeff Stoker

    Beautiful cats. Wait you got elk? Pass that over here. I love elk, deer, and gator meat. Infact I prefer game meat over store bought any day.

  • Francois Theron
    Francois Theron

    Juji: This is my CPAP machine Sam: Woooow (this is my life now, sleeping next to Bane forever)

  • Jayde Ochinero
    Jayde Ochinero

    hahahahaha creg Golias that was the best answer I laughed my ass off and I am just gonna say I'm so glad not to hear peds in a fuckin video everyone thinks that what it takes you shouldn't even touch a ped till your doing what jujis doing without them just my opinion only wrote this comment cause of all the other comments and I bet juji takes such little peds no one would believe him if he does or doesn't if he says so what he takes

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Juji is the healthiest body builder ever period.

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Juji I’m proud of you. Tom was holding you back with nonsense. Tom held you back. Tom made people not take you seriously. Now that Tom is gone, you can focus on your genius dude. Your mind is rich and I truly do appreciate your wisdom. Thank you juji.

  • Daymion anderson
    Daymion anderson

    It’s honestly pathetic how many ped comments there are as if it wasn’t obvious if it was as easy as just taking drugs that’s what the video would be about I don’t think anyone commenting such things will ever come close to the level juji is size and strength wise

  • Wall to Wall Farnsworth
    Wall to Wall Farnsworth

    I'm simple man. I see Zangief in thumbnail, I hit like

  • iysaw

    I'm 300lbs and surprised I don't have sleep apnea, I was 350 at my heaviest.

  • Lurkyte Spaed
    Lurkyte Spaed

    I love how most of the comments that are negative don't even acknowledge the situation, it's just "Hey HEY HAHA YOU ARE ON STERIODS. HAHA. Hey haha hey you are on STEROIDS BE MAD ARE YOU MAD? WOW UR SO MAD. You are on steroids wooooow get caught lying. You guys know he's on steroids right??"

  • Cory B
    Cory B

    3:32 "Uh huh"

  • Preston jones
    Preston jones

    i love juji cats

  • Kyle

    Man these comments got hella negative all of a sudden 🤣 Juji is living his dreams and seems to be more health conscious than most people that look as bulked as he does, the jealousy is palatable in the comments.

  • Kevin Van Sickle
    Kevin Van Sickle

    Holy shit Juji, you're saying what I've believed for YEARS. And proving that I was right. A clean diet with some side garbage to keep you 'straight'. Also love your sleep hygiene.

  • damarh

    Yo! dats a THICC BOI in the thumbnail!

  • Chase Love
    Chase Love

    86 the pillows

  • Ronin

    Juji is a cool dude. Why do people need to hear his gear protocol? Assume he blasts and cruises with 200mg to 500mg of test and some dball. BFD

  • Suomas

    Wait should I just get a CPAP machine just so I can sleep in a mountain made out of pillows and blankets? I don't have any trouble of sleeping, but I love the idea of sleeping like a dragon buried in a mountain of his treasure.