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  • Bald Omni-Man
    Bald Omni-Man

    In honor of Joey’s bicep, they push the mindset past the brink and perform a 1RM Tandem Curl, the most dangerous bicep exercise of all. And they won

    • Dave Crockford
      Dave Crockford

      Rip btc

    • Bryan Franks
      Bryan Franks

      this was for joey salads

    • Bald Omni-Man
      Bald Omni-Man

      @Jujimufu thank you king 👑 Just trying to do my part 🤝

    • Jujimufu

      On your quest to be the most upvoted commenter in the FIshows fitness community. I see you making your rounds on all the channels. I'll help by pinning your comment. 😄

  • Sun S
    Sun S

    Lol totally a doctor prescribed him Coumadin but didn't tell him it was a blood thinner. More like the dummy didn't realize it was a blood thinner after being explained what it is

  • C4V3M4N28

    Why does Sam hate mirrors so much? I notice you have blurred her out of videos in the past as well. I can appreciate not wanting to appear in videos in front of a million viewers. Don't cave to the pressure!!

  • WuDDuP 1111
    WuDDuP 1111

    Working out at jujis gym is a dream 💪

  • Tim Lewis
    Tim Lewis

    14 lbs of pressure 😂

  • Chet Rick
    Chet Rick

    Get rid of the add for the scumbags of line 3 in your add!!!!$

  • DarkstealthGaming

    i find armwrestling the scarriest thing to watch. Seen a guy pop his ellbow ones. And i cant unsee it anymore whenever i see people do it

  • Sam

    Just watching this after Michael posted the gym on his channel. Can't believe the mountain dog has passed away. RIP Meadows

  • El Jake
    El Jake

    Didn't Meadows teach you that if you hit triceps first then your bicep pump won't affect tricep ROM!! Great advice and i think it does help protect the bicep even if it's just a pump, keep killing it!!

  • Vincent Castelli
    Vincent Castelli

    Love the rich piana music in the background

  • Dimitar Milushev
    Dimitar Milushev

    3:48 juji is looking like a BAKI character

  • Brody Bender
    Brody Bender

    You should workout with shawstrengtg

  • David Landry
    David Landry

    I love that Juji is making money on a piece of pipe and string that we used to use in football for receivers and running backs for grip strength. Classic southern kid that probably played high school ball.

  • David Landry
    David Landry

    I know Nichols!!! He went to my church in Bryant.

  • Ollo Ollo
    Ollo Ollo

    Sad to see that Michael now have covid and his badly sick in his last post he can barely breathe

  • Kevin Marquis
    Kevin Marquis

    Kratos eats cake?

  • Cody RW
    Cody RW

    16:50 The laugh Green goblin makes after finally smashing spider man!

  • Samantha Dennis
    Samantha Dennis

    When Juji is talkin stats and I'm sitting here like...😑 I've gained so much knowledge from Jon and the people he collabs with and I'm seeing more results lifting than before I discovered y'all. Thank you!

  • ChuckCanada

    10:39 RIP Rich -Goddamnit!



  • Joey Rousseau
    Joey Rousseau

    Hi Juji, Your gym is awesome! How much did it cost to build the building itself? Not including the weights. So inspirational!

  • Thomas Hald
    Thomas Hald

    Only half reps for most .. come on guys !

  • Jeremy Clayton
    Jeremy Clayton

    Rest in peace black tom cruise btc otis. What a humble man he was....💪🏾💖

  • Livio Bartolić
    Livio Bartolić

    Awsome edit :D Nice work and much love!

  • Dave Crockford
    Dave Crockford

    Callum's crying somewhere

  • League-Alchemist

    Enjoying the Rich Piana armworkout song in the background! R.I.P

  • Dutch Schaefer
    Dutch Schaefer

    Can imagine doing this immediately following seeing a bicep tear right in front of me . I hate to say it , but after watching these recent videos it seems like Juji is gonna fuck himself up

  • Adi Raditya
    Adi Raditya

    So fun able to work out and healthy every day but by the way, are you (jujimufu) know your friend BTC was RIP today, you better check out larry wheels vlog ? Just reminder you the friend, the friend never let they friends hurt even away them, and help them ,Whatever worse happen they exist to support you

  • Bambu Bambu
    Bambu Bambu

    I just got back from the gym but seeing this video makes me wanna go back

  • Russell Simmons
    Russell Simmons

    Hey juji, where do you get those Velcro clamps for the bar? So much better than the spring clamps

  • American Made17
    American Made17

    Can see the warrior spirit in you Michael

  • Adrien Lema-Peters
    Adrien Lema-Peters

    Didnt know Sam is blonde!

  • Mike Kline
    Mike Kline

    Here in WV, we have a sex toy store called the Lions Den lol.

  • MegaThejana

    I hear the natty anthem... RIP Rich Piana

    • John Lee
      John Lee

      And RIP BTC ..May he rest in heaven.

  • JonKinchMinerals

    Both of you guys are looking great !

  • Mickey Squintz
    Mickey Squintz

    Who is a pro arm wrestler here?

  • C373

    I almost forgot this is post Devon laying the whoop-ass on UTT Todd.

  • christenberry

    Todd looks like he's about to punch whatever he's looking at lol

  • Fuck you
    Fuck you

    A Michael Todd sighting that wasn't from under the table lol...

  • Eileen McCall
    Eileen McCall

    I decided to transition because I was so afraid of blowing my arm out arm wrestling if I stayed a guy

  • Dylan Hunt
    Dylan Hunt

    I'm all for people having their own interpretation of language, and I know it isn't a common unit of measurement in the USA, but where I'm from we say "kilo" / "kilos" when speaking of 'kg' (kilograms)

  • Bobby Z
    Bobby Z

    um yeah juji, the negative on the wrist curls actually matters a LOT

  • Rex Transformation
    Rex Transformation

    Still astonished as how they work out so hard and still have to break some sweat...

  • Matt

    Fx at 5.53 lol perfect

  • Dingus Dangus
    Dingus Dangus

    Juji's on a quest to tear as many biceps as he can, he must be stopped!

    • Thomas Hald
      Thomas Hald

      Eh why? Watching idiots hurt themselves is good fun

  • Tha Hulk
    Tha Hulk

    Yo jujimufu looks incredible.. but I just seen a pic of roelly Winkler n hunter labrada n it shows me how a pro bodybuilder is suppose to look shade at all cuz jujimufu has a very inspiring physique n hes awesome to follow on or FIshows but these pros r incredible man mad respect to ery1

    • Thomas Hald
      Thomas Hald

      Juju is entertaining, but skinny compared to real bodybuilders

  • finnsk3

    "Because of my lack of range of motion I am often opened up", This is 100% me. I also can't bring my arm close to my body. Everyone at my arm wrestling training laughs at me when I try to touch my elbow and I can't get anywhere near it. It has also made me develop my kings a lot, it's just where I end up if I lose the ready go but I don't have a press like michael. My press is useless, If I try to bring my elbow forward to get it behind my arm I need my opponents hand to nearly be on the pin pad due to my lack of range and all they have to do is push my hand in to my shoulder, I hit that end of my range of motion and it feels like my elbow is going to break, real painful. I tend to just throw sideways once I bring them back to the centre from my kings, I have heaps of sidepressure but I also need my wrist flat or cupped like Michael, if it's at all bent back I have to sit in the kings and pronate hard using my elbow to allow me to gain some cup then I throw hard sideways.

  • Cal 🍁
    Cal 🍁

    Nobody laughed at karens joke when she said it was the spirit of rich piana 😂 love your videos tho thumbs up 👍🏽

  • Slamet maexs
    Slamet maexs

    Nice 👍👍👍

  • Adam Reilly
    Adam Reilly

    As Mike O’Hearn says all the time, why would you want to work out your forearms, because once they get them bigger you need to get your bi’s and tri’s bigger too because it’s going to make them look smaller so keep your normal decent forearms and just work on your bi’s and tr’s in the rest of your body like the smart guys like Mike O’Hearn says, take some advice brother it’s always good to take advice

    • Thomas Hald
      Thomas Hald

      Wtf ? Huge forearms look great. Your joking right?

  • Z¼r0💀

    Im 5'6 150 lbs and i lift 40lb dumbells regularly....

    • Thomas Hald
      Thomas Hald

      @Z¼r0💀 damn !

    • Z¼r0💀

      @Thomas Haldhahaha im 31 which makes it worse

    • Thomas Hald
      Thomas Hald

      That's because you are only 13 , you will get stronger as you age..

  • Bakou Unbroken
    Bakou Unbroken

    I think you should paint the gym, black, Grey, something dark, to match it with the black and gold machines!

  • MIKE D
    MIKE D

    I still can't get over jujis gym it's perfect

  • PineCone

    Did juji forget his pants today?

  • 300zxdriver

    Juji is always flexing his ass off in the thumbnails. Lol

  • Frank Telles
    Frank Telles

    I disliked this vid because I hate the thought of you possibly pulling a Calum. Dude it would suck to see you get hurt before your show.

  • Wolf Hammer
    Wolf Hammer

    Deficit curl

  • ShadowTrip

    I wanna see Juji and Noel Deyzel collaborate they are both so wholesome

  • Frankly

    16:50 yo that laugh

  • Zach Benton
    Zach Benton

    I'm really happy for you and your new gym Juji. You've earned it.

  • Brenden Murphy
    Brenden Murphy

    17:02 Sam can beat the mirrors, but not the reflective machines. One way or another, the weights always win.

  • Einstein0808

    LMAO "Don't touch it! AAHHHHHHHH 10!! " xD you're the best.


    13:25 🤣🤣🤣🤣 dammit

  • burritoomg

    Sometimes I look at Michael's bicep and I think it's big, but not gargantuan, and then some angles it just hits you that his arm is freaking humongous. On the preacher curl bench, you can see just how WIDE his biceps are from the front. It's insane.

  • Mateo Restrepo
    Mateo Restrepo

    Calum's crying right now

  • jeremy tapley
    jeremy tapley

    This was my first vid and I watched all of it thanks and I subscribed!

  • st0rm cr0w
    st0rm cr0w

    Michael's right arm is freaking cool looking

  • Dale Ashman
    Dale Ashman

    It is such a positive vibe trio; Juji, Todd and Sam :) Eric is amazing too, maybe introduce Eric's mad workout methods to Todd with honey and garlic haha

  • Franklin Miranda
    Franklin Miranda

    Where can I purchase that bad ass “Lion dens” shirt?

  • Markus Sorger
    Markus Sorger

    And now remember Levan Ez curl 130 kg alone ...just ridiculous 😂

  • The Natty Bros
    The Natty Bros

    Juji, "Don't be a guy."

  • justin etters
    justin etters

    hey jon take more time with the questions being asked please. information is always good in these video's even if you repeat it sometimes. Sam's got good questions

  • TysonA

    Juji is actually crazy strong on curls! That range of motion + keeping up with michael is insane.

  • Pontius

    Editing is ON point

  • thomholio

    Michael is freaking LumberJACKED. Hope Joey’s ‘cep heals soon!

  • Turbo Turd
    Turbo Turd

    not even Roid Rage could help J

  • Faroe

    Yeah, Micheal is back! I loved this guy from his first appearance here, before that I didn't know about him, but I quickly became a fan!

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes

    Love mike but his not knowledgeable in armwrestling other than armwrestling itself, but training, muscles etc. his kinda dumb.

  • Jesse Valentin
    Jesse Valentin

    Alright the shadow from the fan is distracting 😂

  • Andrey Lupkes
    Andrey Lupkes

    I appreciate the Tekken reference. the editors a real one

  • Bobby Shotwell
    Bobby Shotwell

    17:07 Sam didn't dodge the reflection in the machine!

  • skltr21

    why is sam so anti being on camera? would love to meet her

  • Cosmic Billy
    Cosmic Billy

    In real life i like Michael Todd. In the arm wrestling world i dislike him.. don't like his technique and literally does the same thing every match where he drops to the ground and put his whole body under the table making it almost impossible for anyone to out leverage him... except for devon haha

  • Mason

    Just casually dropped Mike's license plate in the vid :(

  • Richard Davies
    Richard Davies

    Every one of Juji's guests/friends are people you know you would like in person!

  • Adam J. Walker
    Adam J. Walker

    Juji, did you name your gym yet? Might I suggest Juji’s Jungle?

    • Adam J. Walker
      Adam J. Walker

      Oh yeah, that’s right. If it was juji’s jungle, it’d be juji’s jungle gym lol. But “Welcome to my home gym, gym home” is pretty good.

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Gym Home

  • AlertedCoyote

    Love the Rich Piana in the background

  • AlienSchmaliens

    Good stuff!!! Thanks for sharing!

  • theviewdownhere

    Juji just trying to take out all the competition with all these dangerous lifts hahaha

  • Alex the GordonHighlander
    Alex the GordonHighlander

    Juju & Monster strict curl for the people! Great stuff!!


    i would love to workout with you juji. your gym is so cool !

  • Scapegoat

    Sense no one is saying it I will. When we finna see Sam?

  • Spirit Mouse
    Spirit Mouse

    Anyone who does tandem curls like this is tempting fate. It isn't impressive regardless of how much weight you're moving. It's foolish. Dangerous and foolish.

  • Brian Propst
    Brian Propst

    You need to do a video with Sarah Bachman too!

  • AccceB

    juju just gonna keep pushin it till somethin snaps

  • Jordan Lewis
    Jordan Lewis

    KKKKKIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLIIIIIIING THE GAME WITH THESE COLLABS. Sticky Ricky “the eagle” toboggan Bugenhagen “Nobody’s ever open a bicep doing preacher curls” szat Michael “monster unless Devon is 🎃’d out” Todd

  • NeroKoso

    16:49 that crazy laughter.

  • Cameron B
    Cameron B

    I was worried but then I saw cBum wasn’t here helping you ;) rip Calum

  • NeroKoso

    Alright, so... When the police will stop me and ask why I keep following that RV, I will tell them that Juji told me to follow it.

  • Samuel0Spicer

    f in the chat for Joey’s bicep

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