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  • Jujimufu

    Sorry my Shoulder outangled the autofocus on our camera guys. I'll stop training my shoulders so this doesn't happen in future VLOG VIDEOS!

    • Fat Ass
      Fat Ass

      0:50 Very funny...

    • Fat Ass
      Fat Ass

      Forget the angle! Wtf! Cheetos? Cheetos! I feel so bad for you! I haven't even hit gotten 30 seconds into the video and the water works are in full force. I'm so sorry bro! That sucks... :"(

    • Mitchel Cool
      Mitchel Cool

      I know the feeling. A Harry Potter marathon RUINED my workout!

    • VGA Port Authority
      VGA Port Authority

      Just get a face tattoo on your shoulder, maybe the camera will focus on your face at least 50% of the time.

    • Mike

      Your scales accuracy will be thrown off depending on your elevation. A scale like that is affected by changes in gravity. You should get a test weight and calibrate it on a hard level surface if you want it to be accurate throughout your trip.

  • Sarys

    Do you want ants?! Because that's how you get ants!

  • Antoine Vaillant
    Antoine Vaillant


  • Tehpeople

    So weird to go from "150 grams of rice" to "6 OZ of salmon". Doesn't sound right. (6oz would be 177 grams)

  • Er Oktar Tonga
    Er Oktar Tonga

    Nice trip.

  • googlefish80

    Large man drives to a location for 20 minutes and occasionally stops to flex in front of park goers.

  • Brandon Ward
    Brandon Ward

    Gotta love Sheetz 👍🏼

  • David Than
    David Than


  • Ti Ei
    Ti Ei

    Yep please more vloging videos

  • james daley
    james daley

    wow, i haven't done anything accept work for about 2 weeks and i can't believe how tight i was and kind of scarey how i didn't know that i was that tight , muscles , joints , my , even my fingers were really sore for a week and a half, right hand hip was stinging for about 2 months and feel nothing now , so i needed to stop for just a while is i guess what i'm saying here ...c u guys soon

  • plexnoid pachinko
    plexnoid pachinko

    Protip: there are great squirrels at that VA rest area. :D

  • Alex Smith
    Alex Smith

    More vlogs!

  • Ethan Klask
    Ethan Klask

    I was at that exact rest stop 4 days ago

  • Reprobate Mind
    Reprobate Mind

    This is one of the more normal things you will see at a rest stop in VA.

  • arheru

    Is 16:40 from Death Note or GitS:SAC? I can't remember exactly, but it's from an anime, right?

  • Zerobemix

    "She brought a blender". Meanwhile Juji's has a yellow fridge in the back of the car.. LOL

  • Kroci

    I neeeeeed to get those rings!

  • Gen X Flex
    Gen X Flex

    No Ben and Jerrys ice-cream shopping in the grocery store 😂 Its all that was missing from it being a Rich styled vlog ☹ rip

  • Brian Cohen-Doherty
    Brian Cohen-Doherty

    Randomly driving up and seeing y'all swinging and filming.... I mean, I'm from Portland do I'd just laugh and clap, but... . 😂

  • Dinger Head
    Dinger Head

    Pretzels don't have carbs?

  • Joseph Jones
    Joseph Jones

    1:25 😂😂

  • Jim Goldman
    Jim Goldman

    Juji and Sam have such great chemistry. Relationship goals!

  • Mike Hawks Long
    Mike Hawks Long

    First mistake was driving a minivan😂

  • B

    Juji, my leg gets swollen too sometimes sitting, did you do anything to correct the problem?

  • Nate Dodd
    Nate Dodd

    @jujimufu I hope after your competition that you do something other than bodybuilding. It's boring watching repeat of reps and posing, nipple singlets etc lol man you were founded on way more fun stuff. Nobody wants to see you counting rice bro

  • Dion Tchokreff
    Dion Tchokreff

    Unrelated to the specific topic of the video... Are you driving a Mazda 5? I like Mazdas and I've been thinking of buying a 5. What's your impression of it? Any major cons?

  • Frankiebonez337

    All BS aside, if you did Vlogs I think you would fucking crush it. I mean you kinda doit already. Get them millions and build the Jujimufu Gym Franchise!

  • Frankiebonez337

    Almost choked on my dinner when he got outta the car with the Vlog angle lmaoooo

  • geen naam
    geen naam

    Dude get out of the left lane U Americans

  • Brent Jacobs
    Brent Jacobs

    are you still doing ice baths on the regular?

  • Brent Jacobs
    Brent Jacobs


  • Gauge Garcia
    Gauge Garcia

    "I'm a hermit" made my day 🤣

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher

    Seems like when you're too hungry all the time, that you would want to get a bunch of low calorie, but DENSE foods, and get FULL for longer, instead of suffering all the time when you absolutely do not need to but whatevs. Lol love juji anyways. When you're hungry you are supposed to EAT. Otherwise when you're in too much of a deficit you're body is eating muscle gains that you could be making. Just a few thoughts. Hopefully you read this juji, it really is easier than having to shove the same things down your throat forcefully every few hours because you're so hungry you could eat a turd that's been sitting in the sun for three hours straight.

  • maskcode

    3:41 F

  • Test

    Loving the Rich Piana vibes from this video! Everyone join me in giving a ceremonial bicep squeeze to honour Rich 💪

  • TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions
    TrueBlueOzzyStona FilmProductions

    Sam quoting Bugez! 😂 Spot on 👌

  • Мартин Марков
    Мартин Марков

    I like your videos but this was unnecessary click-baity.

  • Amit Naik
    Amit Naik

    why do body builders want to suffer in a machine like diet? If one can pack food, i'm sure they can pack a machine to heat up the meals.

  • Andrew

    tell sam to quit complaining about vlogs. its annoying lol. If it is good for the channel do it if not dont.

  • Andrew

    juji vlogs is actually a genius move

  • Andrew

    sam has got a 9 out of 10 level sexy voice. i havent heard a 10 yet

  • midgettamer023

    You should get an RV for traveling. Would definitely make things easier and more comfortable.

  • Lebor Hal
    Lebor Hal

    I PR'd my deadlift today juji 1x5 @ 265

  • Matt S
    Matt S

    John your wife seems pretty cool XD

  • Correct opinion guy
    Correct opinion guy

    Love the Bugez trumpet music

  • Samuel Robert
    Samuel Robert

    Alternate title: "I decided to travel a bunch when I should have been in prep and here are my excuses"

  • Chet Coyote
    Chet Coyote


  • J S
    J S

    Those arent flamin hot cheetos

  • Aunt Givafok
    Aunt Givafok

    haha you guys are awesome

  • Matthew Meyer
    Matthew Meyer

    Ive watched Juji for years. I just noticed his sub count. 1.33 mil? Damn!

  • Mike George
    Mike George

    Dude I’m right down the street, lets get together and do some lifts bro💪

  • Beef Lewis
    Beef Lewis

    You don’t deserve Samantha

  • Spaghetti man
    Spaghetti man

    Great content as per usual a little off topic here but why are always driving in the left lane that’s usually the passing lane on the highway

  • Life in Washington
    Life in Washington

    Your better half sounds like Stacy Dash who is not only hot but a Conservative. Win win. Awesome video, thank you.

  • M.J. Nilsson
    M.J. Nilsson

    A relevant video. I just returned from my trip. Didn't have time to plan, so I just bought bunch of salami sticks and protein bars from various brands. Drank some beer and trained with bands in the mornings. Didn't count calories; weight down and strength up. Felt like some Arnold diet.

  • Steven Moore
    Steven Moore

    Yellowbird is the shiiiiiiiiit! Even if he grabbed my least favorite flavor, it's better than the rest!

  • Grayson Rice
    Grayson Rice

    I deadlifted 600 after a 10 hour night shift. Fueled by nothing but candy, beef Jerky and bang.

  • xpred558

    Yes do some daily vlogs

  • Big Guy
    Big Guy

    She, uh, doesn't know the difference between Flamin' Hot Cheetos and regular, apparently. Those are regular Cheetos. Edit - Ok, now Juji has no clue what he's eating and has renamed them and she got it right. When does reading and comprehension come in?

  • VVoOꟻF

    Just as an aside, A&W is a burgerchain in canada and it is actually fantastic! I had the american restaurant version and it's...sub par at best.

  • Wurdnurd

    I feel like it's deeply appropriate that the ads I got were for Expedia and Dominos...

  • WantedArgonianMale

    Are you coming to Columbus?

  • Reaper Anon
    Reaper Anon

    That is a wonderful woman you have to take care of you so well. Love both of you.

  • Jamie Pittman
    Jamie Pittman

    Juji motivation videos ... hell yeah... lol

  • Dave _H_
    Dave _H_

    Lol, she's a keeper as she's got her own blender 😂 Where we going ? Shut up. 😂

  • S/forge

    Did I hear a sound bite from Death Note in the Grocery store?

  • Bill W
    Bill W

    is that a Mazda 5 minivan?

  • azri faris
    azri faris

    🤣🤣🤣😂😂 juji made vlog

  • Czechbound

    RICE ISSUES : Rice can be very dangerous if it's not thoroughly re-heated before eating. Do your homework online.

    • Kevin Blank
      Kevin Blank

      Now in: sushi is lethal Kidding my dude, but what’s „very“ dangerous about it?

  • B Team
    B Team


  • Chris James
    Chris James


  • WessaB

    Love the relationship you guys have together 🖤

  • Shawn Stevens
    Shawn Stevens

    I can dig the Death Note chime.. nice

  • Scott Gordon
    Scott Gordon

    What is with the Rich Piana worship?

  • Faith AND Fishing
    Faith AND Fishing

    You got a good wife man!

  • Faith AND Fishing
    Faith AND Fishing

    Sheetz is bomb

  • Eloi Montane
    Eloi Montane

    We want to see Sam!

  • Drew Griswold
    Drew Griswold

    I know all about Griswold vacations...

  • qq4utube

  • Gustavo Restrepo
    Gustavo Restrepo

    omg, I love Sheetz... if you haven't been to a Sheetz you need to find one.

  • kindaFat kindaSad
    kindaFat kindaSad

    I like how you still have this Car and are happy with it

  • Sam Faulkner
    Sam Faulkner

    Probably too late for this time around, but there are portable refrigerators they make for small RVs and boats. They look like a typical cooler but you can also plug them into your car's DC plug, or hotel AC power, or even solar and they work the same as a fridge/freezer, with a high-efficiency compressor. They are made to hold temperature for a long time if you don't have power, you you can hold more in the cooler without the need for ice. Dometic and ARB make the top-of-the-line models. ICECO makes the best value for the money. This type of thing is probably not worth it for some beers or ham sandwiches, but maybe the calculus changes if you're hauling around many pounds of prepped meals which you can't afford to go bad.

  • Giacomo Pozzoli
    Giacomo Pozzoli

    Remember Stan Efferding, monster mash in termos

  • Jose Nivlag
    Jose Nivlag

    Dull trip, should have brought Eric Bugenhagen along for the ride.


    Bring back Upside-down Mail Time!

  • itsFiggers

    I've been to that rest stop.

  • Ericinator 97
    Ericinator 97

    Don't forget the airfrier lol

  • k

    uh ohhh, busted!

  • DJ Suter
    DJ Suter

    Where are we going?...shut up! Gold!

  • The Maverick Black Belt
    The Maverick Black Belt

    From the thumbnail picture I thought Juji was going back to the parking lot for deadlifts and backflips. haha

  • Tyler Arnett
    Tyler Arnett

    I’m so glad Sam is behind the camera. Your chemistry is so fun in the videos.

  • Brother Bill
    Brother Bill

    It brings a smile to my face every time you reference Piana

  • JP

    Sam brought her blender! 🤣

  • ItsGordo

    When are your pants back in stocks? And will there be new colors?

  • Gavin Swift
    Gavin Swift

    Sam: "What... I'm I supposed to be listening to you too?" Sam's comments have been pure gold since she started helping you with filming

  • jason swayden
    jason swayden

    I require more horsemask in videos!

  • De eerste Verzetsstrijder
    De eerste Verzetsstrijder

    I miss Rich Piana :(

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano

    Seeing a Rich cameo always puts a smile on my face :)

  • Lost Remnant
    Lost Remnant

    I'm developing a small crush on Sam

  • triston hastings
    triston hastings

    Bro get yourself a B van or B+ van. It will make your trips 10x more enjoyable/convenient. Come into Lamesa RV and I'll help you pick one