We Try The Kyriakos Grizzly Workout
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  • Jake F.
    Jake F.

    Age 47. Years training 47. Seems right.

  • Collabbo 24Dbl0
    Collabbo 24Dbl0

    😅 I’m having so much fun watching you guys

  • byFiscus

    7:40 At my anytime fitness they got in total I think 16-20 plates but still yeah there’s not a ton

  • abc bcd
    abc bcd


  • Johnny Espinoza
    Johnny Espinoza

    "Age 47" " years of training 47"

  • VinnyB77

    Grizzly is a nice 405lbs for those who need to know

  • Romance Explosions
    Romance Explosions

    Man….FIshows really brings out the freaks. I mean that in a good way.

  • Dolan Dumpf
    Dolan Dumpf

    I think Grizzlys Workouts can be summed up as the following: You maybe don‘t know what muscles are supposed to be trained but it‘s so heavy something will be trained.

  • Pettsson

    Finally some real lifting

  • Jan B
    Jan B

    This was hilarious

  • rebbulldesertduke

    More of these episodes please.

  • Nin Guém
    Nin Guém


  • Pekka Piispanen
    Pekka Piispanen

    it's nice of you to actually make a video that mocks someone. always appreciated people who do that :) keep it up

  • Jasper Zanjani
    Jasper Zanjani

    you're doing it wrong you have to say BWEP BWEP

  • Justin Ricey
    Justin Ricey

    Absolutely mogged.

  • Shinobi-No-Bueno: The Modern Martial Scientist
    Shinobi-No-Bueno: The Modern Martial Scientist

    How does such a large man make such feminine screams

  • Rony Mady
    Rony Mady

    at least recommend his youtube channel bro

  • No Lucks Given
    No Lucks Given

    Honestly no matter how many videos I see like this I'm still not really impressed by grizzly. A lot of people could probably do alot of weight in those "lifts" if they had some practice with them. If you want to say something about me hating because I could never do what grizzly does you're an idiot. I could never dunk a basketball but I still know a good dunk looks like.

  • S3nd Nud3s
    S3nd Nud3s

    5:33 nicocado avocado inside joke, hahahahaha

  • Quebe Mayson
    Quebe Mayson

    You need to use your belly

  • Leonardo Scarpa
    Leonardo Scarpa


  • Андрей Шаган
    Андрей Шаган

    4:35 ))Aaaaaaa!!!))),😂

  • Springheel Jak
    Springheel Jak

    Even their shouts are puny compared to Grizzly

  • Soaring Beyond
    Soaring Beyond


  • Mr. Black
    Mr. Black

    Are those reps or just wobbles?

  • Rabbit Strength
    Rabbit Strength

    Man wtf am I watching lmaooooo

  • znalniaskas

    Bitches got mogged by the strength feats of our beloved bloatlord.

  • MyThiccFrog


  • Josh Cox
    Josh Cox

    Someone’s been watching JackPGM videos…

  • Hill Todieon
    Hill Todieon

    “Now we won’t know *who* smells like garlic”

  • Matthew Frazier
    Matthew Frazier

    Yes, the Bloatlord is obviously really strong, but what's wrong with him that he wants wants live like this? Who cares if he got injured powerlifting? Why not just go become a normal human with decent health XD

    • Giorgos Maragkopoulos
      Giorgos Maragkopoulos

      we mortals can't understand His actions, just observe

  • Leyland Foizey
    Leyland Foizey

    AAAAND my babies are up 🤣😭

  • Milos Gavric
    Milos Gavric

    When you have a lot of weight sit ups become really hard plus with all of those weights...sheeesh. POWER

  • Kyle Thompson
    Kyle Thompson

    3:59 this is the greatest 20 seconds of youtube ever, feeling blessed.

  • Adam S
    Adam S

    I'm watching this full blast in a shady, cheap hotel room rn.

  • da Gan
    da Gan

    these stupid mortals try to emulate a god, ahahahahaha so ridicolous.

    • Jose Felix CF
      Jose Felix CF


  • I really hate making up names for this kind of stuff
    I really hate making up names for this kind of stuff

    The Mogset

  • Skyler

    This was hilarious

  • Patrik Fufal
    Patrik Fufal

    Age 45 Years of lifting 47 Killed me 😂😂😂

  • Lee Avey
    Lee Avey


  • Kostas Dimelis
    Kostas Dimelis

    Kyriakos is the best!

  • Ru Jo
    Ru Jo

    Weighted twerking...First ever.... 😄

  • AwemanyFit

    Krykos is a legend

  • Quorthon

    the mog is real

  • corone2018


  • Big Shmoke
    Big Shmoke

    1:14 when I wake up in the middle of the night and realize I didn't eat my 6th meal of the day

  • The MacGuffin
    The MacGuffin


  • Inappropriate Content
    Inappropriate Content

    Juji standing there like Kriakos’ training parter at 1:40 made me lose iy

  • Aliff Dzulhailie
    Aliff Dzulhailie

    Now i realize..how strong grizzly was..this two clown doesnt even pull any single weight ..they just pull the bar..and the bar bend..not single weight are being pulled..they just look stupid .thats all

  • Casket Jack
    Casket Jack

    2 beasts!!

  • John Braucher
    John Braucher

    That trainers reaction was perfect comedic timing. Lmao ..."more weight' nod.

  • Babis Mih
    Babis Mih

    Παίδες καλημέρα. Δεν έχετε ιδέα τι μπορεί ο τύπος να κάνει... Εντάξει ωραία η πλάκα αλλά δεν φαντάζεστε ποια είναι τα όρια τού κ τι μπορεί να κάνει ακόμα. Προσέξτε στη προπόνηση γιατί μπορεί να βγάλετε κανένα τραυματισμό. Υποσημείωση ότι ο τύπος κάνει κ πολεμική τέχνη κ προπονείται μαζί τού ένα από τα μεγαλύτερα ονόματα βαρέων βαρών στην Ελλάδα!!!

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    Please dont mock the bloatlord...dude honestly can move a shitton..but thanks for the vid.. it only goes to reenforce how strong this guy is

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    Hail the 400 lb plus bloatlord and his powerbelly

  • Vajra Keshatrya
    Vajra Keshatrya

    I know what men can do when they’re angry

  • peterseinfeld

    Age 47 Years training 47 Lolololol

  • ludovic lamant
    ludovic lamant

    séance d'entraînement pour le wc mdr

  • Carlos Ocatavious
    Carlos Ocatavious

    Yeah yeah weights and more weights, my questions is how r this dudes legs so smooth? Lucky bastard, I have no calve muscles but so much hair that the hair actually gives a calve muscle like shape to my lower leg. SoB.

  • Heat on my Meat
    Heat on my Meat

    hahahahahahahahah this is hilarious

    • Heat on my Meat
      Heat on my Meat

      thank you for this. i hope you guys didnt get hurt trying that monsters workout

  • Rexrider25 Wayman
    Rexrider25 Wayman

    Age 47 Years of training:47 Now I’m imagining grizzly mogging all the kindergartners

  • Tali Jamir
    Tali Jamir

    Useless training

  • Sword Guy
    Sword Guy

    Erick seems tamed in this video

  • intersanctum

    05:09 Actually, Grizzly did 147 kgs more.

  • Adolf Gaming
    Adolf Gaming

    The absolute twig Adonis of Greek myth vs *the Absolute Unit that is Kyriakos grizzly who can move the entirety of Greece with his weight and strength.* You have to live it.

  • Dragos

    why does juji look so insecure and fake confident here and the other recent rick de la stick vids ? he seems intimidated by him

  • Andrew Gordon
    Andrew Gordon

    You US youtubers need to start inviting him over for a colab! Not sure if he'd fit on the plane though!

  • wido

    Age: 47. Years training: 47 LMAO

  • Chris P
    Chris P

    Juji looking like big bird and telling buges he looks like a bird lol

  • andrew mullins
    andrew mullins

    Good lift LOL

  • anonymous

    age 47 years training...47??

  • Arska

    here comes hemorrhage

  • suchasreallife

    Just bc you can doesn’t mean you should

  • pinheadhell


  • 8-Bit George Lucas
    8-Bit George Lucas

    Jujimufu you look like a minion

  • Michal Szymczak
    Michal Szymczak

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 koala 🐨

  • S. Winter
    S. Winter

    Hia wife is a great additional comedic force

  • jamiesteve12

    Brian shaw needs to try this

  • Davide

    3:28 ahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  • Your In Nation
    Your In Nation

    His strength is no joke. He's a ball of humanity. I would love to know what he lifts using decent form in the standard three.

  • HoppeanChristianity1611kjv


  • Black Grizzly
    Black Grizzly

    Congratulations! You have earned the Grizzly Seal of Mogged Approval - "OFFICIALLY MOGGED".

  • swkosmo

    дрищі Kyriakos=power

  • Bruno Barros
    Bruno Barros

    His Cry is equal to that 🤣🤣🤣 fishows.info/post/fZiMi5XRjGfb1sk/videot.html

  • Marc Alamara
    Marc Alamara

    Thoroughly enjoyed that, great entertaining content. What a team up you guys rock together

  • Michal Machado
    Michal Machado

    Wich muscles are they training 🤔🤔

  • Jeff Westlake
    Jeff Westlake

    What is the lift called the 3 inch elbow lift?

  • Hugh M.
    Hugh M.

    Aha ha

  • Mijee Michi
    Mijee Michi

    even The Undertaker(dude in yellow) is having a hard time doing Grizzly's workout

  • Eddie The Blackest
    Eddie The Blackest

    Oh god, the screaming montages killed me

  • Cat’s are lame
    Cat’s are lame


  • FideTrainer NET
    FideTrainer NET

    Finally a bodybuilding video worth watching

  • Jay K
    Jay K

    Only one bloatlord!!!

  • Tivadar Orosz
    Tivadar Orosz

    What the fuck is it good for? 😆

  • Cristi F
    Cristi F

    Grizzly VS Jujimufu 1-0 😁

  • bunkerputt


  • Cabbage Head
    Cabbage Head

    47 years and not a single full rep yet

  • Can't handle an Opinion?
    Can't handle an Opinion?

    Wtf is this shit

  • DyzTroYa x
    DyzTroYa x

    Theres no denying that Grizzly may very well be one of the strongest men alive.

  • Federico Pistone
    Federico Pistone

    E inutile che insultate gli altri atleti fate il vostro lavoro e utilizzate meno anabolizzanti

  • Federico Pistone
    Federico Pistone

    Grande gryzly