Eric Bugenhagen HATES my New Gym?!
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  • Krishna Tiwari
    Krishna Tiwari

    Girl behind cam is cool like bugs

  • ConfusedOilPainter

    What the actual fk he really ate cat food lmao!? this dude is hilarious and soooooo insane

  • Ryan House
    Ryan House

    This is why I love Ricky Delhagen

  • Walt P
    Walt P


  • Riley Naehu
    Riley Naehu

    "Trees existed before rocks" -Jujimufu

  • Evolution Fitness & Athletics
    Evolution Fitness & Athletics

    Quote of the video, "Frogs don't quit!!!"

  • Sky Rider
    Sky Rider

    This is the funniest video ever

  • Winstons

    Frogs don't quit!

  • MrOrangeonion

    That eric guy is great

  • G R
    G R

    Eric should have tried dog food with milk bones as in between snacks. " More bark for the bite".

  • Cody Morse
    Cody Morse

    lol sam, can you both turn around and do that... So much glute in this frame.

  • TFLP

    Doing a lift reliant on grip strength using a rock and holding it above your head in a swinging motion may be the bravest lift erics attempted

  • chris bruchak
    chris bruchak

    If I didnt know Toms lame ass was gone, I wouldnt even know Toms lame ass was gone. Its almost like Sam figured out how to use basic visual/sound effects in the editing process like every other person thats ever edited a youtube video ever. Still bummed for you that that little leach tried so hard to piggyback off your success.

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    No idea who eric is but..fuck bro..he really fills the room..gonna see if he has a channel

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    I agree with wtf bro...did you buy every machine they make???

  • EllinoCanados

    I actually do that stuff for a's called landscaping/hardscaping 😆

  • J M
    J M

    Juji, I haven't watched in a while. Your new gym is sick. Did you guys also up your camera game? The quality looks amazing. Not sure if it's your video or the new GPU on my PC that is making it look so good. Also you're looking massive brother.

  • Chairman Wumao
    Chairman Wumao

    That's the original skull crushers.

  • Dragon Boner
    Dragon Boner

    too many ads juji

  • Rob Lunsford
    Rob Lunsford

    This is absolutely hilarious.

  • G R
    G R

    "Popcorn muscle". That's funny right there.

  • Briayan Torres
    Briayan Torres

    juji's duckwalk is badass

  • Cameron Nedland
    Cameron Nedland

    Chicken liver can be great. Coat it in flour and spices, cook it in bacon grease, eat it with onions and mashed potatoes.


    Hahah ther menny skulls on the ground hahah

  • Rob Chicano
    Rob Chicano

    This was hilarious AF Boogz is the man!! lol

  • Jared Spotts
    Jared Spotts

    Caveman is my mindset always... People and technology make things more complicated.

  • Jared Spotts
    Jared Spotts

    Bean bread is pretty good I mean, I been there and not even a bodybuilder .... Eating ramen for 3 years got me fuct up.

  • åke blom
    åke blom


  • Allen Jenkins
    Allen Jenkins

    I want to see Bugez and Houston Jones go head to head with nonstop BS coming out of their mouths 😂

  • Samsaranian Supreme
    Samsaranian Supreme

    Dude if I put a lot of work into my home gym set up And one of my boys walks in and starts laughing I’d cry right there

  • Paul LM
    Paul LM

    Eric do you think cavemen had tshirts made in Bangladesh and sunglasses, let alone purple shoes..?

    • Lucky_ramen

      Of course. The Sweatshops in caves.😂

  • Alex Germanovich
    Alex Germanovich


  • Philippe Carphin
    Philippe Carphin

    16:39 Sam telling them to show their glutes was priceless.

  • donald pump
    donald pump

    frogs dont quit

  • deathdealer425

    I need you guys to come to my farm, we could get a lot of work done in a few days with that mindset. Set 6" diameter fence posts 4ft deep, bare handed no tools allowed 😂

  • Shane Reardon
    Shane Reardon

    Juji: I have any piece of equipment you need. Eric: rocks.

  • Dr. Evil
    Dr. Evil

    That man is not well...

  • googlefish80

    Wtf is even happening

  • Rodiculous

    man i would fucking love a private gym like that

  • The Name is O
    The Name is O

    i watched this in 480p just for the original mindset

  • Butterkin 3000
    Butterkin 3000

    I've done this, I did this during lockdown.

  • Jules D
    Jules D

    I prefer the old gym like crazy. Bugs goes too far with his sweaty rats nest though

  • Chris W
    Chris W

    Manbuns = FAIL

  • Justin Macarrhur
    Justin Macarrhur

    Omg this is so cute, they started with a state of the art gym.and ended up throwing rocks on the ground ha ha i like this so much. Omfg he went with the rock in the gym ! This is comedy gold!

  • Justin Macarrhur
    Justin Macarrhur

    Basically : tell me you're jealous without telling me you're jealous. Awwww

  • Bulkbu

    i seriously think the content has improved since tom is gone. nothing against tom, but more commentary from sam as a camera woman works super great.

  • Larry Johnson
    Larry Johnson

    I thought he was lying about the cat food story and was making it up on the spot. Then he mentioned Blue Buffalo which pays to have employees say it's the best brand and I realized this was a true story and my man is crazy.

  • Saeed karimi
    Saeed karimi


  • Brendan

    I didn't realize that, as a result of this video, I started lifting rocks/rubble wherever I can find it, and I've been doing stone-related workouts since July 4th. Buges got me ON IT!

  • Alice Zavaletta
    Alice Zavaletta

    This feels like some early 00's home video about an older brother teaching his younger brother how to survive in the woods without any fancy contraptions.

  • Leofric Son of an Arseling
    Leofric Son of an Arseling

    Ill take rocks over soulless star trek gym everyday. it's not about the machines, it's all about the mindset.

  • DeeVeeTee583

    It’s weird… leaving this channel for a while, falling into the rabbit hole, and then coming back and, seeing the dancing duck.

  • Brian Ferry
    Brian Ferry

    What I learned today is to eat cat food for energy and gains

  • A I
    A I

    "Popcorn muscle"🤣

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R

    Bugez eating catfood should suprise me but it doesnt.

  • Solace Palisano
    Solace Palisano

    Now that we're in here do you wanna do one of the machines instead of the rock? 😂😂

  • Victor Gullberg
    Victor Gullberg

    Eric is on so much fkn crack

  • Primeribviking

    Am I the only one that was taken aback by how he ties his shoes?

  • Mrmightyturtle

    13:54 Nice, Subaru collab

  • Tiger10

    Holy shuba i wish i seen this earlier 13:53

  • Letsgooffgrid

    To be fair the best pump I get and the most strength gain is on my timber land carrying trees and rocks to camp from the bottom and middle. 1600' rise is no joke with half a 15" diameter tree on your shoulders.

  • Stephen Chate
    Stephen Chate

    jesus i cryed laughing

  • truth seeker
    truth seeker

    glass is made of sand

  • Kameron Smith
    Kameron Smith

    "No body knows where glass comes from!" I cackled after that. Laughs appreciated and needed.

  • Hillbilly Jim
    Hillbilly Jim

    Spends 10s of thousands of dollars on gym and machines to use the rocks for a ditch to workout lol

  • Jake Spinney
    Jake Spinney

    The constant click bait titles.

  • Matty B
    Matty B

    100% wisco boy

  • Jordan T
    Jordan T

    " you think this is symbolic of anything I represent?" Best question I've ever heard asked.

  • Đorđe Žutić
    Đorđe Žutić

    That first look on his face, like ,,what... there s not a slight chance I might DIE HERE???‚‚

  • joseph scott
    joseph scott

    Bare foot is the only way to ground your body when on natural surfaces

  • joseph scott
    joseph scott

    It's way better to use natural ways to work out then a nice straight smooth BITCH bar

  • Greet Bout
    Greet Bout

    Juji is still not embracing the mindset. So sad... Why Juji?!?!?! WHYYY!!!!????!!!!

  • Sahil Singh Panwar
    Sahil Singh Panwar

    pause at 10:35, that disbelief



  • Nick Vietri
    Nick Vietri

    13:54 Shuba

  • Mickey Parra
    Mickey Parra

    "Is glass from nature?" Glass: literally made from sand and heat 😂😂😂

    • Mickey Parra
      Mickey Parra

      @guntera 384 "enhanced nature" 🤣🤣🤣

    • guntera 384
      guntera 384

      And iron is just ore and heat so his gym is all from nature. The plastic maybe a little less but just enhanced nature.

  • J I
    J I

    I love Eric

  • PunchNugget

    seeing 232 dislikes on this video just don't make people not have a sense of humor anymore?

  • astroman0500

    Many people might take the Bugz not very seriously, but that tip that he gave away at 03:30 was fire. I searched Brooks Kubik, downloaaded his book and I've been hitting PRs all week! No joke! Now, I gotta admit that I'm still kind of in my novice stage of lifting, so I've still got a lot of potential in me, but Kubik's book is amazing, the sheer motivation alone that he gave me to workout is what's made all those PRs possible.

  • Aidan O'Callaghan
    Aidan O'Callaghan

    "Nobody knows what glass is made of."

  • Fil Pereira
    Fil Pereira

    "oh my fancy new gym is too good? Hold on, let me show you my backup gym" lol

  • Reanu Keeves
    Reanu Keeves

    What a pansy ass gym

  • Jestawell

    It’s always cute to see Rick playing with his little baby brother, this training will come in handy when the squirt gets big one day

  • nutella fluff
    nutella fluff

    Eric is clubber lang in rocky 3, with the rusty equipment and duct tape pullup bar. The grind life. And juji is too flashy, expensive machines, like rocky.

  • Plop Doo
    Plop Doo

    The Buges is right. You don't need weights when there are perfectly good boulders outside!

  • Butter Bean
    Butter Bean

    As someone who regularly uses kettle bells, 11:40 kinda hurt to hear him say that.

  • Tequila Sunset
    Tequila Sunset

    Bugez would love my gym, just one rack that leans to the side, the cheapest plates on the market and a shitload of spiders

  • Jess G
    Jess G

    Rockfit rocks when are they coming out in the store eagerly waiting to place my order

  • Jumpstartt

    wah? i dunno, nobody knows what glass is made out of. Eric Bugenhagen - 2021

  • Jules Winnfield
    Jules Winnfield

    Did anyone else get anxiety about cracking that nice polished concrete floor when they brought the rock into the gym?😂

  • Jim Bob
    Jim Bob

    Laughing like a dumbass, gosh I love this combo. Bugeeez is hilarious!

  • Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks

    I wish the Bugez raised me in Life:>) your the King of the Internet, We the Internet demand 1 million Subs for the Bugez by 2022:>) spread the word can you dig it, Sucka's Can you diggggggggggggggggggg Itttttttt. More Jujiji colabs please LMAO good stuff, C mon Eric C mon.

  • bertoxxulous

    Very pneumatic.

  • Rohan Rampton
    Rohan Rampton

    If anyone loves the manliness of stone training! check out my true friends' channel at Garage Gym - Laird Ross. Intense rock/strongman/powerlifting training especially utilising stones during our Australian lockdown

    • Rohan Rampton
      Rohan Rampton

  • kartdude2006

    Jon, you and Eric have a great dynamic

  • Robert Stimmel
    Robert Stimmel

    The wheezing laughter and slamming down maple syrup as soon as he steps into the gym will never stop being funny

  • EliteDavid Horne
    EliteDavid Horne

    Its not a dirty basement with twenty year old broken equipment. Of course Eric doesn't like it. Who needs fancy equipment when you have the mindset

  • TheSlavmeister

    John Call HATES having to explain to his doctor how he smashed his foot with a rock

  • Andre G
    Andre G

    Lol the purple Reebok Pumps are awesome!! He should have pumped them before starting the exercise lol

  • Wurdnurd

    Hate to say it boys, but a caveman wouldn't be doing anything at your ages; he'd be dead long time...

    • Wurdnurd

      And certainly wouldn't be wearing shoes, just saying... Or tees that say "iron paradise".... 🤣