Training at Rick Boog's Rat's Nest Gym
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  • Bong Jovi
    Bong Jovi

    "seltic sea salt"

  • Bong Jovi
    Bong Jovi

    Is nobody gonna mention his shorts?

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber

    Get that good bacteria. Who needs Yakult?

  • S.A.

    Juji needs to synthesize the smell of the Boogs cat pee gym and sell it. The lack of the smell of a cat pee gym might be the reason why i'm not able to get a new PR on the Gorilla Glute Press.

  • skeetuschrist

    Dissection KICKS ASSSSS

  • Billy Badass
    Billy Badass

    Florida AF

  • Pastor Yoda
    Pastor Yoda

    31:46 how does he still have knees?

  • Hugo Carpenter
    Hugo Carpenter

    32:22 you had me worried down in that hole

  • Dreia

    You gotta be vaccinated in order to train there

    • OneDude94

      And get a tetanus shot after you finish--Judging by the state of some of the equipment lol

  • Leo H
    Leo H

    Now this is a real man's gym..bring on the rocks

  • dr. terrible
    dr. terrible

    Bugez benching over twice what I bench on some goofy setup...

  • tornipeikko

    This is the best damn training video I've seen in my life.

  • tomhomer1980

    I'm potentially looking at the greatest tag team the world has ever seen

  • Leroy Castaneda
    Leroy Castaneda

    Shinske nakamorrraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

  • Mats T
    Mats T

    I feel like im watching 2 norse gods workout in a dungeon in valhalla

  • SuperUltraMegaMike

    definitively do as much as you can with bugez, hes extremely funny and natural.

  • Tristan Chamlou
    Tristan Chamlou

    I'd like to see Erik train in a storm

  • Tanner McGrogan
    Tanner McGrogan

    I like when y’all hang because A. I adore and look up to Eric and B. I can tell juji is genuinely happy whilst being around him. Really brings out his childlike joy

  • Bdubs 7777
    Bdubs 7777

    I don't need smelling salts if I'm always breathing in cat piss

  • niklas johansson
    niklas johansson

    Wtf bugez doesnt look that strong but jesus christ

  • Dylan Lind.
    Dylan Lind.

    What is that gun thing eric has ???

  • Sally Russ
    Sally Russ

    I like both of you guys and the camerawoman! Really great videos!!!

  • Starchy Archie
    Starchy Archie

    I fn love the bugez man what a legend

  • A normal welcoming town
    A normal welcoming town

    The RuneScape bronze bar

  • J Man
    J Man

    I think the towel poncho is an often overlooked essential piece of fitness apparel.

  • C4V3M4N28

    Boog is what Tom would look like if he were actually muscular

  • BinoooRapscallion 555
    BinoooRapscallion 555

    How did he fit those jean shorts on?

  • Rodiculous

    I like how his heavy lifting grunt is "bruh"

  • Trip Gould
    Trip Gould

    21:50 The Bugez’ response to that question was priceless 😂

  • Canuckster1169

    Is magic spoon available at costco?

  • Adam Barnhart
    Adam Barnhart

    Boogs is a throwback

  • GreyLandGainz 69
    GreyLandGainz 69

    The dude remind me of Dave McKenzie from Last man

  • Dean Hall
    Dean Hall

    I love how much Sam’s gone from being quiet as fuck in the background to being the best camerawoman ever, does she do the editing aswell?

  • The Name is O
    The Name is O

    i love this video so much. love the mutual respect and the fun approach to fitness and life. also, of course, I LOVE THE MINDSET!

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    Bugez kills me. Oh my god. Reminds me of the bois back in college and our maniac days

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    I love this channel now

  • Sandman

    Boogs is my spirit animal. Pure chaos

  • TayC


  • WTfire10

    Please use worse cameras, for the mindset

  • Thomas R
    Thomas R

    Bugez ass is splitting those stretchy jorts with its mindset

  • James Dowell
    James Dowell

    World record for most gym equipment warranties voided in 36 minutes lol

  • Daniel bello
    Daniel bello

    “Being in a sticky situation will sometimes make you better” Did you say stinky?

  • Harry

    Anyone know the massage gun Ricky B is using at 9:13, if it’s good enough for him its good enough for me

  • Steezy

    24:30 hey that’s a bronze bar from RuneScape

  • izaak villarreal
    izaak villarreal

    We all got or had a gym like that at one time lol

  • NMK

    You didn't blur his street name. Someone can easily find his house

  • Nick Trevino
    Nick Trevino

    god i love everything about bugez.

  • Jotun

    Modern day Savage V.S. Hogan

  • Arbadart101

    They split squat like 3x my back squat pb😭

  • dj.pelone

    I have two pet rats and i love lifting weights

  • Poot

    Rogue sponsor The Boogs

  • Niko K
    Niko K

    how do those jorts not rip explain plz

  • Aidan O'Callaghan
    Aidan O'Callaghan

    Is it just me or Juji weirdly weak for his size and physique? 420 max bench press?

  • SoulRollerFIN

    That cereal has basically no carbs. How is that nutricious? :D

  • OmnipotentPeaceMan

    Seriously these are two of my favourite people to watch.

  • Majic Freeman
    Majic Freeman

    Oh my god i love Bugs. Gorilla Glute haha, he has a way of always telegraphing his love of the flower

  • Jordan 2399
    Jordan 2399

    Eric is the most entertaining man on this planet😂😂

  • Jonny Ortiz
    Jonny Ortiz

    At 31:12 when she said “because you never fail” now THATS baby making material right there! 🥺

  • Jim Hicks
    Jim Hicks

    I wish the Bugez raised me in Life:>) your the King of the Internet, We the Internet demand 1 million Subs for the Bugez by 2022:>) spread the word can you dig it, Sucka's Can you diggggggggggggggggggg Itttttttt. More Jujiji colabs please LMAO good stuff, C mon Eric C mon.

  • Michael Pastorek
    Michael Pastorek

    "Sometimes it's not about building strength; its about finding the strength you already have" -Jujimufu 2021

  • secret yawn
    secret yawn

    If joe rogan quadrupled his TRT.

  • Jeremy Remele
    Jeremy Remele

    I could watch this shit all damn day damnit. Grade A content 👌

  • To_Ok

    first time ever I hear proper metal playing in Jujimufu videos :)

  • Nadless Nathaniel
    Nadless Nathaniel

    man i missed juji + boogz, always a hilarious combo

  • Rolphul

    I too have a garagegym in florida. I also sweat significantly more than average. I have slipped in my own sweat puddle

  • Baby Hoods
    Baby Hoods

    This is like a tale of two fictional characters combining forces: the proper scholar and the clever streetrat! hilarious chemistry

  • Ty L
    Ty L

    The little black dot smudge on the camera is bothering me so much

  • Black Cat
    Black Cat

    They’re having so much fun! 🤣

  • Gshock Music
    Gshock Music

    Eric has the money for a better gym but he prefers the highway to the danger zone

  • Gshock Music
    Gshock Music

    Mike O'hearn is a water down version of Eric

  • Liam Meck
    Liam Meck

    Dissection at 15:39! Can this man get any cooler?

  • modern cancer
    modern cancer

    metal & iron

  • TheHotvolcanos

    Literally carrying youtube fitness content on your back, the best content!

  • The Wrong Guy
    The Wrong Guy

    boogz is a florida man. Makes so much sense.

  • Landon Alger
    Landon Alger

    This man is was a college wrestler. Now I understand how such sheer mindset could be possible in one human

  • Tyler And Leah Canadian
    Tyler And Leah Canadian

    Bugez is filling thoose jean shorts in good

  • Deekshith M V
    Deekshith M V

    Boogs is in wwe now

  • MrTommylicious

    The bugez is amazing

  • Tesla Da Vinci
    Tesla Da Vinci

    Now this is a real man cave!

  • Dillon Tidwell
    Dillon Tidwell

    Why does Juji sound exactly like Joe Rogan

  • Bad Conversation
    Bad Conversation

    I think boog has finally lost it

  • Rick LilShore
    Rick LilShore

    I hope the poncho is soon available as merch

  • FeelGoodEnt11

    this gym rivals westside lmaoo

  • Musashi Miyamoto
    Musashi Miyamoto

    After watching this my Mrs now thinks I'm gay .. and for the booggzzz thats okay baby!!

  • bob dole
    bob dole

    Is he trolling about his bench being unstable? That’s not a joke guy could get killed with the weights he uses

    • Hash 9
      Hash 9

      I don't think he is

  • andrew dilfer
    andrew dilfer

    i read this part

  • Naughty NonSense
    Naughty NonSense

    I've figured it out.... the mind set... comes from being in the mind frame of "I might die while I'm lifting" lolol

  • Lasagna Isgood
    Lasagna Isgood

    Just some guys being dudes

  • E.M

    Rick is so damn funny mann

  • Not Just JET
    Not Just JET

    dude: puts his feet on the seat of the bench for a decline press position. decline bench: Am I a joke to you?

  • Afrodo


  • Dark Star King
    Dark Star King

    34:49 HAHA. Imagine someone walking by and just hearing this whole segment of them talking to one another. It 100% sounds like two dudes having the nastiest, yet most casual sex ever.

  • higler

    15:39 Dissection - "Retribution - Storm of the Light's Bane" Eric's a real one, that's for sure. Now everyone, add that to your playlist, lift rocks, and eat buns for guns.

  • Lake Manson
    Lake Manson

    Eric's wife has been smitten this entire series.. lol!

  • Peter Galick
    Peter Galick

    The secret ingredient is danger.

  • Rolf from the Void
    Rolf from the Void

    Everyone knew this already but the bugez is insanely strong wtf

  • Ben Jamin
    Ben Jamin

    The Bugez's kickout form being pinned is going to be his finishing move, the force from the hip thrust is going to send his opponents 15 feet in the air.

  • Mika Okkonen
    Mika Okkonen

    Did anyone else try to take that black dot off but realise that it’s not on your screen

  • Yat Chung
    Yat Chung

    Every Rick exercise seems to work the sphincter muscle by default.

  • 1998goodboy

    Gotto love the darkthrone in the background