Strongest my Grip has ever been! | New Deadlift PR
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  • Bill Anonymous
    Bill Anonymous

    Everyone bringing up DK's DLs but not the close-grip bench with a 100% flat back. Goddamn!

  • Thomas Lopes
    Thomas Lopes

    alright im nerding out here, but anybody know what brand of shin guards DK is using? it looks like they unzipper from the back and I;ve been looking for a pair that does that

  • CoolBenAl

    isnt the lions den a sex toy store?

  • Tyler Lugo
    Tyler Lugo

    Dk is so humble i need more of him

  • be water my amigo
    be water my amigo

    if i were to do a reaction video on this, you would see my jaw drop to the floor!!! It makes sense why hes called DK!

  • T.wiley

    Another Martins juji video is what I'm waiting for

  • Uncle Fatback
    Uncle Fatback

    Genuinely never realized how good jujis grip is until now

  • Informal Youtuber
    Informal Youtuber

    Juji & Joey!

  • Luke Hullinger
    Luke Hullinger

    Can you human flag? It's a great test of shoulder and grip strength.


    Whats the name of your Belt Juji ?

  • Russell Ping
    Russell Ping

    Great video, but Joey's 315lbs isn't 116kg.

  • Jason Schlake
    Jason Schlake

    Juju should challenge Brian Shaw in grip strength if anyone

  • dolphin082

    6:05 juji be careful your wife has an eye on this guy. Very good dik..

  • Jacob Schul
    Jacob Schul

    315lbs is 140kg not 116 kg

  • Gianluca

    DK's ready to crush next Hafu's morning lobby

  • Orpheus

    You should keep the weight throughout the lift. in my humble opinion

  • paytonrules

    Group Class Video....Looking forward to the Zumba class.

  • Vojtech Karlovský
    Vojtech Karlovský

    Dk is legend

  • Leon-Josip Dzojic
    Leon-Josip Dzojic

    Grip and shoulders is my favourite split

  • Jools Grommers
    Jools Grommers

    Hook up with Yves Gravelle, he's a grip monster!

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother

    DK pulling 600 pounds double over hand is one of the most impressive feats-of-grip-strength I've ever seen.

  • Hydrocephalus Syphilis
    Hydrocephalus Syphilis

    Is Juji retired from the armwrestling?

  • Herro

    11:25. TFW 116kg is 315

  • Boltcis

    Dude I wish 116kg was 315lbs ... My bench would be amazing ... 11:22 (bottom left)

  • Aaron Marks
    Aaron Marks

    Thank you for the upright rows. I love them and hate the trolls on the supposed 'shoulder impingement' argument. Great trap workout.

  • - mostrandomnerd
    - mostrandomnerd

    What am I missing that Joey is struggling with DLs so much?

    • Szat Strength
      Szat Strength

      My double overhand sucks cause I use straps too much lol.

  • Defrag's bin
    Defrag's bin

    Those were some crazy deadlifts! Using double-overhand for deadlifts during warm-ups is underrated, and one of the few things from starting strength that I still use. If you're a novice or early intermediate lifter, you can absolutely do all of your sets with double-overhand until grip begins to affect your other lifts/accessories.

  • Tyler Rank
    Tyler Rank

    Known DK for years, played high football and wrestling against him. He's put in so much hard work and dedication to get to where he's at

  • JM Lav
    JM Lav

    DK a man of few word... casually beating everyone.

  • stiflingmystrife

    Tom is not here . Under the circumstances it's fine.But the insertion of his juji's wife is a little too much . They will find their stride soon.

  • Welsh Dad Builds
    Welsh Dad Builds

    I love how Juji looks like an old school wrestler

  • Austyn Kozak
    Austyn Kozak

    Joeys so wholesome and funny Also I love how excited juji gets when he sees people pushing themselves, So supportive

  • PeeDukeySalmon

    Please tell me how you got those popeye forearms ive never trained them and now my arms look wonky

  • D_Dirty_ RL
    D_Dirty_ RL

    Love the new profile pics


    i would’ve named the gym Jujimiufu’s

  • Refke van Lavieren
    Refke van Lavieren

    7:18 Laurence Shahlaei (Big Loz) just casually lifted 110 kg (242.5 lb) on a rolling thunder like that.

  • Jackal

    Love your new content brother! Ordered 2 pairs of pants and absolutely love them!!! Keep up the good work you inspire me to keep at it and to stay positive!!

  • Crazi pup
    Crazi pup

    I feel super tiny watching this video 🤣

  • Tdunksmane

    The interactions with Sam and everyone else in the videos lately have been awesome. These dudes were also both great guests!

  • William Wyn
    William Wyn

    This was legitimately wholesome for some reason

  • Get_Outdoors_Now

    Hey Juji - are you going to announce your Power 13 cookbook inclusion? Excited to see you your additions to the book and I am sure many others are thrilled as well.

  • Younes Alhosni
    Younes Alhosni

    I miss tom

  • Blackstar1701

    your views have shit the bed without tom

  • Beardserker

    555 the number of the grip.bawahaha

  • gj

    tom stole 120k from juji..

  • Zaheer Sarang
    Zaheer Sarang

    9:03 That was the manliest High 10 I have ever seen

  • Yagyu

    that godamn buzzing noise

  • christeebs

    So many levels to this, these guys are obviously amazingly strong, but then you remember there's people like Lasha Talakhadze who can put 264kg over his head

  • Ben Aquilina
    Ben Aquilina

    What’s world record for this, I’m at 635 double overhand

  • TheJonesss

    I dont really know Joey but man, i like him

  • Tony Salvatelli
    Tony Salvatelli

    John 3:16-21!

  • Habeev07


  • PainflyErect

    Joey is quite entertaining

  • Robin Bosse
    Robin Bosse

    @11:21 315 lbs is 143kg, crazy strong push press

  • M B
    M B

    Solid crew in this video

  • Roy Miketsukami
    Roy Miketsukami

    I had pulled 400lbs double overhand at 65kg bodyweight and after that my fingers were so sore

  • Mohamad Fakhouri
    Mohamad Fakhouri

    315 lb is 142.8 kg not 116 kg

  • Jonny Sixx
    Jonny Sixx

    Idk mans name but he is officially my hero, I work 3rd shift too but I workout a few hours before work. Seeing how strong this man is and on third big inspo

  • Jagknorr

    Fun video! I admit i un-subbed a few months back, but now im back! Very funny vid. Not forced. Just good fun. 💪😎👍

  • mlyniecm

    Let’s get some more DK

  • Paul Jordan
    Paul Jordan

    Going to be honest, I rarely even watch the video. I turn it on during my workouts since I train alone. It motivates me, and makes it feel like there’s someone else in my weight room. Like everyone in the Jujiverse is my training partner.

  • Craig Castanet, D.C.
    Craig Castanet, D.C.

    Who is jujimufu's new videographer?

  • Joe Swanston
    Joe Swanston

    Ever think it was the mufu dad diet you had lately that gave you this strength? 😂

  • Da BJ
    Da BJ

    Please work towards the number of the grip!

  • Gonzalo Caceres
    Gonzalo Caceres

    13:59 damn Sam, that transition was smooth

  • Gabe Riecken
    Gabe Riecken

    Dude these videos are so much better now😂 10/10 keep em coming

  • Michael Trautmann
    Michael Trautmann

    Afraid of Germs and something...something like COVID? Still a thing in the US or is it just us Europeans still sitting in that mess?

  • Geoff JRC
    Geoff JRC

    3:11 DIY liquid chalk = liquid hand sanitizer and powdered chalk. I've been using it for months and there's next to no chalk mess.

  • Mothafucka Jones
    Mothafucka Jones

    The quads in this video are too damn high!

  • Sammyb Harris
    Sammyb Harris

    So wholesome.

  • Paul Miner
    Paul Miner

    Double overhand. Geez

  • Miguel Ohara
    Miguel Ohara

    I love seeing people doing double overhand! My max is 170 kg. 247 kg is insane Juji and DKs grip strength is just out of this world.

  • Dean Peterson
    Dean Peterson

    Appparently distancing from negativity has been good for Juji

  • FordthefnLord

    Szat mad that he's bein outlifted by his student but I just see that as amazing coaching from szat!

    • Szat Strength
      Szat Strength

      I want all my athletes to be stronger than me :) got some freaks!!

  • Stone Alexander
    Stone Alexander

    Anyone else stoked on Juji's stoke?

  • James Anderson
    James Anderson

    From a beginner lifters perspective watching Joey ohp is just confusing. He's so strong I don't even have a frame of reference for it.... Like he just HANDLED 116kg for reps like damn

  • NotOneToFly

    Lost it at 12:32 "We're doing calves next" "NO! NO!!" *Throws wrap*

  • Travis Seay
    Travis Seay

    Awesome Video, Great Crew, gets me motivated to get my grip strength up!

  • PsychoMushroom

    Grip strength got better from carrying Tom's whiny ass all these years.

  • Péter Huber
    Péter Huber

    Szatmary like the best palinka.:-) And at 11. 07 one of the finest hungarian word: Aztakurva:-DD

  • Jeanne Willemse
    Jeanne Willemse

    There's a guy who would beat anybody in the world when it comes to grip, if the object was somebody's income. Think his name is like...Tim...Timmy?...Ted? BTW just a joke...I have no clue what's going on...but the grip jokes just come out of me like demons that need to be exercised.

  • Gabriel Moreno
    Gabriel Moreno

    Man these guys together the best at entertainment

  • Erik Edmund
    Erik Edmund

    I know there's really no way to remedy it, but the recent videos are way less entertaining than the older ones.

  • PJH48

    Since Sam is the camerawoman, she should really have her name in the channel name.

  • ONE

    5:54 when he slapped his fist bump 😭

  • ONE

    Ion get it... its just deadlifting right?

  • Brad Thurkle
    Brad Thurkle

    Wow now there is so much power in the room.

  • Martin Bertilsson
    Martin Bertilsson

    When is rick de la stick back?

  • G Gold
    G Gold

    2 of my favs, awesome! DK is flippin' beast, holy cow. Keep 'em coming! Add Rik DeLa Stick and there would be rip in the time space continuum and only good things could happen.

  • Willie Krebs
    Willie Krebs

    From the side Joey low key looks like Cbum

  • Ethan Joel
    Ethan Joel

    Juji could start another training plan and write a book on it called “Grip, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” based on this workout hahaha

  • CamoBoy 06
    CamoBoy 06

    Not many videos can keep me entertained but this one definitely has

  • Gage Savageau
    Gage Savageau

    It’s pretty unreal how you still like and reply to a lot of comments. I can’t imagine how much work that takes. I’ve seen you try out new things for years and watching your growth has kept me captivated, I’m glad you’re still moving forward man. 💪🏼🙏

  • Hawkeye's Corner
    Hawkeye's Corner

    In the latest episode of Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Anthony Mackie's very obvious stunt double does some fairly flashy moves. I wouldn't hate seeing a breakdown of what they're called and how to progress up to them.

  • Clayton Perkins
    Clayton Perkins

    You guys should do this more often.

    • Jujimufu

      Grip work or grip/shoulder/chest splits? :-)

  • Andrew Conaboy
    Andrew Conaboy

    Jeff Cavalier wants to know you location

  • Wilson Rosario
    Wilson Rosario

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  • Baked And Afraid
    Baked And Afraid

    You're amazing dude.. I'm hella overweight & had no motivation til I started watching you.. I have a long, long way to go before I even start to see some muscles lol but it is a start. Love ya bro!!

  • Danny Vasquez
    Danny Vasquez

    Is it just me or is Juji's left arm bending at the elbow when he deadlifts? That could be a bicep tear one day. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

  • JACK

    I may get a lot of BM for this but I genuinely hope yourself and Tom are doing well with all the new changes in your lives, I still enjoy watching the old videos, especially that fishing video 😂 and congrats on the PR by the way.