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    The Ice Man Chuck Liddell cameo @ 8:26

  • Matt Lamar
    Matt Lamar

    What if Juji got Matt Stonie to workout/ eat with him

  • Operator Focus Devon
    Operator Focus Devon

    Say what you want about tom, this channel has gotten boring as fuck since he left.

  • paquirri wifi
    paquirri wifi

    *Are we going to have "Arm wrestling strength/influencers battle" with Juji and Larry? Those guys are designed to compete and make whatever sport they take bigger.*

  • Minglo밍글로

    Drug Man!

  • Andrew

    I like these types of videos

  • shade

    Who wants to see Juji vs Larry Wheels!!!

  • Miguel Silvestri
    Miguel Silvestri

    respect to Michael! Bring Devon back!!!

  • Aspire

    How many reps does that count for? Juji was getting nervous cause he couldn’t feel his arms, haha

  • Holy Cow
    Holy Cow

    Never thought of eating pancakes that way!!!! I’m definitely trying it.

  • Eric Knopf
    Eric Knopf

    LOVE this guy. Big man who doesn’t take himself seriously.

  • Blake Baird
    Blake Baird

    I watched this channel specifically because of tom, and now I don't watch it. This is one anecdote -- not meant as a Juji bash -- but tom was a perfect type of pairing for Juji

  • castiel vargasTV
    castiel vargasTV

    This is so much fun😁

  • The Duelist
    The Duelist

    9:47 - that was cute

  • TortillasAreNotBiceps

    I remember, back in the 80s, my girlfriend's mother was making pancakes and I ate 21. She tells me, I have enough batter left for one more big one. Do you want it? How I got it down is anyone's guess. There was no time limits for me, but damn those pancakes were FILLING.

  • jcco o
    jcco o

    rumor has it Todd didn't eat enough pancakes for the match with devon

  • Arsya

    matt stonie the man

  • Kristjan

    More armwrestling content!

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson

    This definitely needs to happen again! This was sick asf lol

  • Bulk Brogan
    Bulk Brogan

    7:00 dudes got those mechanics forearms

  • Wafting -ûl
    Wafting -ûl


  • Graham Rubin
    Graham Rubin

    I hope Devon gets a cut of all these pancake vids

  • Ryan Marchman
    Ryan Marchman

    i love that one of the things that T*m would always say is that he was in charge of booking collabs and it was hard work and Juji needed him to do that and Juji has had numerous collabs since parting ways with him lol. I don't think it's hard to get people to do stuff with Juji.

  • Matthew Bentley
    Matthew Bentley

    America needs this. The world needs this energy

  • Wes Troop
    Wes Troop

    Strange how Juji went from "Team Devon" to "Team Todd"

  • be hiphop
    be hiphop

    Anyone know of arm wrestling events in Belgium?

  • Butt Neked
    Butt Neked

    I would be junk all day if I ate A pancake

  • bryan rodriguez
    bryan rodriguez

    Where can I get juji head bands anyone can help me

  • ThatGuy There
    ThatGuy There

    Yo where did Chuck Liddell come from

  • shrimpbread

    I remember arm wrestling in high school , it would be such a blast to humbled by either of you, classy dudes.

  • Michael

    Can someone link me to the video \ instagram whatever of him literally just swinging a guy around in a circle in the gym, and everyone is jumping over the guy so they don't get hit. and then at the end juju lets go of the guy \ throws him away? XD

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      @Michael instagram.com/p/CIL-yicHmab/? Nov. 29 '20 post

    • Michael

      @R. Hllthrshr yeah, tried scrolling around for it, i simply can't find it amongst the hundreds of millions of things he uploads. thats why if anyone magically had the link, they'd be an awesome person with my gratititude.

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      It's on Juiji's IG page. Scroll down to few months ago.

  • Glenn Wilkerson
    Glenn Wilkerson


  • Chris Gagnon
    Chris Gagnon


  • martinmartin400

    She is so hot...and what o wonderful voice :)....

  • the one above all
    the one above all

    Now we know who will win an arm wrestle Thor or the God of war kratos

  • Dylan Thomas
    Dylan Thomas

    I usually live in Hot Springs but I’m in a different part of Arkansas now and I missed this chance. Dang

  • HZeroXHandH Paul
    HZeroXHandH Paul

    Juji can you please say what brand of headband you use and maybe a video on how you set it up because I can't ever make it stay through a whole workout

  • BenBJamun

    I really want pancakes

  • Njderig

    It’s great to see everyone having a great time without those stupid masks

  • jay barbell
    jay barbell

    Can you imagine just walking somewhere and seeing juji arm wrestling random people lol

  • J H
    J H


  • Reix Imus
    Reix Imus

    honestly, im surprised noone threw up from armwrestling with a full belly :D

  • Spence Lifts
    Spence Lifts

    If i ever get to meet juji...i want to arm wrestle him

  • cameron masters
    cameron masters

    The pure bliss in jujis face when he ate that first pancake....I felt that in my soul😆

  • Wildrok Productions
    Wildrok Productions

    GOt to love DT Hot Springs!

  • Jatin Tiwari
    Jatin Tiwari

    Boi you missed king of all . Inventor of this challenge devon in this ......😔

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge

    You have loads of great ideas for videos John. I believe what would be popular is cross sport competition which is never seen or heard of. Such as strong men doing track and field and vice versa. Also grip competition of course

  • Tony Barfridge
    Tony Barfridge

    How long to recover Juji?

  • Mojave Mateo
    Mojave Mateo

    I like how Michael Todd put on his reading glasses to eat pancakes. Classy

  • Trioxin

    Hot Springs is cool, come to Eureka Springs sometime!

  • Sometimes Igoback
    Sometimes Igoback

    Now if jujjmufu just made couch greg anabolic pancakes 🥞!! He would have a advantage+!!!

  • davi gar
    davi gar

    Holy crap. 30 minutes from me and I didn't go embarrass myself. So disappointed in life.

  • Ryan

    Not a fan of the arm wrestling videos.

  • Guilherme Castro
    Guilherme Castro

    so nice to see people on street and without mask back again, my country is still fucked by covid, i live in brazil btw.

  • Depth Klocke
    Depth Klocke

    That was cute at the end, the way Michael said bye to Juji.

  • Nam Pham
    Nam Pham

    You guys should collab with Leah Shutkever, watch as she emasculates you in any eating comp lol

  • Mustafa Marzook
    Mustafa Marzook

    Juji we need some squat and deadlift videos

  • Sam Vox
    Sam Vox

    Yay food challenge @matt stonie I am Pretty sure 118 is conservative 😂

  • Frenchmans fury
    Frenchmans fury

    I cant arm wrestle, but boys I'm telling you I'd have destroyed y'all on that pancake contest😂

  • You’re totally right But
    You’re totally right But

    I was never into arm wrestling before Devon came on the channel. And after getting slightly into it, I naturally disliked Michael since he’s devons rival. But man he’s a good dude. Impossible not to like him

  • Mitch Harris
    Mitch Harris

    Haha don't fuck with Stonie

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family

    The guy with his kids that would be me with my four young children haha

  • WoodenShoesGaming

    Wholesome video

  • Louies Jordan (Joey Jordan)
    Louies Jordan (Joey Jordan)

    Arm wrestle Larry

  • Anonymous Bullet
    Anonymous Bullet

    10:46 juji figured out he was under the table

  • Velimir Lazarevic
    Velimir Lazarevic

    Vermont maple syrup baby the only legit stuff

  • Larry Saginashvilli
    Larry Saginashvilli

    More butter more syrup !

  • its private
    its private

    When was this recorded? just wondering cuz noone is wearing mask

  • Noobsidian

    People seem really friendly out there!

  • Caleb Gennell
    Caleb Gennell

    I wish I could have arm wrestled Juji... Would have tried my best haha

  • Lucid Euphoria
    Lucid Euphoria

    id love to see how terribly i lose to juji let alone mike. I'm 6 foot 3 and 245lb, around 23% bodyfat. Normally make mince meat of most people at the pub, but this dude, probably 170lb max came in the other day, told me he had actually arm wrestled in a club (im just a friendly pub wrestler) and the difference in his grip strength was amazing. He made a mockery of my hand control, even compared to some 300lb guys easy. Was the most humbling experience. I could not imagine the control elite level arm wrestlers possess. It's fascinating to see how the human body, especially the nervous system and connective tissue can adapt with enough stimulus.

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdf

    After the match of Devon and Michael. They should train Juji together and push Juji all the way to pro. Will be fun to watch the progress.

  • Dominique Gaines
    Dominique Gaines

    5:28 ... My face any time I overcome something

  • Hollis Whitehead
    Hollis Whitehead

    Hey Juji, your content lately has been off the charts amazing! I am so glad Sam has joined you on the channel. Her commentary and the editing is fantastic. Sam keep up the great work and we love you! Keep it up you guys!

  • Dan Hammarström
    Dan Hammarström

    Gnome shirts 💪

  • Dan Hammarström
    Dan Hammarström

    Street-armwrestling makes really enjoyable content with Juji and MT 🥳👏🥇

  • Dan Hammarström
    Dan Hammarström

    Did Micheal puke afterwards? 🤣 He does that after eating challenges!

  • Justin Widle
    Justin Widle

    Juji should be a character in Baki The Grappler.

  • Etan Plan
    Etan Plan

    I don't know where this is. But every bro dad bod I saw made me more mad.

  • Pat* Darko
    Pat* Darko

    This content is so goooood!!!!

  • Stellular Nebulla
    Stellular Nebulla

    I sense a bit of Devon in this video...


    Love the video, but you all should be aware of the pandemic that is going on right now

  • Luke Hellsing
    Luke Hellsing


  • Cp reviews
    Cp reviews

    I bet tom watches all the videos with a tear running down his face

  • TheBigSomec

    I was just waiting for devon larot to walk across the street with his arms crooked at a 97 degrees angle

  • Keith Anderson
    Keith Anderson

    This always makes me smile.

  • zeal

    that's insane i was just in hot springs from texas I wish I saw yall :(

  • Michael Gorman
    Michael Gorman

    Mike even drinks like an arm wrestler

  • Harrison William
    Harrison William

    Arkansas has strong people

  • The Real J.R.
    The Real J.R.

    Do more of these in the streets! 🙌🏾😂

  • Tylor Beck
    Tylor Beck

    What the hell!!!!!! Juji! You where in hot springs and I missed it. I can see my condos in the video. I’m distraught! I’ve been a follower for a long time. I absolutely can’t believe I missed jujimufu arm wrestling right across from my home. Any plans on doing anything else with Todd around the area?

  • TheBigRedOctopus

    What's with Juji finding all these crazy strong regular guys named Isaac?

  • promic

    great to see some armwrestling on your channel thanks

  • ZalyQQ

    Juji trying to figure out how he can work arm wrestling into his routine... look at all these reps!

  • Raven

    juji and Mike should have let the dad win when his kids cheered.


    @ COREY WEST watch some matt stoney vids

  • alda1983

    For the love of god pls oil or burn this squeeky table!

  • Erik Tillkvist
    Erik Tillkvist

    in america they have bottles with clothes on them

  • Vagabond Wastrel
    Vagabond Wastrel

    I am sure there are plenty of competitive eaters that would join in.

  • Joshua Sturtevant
    Joshua Sturtevant

    Jujis arms look insaaaane😳 also Michael has a damn bowling ball bicep. The angles in this video are top tier💪🏻

4,1 milj.