Pro Ninjawarrior tries Powerlifting *1st time ever*
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  • Anton Fomenko
    Anton Fomenko

    It was a real culture shock for me! I’m still sore BTW!😂😂😂

    • Shrayes

      In this video, Juji found his abandoned son

    • GhostOnTheHalfShell

      Anton needs to bulk up to fill in a compression suit a bit more. lol

    • Aaron Gornalle
      Aaron Gornalle

      Anton, you packing in that lifting suit ;)

    • Chris Müller
      Chris Müller

      @Anton Fomenko You did really great! And I noticed your english has improved very much. You Juji and Magnus are my favourite FIshowsr at the moment :) It is really great how encouraging and positive you are.

    • Dphi_Dubs

      Bigg respect to anton's english skills, better than some people in the uk aha 😅😅

  • WookieWarrior

    just let anton wear normal clothes if he feels uncomfortable in the singlet. I know its supposed to be fun for the video but i imagine everyone can preform better when theyre feeling comfortable.

  • mmijeep

    never liked tom, now I can be a subscriber. would love to see Juji, Anton, and Magnus together again.

  • Amir Kazemi
    Amir Kazemi

    teaching all the secrets - these are the finer points of squatting. thank you jujumufu

  • Shaggyblondguy

    Anton is great

  • Shaggyblondguy

    It's alot calmer without Tom

  • Price Rowland
    Price Rowland

    I hope Larry gets to see that perfect impression of him

  • potoplayer

    God I love the new format

  • Faithful Tribe
    Faithful Tribe

    Love their similar humor and heartfelt passion.

  • Jimmy luna
    Jimmy luna

    Wher can I get juji’s belt?

  • Lonkus

    I really gotta learn more about that resting technique lol

  • Shawn Howard
    Shawn Howard

    Love you juji! You are my favorite channel to follow.

  • RaisedOnMetal

    If you happened to have actual metal coincidentaly playing in the background in the gym - is that legal? Then that's the way to go: so we can hear Slayer and Obituary. thx.

  • Vincent_music

    Anton is such a great guy! The way he just goes along with jokes is awesome.

  • Sebastián De La Parra
    Sebastián De La Parra

    Love the chemistry

  • Don Lewis
    Don Lewis

    Amazing content again. Sam doing great! Such an infectious laugh.

  • Teresa

    These videos are great. Keep them coming. Thanks for teaching how to wrap the knees and wrists, but especially the knees.

  • JP Matos
    JP Matos

    18:04 he said wrap a joint lol

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    Juji's chalk fucks.

  • Lynwood Jackson
    Lynwood Jackson

    Anton really could've used an XS singlet. People used to give me shit about wearing one that small when I wrestled, but you don't want all of that extra material for someone to be able to grab onto; you should be like a seal, but sweatier. Also for this, I guess, for like preventing pinching and getting hung up on things.

  • Jellotaco

    can you use wrist wraps for bench in a raw powerlifting competition?

  • Aleksandar Vladimirov
    Aleksandar Vladimirov

    Thank you so much Juji for showing me how to enjoy squats. I have been always obsessed with my knees when squatting and adding the knee wraps made it feel as Anton says so out of your mind as you know its safe there. Man I was always dreading deadlifts as well before I learned off you. Keep doing the educational vids rather than just flamingos. We love shananigans but we buy stuff cuz we learn off you hehe

  • Peeenos

    lol I'm surprised that Larry Wheels hasn't commented on his belt removal technique yet


    juji you look brutal

  • Thomas Denning
    Thomas Denning

    Was that depth

  • Jason Krebs
    Jason Krebs

    Brings back old memories when you guys were with Clarence

  • Pedigru

    Juji, thank you for putting Anton in a singlet. I hope to see that singlet on him in every future video he is in. Seriously...I think it would be super cool to see his body grow and fill it out more. Maybe he'll grow into it one day.

  • Asmôdeô Loyal Villacorta
    Asmôdeô Loyal Villacorta

    Anton is just so pure, so humble, so nice. :) Keep up the good videos Juji. :)

  • Aaron

    Tom's editing and style of video making was excellent. Im not defending anything else he did but we should be able to admit this.

  • Nik Zo
    Nik Zo

    funny guys

  • John Beckett
    John Beckett

    Why does everyone keep calling Anton, "Antin"?

  • Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner
    Garage Warrior - Charlie Weidner

    for what it is worth, if I don't have the right shoes, I just go barefoot or socks if hygiene is a concern.

  • Muck006

    Training for strength WILL remove the potential for agility / speed though ... so be careful Anton!

  • Sam Guy
    Sam Guy

    I improved my chair technique

  • Maciej Turos
    Maciej Turos

    I'm only concerned about the camera being really close to people. Like... it's getting wierd at some point :| Still really good job. Have a good time folks.

  • Julian D. Breakdown
    Julian D. Breakdown

    anton, when you still have balls and a junk you shuldnt use a singlet xD

    • Julian D. Breakdown
      Julian D. Breakdown

      or atleast wear a cup xD

  • Ross Young
    Ross Young

    I like how you described squatting with knee wraps and I'm thinking that I'd like to try it. I use sleeves, but I've never used wraps. Can you suggest some wraps to try? Or do you have content reviewing wraps? Thanks!

    • Ross Young
      Ross Young

      @Jujimufu Thanks! That's helpful.

    • Jujimufu

      Start with 2.5 m.or 3.0 meter length. Get "non gripper" ones (IE, not the gripper series from Inzer). Other than that I like having one softer (cheaper) pair (clearance from elitefts works) and one stiffer stronger pair (Inzer Black Beauties are my favorite)

  • ZombieFeathers

    Anton's package is way too big for a singlet 🤣

  • Paul Salas
    Paul Salas

    I would love a mangus video to happen again 😬 definitely my favorite guest

  • Reliefzero

    How I love to listen your Wife in back laugh when she is recording for your videos she fells more open now, you guys both do a better Job and we love that

  • Maxwell Steele
    Maxwell Steele

    JUJI! I love the classic metal coming back 😤💪 made me PR on my squat today and the smelling salts of course 🤘

  • Peter Csigo
    Peter Csigo

    Wrong Dorian Yates was a long wolf there was no team just him against other competitors.Unfortunately research showing using knee wraps even though it helps you while you wear the knee wraps over time makes your joints weaker.

  • Auvrik _
    Auvrik _

    I like the new vids! Also I typed this comment Ruth my nosr

  • Milan Stojanovic
    Milan Stojanovic

    This video is actually about this ninjas dick... thank you so much, was not expecting time ill think twice before watching jujis videos.......

  • Esben Qvist-Jakobsen
    Esben Qvist-Jakobsen

    Honestly I stoped watching the videoes because I got so angry every time Tom started his negative aditude bs. There were so many videos where it just took over the show. I mena I'v ben watching for years so for me to stop folling Juji was not easy. Alot of times juji videos was with me in my training and educating me. I lerned more from you then I can put in to words. Thank you looking forward to the new direction the channel is taking. In the long haul I think this is a good thing.

  • Quan Cena
    Quan Cena

    Man has a whole ass perch between his legs

  • AlleNamenSindWeg


  • Anthony

    Hhahaha ohh man Anton is so great.

  • Grognack Garganil
    Grognack Garganil


  • Michiel Verhoef
    Michiel Verhoef

    Anton is such a cute beginner at nearly everything!

  • Wolfman

    Jst subed. Knee wraps i never tried for therapeutic relieve. Oshgood slalader. Knee highschool thing football. Im scared of squats bc of knees. Now very curious about relief. Thx. Grt vid

  • Larry Legend
    Larry Legend

    4:29 My reaction to Sam filming the videos now

  • jcoopdo

    I'm happy that baggage is gone. Sam is awesome, and I'm Glad to see the recent content your putting out as well with her.. Feels way more true to your personality. Great job. Blessing in disguise no doubt. I'm sure now that its just your focus, and people you like and love, that your about to level up in life again. Weird how that works, but it does. Some people act like friends, but in reality they can hold you back because they are prospering from a current situation, and that sometimes leaves to them making choices that protect their interests, and not what's best for you.

  • Ray Bergstrom
    Ray Bergstrom

    Anton is a really smart dude.

  • Berzerk

    loved it again JUJI!

  • Kinniku NINJA 筋肉忍者
    Kinniku NINJA 筋肉忍者

    13:57 I've hit the water twice on the show and it's so hard to shake it out of your head! It creeps in as soon as you stand on the starting line! 😂😂

  • Casey Atkinson
    Casey Atkinson

    where's Vince G?

  • the6apcyk

    "Someone listening the specific soundtrack for the luck before the competition, but I've never done it" said the guy who always doing the hardest move with specific soundtrack on his channel. Always! I could tell it's 100% success rep when I hear this theme.

  • Josh W
    Josh W

    Glad to hear Juji validate my CHUCK TAYLOR lifting shoe choice.


    Juji what are those squats, Lenny reps?

  • Randall Radke
    Randall Radke

    I feel that exact proprioception-aid from wearing a belt. I dont have to put as much mental drain into squeezing all parts of my lower back, because the belt helps squeeze, and I can focus more on pushing with the legs and such.

  • Ulric

    This is such a wholesome video, I loved it!

  • Joshua Dilonardo
    Joshua Dilonardo

    Just saying jujis content has been much better since the split.

  • Jomain asdf
    Jomain asdf

    Off topic. I just want to say i may try the metal music in my next workout session. I usually listen to like dance music or usually synthwave music. then i found some really good bodybuilders such as dorian yates and others, even jujimufu would listen to rock and metal music. I wanna know the difference. So im going to try and listen to the metal music next time when i workout.

    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Give it a go, assess and see how the Rock/Metal tunes bode well in your next session . All tunes have a place in some environment ;)

  • Daegan Bates
    Daegan Bates

    This is like a funnier smarter nicer Tom

  • Matthew Butler
    Matthew Butler

    Perhaps you should collaborate with knees over toes guy 😉

  • Kalam Lifts
    Kalam Lifts

    Loving the new content! 👌🔥

  • Kristján logi Einarsson
    Kristján logi Einarsson

    Hello one question where can i buy the reign weigthlifting singlet?

  • Eddie Grathwohl
    Eddie Grathwohl

    I finally bit the bullet and did some leg presses and squats this morning. I would be lying if I said it was fun but I like how I feel today.

  • Dom Tavis
    Dom Tavis

    Awesome video juji! So happy to have you back mate

  • G R
    G R

    A video with Anton gets a double like.

  • Kyle Merschdorf
    Kyle Merschdorf

    Looking for a replacement belt like the one Juji has but having trouble finding one with a design like that. If anyone could help me out I’d appreciate it. Awesome video!

  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas

    I love Sam's Laugh.

  • Maxim Bosc
    Maxim Bosc

    What’s funny is that some people were able to tell something was off before so they were concerned

  • Anthony Kaihea
    Anthony Kaihea

    The most wholesome fitness content on youtube. Just the best. Loving the content lately.

  • Jamal Harrison
    Jamal Harrison

    I can honestly say the videos are more entertaining than ever. I would guess the reason is the difference in energy. It's just a lot more relaxing watching your videos now

  • Dustin Bennett
    Dustin Bennett

    This is wholesome as can be. Perfect content!

  • Владислав Евстигнеев
    Владислав Евстигнеев

    Jujimufu is gay?

  • nicholas price
    nicholas price

    This dudes got a huge hog lmao

  • Cody Rogers
    Cody Rogers

    Anton is so sweet and cute! But i also feel he could kill me

  • Scott Pea
    Scott Pea

    You should invite "Iron Biby" for an episode!

  • JustDon'tMi nd
    JustDon'tMi nd

    Aye no bother These guys look like frickin DBZ fighters wtf

  • Jeremy Jazwinski
    Jeremy Jazwinski

    Spare a thought for tom. How dare you a depressed man like that....get what you deserve

  • SenorRude

    Am I the only one that misses Tom? Sucks he did you dirty.

  • jcbs

    You should contact Pewdiepie and have him in your videos...

  • Gustaf Lagerquist
    Gustaf Lagerquist

    Sam is doing great!

  • Kyle AND
    Kyle AND

    Did you mean copious amounts of chalk? Maybe superfluous

  • johnny mercer
    johnny mercer

    Dude i hope Sam continues helping with the videos. She seems fun.

  • Jonny Dough
    Jonny Dough

    Juju lookin like a freak in the intro 💪

  • mugenBCK

    Randy looks like christian guzman lol

  • BDM Worldwide
    BDM Worldwide

    I’ve had knee wraps for years and never really used them. I’ve now been training heavy for the past 2 1/2 years. Decided to try using wraps to squat today for fun and hit a 3rep PR with 415lbs. This wrapping technique is amazing and way better support than knee sleeves. Cheers

  • EthanGP

    father and foreign son

  • Domen Petrovič
    Domen Petrovič

    I miss Tom

  • Zane Hawkins
    Zane Hawkins

    Is that a GUNDAM on his book?

  • Mike mopier
    Mike mopier


  • Petr Štěpán
    Petr Štěpán

    Great video, new videos lately do have actually valid usefull content. I like that

  • David Ervin
    David Ervin

    At 7:32 you’re just trying to summon The Bugez aren’t you?

  • Berserksouls

    You guys have such awesome chemistry !

  • Dr. Crypto
    Dr. Crypto

    S0 , you're still trying to find a replacement Tom

  • mauricio sousa
    mauricio sousa

    loving the vibe in the new vids!