Arm Wrestling Against 21X World Champion Michael Todd
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  • Monster Michael Todd
    Monster Michael Todd

    Awesome time having you in the Monster factory! Still recovering from that damn food challenge 🤢


      Idk if you've ever been told this, but I've just come to realize that you look like the white tech n9ne

    • Billy the Kid
      Billy the Kid

      Nice to see you hiding under the table like always

    • La Ratta
      La Ratta

      @Peter Pan so much anger

    • Peter Pan
      Peter Pan

      You know your technique looks like ass. Such a chicken move. And having the audacity of making it seem like your handicapped instead of at an advantage with your bone lock. fucking one of the worst sportsman i have ever seen. Hope you win against Devon and finally kill the sport and the respect for it for good.

    • Aristotle was Not a fan of Plato
      Aristotle was Not a fan of Plato

      you rock Michael! Great video; fun to see you and juji collaborate.

  • David Medeiros III
    David Medeiros III

    Incredible.. awesome! So impressive

  • MetroRaptor

    I've always felt deltoid activation is the key to beating the King's move. You have to row your opponent back above the table xD It's probably different when your opponent is actively subverting you.

  • MasTer DJ jAmes
    MasTer DJ jAmes

    juji got a strong grip, he can close the grip genie #4 i still can't close it lol

  • Evan Brown
    Evan Brown

    Something at 10:56 clicked for Juji


    21x World Champion !? You cant rely on Toddy-boy´s statements, he is a fraudster , a big bearded fraudster. Even before his kingsmove cheating career, he was bad at arm wrestling and even more bad in loosing matches. Watch his older ´fights´, against John Brzenk or Ron Bath. Those real guys obliterated him.

  • DarkSatan

    "we have to see dogs" yes we do :'D

  • Eduardo Daniel Kucharsky Terrazas
    Eduardo Daniel Kucharsky Terrazas

    Wow, that was Michael "The Monster Under the Table" Todd himself.

  • KalTube

    21x world champion? Which world?

  • Fabian Niels Nickl
    Fabian Niels Nickl

    8:00 here you see somebody really try :D

  • Sn0wman5

    When MT and Juji stand next to someone and both look small.... it means sth!

  • ZeidGho

    Sponsored by: WD40

  • paquirri wifi
    paquirri wifi

    Are we going to have "Arm wrestling strength/influencers battle" with Juji and Larry? Those guys are designed to compete and make whatever sport they take bigger.

  • StormerMusic

    "Where you going Buddy "? Best lines from John Brzenk words to Micheal Todd in an old video

  • Dr. Jones
    Dr. Jones

    I never knew watching arm wrestling would make me so happy 🤣

  • Noah C
    Noah C

    Challenge Larry wheels to a match

  • christopher lee
    christopher lee

    I don't agree with that move even if it is legal. when you lay your forearm on the table it assist's you with the natural momentum [pull from your opponent]. On top of that, Todd weighs 300-400 lbs when you are strapped, his natural momentum pulls his opponent across the table.its arm wrestling not body wrestling> Example Todd vs Cadorette. Jerry had so many off the Pad arm fouls do to Todd's natural momentum from the kings move dragging him across the table. Jerry has to fight Todd's body weight and try to pin at the same time. completely unfair. The kings Move needs to be removed from arm wrestling.

  • Kojitsu

    The secret to beating Michael Todd is pancakes. Lots of pancakes.


    He’s 21 times world champion??

  • Honky Tonk
    Honky Tonk

    Larrat blew through Todd 6 to ZERO

  • ReinersRigs

    11:08 I wish someone had told me that before I spiraled my left humorous 11yrs ago.

  • Miguel Silvestri
    Miguel Silvestri

    respect to Michael! Bring Devon back!!!

  • Vladimir

    Hopefully this move helps him against Devon.

  • Sheng Long
    Sheng Long

    i'll say it again, arm wrestlers are immensely entertaining cool people !

  • prepsforlifeZ

    Juji you would do great keep it up

  • Yxzjvc

    How about Juji vs Larry? :)

  • The Chumps been dumped.
    The Chumps been dumped.

    Ryan says g’day.

  • hovertrout1

    You have some of thee worst genetics and lines I have ever seen. Pin arms and legs, pot gut ribs, roid shoulders. Not impressed.

  • KingRockets

    What's with the awkward ending?

  • MortenErCrazy

    I don't think Juji from a year ago could have made a dent in that kingsmove. Looking good.

  • Jose Hernandez
    Jose Hernandez

    jajaja Juji is so weak

    • Conjure Corpse
      Conjure Corpse

      You need a new set of specs son

  • Richie Blas
    Richie Blas

    Cory looked like Travis Bagent blown up.

  • daniel smith
    daniel smith

    Fresh to the bone I just witnessed an Animal now it's a monster you one Badass Arm wrestler just WOW!

  • David Dittrich
    David Dittrich

    Great vid guys! ;-)

  • Delushi Broda Wielki
    Delushi Broda Wielki

    The King is only One !! Devon Laratt is NUMERO UNO !!!!!!!!!

  • Craig Bielsky
    Craig Bielsky


  • Julio Alonso
    Julio Alonso

    He is NOT the world champion

  • DecrepitOrigin888

    Holy fuck that Cory is thicc

  • jg brandi
    jg brandi

    you guys are very cool

  • RavSingh Rajput````
    RavSingh Rajput````

    Jijimufu looks like Mel Gibson from the Brave heart movie

  • RavSingh Rajput````
    RavSingh Rajput````

    I think Michael Todd needs that head scarf more than *Jijimufu* 😁

  • Booky Lurt
    Booky Lurt

    Please give a chair to Michael Todd

  • Redemu9659

    I feel like Juji isn't using his full strength to pull, i feel like some of it is actually used to pull but the other one isn't used cuz he's instead tightening he's muscle onto himself, instead of actually using that power to pull. I also believe that's what happen to most non-armwrestlers even having Juji's body strength and masse.

  • Moses Melchezidek
    Moses Melchezidek

    Michael Todd seems so cool and knowledgeable. Make him some BBQ already !

  • YouTube Connolly family
    YouTube Connolly family

    The shot you showed between Michael’s left and right arm is just insanity. Even the size difference it’s crazy

  • mike leone
    mike leone

    Juji is looking jacked. Damn

  • soybean70

    There are over 12,000 world champions currently in arm wrestling

  • Biggieboss power
    Biggieboss power

    Does Micheal have a Metall Plate in his Arm and this stops People from pulling him down? ^^

  • Tom Knox
    Tom Knox

    I feel like you need to make a disclaimer saying how doing the kings move for new arm wrestlers is pretty dangerous

  • heethen112

    We know why big M&M right is bigger AND how he BLEW out his left!! God it’s hard to hate Michael!

  • Eric Knopf
    Eric Knopf

    The part I love about this? As big a guy as he is, he is fully realizing and admitting it’s not always solely about strength or how big you are.

    • christopher lee
      christopher lee

      your right

  • Emthesage EMM
    Emthesage EMM

    Corey vs Kahled

  • Zoner1nz

    Gotta hand it to Michael Todd, he studies arm wrestling like a science. I hope Devon has done his homework because my money is on Todd.

  • Noah Giamei
    Noah Giamei

    I like how much technique they talk through here. It's cool to hear it from a master.


    Under the table Todd. At it again. If they take that away from you you lose the hammer.

  • Ike

    The really big dude looks friendly yet strong.

  • Ian Thewhite
    Ian Thewhite


  • Ecom Hustler
    Ecom Hustler

    he's elbow's not even on table lol fuck king's move

  • Bread Strong
    Bread Strong

    Its simple, i see armwrestling in a charlie video or a juji video or a larry video, I click the vid

  • Uncle Bully
    Uncle Bully

    Good to see juji back on the aw table 💪

  • Andre Botelho
    Andre Botelho

    I want Devonnnnnn XD

  • Njderig

    Juji couldn’t move Monsters hand an inch in the kings move. Damn

  • Joel Smith
    Joel Smith

    Hey Juji your a cool and humble guy. Just go in there and be mean and mad and your strength will go up!!

  • It was super necessary
    It was super necessary

    2:33 Devon wasn't lying when he said Michael copies everything he does

  • Ledinos1

    Michael "Under the tableeeeeeee" Todd !!!!!!!!!! :D

  • JG Daillet
    JG Daillet

    I like the way Juji builds up real fast and still takes things in a relaxed and funny way .

  • Banana 9000
    Banana 9000

    3:01 foreshadowing the result of the Devon vs Michael match

  • Thumb Aim
    Thumb Aim

    Micheal puts like 50% of his arm on the pad in the thumbnail

  • Pierson Ellis
    Pierson Ellis

    Its nuts a man the size of juji can barely move Michael

  • Tauriq Omer
    Tauriq Omer

    Juji vs Larry? someday XD

  • Tom

    Larrat is King

  • Chromeskull90

    Where is the CAMERAMAN? i know jokin'

  • hilmanic28

    Michael Todd seems like such a great guy. I just don't like his King's move lol

    • Robosing

      he also got humbled alot. back when he was facing travis. he was angry like roidrage. now hes chilled out.

    • Robosing

      I heard he does it because he has damaged (something). I'm not sure if it's tendons or a fracture that never healed correctly. but he cannot handle going toe to toe with tip tier pullers without dropping to kings. it sucks but you gotta do what works best for you. and that works best for him cause of his arm lock.

  • Живко Михов
    Живко Михов

    Juji approaching to grab his hand "How much do you weight?!" 😂

  • Bocahnya Gean
    Bocahnya Gean

    21??? hahahahahahah


    😂as your getting pinned your arm looked enormous lol

  • Chris Schiotis
    Chris Schiotis

    GREAT post!!! Thanks Juji!!

  • Jackson Hall
    Jackson Hall

    4:38 funniest moment of the entire video

  • Jackson Hall
    Jackson Hall

    what camera are you guys using?

  • Golden State Warriors
    Golden State Warriors

    Who's the woman behind the camera? I love her little giggle.

  • Doesn't Matter
    Doesn't Matter

    Man I dunno. I think the match of 2021 is going to be Todd vs Larrat. Todd is looking good!!

  • Quiero Marketing
    Quiero Marketing

    Juji Vs Ryan Bowen for fourth match on the May 28th card.

  • thehomefront

    There is no way Devon can deal with Todd's strength right now, I'd love to see an exciting war but unfortunately thats not going to happen, Monster Todd will make light work of it, but then the monster will have his hands full with his next match, the match of all matches, I'm looking forward to that one more than this one.

    • Syah Fiekall
      Syah Fiekall

      Devon is still my bet , even thou Todd is the favourite ☝️

  • sss sss
    sss sss

    I will slap 👋 all of them and they will cry like a baby period

  • EwokPanda

    Cory looks like Ethan Suplee made a backup copy of himself before losing 150lbs, and that backup copy trained in arm wrestling to lose some weight.

  • Ariel Bueno
    Ariel Bueno

    You going to the arm wrestling event with Larry Wheels vs Schoolboy? You can get some great content after pulling larry to feel how strong he is being coached by Michael. @Jijimufu

  • 88Spint

    Oh my god "They have weight clases right?" and then Todd steps up "Yes! I'm in your weight class." HAhahaha the look on Juji's face :D:D:D:D:D crackes me up haha!

  • อั๋นนะ Moto
    อั๋นนะ Moto

    The truth of the Arm Wrestlinge, He will know how to cope with you. Even if you have a strong body Wrong exertion can have a negative effect on LUL, and he doesn't let you know.

  • sonicfuker

    Very cool.

  • Hondo Lane
    Hondo Lane

    Pancakes and syrup lol

  • we know his voice
    we know his voice

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  • POVEDA Maxime
    POVEDA Maxime

    10:50 to 11:05 This is one of the best thing I've ever heard in any of the AW video I watched, I have no experience and I have seen many arms being broken in videos and stuff and being told, shown and explained how to not break your arm was reassuring somehow. We really need a video about that !!

  • Alien Network
    Alien Network

    devon the best man

  • Barre Bo
    Barre Bo

    go juji

  • CheshireCat808

    Ohhhhh Michael... can F around left w jooj but don’t wanna give us fans a show w no limit Larratt? 🌮

  • Jeremiah Invests
    Jeremiah Invests

    Does Michael accept Dogecoin?

  • Jacob Staunton
    Jacob Staunton


  • Josh Ledbetter
    Josh Ledbetter

    To bad you were getting hustle strapped to. Michael never puts the strap on correctly.

  • ManiacGamer

    I thought the second Matt was gonna be Matt mask😂

  • koleary1798

    I'm so conflicted for this upcoming match between Devon and Michael! They're both such good guys.

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