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  • Jon Connor
    Jon Connor

    This was easy for Michael because of all those times he squatted under the arm wrestling table.

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    Juji would be a great martial arts movie villain or henchman. Jacked out of his mind, tricking all over the place, landing the heaviest kicks and punches w/ 250 lbs behind them

  • Thomas Ryan
    Thomas Ryan

    5:36 xD jesus christ

  • Kyle Gross
    Kyle Gross

    Wow larry wheels did fat grips db row but he used straps😭😭😭still some great lift though🤯

  • Brandon Zapata
    Brandon Zapata

    what’s the name of the song that’s playing at 16:35 ? barely can hear it but i’ve heard it before lol

  • Ale

    God man, he needs to be in a movie. Some superhero or anime shit, he's huge and can do those sick flips. Just to badass

  • Jeremy Jarvis
    Jeremy Jarvis

    Alan Thrall should come out of nowhere and says, "it's about...ONE THOUSAND POUNDS!"

  • Jeremy Jarvis
    Jeremy Jarvis

    The iconic back flip!

  • Travis Tubbs
    Travis Tubbs

    I love the fuck out of you and your content Juji! Keep it up!

  • John Jensen
    John Jensen


  • Jeremy Jarvis
    Jeremy Jarvis

    The editing of cartoon wind is a masterpiece. Might as well change the channel to Juji&Szats married. Watch your fingers they look like french fries! i liked that part Mr. Lion.

  • Forgotmycape Show
    Forgotmycape Show

    Loving the new videos..thank you!

  • Kevin Hankins
    Kevin Hankins

    Get those hips in!

  • PurpleKnight139

    My goal is to be as strong, flexible, and huge as Juji; you’re such an inspiration.

  • that2guy

    The earnestness and sincerity in your enthusiasm is awesome. This is just an incredibly wholesome video.


    Woooooowwwwww maaannn lots of respect for you.. those moves from past oh goddddddd🥲🥲Love your content juji

  • Bud Light Knight
    Bud Light Knight

    I used to make springboards for a living, can confirm that I did play whack a mole.

  • theazizs

    starting to think not being named John is killing my gains

  • George Tillman
    George Tillman

    I'm scared, 36 year old me try to do one back flip once a year. Kinda risky doing on ground, wish I came up with a floor like that.

  • lemon ade
    lemon ade

    Juji, why do you lift in jeans? 👖 Just curious

  • PolGZ

    Man, those tricks at the end in that body. It's amazing!

  • thomholio

    The wholesome crew back in action! Y’all are fun to watch :)

  • lemon ade
    lemon ade

    8:10 so dramatic 🤣🤣🤣

  • SnaxL

    Your vids bring me so much peace and joy. I eat so many meals to your content, thank you Juji!

  • Preciselee Strength
    Preciselee Strength

    Get Ranson out and teach him to backflip

  • Gabriel Ribeiro
    Gabriel Ribeiro

    Jujimufu, still.

  • Pillowhead Creations
    Pillowhead Creations

    juji was 2 hours from me?... i knew i felt a disturbance in the force lol

  • Johnny A.Haidar
    Johnny A.Haidar

    You reminded of that episode of rick and morty where morty was experiencing true level 😂

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B

    Would it be too late to start spinny kick stuff at 34 yrs old. I train myself bench 150kg dead 240kg squat 180kg 6ft2 231lbs ?

  • Juksteri

    got an idea from ur tv, would u ever do a full workout vid so that ppl could do it with u? Like watching u and doing it themselves at the same time? Think it has to be with accessible stuff and not machines

  • Teonyi

    I feel like things in the channel felt off when it was Juji & Tom I’m glad to see the name changed, also feel sorry that Juji lost a friend, but I feel that it’s for the best,

  • Colton Nash
    Colton Nash

    I don’t think we gave Sam enough credit for saying Brocean.

  • antony bell
    antony bell

    drummers watching this: i want my whole house made out of these

  • Achilles Power
    Achilles Power

    Well now we know how effective his training was goddamn he dominated Michael Todd so hard 😰

  • Lena Heinevetter
    Lena Heinevetter

    It's hilarious how Magnus is cool about it and doesn't boast and the bodybuilder looks as if he's throwing a tantrum every time he gets beaten by one of the skinny guys :).

  • MD Shauqi MI
    MD Shauqi MI

    wondering who that guy in blue was that pulled devon first. was he some random guy at the bar lol

  • Michael Stoller
    Michael Stoller

    Juji stop calling yourself old lol! I'm 2 years older then you. I think your tricks have just gotten herder on you because of your heavy weight.

  • potentx01

    Hah, Devon DESTROYED Juji on the can hammer.

  • Logan Wassill
    Logan Wassill

    Imagine being able to provide that service for others! Going from a kid with a membership at the gym to owning your own gym!!! Keep up the work Juji, I can’t wait to see where life brings you

  • Sam Thorne
    Sam Thorne

    John, what are those? Your shoes what are they?

  • MetroRaptor

    I've always felt deltoid activation is the key to beating the King's move. You have to row your opponent back above the table xD It's probably different when your opponent is actively subverting you.

  • Ennis Del Mar
    Ennis Del Mar

    fix your knees with ATG splitsquats juji

  • Just Some Guy with a Mask on
    Just Some Guy with a Mask on

    Awesome! I'd advice against putting it in a corner though. That severely limits the space of it that's gonna be usable. If you moved it out like 4-5 feet out from each wall, you could use all of it! :)

  • s. Haa
    s. Haa

    Tom looks like a character from trailerpark boys

  • paul mitchell
    paul mitchell

    This is intelligent lifting protocol. Hope other gyms follow up on this.

  • Forrest Odom
    Forrest Odom

    I wonder if juji going to shave his head and beard for the body building competition

  • Marcel Fritz
    Marcel Fritz

    That’s so sick bro 👊🏻! Incredible what you still got.

  • Dimos Palamidas
    Dimos Palamidas

    bro at 23 you were natty..

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Cut the ties with the past totally man

  • Galegzor

    Golden Axe Plyo Floor montage takes me back for sure! Scorch, Torch, 8, Jyrst?, Mablung, Thousand....POWER METAL!!!

  • Gus Davidson
    Gus Davidson

    cricket or boxing!

  • SovetskyCCCP

    Battleship troopers? I thought it was called starship troopers.

  • Abdul Razak
    Abdul Razak


  • lemon ade
    lemon ade

    15:03 I'm loving the hype especially the "easy weight" lol 🤣

  • GraveyardRUS

    you should be in the street fighter game

  • Joel Kolenchuk
    Joel Kolenchuk

    God this makes me so happy and so jealous at the same time. Haha. Totally agree, more places than just gymnastics gyms should have these floors. 18 year old me is just ecstatic for you. Haha. Also, 34 year old me as well. :P

  • JPareidolia

    Hilarious. Subscribed


    The Ice Man Chuck Liddell cameo @ 8:26

  • Adolfo Guzmán
    Adolfo Guzmán

    Was it in Rocky 3, when he got leaner and sort of stronger to defeat Clubber Lang? The writing and flexibility stuff was gold, there should be a second edition: “ (extreme) flexibility for acrobatic bodybuilders”, or some insightful writing. writing and philosophy are some of the other untapped potentials from Bananamufu

  • Noe Garcia
    Noe Garcia

    Congrats Juji, much love

  • fuc zuc
    fuc zuc

    even tho devon is fun and sociable dude is so intense. His arms look like the size of most peoples legs.

  • J T
    J T

    this was good shit man, glad to see you flipping again.

  • Justin Buchanan
    Justin Buchanan

    What a crazy time with the economy to put down two layers of plywood over a huge floor....that like $50k in wood.

  • Jesse

    Would love to see bugez on a contraption like this

  • Patrick L
    Patrick L

    I liked the ending. Juji is a thoughtful dude

  • bryce thoreson
    bryce thoreson

    How do I get a pro to correct my lifting problems?

  • The Long Ranger
    The Long Ranger

    Footage seems shaky and out of focus at times. Has the camera been drinking?

  • Jesse Lacelle
    Jesse Lacelle

    Do “The Stallone Challenge” !

  • Jazbo_14

    The quality of this one is real nice. You might need to switch to the camera Joey has. Looks great

  • Jayrad CJ
    Jayrad CJ

    Every time I think of Rugby I think of Polynesians. Those fuckers are Huge.

  • _ Mooney
    _ Mooney

    "All that muscle just makes you tight and slow" Not really, if you just... you know, stretch.

  • Jay N
    Jay N

    Jesus, hadn't watched a vid in a bit from juji. He's huge.


    With the cost of lumber at the moment? Wow.

  • Jake Saile
    Jake Saile

    Juji this was awesome!

  • CarbWizard

    That flipping montage was incredible sir!! Full blown Ken become Blanka!

  • Rodrigo Godoy Valenzuela
    Rodrigo Godoy Valenzuela

    Would you believe if i told you the first backflip tutorial i watched was yours? The one you filmed in grass. At that time i was too scared to do it that i end up learning the aerial instead, also from your tutorial.

  • Storm Clark
    Storm Clark

    Aaaahhh ive always wanted one of these for everything said in the video ! This was awesome

  • Death5Panda

    Why does younger Juji remind me of Cody Ko?

  • Tyler D
    Tyler D

    The fact that you can do a backflip at 260 is mind-boggling. Go Juji!