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  • ItsPhenomHD

    Very late but Gaming, streaming room for the attic lol

  • Bobby Hill
    Bobby Hill

    it’s hard to eat an entire bag of pretzels in just a day, so you could blend the pretzels up and make sort of like a smoothie and add some sugar, milk and peanut oil into the mixture to make a mass gainer, sort of. Also as a broke college student I have lists of extremely cheap bulking foods.

  • Sylvanus4296

    Bruh why is there a wet spot on his butthole

  • Isaiah Trains
    Isaiah Trains

    Long bideo was good

  • VinnyB77

    Grizzly is a nice 405lbs for those who need to know

  • Alex Lomeli
    Alex Lomeli

    The best home gym ive ever seen. It looks like he put his heart into his beautiful layout.

  • HighQuality

    1:23 if you pause, what youll see is the real thor making his hero landing

  • Good Bill Hunting
    Good Bill Hunting

    At least we know that Sam isn’t a vampire! Great video guys!

  • Cornel Palmieri
    Cornel Palmieri

    ant has such a positive attitude

  • Quinton Allen
    Quinton Allen

    i wish i could afford to get into body building.

  • Jack Geoghegan
    Jack Geoghegan

    I really want to train here :(

  • Derrick Engelgau
    Derrick Engelgau

    Antoine is my favorite!!!

  • Bear Flag Revolt
    Bear Flag Revolt

    i think if you though some ninja shit in your routine and show them something new and not follow the path of the known then you be so huge in the sport like the Bruce lee of body building put history behind a name ........ just saying but do you boo boo

  • Mr.D

    Jesus, jon has made so much progress, especially on his chest. Im so glad to see these two together again at last. I can only imagine how much they missed each other.

  • Jason Adams
    Jason Adams

    Brothers separated at birth????

  • MW


  • Luke m
    Luke m

    Is it just me but it seems like juju would be a beats winger

  • Praeothmin T
    Praeothmin T

    Your back is incredible, Juji, no matter what weak points people want to find on you, your back is friggin' awesome... Oh, and your shoulders too...

  • engineermotzi

    A bit late, but this video is so much fun! Great to see you all have so much fun!

  • R S
    R S

    very bad sound!

  • Kostadin Toshanov
    Kostadin Toshanov

    It's been a while I watched your videos

  • Kostadin Toshanov
    Kostadin Toshanov

    Hello Jujumufu

  • Fuck Google
    Fuck Google

    that mans traps are absurd

  • frank james
    frank james

    Never arm wrestler a person who can't straighten their arms

  • ismaiel alaali
    ismaiel alaali

    This is paradise 😍😍

  • Antoine Vaillant
    Antoine Vaillant

    Juji was using his shoulders playing scategories.

  • shyam pratap
    shyam pratap

    Why does your machines makes so sense.

  • Sarys

    Do you want ants?! Because that's how you get ants!

  • Marquis de Saniette
    Marquis de Saniette

    One of the best and most instructive workouts EVER. Had to rewatch in order to memorize. 💯⭐💯⭐💯

  • Isaiah Trains
    Isaiah Trains

    I come here for reps and sets brother

  • Sarys

    Ahhh a different Antoine, not Anton. I clicked thinking Anton decided to go beef cake.

  • B Legaspi
    B Legaspi

    You ever think about how tiring it is to constantly flex trying to find the right pose or perfecting the pose

  • Krishna Tiwari
    Krishna Tiwari

    Girl behind cam is cool like bugs

  • Matthew Soulsby
    Matthew Soulsby

    Juji, you are looking lean as hell, man!

  • Viking Norway
    Viking Norway

    Go on Magnus! Show them.. :)

  • Rick Mendes
    Rick Mendes

    Awesome video Juji... Looking great brother... You are going to crush it in the competition... Keep it up, and best of luck sir....

  • Jason

    Tom is more annoying than I remembered.

  • Jason

    Rich Piana took the mind-muscle-connection to another plane of existence.

  • J

    I like how little time was spent on cardio area

  • Lew-e

    Dude you need Antoine on more often. Good dynamic and he has great energy. Fun as hell to watch

  • Caleb A
    Caleb A

    Is it just me or is ants calves as big as jujus thigh? His calves are insane

  • yew 2oob
    yew 2oob

    Deadlift is a "wedge" but hip thrusters "won't help" with that?

  • Childof theSea
    Childof theSea

    make the channel "Juji & Antoine" !!

  • devin reed
    devin reed

    Training grip fixed my carple tunnel synonym.

  • konic40

    Amazin Juji still finds people to learn stuff from

    • konic40

      "good thing about numbness is you can do as many as you want"

  • Drew Fratrik
    Drew Fratrik

    This was at my high school

  • Nikita Webber
    Nikita Webber

    Get that good bacteria. Who needs Yakult?

  • Viv0


  • Dale wilson
    Dale wilson

    Brother's??? Lol

  • Registered Flex Offender
    Registered Flex Offender

    you're looking shredded my dude!

  • DaftFader

    That ending was so wholesome! :D

  • Mr Wipe
    Mr Wipe

    this reminds me of when i used to squat 4 hours straight nothing but mental

  • TheEnvelope

    These videos and the ones with Devon are bloody invaluable.

  • enrique monroy
    enrique monroy

    At 6:18 when you do the tricep pose if u breathe in with your ribs and squeeze your lower abs (kinda like a vacuum) while pulling back your shoulders and pushing up your chest , it will make your chest, biceps don’t tricep look way bigger

  • WuDDuP 1111
    WuDDuP 1111

    Lmao I see the pain on there faces 🤣

  • Collabbo 24Dbl0
    Collabbo 24Dbl0


  • Andrew

    Juji looking shredded. Tri's don't look like a weak point anymore. Just need to keep growing those legs and work on abdomen control during the routine and he'll do great

  • be hiphop
    be hiphop

    They should get juji as thors cousin or something in a marvel movie

  • WuDDuP 1111
    WuDDuP 1111

    Juji got me into grip training thanks brother 🙏

  • Ben Rush
    Ben Rush

    jujis gettin a lil bubbly

  • Twobirdsbreakingfree

    How the [email protected]&!k did gymnasiums become factory-like environments populated with dozens of high-tech, industrial machines that are statically fixed in one spot and designed to churn out identical physiques like identical products of a factory? Oh yea I remember now, it's because it's an extremely profitable business model that requires minimal floor space and minimal floor staff.

  • MrFatbard

    imagine tricking between poses, that would be awesome :D

  • Logan Prog
    Logan Prog

    Antoine's mom is a savage lmfao

  • viswow

    Backflip into splits double bicep pose. You’d have my vote :)

  • MrOof

    I played rugby at school and hitting the floor is not fun

  • Gerry Bird
    Gerry Bird

    Where TF has Antoine been? Did ya'll watch Stephi fight? I missed it :(

  • Naratis


    • R. Hllthrshr
      R. Hllthrshr

      Sure is - about a decade ago

  • Naratis

    Why does Antoine do it so naturally

  • Raybo sflorida
    Raybo sflorida

    waittt!!! rewind!!! whos the hot camera girl???

  • 6- 9
    6- 9

    Lmao those swings are probably my pr

  • Jace Whittington
    Jace Whittington

    Antoines legs are out of this world.

  • Totally Fake
    Totally Fake

    juji looking dry as fuckkk

  • Hal Vieyra
    Hal Vieyra

    when you realize Clarence will never look at you the way he looks at the camera at 16:13 :(

  • Elu Arkham
    Elu Arkham

    That dude looks like he's going to die of cardiac arrest within five years.

  • Harrison Skopes
    Harrison Skopes

    Love all the bodybuilding stuff so much. I very rarely comment on FIshows but Watching you progress towards this show has been such a great and enjoyable learning experience. I think there is a huge lack of good posing tips and videos on FIshows and you have for sure brought some of the best content out there in that regard. Rooting for you!

  • H P
    H P

    Juji has been lifting for more than half his life and in all the videos of teachings he is humble and shows respect! Wise is he who knows he does not know.

  • Nemesistyx

    Juji has great shoulders. That is a fact, Other than his back. Nice results as far as im conerned

  • Americo Hagim
    Americo Hagim

    Some people put down $500,000 for a new family house….. But I’m with this guy and using that money for your own gym

  • Romance Explosions
    Romance Explosions

    Man….FIshows really brings out the freaks. I mean that in a good way.

  • Kindered Hunter
    Kindered Hunter

    Tom Platz vibes